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July 23, 2009  Nikki Grahame at the Hop Farm Music Festival

Nikki enjoyed the music festival at Hop Farm where she went to listen to one of her favourite bands The Rifles and also to play in the Celebrity Soccer 6 tournament, missing the first day's play through traffic she played on the 2nd day.

Ant Payne from KentTV.Com caught up with Nikki to talk about her footballing skills and her Book, Dying to be Thin. She was quite surprised that Nikki was camping in a tent, something she has been doing for a while now at other festivals. KentTV channel on Youtube

July 23, 2009  Nikki' Big Brother column in OK! magazine - issue 684

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_ok_684_small.jpg

This week in Nikki's Big Brother Column she tells us how she feels about going back into the house.

"How nice to be back in the house this week! I was so happy to be there. You just forget about all the s**t that is going on in the outside world. No one can contact you. It's like a whole other world. I switched off for two hours, that's why I lasted so long. I didn't want to go back to the real world. They said you can stay in there as long as the task lasts, so I said: 'F**k it, I'm staying in." As soon as I came out I thought oh great, I have all this rubbish at home to deal with. Being in the house was an escape."

"But back to the housemates. I was surprised by Lisa, she was so nice, and Rodrigo was so beautiful. Noirin, I just love. But Siavash, this is it. I liked him but get that hairy beast out. How dare he say I was rude. 'I don't like that Nikki girl' he said. The idiot. Marcus was very sweet and stood up for me so I feel bad for anything horrible that I said about him. He said I had nice hair, but I guess I do have good hair. Siavash said I was so thin and he was right. It really upset me to see how thin I was on telly. I almost cried. I know I have to do something about it. I have to put weight on, I can't carry on looking the way I do. It's been a big wake-up call."

Nikki's Hot or Not

Who is Hot
"I love her now, she was so nice about me. I'd like to meet her."
"I like him more now but I still wouldn't snog him. I would love to cut off his hair."
"I think he is a nice guy now Kris has left. Much more fun!"

Who is Not
"I hate that big hairy beast. I'll never forgive him for what he said about me."
"Only because he was a bit mean about Brian Belo when he went in."
"She's so boring - what does she donow that Kris is gone?"

Much more in OK! Magazine.

July 22, 2009  Nikki Grahame's OK! Magazine Hot Stars Column - Issue 684

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_ok_mag_684.jpg

This week Nikki talks about Jordan's interview, going back into the Big Brother House and Duncan coming out...

My Diary
Last week I was invited to a gig by The Enemy at Somerset House. It was a fantastic show and there was a party afterwards. I want to thank them as they are lovely boys! I also went to London Zoo where they launched a ladybird exhibition in association with

At the weekend, I went to T4 on the beach - The enemy and Noisettes were brilliant! Finally, I'd like to say "Happy Birthday" to my friend Mark Fuller, who runs Embassy Nightclub. His celebration party at the club was a great night!

I'm Loving
My New gladiator summer sandals from Theu only cost £59.99 and are really comfortable. they look great with shorts or jeans, too.

Back in the BB house
1_ok_684_DSC00205-1.jpgLast week I was back in the Big Brother house as part of BB's tenth birthday celebrations. Karly and I had to compete in a task to see who could dance the longest, but I let her win as I wanted them to get the luxury shopping budget. I felt like banging my head against the wall after two hours of dancing! Karly was lovely and I got to see the others through the living-room glass. I still can't stand Marcus, but Noirin was really sweet and blew me a kiss!

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Amy can make a fresh start now
Amy Whinehouse is looking a lot better since she got back to the UK. I hope that she stays away from her ex-hubby Blake Fielder-Civil and makes a fresh start.

I'm really looking forward to hearing some of her new music and hope she doesn't change her style as it was her sound that helped make her a success. She's got a chance to break back into the music scene and I really hope we don't see pictures of her constantly out partying again.

I really respect Duncan's honesty
I love Duncan James and really respect him for coming out as bisexual. It must have taken a lot of guts to go public, with the news, It's great that he's had lots of support from his fans saying they still love him just the same.

With the boys re-forming, he probably thought it was the right time to be honest. And as he's bisexual, there's still a chance for the girls out there!

In other sections of the magazine

In party pics - It's Twin Celebrations
As Nikki attends the Twins 21st Birthday Party, with two very nice pictures of Nikki at the party.

And of Course there is Nikki's Big Brother Column.

July 15, 2009  Nikki 's Hotstars Column in OK! Magazine - Issue 683

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_ok_682.jpg

This week Nikki talks about Michael Jackson Memorial, Britney's natural beauty, arrogant BB housemates and in her Diary what she has been up to...

I hope you saw me on Big Brother's Little Brother Last Sunday - I really enjoyed singing with the house band! Stuart Phillips, the hairdresser, had a big party to celebrate his Covent Garden salon's anniversary and I went along with my good friend Nick Ede. This week's music fix was at Wembley where I saw Oasis with three friends and we were lucky enough to get backstage passes. It's not all been about constant partying, though - I've really got into swimming lately so I've still been keeping fit

Red bush tea. It's naturally caffeine-free and is really good for you. You can have it with or without milk and it still tastes lovely, I've got my whole family drinking it!

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I watched Michael Jackson's memorial concert and thought it was a fitting tribute to an amazing talent. All the performances were brilliant, especially Britain's Got Talent's Shaheen Jafarghole, who bowled everyone over - he was very brave. It was good that people all over the world got to see it. The only thing that upset me was his daughter Paris' speech. She is only a child and I don't think she should have been exposed like that.

I couldn't believe how rubbish Kris, Sophie and Charlie were at keeping silent for their punishment task - they were hardly trying at all! I think it was a clever ploy by BB to get more people up for nomination and keep things interesting. There's quite an arrogant bunch in the house this year and the nice people are getting dragged along with them. At least Freddie has been an individual, whatever the others think of him.

I Saw the new pictures of Britney Spears looking airbrushed and think she looks awful. They've made her look really old for some reason. I think Britney is naturally beautiful and there's no need to change anything about the way she looks. The good thing is she's back on track with her career, though, and at least she looks happy in those pictures.

I'm really looking forward to seeing Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince, I'm sure Daniel Radcliffe is really good in it, he's really funny. It's strange looking back at the first film and seeing how they've all grown up since then. The Harry Potter films are great for people of all ages and I'm sure this one will be just as successful as the others.

No Big Brother Column this week, but Nikki going back in the house today was the real BB highlight this week.

July 15, 2009  Nikki goes back into the Big Brother house AGAIN!

Nikki was one of the ex housemates to re-enter the Big Brother House as part of BB's 10th anniversary celebrations. Chosen to re-live the silent disco task which required her to dance blindfold in full 80's disco gear for as long as possible, she was up against Karly.

As soon as it was announced who Karly was going to meet, there were cheers from the HM's. True to form, Nikki made an excited entry into the garden, running round and round it, before giving a delighted Karly a huge hug and settling down for a bit of a gossip about the housemates. Typically Nikki didn't hold back on her opinions, telling Karly how much she hated Marcus and referring to his hair as a walrus tail which someone should cut off when he was asleep!!

When it was time to do the task Nikki was definitely not impressed that they were playing the same songs that they had played originally but fortunately for her she didn't have problems with her MP3 player this time (and who can forget that moment of BB gold) and having put on their blindfolds the dancing began. Most of the HM's watched them for a while through the windows and chatted about Nikki - Marcus admitted he quite fancied her and he did, indeed, spend a long time alone in the garden watching her dance, despite it beginning to rain!!

Nikki generously gave up after nearly 2 hours so that Karly would win and, after taking off her headphones and visor went to the window to mime hello to the other housemates. Afterwards, not surprisingly, Karly said she'd had a great time and that Nikki was lovely. Other HM's seemed impressed too - Charlie said she was lovely and Noirin wanted her stay!

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Nikki so loves being in that house - I wonder whether she could be sneaked in for another visit!

Related Video's on the Channel 4 BB Website:

Nikki and Karly hook up for dance and gossip
The Original Silent Disco Task in BB7

July 15 2009 Big Brothers Little Brother

Nikki made a brief appearance on BBLB following her silent disco task, along with Brian Belo and the BB8 Twins. Nikki said how great it was going back in the house and that she wished Marcus was up for eviction this week. An all too short interview but they did show a clip of her dancing and she did admit that she had deliberately let Karly win so that they could win their shopping budget. But we knew that didn't we!

July 12, 2009  Nikki Grahame on BBLB sunday

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_nikki_bblb_d39..jpg

Nikki gave a great perfomance on BBLB. She first appeared as a mystery guest and made a flamboyant appearance when they guessed who she was, throwing off her disguise cloak with great aplomb. She and Stuart Hosking (BB2) then had to try and persuade the two contestants which of them was telling the truth about certain things - working on a sewage farm, producing a BB musical, appearing on Blind Date, and singing with a superstar. The highlight of the show, however, was Nikki's appearance with the resident band, singing "Rabbit" A brilliant performance from Nikki acting out the compliments they gave her, and then acting affronted when they sang that however wonderful she was she "rabbited on" too much.

As part of the Channel 4 Birthday celebrations starting monday. Nikki will be one of several ex-HM's to enter the house each day to perform a task. It's rumoured she maybe doing the Silent Disco task from BB7. For more information be watching BB next week.

July 8, 2009  Nikki's Big Brother Column in OK! Magazine - issue 682

Nikki Grahame - Big Brother Column in OK!- issue 682

"Boot out the bullies! I've had enough of their sly antics - and yes, Lisa, Kris, Karly and Marcus - I'm talking to you! Kris is the worst. The long-haired pretty boy can turn on the charm when he wants something, or someone - but when that charm button gets switched of we really get to see the measure of the man behind the messy mop. He's been vile to poor Freddie this week - behaving like a bad-mannered pleb.

Lisa's nearly as bad, always putting him down - she's an inverted snob. It's not his fault she's got a great big greasy chip on her shoulder about people with more money and class than her.

Meanwhile, Karly revealed her inner-fishwife when she screamed at Freddie in the garden, while Marcus continues with his slimy manipulations of Noirin - all the while taking every opportunity to ensure love-rival Sree got the boot - as well as battling Lisa to be the house's alpha male.

It's a house of snakes this year and no mistake! Thank goodness sweet but sturdy Rodrigo and super-cccl Siavash - who aren't afraid to stand apart from the cliques, Go, boys!"

Nikki's Hot or Not

Freddie: "So glad you stayed, Halfwit. We love you!"
Siavash: "Move over Posh. My favourite fashionista!"
Rodrigo: "He messed up the task - but such a sweet guy!"

Karly: "I've gone right off her. Nasty, shouty little drama queen!"
Lisa: "Why is she still there? Why should we care? She's a grubby nightmare!"
Kris: Beautiful on the outside, ugly on the inside. Stay clear Sophie!"

Read more of Nikki's column in OK! magazine each week.

July 8, 2009  Nikki Grahame Hot Stars Column in OK! Magazine - Issue 682

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_ok_682.jpg

This week Nikki talks about Big Brother Housemates, Michael Jackson and Jordan and Peter;s difficult split...

Last week I went to Manchester to film a celebrity special of the Jeremy Kyle show. I was talking about my book Dying To Be Thin and how my life has changed since Big Brother. Last weekend I played in the celebrity six soccer match at the Hop Farm Festival, which was great! I'm also working on my anorexia drop-in centre - there's a chance a documentary could be made about it!

Marcus is continuing to make my skin crawl! I don't know how Noirin can stand him being all over her all the time. Kris and Sophie have gone off the boil and it could be because she seems to have no personality! I think Karly's much more of a catch, at least she's an animated character. I'm beginning to tolerate Lisa now and I think her hair looks much better shaved.

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I still haven't got over the shock of Michael Jackson's death. I was a massive fan of his music and it was always my dream to meet him. It's such a waste of talent and he was only 50, I'm devastated. What's upsetting me even more is that when he was alive, people treated him like dirt and now he's dead everyone loves him all of a sudden. They should have been nicer to him when he was around.

Pregnant Coleen Rooney is looking absolutely glowing! She is naturally curvy and seems to carry off the look well. She's been having a relaxing time recently, holidaying in Barbados and the South of France and that's how it should be. She needs to make the most of this time, eating whatever she wants and letting Wayne do all the running around as she'll soon have her hands full.

Jordan and Peter Andre don't seem to be able to get along even when handing over the children, which is really sad. Perhaps they are being so hostile towards each other because there's a lot money at stake in their split. I think it must be hard on the kids to understand what's going on. Maybe when they have some kind of routine in place it might become a bit easier for them all.

The Third Space in London. The health and fitness club specialises in holistic medicine and I had acupuncture there recently. It's done wonders for the tendonitis in my foot! Check it out at

In Other sections of the magazine:-

Nikki's Big Brother Column and

Nikki Grahame, Danielle Lloyd, Michelle HeatonGirls On Tour
It was like Faces nightclub when Jade Goody, Nikki Grahame, Michelle Heaton and Danielle Lloyd all hit Marabella at the same time in summer 2007...

July 4, 2009  Nikki Grahame - Meatball Challenge on BBLB

Nikki on Big Brothers Little Brother Eviction Friday 3rd July 2009. At first glance It seemed like another silly stunt where they threw things at her rather than asking her opinion on who is going to get evicted.

But when you think about it - it's actually quite good. I liked her wry smile at the beginning when she explained what she was going to do, she took the fact that Davina and George were taking great delight in throwing stuff at her and the fact that audience clearly loved it in good part.

Yes she did the usual squeals that you'd expect and moaned about stuff going down her arm, but at the end she was laughing and threatening to get them back! Loved her sarcastically saying she'd had a great time.

She showed she could take it and laugh about being made a fool of. That's good - and says more about her than if she'd given her opinion about who should be evicted or some such. She came across very well - well done Nikki!!

July 3, 2009  Nikki in Closer Magazine - Story behind a photo

Nikki Grahame - Closer Magazine, story behind a photo

Nikki tells the story behind a group photo of the Celebrity Netball 7's in Closer Magazine. Nikki recalls the events of the Netball, about the girls in the group, winning the tournament and celebrating. Nikki thinks maybe she should organise the next event, she would love to do a charity circus show. Nikki tells the story below.

This photo was taken at the Celebrity Netball 7's charity tournament in 2007, which was in aid of the Charities Trust. It was such a fun day!

Michelle Heaton had taken part the year before, so she put the team together - reality TV star Bianca Gascoigne and actress Gemma Bissix were also playing. All the girls were so lovely.

I've known Michelle since we met on the red carpet at a film premiere in 2006, just after I was evicted from the Big Brother house. And I met Bianca that year too, at the Closer Young Heroes Awards. She'd just won Celebrity Love Island and we hit it off straight away.

The tournament was great. Our team won and it was an amazing feeling. The girls on our team were brilliant.

After we'd finished, we went out to the Light Bar in Shoreditch for drinks. And, even though it was raining and we got absolutely soaked, we had the best time ever.

I don't get to see the girls that often, we're all so busy, but it's fantastic when we do finally get together.

Maybe I should organise the next event? I'd love to do a charity circus show. When I was treated at the Maudsley Hospital for eating disorders when I was eight, they used to take us to a children's workshop in South London to learn circus skills. It was such fun - we used to ride unicycles and make human pyramids. Maybe I could talk to some of the group into doing it!

See pictures of Nikki in action in the slideshow of the Celebrity Netball 7's here.

July 2, 2009  Nikki Grahame on Big Brothers Big Mouth

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_bbbm1_0001_0001.jpg

26 June 2009 Big Brothers Big Mouth on E4.
Nikki, along with Boyd Hilton of Heat Magazine, was a guest on BBBM, hosted by Davina McCall. Special guests included Mz Bratt singing her hit "Who do you think you are" and that night's evictee Angel MacKenzie. As expected, Nikki interacted well with the studio audience and joined in the discussion about the housemates. There were also some classic Nikki moments. These included when she was introduced to Angel and was given a big hug. It looked for a terrible moment as if Angel fancied Nikki - even Davina thought so! Fortunately for Nikki it was Davina who Angel said she had her eye on. Another was when Nikki confessed to "regurgitating" her breakfast at the sight of Marcus with his "top off and his gut hanging out" and a classic Nikki facial expression when BB8 winner, Brian Belo, was led into the studio in a rather embarassing position. For these "must see" moments, check out the video.

July 1, 2009  Nikki Grahame's Hotstars column in OK! magazine- issue 681

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_mag681_.jpg

This week Nikki talks about Jordan returning to the UK, Chris Brown's punishment and SJP's two new arrivals.

This week, I'd like to say happy birthday to my mum, Sue, as well as thanks so much for everything over the last few weeks, She's come with me on jobs and I'm lucky to have a mum like her. My sister Natalie and I are taking her to Stoke Park spa to celebrate! I'm hoping to spend some more time with my dad, Dave, this week, too. I might take him for an Indian as a belated Father's Day celebration.

The Noisettes' new song, Never Forget You. I heard them perform it at the Isle of Wight Festival and it's a great, happy song to jump around with your friends to!

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Jordan is back in the UK and I hope she's ready to settle down and get back to normal. I think all her rowdy behavior in Ibiza was a distraction so she wouldn't think about Peter Andre as she must still love him. But hanging out with her ex, Matt Peacock, must've been real a real kick in the teeth for Pete. He's trying to be a good dad to their three kids but it must be hard.

After pleading guilty to assault, I think Chris Brown has got off lightly. He has to stay away from Rhianna and will do community service so I hope he has to do something really bad like sweeping the streets in front of everyone as he's managed to escape prison. His career is over, no one in their right mind will buy his music again. I think he should get a normal job now, like telesales.

Marcus is the biggest pervert ever - he is so disgusting and looks like a walrus! I'm still liking Roderigo but he never gets enough air time. I'm really fed up of Charlie now, though - he plays on his looks but contributes nothing and is getting really dull. And what's going on with Angel snogging everyone? She was a rock star back in Russia so maybe it's her wild side coming out!

I'm really happy for Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick after a surrogate gave birth to their twin girls, Marion and Tabitha, are lovely. I think it will probably be hard for the girls growing up after their unconventional birth but hopefully they'll come to understand. Sarah and Matthew may have had their problems in the past but if they can get through the next few years they'll have proved they can do anything together.

Eleswhere in the magazine party pics: -
BLU YOU GONNA CALL, Ghostbuster's 25th Birthday Blu-Ray Launch. Picture of Nikki hugging the Mashmellow man.

No Big Brother Column this week due to a Michael Jackson Tribute in OK! magazine.

June 24, 2009  Nikki Grahame at the Film Premier Ice Age 3

Last sunday Nikki attended the film Premier of Ice Age 3, which would have been a relaxing moment after her book signing in Cardiff on saturday and before her interview on talkSPORT that night. The interview was recorded by Leicester Square TV. The presenter Keith Martin has been in touch and has said she was deffo very chatty and up for a laugh.

June 24, 2009  Nikki's Big Brother Column in OK! Magazine - Issue 680

Nikki Grahame - Big Brother Column in OK!- issue 680

What a week! First we had miserable bully Lisa and shouty creep Marcus going at it hammer and tongs in a battle to control the house. This overbearing pair of 80's throwbacks need to cool it. Then we had Angel's 'hunger strike'. Listen darling I don't know what you think you are doing, but you are setting a bad example to young girls watching the show.

show more show less

Never skip your meal's! If she keeps on like this Big Brother should remove her from the house. Cairon showed his true colours attacking the annoying but swet Sree and was rightly given the boot from the public. Let's hope its loud mouth Lesbian Lisa and total fake Charlie next! And how will sobbing Siavash cope without his bathtime buddy Cairon? I reckon he has barely hidden loathing for Halfwit Freddie is about to explode into full-on warfare. I can't wait!

This week who is HOT!

Noirin: Hats off to Miss sexy Specs - she's this week's star.

Freddie: Annoying! Irritating! One of the BB greats!

Karly: She is a smart cookie, this one. Get her a man now!.

Nikki also had some advice for Karly. Keep your fingers and your legs crossed, Karly. I predict a hot new man will enter the house very, very soon.

Well you have to catch up with the rest of it in the magazine.

June 23, 2009  Nikki 's Hotstars Column in OK! Magazine - Issue 680

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_hs.jpg

THis week Nikki talks about Jordan and Peter's new shows, Big Brother baddies and Sacha Baron Cohens' new film....

Last Sunday I went to see Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs, which was brilliant! I also saw one of my favourite bands, Rogues, perform at Barfly.

Check out their website at This weekend I'm off to another festival! This time it's Hard Rock Calling where I can't wait to see The Kooks. I'll also be having a girly night out with my best friend Carly and Natalie Cassidy, who is presenting an award for Mencap at Proud Gallery.

show more show less

I found it really interesting when I read that Jordan and Peter Andre have signed deals to work on their own TV shows. The way things are going right now, it looks like Peter will win the battle of the ratings. It will be strange seeing the two of them being filmed separately, though - they always seemed to bounce off each other in previous series and I think that's why people tuned in. I hope Peter has success with his new album, he's worked really hard on it and it'll be nice for him to be in the limelight for a change.

Sree has been driving me mad! I can't believe he served raw bacon to the other housemates! I feel sorry for Noirin that he's following her like a lost dog, she needs to put her foot down and tell him to leave her alone. As for Kris and Sophie, they make a fantastic couple as they're both as shallow as each other! They might last long enough for a couple of photoshoots when they leave the house.

I can't wait to see Sacha Baron Cohen's new film, Bruno. I watched Borat about four times, it was absolutely hilarious! Hopefully this new film will be just as good. I think Sacha and Isla Fisher are a great couple. They both have their own careers and she doesn't seem to mind him parading about as all those weird characters! They really don't care what people think and just seem to want to have fun.

I'm really happy for Suzanne Shaw and JK on their recent wedding. They are such a lovely couple and JK has been great with Suzanne's son, Corey, who she had with Darren Day. He's also supported her through projects like Dancing On Ice and I think this marks a fresh start for Suzanne. Maybe they'll have their own kids soon... Congrats. guys!

Triumph underwear. It has some really pretty sets, which are comfortable and quite reasonably priced, too.

June 22, 2009  Nikki Grahame on talkSPORT radio

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_wk6_basildon_4.jpg

Interview with Ian Collins on The Late Show

Nikki gave an excellent and entertaining interview about celebrity life after Big Brother and about her book.

The interview began with a discussion about Big Brother, with Ian saying that Nikki was in the show when it was at its peak. She explained why she had applied for the show and also described her appearance on Blind Date in which she got to pick her date who turned out not to be to Nikki's liking, although she had a good holiday in Portugal out of it!

The discussion then turned to Nikki's book and how she became anorexic. Nikki described this very well and agreed with Ian that anorexia was still an illness that was not taken seriously enough, which is why she now wants now to raise awareness of it and to stress that it is life threatening and can cause people irreversible damage, just as it has her. Ian asked her whether she thought that some people who had only known her as a bubbly loveable, albeit rather annoying person on Big Brother might now accuse her of using her illness to maintain her media profile. Nikki explained how she had to rebuild her life after her years in hospital and that it has taken her 10 years to be able to speak about her anorexia. She said that when she first came out of hospital she just wanted to be accepted as "normal" and not "that girl with anorexia" She was aware when she went into Big Brother that there may be stuff in the papers about it but she didn't mention it when she was in the show - again because she just wanted to be accepted as normal. There was a short break at this point as Nikki was clearly getting upset.

After the break they talked about Big Brother and whether reality TV was in any way exploitative. Nikki was asked about the psychological testing that she went through before Big Brother and Ian wondered whether she might have been put into the house deliberately because they could see a vulnerable girl who might be expected to have issues. He asked her if she had a game plan when she went in and Nikki said that from day 2 she forgot there were cameras there! She described her time in the house, and who she remembered and still saw.

Ian then asked Nikki about what is was like when she came out of the house and she described the whole thing as unbelievable. She had thought there might be a few photos in magazines, but she never imagined that she would get her own TV show, a Domino's advert, a National Television Award - or any of the other things that happened. She gave a funny account of her time on Princess Nikki and then went on to describe what she's doing now mentioning, in particular, her goal for this year being to open a drop-in centre for people suffering from anorexia. Ian agreed that it was a great idea for her to use her profile to do this, and how good it is if people can speak openly about such issues.

Talk then moved on to what Nikki likes to do in her spare time, whether she still goes to celebrity parties and how the whole celebrity business works. Nikki admitted that she doesn't like doing the pretentious things anymore and prefers to go out with friends to local pubs rather than glamorous nightclubs. She did, however, explain how wonderful and exciting it had been when she came out of the house to find all these people supporting her and being invited to red carpet events. She said she had found it completely overwhelming and simply couldn't believe it all.

After another break the programme continued with their "guest under the spotlight" feature, introduced by the Mastermind music. Fortunately this consisted of questions to Nikki from listeners about herself and not quantum physics!!

There were the usual questions from people wanting to know if she was single, her ideal man, what festivals she liked etc. Most interestingly, however, Ian said that they had received a lot of moving comments from people who had enjoyed her book, and a lot from people who applauded her for her bravery in talking about her anorexia and how inspirational it was to many of them.

The interview concluded with Ian thanking her for her time and how much he'd enjoyed having her on the show. He seemed genuinely taken with Nikki and was very complimentary towards her despite having had her moan about being cold and hungry when she arrived!

June 21, 2009  Nikki Grahame on Kerrang! Radio

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_wk6_basildon_4.jpg

Interview with Nick Margerrison on "The Night Before Show" June 16th 2009

Despite having a rather hoarse voice from too much shouting at the Isle of Wight festival, Nikki gave a confident interview about the publication of her book and her time in Big Brother.

The interviewer focussed mainly on Nikki's time in Big Brother, describing her as someone he thought at the time was messed up and possibly mad. Nikki explained that if her read her book he would realise that there were plenty of reasons for her erratic behaviour in the BB house but she did admit that she probably was a bit mad - as she thought everyone was mad in their own way. Nick then asked her about her time in the various institutions she had been in and wondered whether she hadn't taken a big risk by going into BB, saying that watching it he had been really worried that she would freak out big time. Nikki explained that when she entered the BB house she was in a happy place, and had overcome her anorexia and been well for several years. She said that she had found it hard at times because in the house you have no control over anything and anorexia is all about being in control, but overall she had enjoyed it and it helped her overcome a lot of her OCD issues.

Nikki then answered questions from listeners. The first asked why she had ever signed up for BB at all and Nikki explained that she had always been a fan and had watched the programme a lot in previous years. She described how hard it was for her after all her lost years to reintergrate into society with no qualifications and had basically thought "why not give it a go" She had nothing to lose and said it was the best thing she ever did.
The second question asked her about her relationship with Pete and Nikki said that although Pete had broken her heart, she believed that everything in life happens for a reason and it was probably better that they weren't together.

Another questioner asked if there was a point to BB and Nikki explained that it was essentially entertainment and everyone who went into the house knew exactly what they were letting themselves in for.

Nikki then spoke about her recent visit ot the Isle of Wight and the bands she had enjoyed there and finally she was asked about this years housemate, Angel, who was on hunger strike in the house and Nikki said firmly that she thought the producers should remove her as it sent out very bad messages to people watching the show, many of who might be quite vulnerable.

It is worth noting that whilst the interview was supposedly about the publication of Nikki's book it is her time in Big Brother 3 years ago that is still vividly remembered by, and of interest to, listeners and interviewers.
Although probably remembered most for her strops and tantrums, it is only by reading her book that you get an insight into her life and can understand the reasons behind this behaviour.

Hopefully many of the people who were fascinated by Nikki in the BB house will now read it.

Nikki will also be on Talksport on The Late Show with Ian Collins between 10pm and 1am tonight.

June 17, 2009  A Message from Nikki Grahame

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_ex_hm_factor.jpg

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all enjoying this years big brother? I am addicted as usual! Dont forget to check out my thoughts and comments on the big brother house weekly in OK! Magazine.

Just want to say a huge thankyou for all your support around my book launch! My book is intended to help people who are battling with the illness.

So far I have had lots of positive feedback which is fantastic!

My aim for this year is to open a drop in centre for sufferers to come in and off load their worries and share their thoughts with people like myself who have been through similar problems. At the moment their is nothing like this out there, so I am hoping this is going to go to plan.

Anyway I am off for now. But a massive thanks again,
and I'll catch up with you all soon. :-)

x nikki x

June 17, 2009  Nikki in OK! Magazine this week - Issue 679

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_hs11.jpg

Hotstar's Column

This week Nikki talk's about Madonna's adoption, Big Brother, Rachel Steven's Ordeal and What she has been up to in her Diary.

Last week I was guest editing Channel 4's Big Brother Website! I also went to see the new Blue-ray version of Ghostbusters at The Soho Hotel.

I have acute Osteoporosis and last week I went to the Grosvenor House's Art & Antiques Fair in aid of the National Osteoporosis Society. It's a charity that's close to my heart and I'm honoured to support it. This week I'm going to be on Talksport to talk about my book and I'll be in Cardiff so all come down on Saturday 20 June!

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So Madonna has finally got her own way and been allowed to adopt little girl Mercy from Malawi. Mercy will have a great quality of life and never want for anything financially, but the singer is taking her away from her family. I just hope Madonna is able to arrange her life so she can spend proper time with four children, despite being so busy as she travels the world with her work.

I was horrified to read Rachel Stevens was mugged on her doorstep and hope she is OK. It must have been terrifying for her, especially as they took jewellery including her engagement ring. Things like that can be replaced but it's not the same when they have sentimental value. I really hope they catch whoever is responsible and that Rachel gets over it in time to enjoy her wedding in a few months.

I am really loving Big Brother and think they've got an amazing bunch together. My favourite so far is Roderigo - he's like a ray of sunshine! I felt sorry for Karly at first as she seemed to be misread as a bitch when she's quite sweet. Sophie reminds me of Grace from my year in the house in looks, and is trying to get all the attention from the boys, which is annoying.

Jordan has been out partying again, and I think she's just trying to spend time with friends. As long as she's not neglecting her children, she has a right to have a good time. She might act like she doesn't care about her divorce, but it must be hurting deep down. Partying may be her way of coping with a difficult situation and there's no reason why she can't do that and still be a good mum and family woman.

ShineFinish Gloss-On from Wella. It's available at Hob Saloons and is used after you have highlights to make your hair lovely and glossy -its fab!

In other sections of the magazine

Reality Star Plans Centre for Anorexics
Caring Big Brother Babe Nikki Grahame wants to open a centre for people people with eating disorders with the proceeds of her life story Dying to be Thin. I would love to open my own drop-in centre with people with eating disorder's say's the star who nearly died from Anorexia. It would offer help from people who empathise.

Nikki's Big Night
BB star launches autobiography, with party pics of Nikki and others celebrities such as Natalie Cassidy, David Van Day and others. See more in the magazine.

And of cause there is Nikki's Big Brother Column.

June 17, 2009  Nikki's Big Brother Column in OK! Magazine - Issue 679

Nikki Grahame - Big Brother Column in OK!

Well it's only been going for a couple of weeks and already I am hooked on the antics of the Housemate's in Big Brother 10. There are some really good characters in there - and although they get on my nerves, I was sorry to see that the public had to choose between Sophia and Halfwit Freddie for eviction. Freddie gives me the heebeegeebee's.

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He needs to get a grip on himself! Actually - maybe it's him not getting a grip on himself that has been sending him into a posh sex frenzy over Dogface. Sophia is irritating as hell and very aggressive - but she sussed out snidey Saffia right from the off. I want to see the back of the loose-lipped lesbian Lisa. She doesn't half drone on and clearly believes if point is worth making it's worth repeating 50 times. Get! Her! Out! Then lets all chip in and buy some hair extensions and a bit of Lippy!

Nikki Grahame - Big Brother Column

Rodrigo: I love him! He is so innocent and gorgeous!

Angel: I love her. She is so gentle and different.

Cairon: He is a genuinely funny cool guy!

Charlie: Proof that empty Vessels make the most Noise. Irritating!

Kris: I was wrong.He's shallow and plastic. You should be on shipwrecked, Mate!

Lisa: She does go on a lot. So Pleeease shut your moaning trap, you Pete Bennett clone!!

Nikki also gives her impressions on the other housemates.

Nikki Grahame - Big Brother Column

Want more? Then see Nikki's BB column in OK! magazine out now.