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June 1, 2011  Nikki Grahame in Mizz Magazine with Gok Wan

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Nikki and the Body Gossip cast were featured in Mizz magazine last week with style guru Gok Wan. The feature is titled "Getting Body Confident With Gok!". And Mizz talks to Gok about his new project and with Body Gossip.

Body Gossip invites everyone in the UK to write a story about their body - a selection of which will then be performed by a cast of celebrities in live events and in short films on Youtube. Body Gossip is compiling a selection of stories for their forthcoming book and would love to hear from you! For more information visit Body Gossip at

Gok's Teens : The Naked Truth is set to air on Channel 4 in July - and it's gonna be a must-see TV! To Support Gok and his campaign, go to and hit like.

Nikki Grahame in Mizz Magazine with Gok Wan

July 25, 2017  Nikki Grahame - In Therapy

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Well Nikki's episode on "In Therapy" has finally arrived and will air on Thursday 3rd August at 10.05pm on Channel5. Nikki has taken part in series 2 episode 4 of this documentary series, the first 3 episodes already aired during Celebrity Big Brother in January. So don't miss out, it will be worth the wait.

Nikki has suffered from anorexia from the young age of 8 until she was 19. Her story is one that should not be missed as Nikki takes you on an emotional journey. She has been through absolute hell in her life suffering from anorexia but has come through the other side and now uses her fame to raise awareness of eating disorders and supports a number of charities.

The picture is of Nikki running the London marathon in 2008 for Marie Curie cancer care. As a competitor she finished the marathon in a fast time of 1 hour and 14 minutes.

Show Preview

June 19, 2017  Nikki Grahame will be on Bit On The Side Tonight - Catching up with Nikki

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Catch Nikki on Big brothers Bit on the Side tonight at 11:30pm on Ch5. She will be on the panel for the first time this series. There is a lot going on with the lastest eviction we got two for the price of one Imram being evicted and Sukhvinder walking out with him, then there was the ejection of Kayleigh. Should be an exciting show and Nikki is not one to hold back on telling it like it is.

Nikki also participated in a sketch in an earlier episode (2) with Rylan doing a house tour. I wasn't able to put it up earlier but have the video up now. During the tour Rylan announces that ex HM's are still in the house. Nikki is running a Bed and Breakfast in the Rose Cottage (Bedroom), Chris Maloney running the Village Tearoom (Kitchen), John McCririck at the Bus Stop and Lateysha Grace running a Beauty Parlour (Bathroom). Watch the video below.

Nikki on Talk Radio
Nikki was on Talk Radio with Dr Pam Spurr talking about relationships Nikki being asked for her opinion on cheating boyfriends. Nikki also tells us that she has a new book on the way. Before her appearance on Big Brother as a Time Warp HM, Nikki had been living in France for over a year and the book will be about her experiences working and living in France. Listen to the conversation below.

Ch5 - In Therapy
Nikki did a episode of In Therapy and has not aired yet. Part of a 6 part series only 3 episodes were shown during CBB run in January. I have no idea when the show will air but hopefully it will run before the end of the year, stay tuned.

May 16, 2017  Nikki Grahame Enters the Odyssey in Big brother Canada (video)

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Nikki surprised the house guests during monday nights show to outfit them all for the Big Brother Canada Awards. A segment that has become a popular annual event on the show. As the door bell rang and Nikki enters the house as only Nikki can, the house guests were all surprised and rushed to greet her.

As they pop champagne corks Nikki confesses "Ika I was terrified of you." Ika: "really!" Nikki: "your tiny" Ika: "yes" Nikki: "so show me, show me around, this is exciting". They all go down stairs to chat, drink some champagne, Nikki requesting vodka.

The house guests left in the house are Ika, Karen, Kevin and Demetres. Watch the video below as Nikki outfits them all, interviews, and poses for pictures with them on the red carpet.

May 12, 2017  Nikki Grahame returns as a special guest for the Big Brother Canada 5 Awards

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_700_nikki_grahame_big_brother_canada_puppies_kangaroo.jpg

Nikki is in Toronto Canada for the Big Brother Finale week. And she will be a special guest and host for the Big Brother Awards, an annual event for Big Brother Canada. The awards will be on Monday nights show at 9pm on Global, outside Canada watch it on

Arisa Cox officially announced it on Thursday's eviction show and Nikki is very excited to be back in Canada.

April 1, 2017  Nikki Grahame in Beauty & the Beast live on stage this Easter

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_700_Beauty-and-the-Beast-Cast.jpg

Running at St Helens Theatre Royal from Saturday 1st to Sunday 23rd April, the family friendly pantomime brings to life the original, timeless story of a selfish and hot tempered prince who is turned into a hideous monster as punishment for his cruel ways and told he must win the affection of a beautiful, young girl in order to regain his humanity.

Nikki plays the Fairy, Rose who is on a mission to make Belle fall in love with the Beast. She says "It's a perfect role for me because I am always setting my friends up with people – I love a good matchmake! I promise to bring lots of magic to the show and lots of 'Nikki-isms' to the role."

Tickets are £13 for standard and £15 for gold seats (A-G). Book now at the theatre here.

The Guide Liverpool - Interviews Nikki

January 26, 2017  Nikki Grahame's Star Magazine blog

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Be sure to get Star Magazine this week for Nikki's Celebrity Big Brother Column. She loves Jedward and thinks Kim is the best person in the house ever even though she has lost the plot. So what else does she have to say here is a sneek peek:-

Get Jamie out Jamie annoys me he picks on people as weak like Jedward and Kim, and shouts his mouth off. I feel sorry for Bianca, because Jasmie has been through every girl in the house...

Catfights I am surprised that Calum didn't climb over the wall when Stacy, Jessica and Chloe were fighting over him. The fact that Chloe thinks she stands a chance with him is comedy in itself...

Gentle James I am glad James C was saved. I think it gave him the boost that was needed, but I hope it hasn't made him over confident. I can't believe he refused to wear the super hero outfit in the task, meaning the hot water got turned off. Tutt, tutt don't let us down James.

Leave my boys alone Jedward have been given a hard time from the time they entered. I am not sure why everyone has it in for them? Even Speidi have turned on them now... Save my Boys!

January 18, 2017  Nikki's Celebrity Big Brother Column in Star Magazine.

Nikki Grahame picture - StarCBB2_2.jpg

Don't miss Nikki's exclusive Celebrity Big Brother column in Star Magazine out now. Nikki gives her take on the goings on in the house. Here is some of what she had to say:

Cheer Up, Col - I don't think Coleen is fake as everyone has been saying, but she needs to brighten up a little bit. All she does is moan! She is clearly struggling...

Nicola's free pass- As Nicola said, her husband has cheated on her so she has a free card to do what she wants. I'd absolutely love to see her get it on with Jamie - it would be so entertaining...

I'm a Jedhead! - I love Jedward - they're such rays of sunshine. They're just being themselves and that is exactly what we love...

Walkout woes - I'm upset that Brandon has gone. My eyes welled up when I watched his exit. I just felt so sad when he said he couldn't be himself in there. And I'm very disappointed about Ray J. He's been exposed to the outside world, so it wouldn't be fair to let him back in. But to be quite honest, I don't think anyone in there is going to notice he's gone because all he did was sleep!

January 15, 2017  Nikki Grahame with Dr Pam Spurr on Talk Radio

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_280_nikki-grahame-sitting-in-the-cbb-diary-room-chair-2.jpg

Dr Pam Spurr talks with Nikki on her evening radio program on Talk Radio Saturday, January 14, 2017. Nikki talks to Dr PaM a bit about her time on Big Brother, the current housemates but mostly and how she is getting on with her life currently. Nikki also discusses her up and and coming episode on the In Therapy series on ch 5, which is expected around early February. It was a pleasant and informative interview have a listen here.

January 12, 2017  Nikki Grahame on CBB BOTS 11th January 2017

Nikki Grahame picture - nikki-grahame-bots-11-01-2017.jpg

Nikki was on Celebrity Big Brother Bit on the Side, Wednesday 11th January. She was on the panel with James Whale, Rusty Lee and Kristina Rihanoff. Luke Kempner was also the show doing his impressions of this years celebrities.

When Nikki was introduced as our All Star reffering to her 3 times in the BBUK house and once in Canada. She got a chant from the audience Nikki, Nikki, Nikki which she was well received by and her and the panel.

The video was edited to 23 mins 36 seconds to show the panel highlights and Luke Kempner's impressions.

January 11, 2017  Nikki Grahame's new CBB Column in Star Magazine

Nikki Grahame picture - StarCBB1_4.jpg

Catch all the gossip on this years housemates in Nikki's first Celebrity Big Brother 19 column out now in Star Magazine. Nikki shares some insider gossip as she has met all the celebs before they went into the house for CBB Bit on the Side.

Blossoming Romance - Jasmin will get with Calum, without a doubt. We'll see some action there. They will have to do the whole shagging in the bathroom with the bathroom thing!

Stacey is the underdog - Stacey is annoying, but as the weeks go on, I think she is going to become really popular because she is going to lose her shit. She is already struggling!

Team Speidi - Heidi and Spencer are my ultimate celebrity housemates. They're TV gold! They have been honest about the fact they're in it to win it and I'd love it if they did. They were so nice to me - but probably because I was stroking their egos! I think Austin will use them for drama so he can get more screen time.

Team Danielle - I am friends with Danielle Lloyd and I think she is within her rights to tell her ex, Jamie not to talk about her in the house. I can understand why she wants to keep out of it. She is happy with her fiance, so it's all in the past.

What a whopper! - Ray J is brilliant, but I don't think his ex Kim Kardashian should be worried. She has got way more things to be thinking about. I'm sure she loves the drama of it all anyway. I watched it (sex video) five minutes before I met him and I could keep a straight face. I haven't watched porn but it was so explicit. He's hugh! Pete Bennett was known for being big but, gosh, Ray J is another level.

Catch Nikki's column in Star Magazine each week during Celebrity Big Brother 19.

Nikki Grahame coumn in Star Magazine

Nikki will join Rylan tonight on the panel of Celebrity Big Brothers Bit on the Side 10pm Ch5 and 11pm on Ch5+1. I am sure she will have a lot more to say on the celebrity housemates, don't miss it!

January 4, 2017  Nikki Grahame, John McCririck and Chloe Jasmine assess the CBB Housemates

Nikki Grahame picture - nikki-grahame-cbbbots-03-01-2016.jpg

The day before CBB launch Nikki met the house mates before they went in for a chat along with Chloe Jasmine and John McCririck. It was an hilarious segment for CBB Bit on the Side. As BB legends they conducted interviews for a 3 way assessment of the housemates.

Some of what Nikki asked of and said about the housemates:-

Austin - Nikki told him "You have the most amazing body, so would you strip down naked or have to wear bathers" - he replied "I have very tiny shorts!"

James Jordan - Nikki asked "What was the biggest thing he learned", he said "Never say you are the Brad Pitt of dance!"

Speidi - Nikki asked "Who annoys them the most, and could anyone else rustle their feathers", both times they point to John, who really annoyed them!

Brandon Block - Nikki said your a self classified ladies man, so will you be making more of an effort with your launch night outfit - he replied "What are you trying to say!?!"

Ray J - Nikki asked "What three words would best describe you" - he replied "Real, Raw" then Nikki cheekily interrupts "WELL HUNG" and John asked "How d you know?" - you'll have to see what she did next yourself !

James Cosmo She asked him what others could do to annoy him and he said being called fat but he does not like others who are selfish and good looking.

December 16, 2016  Nikki Grahame has signed up to complete the In Therapy series

Nikki Grahame picture - nikki-grahame-in-theraphy.jpg

As reported in The Sun Nikki Grahame is the latest celebrity signed up to complete the In Therapy series. The new season of the Channel 5 show will see a string of famous faces undergoing therapy as they give viewers an unprecedented insight into some of their deepest and darkest emotions.

Nikki said "In Therapy has been an incredible experience for me and I look forward to sharing my story". I will post more details when the program is on date time etc in the New Year.

Nikki is currently on holiday in Australia with Tim Dormer who she met on the Canadian version of Big Brother. You can follow the pair on twitter who post pics and video. Here are some tweets:

December 13, 2016  Nikki Grahame in Beauty and the Beast next Easter 2017

Nikki Grahame picture - nikki-grahame-in-beauty-and-the-beast.jpg

Nikki will be in Panto next Easter returning to Liverpool. Regal Entertainments are delighted to announce the star studded cast set to enchant audiences in their Easter panto, Beauty and the Beast at St Helens Theatre Royal from Sat 01 to Sun 23 April 2017.

Adding some extra sparkle will be Nikki playing Fairy Rose. It has it that the story goes that a fairy turned a prince into a hideous beast as he refused to let her in from the rain, and that only by finding true love, despite his ugliness, could the curse be broken. Beauty weeps over the Beast, saying that she loves him. When her tears strike him, the Beast is transformed into the handsome prince once again.

This enchanting tale is filled with hilarious comedy, wonderful songs and a story which proves that even the grumpiest of Beasts can change his ways. Make sure to book your tickets before the final rose petal falls - this is sure to be the must see Easter event of 2017!

Chantelle Nolan, Theatre Manager said: "I am delighted to announce next year's Easter panto cast. Amy Thompson is a well-known children's presenter so I have no doubt she will shine with her bubbly and friendly personality, and the nation fell in love with Nikki Grahame when she was in the Big Brother House with her hilarious over-the-top antics and she will make an excellent addition to the line-up. It is an exciting mix of new faces as well as some Theatre Royal returning favourites and I can't wait to bring it to audiences next year."

For more information, please visit:
Theatre Royal Bookings

October 20, 2016  Pete and Nikki Re-unite on Loose Women

Nikki Grahame picture - _700_loose-women.jpg

Pete and Nikki on Loose Women was a fun interview and it was nice to catch up on what Pete is doing and his new venture with celebrity cleaners. Pete and Nikki on Big Brother 7 in 2006 an iconic series where the show and Nikki won a National TV Award.

Pete was asked what he is doing now and he announced his new celebrity cleaning company. Nikki wasn't too keen to join Pete on a celebrity cleaner venture. But it was acknowledged she has done a lot of Big Brother on 3 seasons in the UK. And her latest stint in Canada where everyone who watched the feeds would know Nikki did her fair share of cleaning in the house. Only to have the house turned upside down and ransacked. Nikki being on the wrong team had to help clean it up again. Thats Big Brother!

Anyway it is great to see Nikki and Pete together and ITV kindly released a video on youtube.

August 1, 2016  Nikki will be on Big Brothers Bit on the Side tonight

Nikki will be on the panel tonight on Big Brothers Bit on the Side so tune into channel 5 at 11:05 pm.

July 20, 2016  Nikki on Big Brothers Bit On The Side (video)

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_280_nikki-grahame-big-brothers-bit-on-the-side.jpg

Nikki was on the panel on Big Brothers Bit on The Side with Loose Women's Carol McGiffin and Big Brother 17 housemate Chelsea Singh. Nikki is always entertaining when talking about the show and what she thinks of the housemates.

This episode she hasn't disappointed and there were hilarious moments when Nikki did her impressions of housemates and told Chelsea that he was punching above his weight in talking about his relation with housemate Jayne. Nikki likes Jayne and wants her to win.

A highlight of the show was when impressionist Luke Kempner used Nikki winning a National Television Award (NTA) for Best TV Contender in 2006 in an impresion and told her she had a great wikipedia page.

Video of Nikki on the show.

June 18, 2016  Big Brother Canada 4 - Nikki Grahame - Interview

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_700_big-brother-canad-4-nikki-grahame-interview.jpg

Nikki is interviewed by Chris Tarpos for his youtube channel. It was a great BBCAN4 post show interview with Nikki and she also answers some questions from fans. Nikki also reveals that she will be returning to Canada in a few weeks for more personal appearances.

June 16, 2016  Nikki is attending the Big Brother 18 Premiere Viewing Party in New York

Nikki Grahame picture - new-york-prenier-party.jpg

Next Wednesday night Nikki will be attending the Big Brother 18 Premier Viewing Party in New York City. In all there will be some 30 Big Brother alumini from the USA and Canada series. Nikki was on Big Brother Canada 4 her 4th stint in Big Brother and now has many fans in Canada and the USA. It promises to be a great night for all Big Brother fans attending.

May 19, 2016  Nikki on CTV Morning show in Regina, Reality Recaps and her new VLOG

Nikki Grahame picture - nikki-grahame-ctv-regina.jpg

Nikki was on the Morning Show on CTV News and was interviewed by Alex Brown. Nikki talked about how the tour was going and where she was headed next. So far she has been to Winnipeg, Edmonton and Regina. Next she is off to Calgary then Saskatoon and the final destination is Fredericton. Nikki has had so much fun in Canada after leaving the BBCAN house and doesn't want to go home.

Alex asked Nikki about her multiple stints on Big Brother UK and Canada, and what reality show does she prefer. Nikki explains she loves Big Brother and she looks back on it with such fond memories and hasn't missed an episode of Big Brother UK, she is addicted to the show and loves it so much. And she feels honored that she has been asked to do Big Brother Canada.

Nikki also talks about her book Fragile and finally she takes part in a quiz about Canada. She didn't do well but they were some seriously hard questions. Watch the video below and thank you to CTV Regina and Alex Brown.

Reality Recaps

Nikki also was on Reality Recaps and had an amazing interview with Eric and Dana. She does impressions of Rail, Loveita and all the house guests, the funniest was Kelsey holding her eyes wide open as she speaks. Asked who would she like to see on an all-stars series of Big Brother, she quickly replied Loveita as she has so much to offer. And she was very happy the Brothers Nick and Phil won the show as they are young, super fans of the show and would get the most out of it. Watch Nikki's post season interview here and to support their blog: #BBCAN4 Post Season Interview: Nikki Grahame

Nikki's Vlog of the Canada Tour

Nikki has made a Vlog of the tour so far and shares her experience at the events and the travel. First stop Winniepeg.

I will be adding this and more video's to a new video page that I am working on. It will be out soon.

Nikki's Adventures In Canada - Winnipeg

May 11, 2016  Nikki Grahame Canada Mini Tour - update

Nikki Grahame picture - nikki-grahame-canada-tour-dates-final.jpg

After Nikki completes her jury obligations to Big Brother Canada she will be embarking on a mini tour of Canada. Some of the venues are TBA but they will be advised as soon as possible as well as any updates to the tour.

So if you would like to meet Nikki here is your chance. Also follow @nikkigrahame on twitter for all the latest tour information.

Latest Update:
Winnipeg Saturday 14th May 2pm Kildon Place Shopping Centre, centre court. 9.30pm - 2.30am Fame night club.
Edmonton Sunday 15th May 10.30pm Evolution Wonder lounge.
Regina Wednesday May 18th 4.30 - 6.30pm Southland Mall, centre court.
Calgary Thursday May 19th Twisted Element.
Saskatoon Friday May 20th Divas night club.
Fredericton Saturday May 21st Boom! Night Club.