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April 30, 2016  Nikki Grahame is evicted from the Big Brother Canada House to a Standing Ovation.

Nikki Grahame picture - montage-nikki-eviction-bbcan4.jpg

After 58 day's in the Big Brother House Nikki was sadly evicted during a double eviction. She was met by a standing ovation and rapturous applause from the audience.

After surviving the first eviction against Jared she was renominated in the 2nd eviction with Tim by the brothers Nick and Phil who became the new Head of House. Cassandra winning the veto saved Tim and after a moment of indecision by the brothers wanting to nominate themselves chose Joel as the replacement nomination.

Nikki knew she was going when she was up with Joel on the block. She was evicted by a vote of 3-0 and was gobsmacked with Tim not throwing his vote behind her which is why she never hugged anyone on the way out.

Arisa opening the interview: "Nikki, Happy Birthday! I know its rough being evicted on your birthday but I know you will party tonight at the jury house. There might be some vodka there!"

Arisa: "You saw what the brothers did they try to put themselves on the block, we have never seen anything like that did that shock you?"
Nikki: "Oh Arisa, they had no intention (laughs), come on!"
Arisa: "You didn't believe it, you didn't buy it for one second, ?"
Nikki: "Not for one minute, as if!"

Arisa: "Now I know you said Joel is your winner in there. What do you think his chances are now you are not there?"
Nikki: "I think Joel has kept his loyalties to everyone in that house and he is the most deserving winner as far as I am concerned left in there."

Nikki: "I am astounded by Tim. I am, that's why I couldn't hug anyone. I was so gobsmacked by Tim, I was just like, Oh my god get me out of here. I can't believe it!"

Arisa: "Wow, Well Nikki I just want to say you have been so incredibly entertaining to watch we absolutely loved having you. You had the highs and the lows in the house what is some of the best memories you will take back with you to the UK."
Nikki: "Oh my god, the puppies and the kangaroo."
Arisa: "I love it! Nikki you have been nothing if not a wild card."

Later on the Sideshow during an ad break former winner and BBCAN alumini Peter Brown said on his twitter that the audience sang Happy Birthday to Nikki.

Peter Brown tweet

Arisa Cox tweet

Nikki in the jury house

April 27, 2016  Nikki's Wedding Nomination on Big Brother 4 Canada

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Nikki has been nominated for the first time on Big Brother Canada 4 with under three weeks to go until the finale. This is Nikki's 8th week in the house and it has taken until now for Nikki to be nominated. She has played a good social game as only Nikki can and that is to just be herself. Nikki is now getting the full Big Brother Canada experience and is on the block and faces eviction on thursday during a double eviction.

Nikki hilariously found out about the plan while she was dressed in a bridal gown as part of a task that saw her get "married" to Joel. "You are not going home this week," insisted Cassandra. "Don't stress about it. I wouldn't put you up if I thought you had any chance of going." Needless to say, Nikki wasn't pleased. "I don't want to have to go backwards and forwards and plead my case," she moaned. "I've been forced in to this, it's a black cloud over my wedding day!"

At the nominations ceremony, Cass confirmed she was putting Nikki on the block against Nick and Phil, telling the brothers: "You have escaped eviction every single week and it's time to change that."

April 15, 2016  Thank you Canada for voting for Nikki, BBCAN4 HoH vote result

Nikki Grahame picture - bb-roulette-nikki-grahame.jpg

We would like to thank everyone that voted for Nikki in the Head of House vote on Big Brother Canada. Nikki was voted along with Nick and Phil for a game of chance to determine the next HoH. The game didn't go Nikki's way but she is still in the house entertaining us for another week.

During last nights eviction episode, Raul was evicted by a vote of 6-1. Tim cast the lone vote to evict Kelsey. Next up, Arisa informed the houseguests that Canada had voted for who they want to become the new HoH. Arisa explained that the two houseguests who received the most votes would be in the running to win HoH in a game of chance. It was revealed that Nikki and the brothers had received the most votes.

While Nikki, Phil and Nick sat quietly on the couch the other houseguests then had to drop a ball into a roulette wheel that contained the photos of Nikki and the brothers. The first to four would become the new HoH. Nick and Phil became the new HoH 4 balls to 1.

Again we would like to thank everyone that voted for Nikki she will be very pleased with the result of the public vote and that she has many new friends and fans in Canada.

April 14, 2016  Big Brother Canada - Vote for Nikki Grahame for next HoH

Nikki Grahame picture - vote-for-nikki-bbcan4.jpg

The next wildcard twist on Big Brother Canada is a public vote for the next Head of House. Voting closes on tomorrow nights eviction show.

Nikki has been trying hard to win a HoH but lets face it she is not a competition beast and in her own words she said on the feeds that she has a better chance to fly to the moon then win a HoH.

That being said this might be the only opportunity to see Nikki as HoH on the show. She will be highly entertaining but will nominate fairly. Watch the house guests try to influence her vote and watch her choose whoever she actually wants to leave giving her own reasons.

April 12, 2016  Nikki Grahame Reaches the Jury Milestone in Big Brother Canada

Nikki Grahame picture - nikki-grahame-big-brother-canada-montage.jpg

On the 7th April Mitchell Moffit was evicted and became the 1st member of the jury. This now means Nikki along with Tim Dormer both international wildcards have now reached the jury milestone.

This is Nikki's 6th week in the house and as of today has spent 142 days on Big Brother. That is more days then any other Big Brother contestant in the UK. According critics Nikki was never expected to go very far in this game because of her history throwing tantrums. But so far Nikki has been playing a great social game just by being herself, endearing herself with all the house guests. And they haven't nominated her or want to vote her out. Against all odds the wildcards are still in the game Nikki, Tim and the Brothers have never been nominated.

Another milestone reached is Nikki for the first time is on slop which is a concoction of oats, soy and other ingredients made up to a sloppy consistancy, not at all that pleasant to eat. Some of her fellow House Guests mainly Raul and Kelsey voting her to be a have not during the last have not competition. This was not taken very well by Nikki who did let the House Guests and Big Brother know about it in her own way. Nikki has now accepted her fate and is coping remarkably well as evident on live feeds.

Nikki tries slop for the first time

Last night the house guests won a pizza and cocktail party and to Nikki's delight the have nots were included so she has had a night off from the slop. The house dressed for the occasion and Nikki wore her sheer lace mini dress from her collection NikkiForJYY.

As the game progresses Nikki has been very entertaining on the live feeds despite being on slop. She is doing impressions of her fellow house guests and today came up with this gem imitating Raul.

This week Kelsey and Raul face eviction on thursday and house guests face another wild card twist. Nikki starts her seventh week on the show and faces another Head of House competition but as Nikki has told other house guests that she has a better chance of going to the moon then winning one. Lets hope she is wrong and does get to be Head of House this coming week because it would be great TV.

March 4, 2016  Nikki Grahame enters the Big Brother house in Canada

Nikki Grahame picture - nikki-and-tim-enter-bb-canada.jpg

Nikki was voted into the Big Brother house in Canada for their 4th series of the show. Viewers were able to vote for one male and one female to take part, and during the first eviction episode it was revealed that Nikki had received the most female votes and would enter the house.

She has had a good reception from the other house guests and still finding her way in the very different format. Unlike the UK the public do not evict which is left up to the other house guests. And only the head of house gets to nominate. But so far Nikki is making friends and it does seem they are warming to her as she endears herself to the house.

Thank you to everyone that has voted for her to enter the Big Brother Canada house.

February 24, 2016  Nikki Grahame twitter name changed to @nikkigrahame

Nikki Grahame picture - _200_nikki-grahame-twitter-small.jpg

Nikki's twitter name has been changed to @NikkiGrahame which has become available and any reference to the old name should be changed. It is still the same account but with the right name. We apologise for any inconvenience to website references.

February 23, 2016  Nikki Grahame all set to make a return to Big Brother in Canada

Nikki Grahame picture - nikki-grahame-bbcan1.jpg

Nikki Grahame could be making a sensational return to the show that made her a star - but this time in Canada. But first she needs your votes.

This Season, two international Big Brother Icons will enter into the Big Brother Canada house. You decide which world players you want to see added as the Season 4 Wildcards!

Cast your vote for one guy and one girl. So come on Canada please vote for Nikki. You can do it here on the Big Brother Canada Website.

Nikki on Big Brother

Nikki has entered the Big Brother House in 3 Big Brother series in the UK. In 2006 she first entered the house and immediately made her mark in Big Brother history.

She was evicted on day 58 because of a twist, she was up against the whole house as a punishment for Jane breaking the rules. Known as a tantrum queen she did become endearing to the house and the general public and through another twist she was one of 4 voted back into the house next door by the general public. For the final week the remaining housemates voted Nikki back into the main house and she was again eligible to win.

In 2010 she was selected as one of the ultimate housemates of all time from the normal and the celebrity big brother series. She came 2nd.

In 2015 she entered the big brother house one more time as a time warp housemate for 2 weeks. In total Nikki has spent 102 day's in the big brother house which is more then any other housemate in the UK. She is also the only housemate to ever win a National Television Award as the best reality TV contender in 2006.

October 30, 2015  Nikki Grahame hosting at The Girls Day Out

Nikki Grahame picture - nikki-girls-day-out-660.jpg

Nikki is in Liverpool this weekend hosting on the Girls Day Out. The first day of the show at the new Exhibition Centre Liverpool on the waterfront saw hundreds of ladies take in fashion, beauty and entertainment displays from over 200 exhibitors from across the UK. Nikki, will be helping to compere the many catwalk and live music shows throughout the weekend. Nikki said: "I feel like I have to make a real effort now I'm in Liverpool. I can't wait to have a curly blow!"

September 14, 2015  Nikki Grahame Petite Fashion Collection Opens

Nikki Grahame picture - nikki-grahame-petite-collection.jpg

Today Nikki opens her new fashion range. Nikki joining forces with online style hub JYY.London has designed a whole range of fashion garments especially for petite girls. Nikki who is famed for her love of lace LBD's and sexy bodycon frocks worked alongside the brand's fashion maestros to bring us her very first clothing collection.

The collection has 27 pieces ranging from tops, shorts, jumpers to stylish dresses. See the full collection here. JYY London ships worldwide with a standard delivery to UK £3, to Europe £12 and £15 to Australia, Middle East, USA & Canada.

September 1, 2015  Nikki Grahame CBB Column for Star Magazine

Nikki Grahame picture - nikki-star-magazine-new-column.jpg

Nikki and Star Magazine have revealed on twitter that Nikki will be the magazines Celebrity Big Brother columnist for this series.

Nikki Grahame ‏@Nikki_Grahame1 Aug 28

Happy to say I'm @star_magazine's new columnist for this series of #CBB ☺️ first one out Tuesday!#LetsHaveAGossip x

Also catch Nikki tonight on 5* for Celebrity Big Brother Bit on the Side where Nikki will tell us her views and opinions on this seasons housemates.


September 1, 2015  Nikki Grahame to Launch her own Petite Clothing Range

Nikki Grahame picture - _200_nikki-grahame-laced-dress-manchester-pride.jpg

Nikki has joined forces with online style hub JYY.London to design a whole range of fashion garments especially for petite girls! Nikki's Petite Collection will be available to buy online from September 14th 2015 and known as Nikki for JYY.

Nikki who is famed for her love of lace LBDs and sexy bodycon frocks worked alongside the brand's fashion maestros to bring us her very first clothing collection which will consist of over twenty capsule pieces.

Nikki in an interview with Reveal Magazine said "I've been on buying trips and been designing a lot of things myself. From the very start I said I wanted to be really hands on, from picking fabrics to designing labels and I feel like I've succeeded."

"I'm excited that it's a petite collection too because sizing is always something I struggle with!"

"I think there are many girls out there with naturally small frames yet very few places to get clothes tailored to that smaller fit. Plus size collections are everywhere at the moment, which is fantastic, but petite ranges are few and far apart and it can make life very difficult at times so I guess I'm doing my bit to help!"

Nikki has been modelling JYY London pieces at various events and was hosting on the main stage at Manchester Pride on monday wearing this attractive laced dress shown above left. It has always been a dream of Nikki to design her own fashion range and thanks to JYY London Shop has made this dream a reality.


August 26, 2015  Nikki Grahame back in the Celebrity Big Brother house for a pool party

Nikki Grahame picture - nikki-grahame-sitting-in-the-cbb-diary-room-chair.jpg

On monday Nikki returned to the Big Brother house ahead of the Celebrity Big Brother launch on thursday. The house was open to give journalists, media and VIP's an opportunity to inspect the house. Nikki was invited to attend with her agent Freddy White and James Barr, Nikki and James will be hosting on the main stage at Manchester Pride next monday.

Nikki has said she loves the new house and was excited to go back as one of the VIP's to tour the house before the launch of CBB this thursday. Nikki has tweeted "Having the best afternoon at home!" and has also tweeted pictures and with the help of Big Brother made this video of herself with James promoting Manchester Pride next monday.

Nikki has said she would be ready for a fourth stint in the house and has said "I'd never turn down the opportunity to come into this house. It's a UK national treasure."

We would all love to see Nikki entering the house again as she is TV gold. Nikki first entered the house in 2006 and immediately shot to fame with her "Who Is She" rant, she also appeared in her own TV show 'Princess Nikki' and won a National Television award. She then appeared on Celebrity Big Brother 6 in a cherry picker for the paparazzi task, Big Brother 10 for a repeat of the BB7 silent disco task, Ultimate Big Brother in 2010 where she was the runner up, returning this year to the house as one of the Time Warp housemates.

nikki grahame sitting in the cbb bathtub

Nikki is the only UK housemate that has more then 100 days on Big Brother a total of 102 days on BB7, UBB and BB16. Hands up who would like to see Nikki on Celebrity Big Brother?

August 26, 2015  Nikki Grahame in CBB Best Bits special Hero's vs Villians

Nikki Grahame picture - nikki-grahame-filming-cbb-best-bits.jpg

Nikki has completed filming for a Celebrity Big Brother Best Bits special Hero's vs Villians which will air at 9:30pm this saturday 29th August on 5*.

Nikki has tweeted "Loved filming Big Brother's Best Bits this aft!! Can't wait to watch x". The show is looking back at a selection of highlights from the celebrity version of the reality TV show. According to listings issued by C5, it will be episode '1 of 6' in a series, but details of future editions are yet to be announced.

July 30, 2015  Nikki Grahame Hosting at The Big Weekend, Manchester Pride

Nikki Grahame picture - Nikki-Grahame-Big-Weekend-Manchester-Pride-31-Aug-2015.jpg

Nikki is very excited to be hosting the main stage at The Big Weekend on Monday August 31st, 2015. Manchester Pride is a charity that stages an award-winning festival throughout August including The Big Weekend, celebrating lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender life. The festival in August attracts visitors from across the world and is a staple event in the tourism calendar for Manchester.

July 10, 2015  Nikki Grahame will play Tinkerbell in Peter Pan this christmas

Nikki Grahame picture - _200_Peter-Pan1.jpg

Nikki will be in the pantomime Peter Pan this Christmas in the role of Tinkerbell. She will be appearing in this brand new production for The Grange Theatre, which is being produced by Strictly Productions who were officially announced last month as the new producer for Northwich's favourite pantomime destination.

Peter Pan will be on at the Grange Theatre from 12th December 2015 through to 2nd January 2016 with 33 performances in total. It promises to be a traditional pantomime for the whole family with an all-star cast, dazzling scenery and costumes, live band, flying sequences and of course plenty of audience participation.

Nikki shall perform alongside Danny Mills as Mrs Smee, Benjamin Joseph as Peter Pan & Shelley Anne Rivers as Wendy Darling. The Producers also promise further star casting to be announced very soon.

Tickets for Peter Pan at The Grange Theatre are available by calling the Box Office on 0333 666 3366 or by booking online via

June 29, 2015  Nikki exits the Big Brother house as a Rock Star!

Nikki Grahame picture - _200_nikki-exits-bb16.jpg

This week has been really telling on Big Brother and Nikki weathered the storm brilliantly. Her time was up and she came out to a reception fitting of a Rock Star! This years Big Brother saw the Timewarp twist which saw absolute Legends Nikki Grahame and Brian Belo enter a secret Bunker with a fake eviction of Marc. A repeat of the Big Brother 7 fake eviction of Aisleyne Horgan Wallace, thats what I first thought as that would be a real timewarp twist. Instead they gave us Helen last years winner who had a free pass to the final and never had to face a vote to evict otherwise she would have been gone! For some reason she won narrowly over Ashley Cole in a vote to win in 2015 for being vile to other housemates the entire season.

This season has been blessed with Nikki entering the house and she hadn't changed a bit she was a trooper and never disappointed her fans. Nikki hasn't changed since BB7 except she is in a much better frame of mind and has conquered her demons of anorexia, she looked amazing!

Nikki got a great reception from the crowd, reminiscent of when she was evicted in BB7 for the first time and got a chant Nikki..Nikki..Nikki and came out to cheers. This being her 4th time evicted from the Big Brother house and her 5th appearance on the show and has had more the 100 days in Big Brother house more then any #BBUK housemate ever!

What I really loved about this eviction at the top of the stairs Nikki gave the click. And if you don't know what that is well you haven't watched Ultimate Big Brother which all the housemates in the final did. Nikki did it as a tribute to all the great housemates in that series.

Watch below as Nikki comes out of the house, thank you to C5 who has the copyright and apologies to some countries that may not see it.

June 25, 2015  Nikki Grahame 100 Days on Big Brother

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_200_Big-Brother--Day-41-nikki-painting.jpg

Congratulations Nikki who now has accumulated 100 days in the Big Brother House, 69 days in Big Brother 7 + 18 days on Ultimate Big Brother + 13 days = 100 days so far on Big Brother 16.

The week started well with the tag nominations which was kicked off by Jade. And ended with the whole house being put up except for Chloe who was the last housemate standing and Marc who got a free pass because of the time warp twist with Helen and the legends Nikki and Brian.

Day 41 was a fun day in the house although it ended up with Nikki not being given a special invitation by Nick to attend his birthday party as his special guest. All the other housemates were invited except for Nikki who had the role as the waitress. The day started out with Nikki and Harry pampering Nick with a spa, Nikki applying a beauty mask. Nikki and Harry also had to write a song and perform for Nick and paint his portrait. Nikki was not real happy being the waitress but she does provide good entertainment for the viewing public.

Nikki gets hurt in a riot, Brian climbs over the wall

Day 42 provides some alarming viewing as Nikki is pinned under some heavier housemates while others opened packets of what ever they could find including soap powder and throwing it about. Nikki was hit in the face by a bottle and crying while everyone else were laughing vandalising the storeroom. Nikki running to the diaryroom in deep distress had a disgusting response from Helen Wood accusing Nikki of attention seeking. Thank heavens Brian Belo was there to comfort Nikki who stayed in a spare room overnight.

But unfortunately on last nights episode it was all too much for Brian and he climbed over the wall. Helen and Marc had been antagonising and baiting Brian all day. They both received formal warnings by Big Brother but showed little remorse for their actions. Final words from Nikki that she wasn't going to let Helen beat her or intimidate her into leaving and she will stick around because it will get under her skin. Well said Nikki!

Aisleyne is Back!

On BOTS last night it was offically confirmed that Aisleyne entered the house. A sneek preview showed Aisleyne appearing out of a present as Santa's Helper. Nikki was so excited ran over to hug her. Although Nikki and Aisleyne were rivals on BB7 who couldn't forget Nikki running to the diaryroom and Aisleyne yelling out "You better know yourself if you talking about me little girl" and Nikki imitating her back at the diaryroom door and in a rant in the diaryroom.

I am very pleased that Aisleyne is now there as she won't allow anyone especially Nikki to be bullied. And know's how to handle Helen as she throws Helen's gift at her feet and tells her "Basic rations for a basic Bitch"!

June 19, 2015  Nikki and Pete re-unite in the house

Nikki Grahame picture - _200_nikki-and-pete-on-big-brother-16.jpg

Nikki couldn't hide her excitement at seeing Pete, who won series 7 of Big Brother in 2006. During the show Nikki and Pete began a romance in the house. Their relationship fell about after the show but they continue to have a close friendship attending the National Television Awards together and often meet at music festivals and other outings.

Pete who is the same age as Nikki 33, made a spectacular entrance sporting a sequinned jacket and a purple Mohawk hairstyle and danced around Nikki trying to get her attention, although as part of the task she had to remain "frozen" and not respond. He applied some red lipstick to his lips and planted a big kiss on her cheek. Watch Video below.

Pete said to Nikki: "Basically, what I was gonna say is, 'how are you doing? I'm back!' Nice to see you, man! Yeah! What, you're not gonna say hello?

When Pete was leaving called out to Brian Belo "Legend" which led to Brian have a little cry in the toilet afterwards.

All week the Timewarp housemates Nikki, Brian, Helen and Marc had to make decisions putting housemates up for eviction which has led to some explosive arguments and put them into uncomfortable situations.

June 14, 2015  Nikki is in the house!

Nikki Grahame picture - _200_CHTXEzPWUAE7tmm.jpg

On last nights highlight show Nikki's first visit to the diary room had her asking Big Brother could she please go into the main house because she was bored. As Helen and Marc are so wrapped up in themselves they won't talk to her and Brian! Big Brother told her that she couldn't go in the main house just yet but it wont be long.

Nikki also got upset because Marc and Helen wouldn't get in bed and turn the light off (it was 2am) they went into the bathroom sniggering. Brian proved what a good friend he was talking to her, calming her down but couldn't contain himself when Nikki comes out with "I am totally like Beyonce and she is only the f**king backing dancer.