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OK! Magazine - 2007 to 2009

The start of Big Brother 8 in June 2007 saw Nikki Grahame write her 1st OK! magazine Big Brother Column.

Nikki: "if I could I would love to be in the Big Brother House again because I enjoyed my time there so much".

Nikki didn't go into the house but did write about the show in her new OK! magazine columns.

The 1st one was during Big Brother 8 where each week Nikki gave her opinions on the HM's and the goings on in the house. As is Nikki's way she was forthright and opinionated. And out of all the Big Brother columns written by ex HM's during Big Brother 8 it was Nikki's one that was the most outspoken.

The 2nd OK column is Nikki's current one. Such was the success of her Big Brother 8 column that when Big Brother finished Nikki was kept on as a columnist to write her views on each week's showbiz events for OK's supplement Hot Stars Magazine.

Nikki had also continued to write a Big Brother column during Big Brother 9 giving her two columns to write during the series. Nikki also reported on the Big Brother 9 housemates at the the wrap party for OK! Magazine.

Nikki continues to write for OK! magazine today.


Nikki's 1st OK! Magazine Hotstars column September 2007

Nikki Grahame 1st OK! magzine Hotstars column Nikki Grahame 1st OK! magzine Hotstars column

Nikki's More magazine Column in 2006

Nikki Grahame 1st OK! magzine Hotstars column