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June 16, 2009  NIkki Grahame on the cover Irish Magazine

Nikki Grahame - Front cover of Irish Magazine U

Nikki and a few other former Big Brother housemates are on the cover of "U" magazine, an Irish women's fortnightly magazine. Nikki is the main photo in the centre on the cover, she is in her pink dress with the retro 1950's look. The one she wore to the New Look Magazine A/W 2009 Launch Party, see pics. The article is one of those "Where are they now" features, but the main attraction is the cover.

June 13, 2009  Nikki's Big Brother Column in OK! Magazine - Issue 678

Nikki Grahame - Big Brother Column in OK!

Big Brother 10 begins and so does Nikki's Big Brother Column in OK! magazine. Watch out for Nikki's column on the run down of whats going on in the house. As Nikki, well she just tells it like it is.

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It's Big Brother 10 and I will give channel 4 ten out of ten for finding the best looking bunch of housemates ever. They have found a great mix too - with straight, gay and lesbian housemates and loads who swing both ways. It's like a great big sex tombola trying to work out who will end up with who. Just so long as they leave handsome Kris for me! Poor Noirin had to sacrifice her eyebrows on the first task - but who wouldn't to get their first shot at fame? First impressions are often wrong, but Karley looks desperate for fame to me, while the house sweetheart is little Sophia. Or is She? She might look like butter wouldn't melt - but I reckon she could turn into little Miss Dynomite if she doesn't get her way. Happy Anniversary Big Brother. Now let the fireworks begin.

Nikki's first impressions
Karley: A desparate, plastic, pretentious wannabe.
Benaizir: I like her, she looks like she could be a real laugh to watch.
Sophia: She is a sweetie but could she be too sweet to be true?
Scree Apart from his clothes, I like him, I think he will bamboozle the other housemates becuase he is not like anyone else.
Angel: I love Angel, And she will not take any nonsense from the plastics.
Siavash: He is so cool, I love his crazy style.
Freddie I like him - and I think he will get better as he loosens up.
Lisa A bit of an aggro-merchant I reckon. Will she be top dog?
Cairon A slow burner. Let the others calm down and we will see how he is.
Saffia She has bagged my Kris, Grrr.

Nikki goes on to say who is hot and not and there is a lot more in the column. So check out Nikki's Big Brother Column each week in OK! magazine.

June 13, 2009  Nikki Grahame Takes Over

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_100_3950.jpg

June 10th Nikki took over as editor of the Channel 4 Big Brother website. As Editor for the day Nikki got stuck in right away by making tea for everyone! Always a good start.
The day started with a video where Nikki introduced herself and, in typical style, she managed to get in an appeal to ask for people's votes to make her champion editor!

She then wrote a "Letter from Nikki" explaining that she would be watching the live feed and bringing all the latest news to the site, as well as answering viewers questions from the site, facebook and Twitter - and managed another plug for herself to be voted champion editor in the website vote!!

Later in the day she wrote a piece entitled "Who does Nikki think is hot", where she gave her own inimitable take on the housemates. She also picked her top 3 videos from the Channel 4 site and made a video where she answered questions that viewers had asked. In between all that she managed to answer questions on Twitter and had lunch!

After she had left the Channel 4 team made their own video where they looked back at Nikki's day with them - which they had clearly enjoyed.

Watch C4 video - We look back on Nikki's time as our Guest Editor.

It was a great effort by Nikki who looked as if she'd thoroughly enjoyed it all doing the website - and she even had enough energy left to attend the Ghostbusters Blu-Ray VIP Film Screening at Soho Hotel, London in the evening.

The picture above is from Nikki's book launch party and are people from Endemol, the two on the right are Abby and Dan who Nikki mentions in the video, link above.

GhostBusters 25 year, Blue-Ray release VIP Screening

At the GhostBusters screening Nikki gave this interview (see video below) which she talks about Ghost Busters and some of her other favourite movies. She also talks about Big Brother, the interviewer noting that when Nikki was in the house it was at its peak. Nikki talks about her book and about body gossip which she is involved with Natalie Cassidy, Ann Diamond and others, to raise awareness of eating disorders and body issues. Nikki talks about them taking the show to the Edinburgh festival and also play on the West End. And what they need now is for people to send in their stories to and the best ones will be chosen to be read in the show.

June 12, 2009  Nikki Grahame - Book signing in Cardiff

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_bookcover2.jpg

The Borders store in Cardiff are hosting a book signing event with Nikki on Saturday June 20th. She will be signing copies of her book "Dying to be thin" from 1-3pm.

Store location:

The David Morgan Building
14 The Hayes
United Kingdom
CF10 1AH

June 9, 2009  Nikki's Hot Stars Column in OK! Magazine - Issue 678

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_nikki_ok_678.jpg

This week Nikki talks about Jordan's night out, Mel B's muscly new body and the upcoming hilarious X-Factor
auditions and in her diary Nikki talks about her cruise.

Last week I came back from my cruise around Europe, which was amazing! I spent time in Cannes, Tuscany and Rome and the ship was the biggest one I've ever seen with four nightclubs, a Jacuzzi and gym. This weekend I'm off to another of my beloved festivals, this time on the Isle Of Wight. I'll also be catching up with all my friends and doing an interview with Kerrang! Radio to promote my book, Dying To Be Thin on Wednesday 10 June at 6pm.

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Jordan has been seen out partying with men but I don't think she is looking for a new boyfriend, just some company. She would be an utter fool to get involved with anyone so soon after splitting from Peter Andre. She's probably just trying to take her mind off things by having fun - why should she have to hide? I think it's clear they're not getting back together now, so they're right to get the divorce over with quickly rather than drag it out.

The X Factor auditions have already started and I can't wait until they're on TV as that's my favourite part of the show! I always love it when they get all the funny singers back on at then end to do a medly. I'm really glad Dannii Minogue has signed up for this series as she, Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole and Louis Walsh made a good judging foursome. Last year's winner Alexandre Burke is great but has been quiet for a while - I'm looking forward to hearing her new music.

I'm not too surprised Susan Boyle has been treated for exhaustion as she's been under so much pressure lately. She's only human after all and may have snapped under the strain of what she's been through. She's right to rest as she'll need to be ready for her new career. Also, the Britain's Got Talent live tour wouldn't be the same if she wasn't on it.

Mel B has certainly got an impressive new body but, to be honest, I don't like it when girls are muscly like that. I think it's unattractive and not very feminine at all! Perhaps she's going through a phase where she wants to get bulked-up, although I hope she gets her old body back soon, as she's always had a fantastic figure.

The Transform Clinic in London. Mum went there to have Botox recently and it was completely painless and she didn't even get one bruise. The people there are really friendly and helpful, too.

In other sections of the mag Nikki's BB column, I will add a topic about that soon. Come back and find out what she thinks of this years housemates.

June 7, 2009  Nikki at Wychwood Music Festival

Nikki Grahame - at Wychwood music festival

Nikki loves her music festivals and is spotted here at the Wychwood Music Festival 30-31 May 2009.

The clipping was sent in by Denise and comes from a supplement (Where we live) inside the Weekend Citizen Saturday June 6, 2009, Gloucestershire.

June 4, 2009  Nikki in HEAT magazine this week - 100 Best Moments

Nikki Grahame - Heat magazine 100 best moments

As reported in HEAT magazine this week was the top 100 Best Moments of Big Brother. "The hysteria of big brother's housemates is always a highlight. Here are their top exploits as voted by you in"

Well Nikki's rants came in at number one voted by Heatworld readers and thats no surprise to me. With each year of Big Brother since those memorable moments in BB7 Nikki is still very much thought of.

In another section of the magazine "Oh just get in the house". Showing contestants entry outfits Nikki is prominantly displayed in her bunny outfit. What a memorable start to BB7 that was.

June 2, 2009  Nikki's June 2009 Forthcoming Events.

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_nikkigrahame1.jpg

June 4th sees the start of this years Big Brother and Nikki is looking forward to participating in the spin-off shows (subject to the vagaries of TV scheduling) and to giving her opinion of this years housemates in the press.

June 10th Nikki Grahame Takes Over the channel 4 Big Brother website. To celebrate a decade of Big Brother, they are inviting ex-housemates from yesteryear to take over the website every week, first up is Nikki.

This year there is an ex-HM factor competition so make sure you vote for Nikki in the poll on the website for Nikki as the ex-HM Factor here.

In OK! Magazine this week a preview of Big Brother. "Of course, we'll have old BB favourite Nikki Grahame guiding you through this year's series with a new look column"

Promotion of her book "Dying To Be Thin" will also continue.

For further news - watch this space!

June 2, 2009  Nikki's OK! Magazine Hotstars column this week, issue 677.

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_hs2.jpg

This week Nikki talks about Jackiey's pain. Peter and Jordan's competive break-up, Danielle's injuries, Big Brother 10 is here, and in her diary attending an exhibition by Vivienne Westwood. And of cause her team won the Big Brother Quiz, naturally!

Jackiey Budden has been talking about how she has been seeing "signs" from Jade, which is really sad to hear. It must be lonely for her as Jade was her life for so many years and now she's gone. It's good that she has her grandsons and she knows they're being well looked after by their Dad, Jeff Brazier. She could get a hobby to keep herself occupied, but the pain will never go away completely.

I can't believe Jordan has accused Pete of setting up photographs with their kids when she's followed by paps everywhere she goes. Their split looks like it's becoming a bit of a competition....

I was horrified to see the injuries Danille Lloyd suffered at a nightclub recently. Two other girls are said to have been involved but it could have been an innocent accident. She'll probably have a scar from that nasty cut to her leg....

Its the launch of Big Brother 10 this week and I can't wait! The show is promising to have the best-looking housemates ever so I'm hoping there will be plenty of fit guys to keep us entertained! But with all those egos there is bound to be a lot of showing off and attention seeking. It should be a really competitive series this year and fun to watch.

Natural Origins Cleanser. It has aloe vera and witch hazel in it and is great at removing make-up and impurities, without scraping half your face away!

Last week I went to an exhibition by Vivienne Westwood's son Ben called "Celebrity Spawn". It looked at famous children of famous people like peaches and Pixie Geldof and Lily Allen - it was really interesting! I also had my teeth whitened at the Druian & Spektor dental practice, so now I have a sparkling smile. Also you might have seen me on E4's Big Brother's Big Quiz where my team won, naturally!

May 29, 2009  Big Brothers Big Quiz on E4.

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_100_3935_1.jpg

(recorded 22 May 2009)
In this special one-off comedy quiz show hosted by Davina McCall, 4 teams of Big Brother enthusiasts and ex-housemates answered questions about Big Brother in front of an invited audience of former Big Brother contestants.

Nikki was teamed with Jack Whitehall (from Big Brother's Big Mouth) - the other team captains being Danny Wallace, Jamelia and Ulrika Johnson.

The teams faced questions about such things as tasks, tantrums, relationships, and life after Big Brother - and not surprisingly Nikki was used as an example in at least 2 of those categories!

There were some nice reminders of previous Big Brother shows and housemates, some typical Nikki remarks, and a great round where the ex Housemate's on the team were subjected to electric shocks. Nikki loved that!! Much to her delight at the end of the show, she and Jack were declared the winners.

May 27, 2009  Sue and Nikki Grahame on The Three Mediums

Nikki and her mum Sue on the Three Mediums Living 2, 25TH MAY 2009.

Derek Acorah gave Nikki's mum, Sue a private reading, unaware she is Nikki's mum. It was very emotional, as Nikki's grandfather came to talk to her. Nikki's grandfather smoked a pipe. He loves Sue to bits, she is his girl. Sue says they used to call him Popeye Derek keeps telling her he is a good man, and she now believes there is life after death.

The camera goes to Nikki and her mum, who are watching the recording. Nikki is so shocked and keeps hugging her mum. Derek then shocks them even more, when he mentions Sue has her Dad's watch. Sue and Nikki were the only ones who knew that. Sue got very emotional. She said she had her dad's watch, in an old red tin. Someone else got the pipes. She looks at the watch all the time, and still talks to her dad. Derek tells her she will smell her dad's tobacco later.

Sue said the reading was very enjoyable and poignant, and glad she knows he is still with her. Nikki said "Oh my God, oh my God, how the hell did he know that? Its like Grandad is sitting there". Sue told her he was, that's why they were there. Watch the video below.

May 26, 2009  Nikki's OK! Magzine Hotstars column this week , Issue 676

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_ok_hs_674.jpg

This week Nikki talks about Katie and Peter's split, steve and Hayden's budding romance, Mikey Cyrus fab figure and in her diary defens her friendship with Natalie Cassidy....

I don't want to take sides because I like them both but Peter Andre seems to be winning the popularity war with Jordan. I think Jordan has slightly fallen from grace with her topless sunbathing pictures and maybe she was hasty in having Peter's belongings removed from their home. Perhaps she's trying to save face after he left her. I still think they could get back together - it may take a long time, but it's worth saving.

T4's Steve Jones and Heroes star Hayden Panettiere are supposedly dating and they make a gorgeous couple! Sadly, I don't think it will last as none of Steve's relationships ever do and they would also have to deal with a long-distance relationship. I give it until the summer. I think he had the perfect girl in Fearne Cotton. Steve is very charming and funny, though, so I can totally see why any girl would fall at his feet.


Lindsay Lohan keeps sneaking into ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson's house at night but I don't know why after Sam reportedly didn't want anything to do with her when they first split. Perhaps Lindsay is falling for the "treat them mean, keep them keen" routine. It's a shame because she deserves better. I think Lindsay is young, attractive and a great actress. Perhaps she should have a break from relationships for a while and concentrate on getting her career back on track.

I love Miley Cyrus and I can't believe some people have been mean enough to call her fat online. That's a disgraceful thing to do. She really is not fat at all - Miley has a lovely curvy figure and is a great role model for young girls. She is hugely popular and has an enormous fan following. Anyone who criticises her is clearly just jealous of her success!

Alibi - the world's first "pretox" drink. They taste really nice and are full of vitamins, making them a great hangover cure!

Last week I went to see my friend Carly's band, Me And The Beast, perform at Hard Rock Cafe in London and they were fab. I also took part in the Celebrity Six Soccer tournament for charity, which is always great fun. And I went to the Wychwood festival in Cheltenham as my favourite band, Supergrass, were playing. A story was written last week saying I was a bad influence on Natalie Cassidy, because of my previous battle with Anorexia. I'd just like to say this is rubbish and Natalie herself has assured me I'm one of her best friends - so please don't believe everything you read!

May 24, 2009  Soccer 6, Chelsea Football Club

For the 3rd year running Nikki, together with a host of stars from music, sport, TV, film and entertainment played in the Celebrity Soccer Six football tournament at Stamford Bridge. Although Nikki's team didn't win, it was a lovely sunny day, great entertainment and a lot of money was raised for The Samaritans.

Babyshambles (minus Pete Docherty) were crowned champions and Michelle Heaton's team won the women's event.

May 24, 2009  Nikki's up and coming events

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_100_3935_1.jpg

Soccer 6 - 24th May
Nikki will be at the Celebrity Soccer Six football tournament today at Chelsea Football Club where a host of stars from music, sport, TV, film and entertainment will descend on Stamford Bridge in a bid to be crowned champions of the most star studded celebrity sports event in the UK.

The Three Mediums - 24th, 25th May
Nikki and her mother took part in a live stage show of the three mediums recorded on 16th April at the Hammersmith Apollo. The show is being aired on Living 2 over 2 nights at 9pm on 24th May and 25th May. The show is repeated on Living 2 + 1 an hour later.

Big Brothers Big Quiz - 29th May
This show was recorded on Friday 22nd May and will air on E4 on 1opm Friday 29th May.
Team Captains: Jason Manford, Jamelia, Bob Mortimer and Nikki Grahame teaming up with Jack Whitehall. Other ex-housemates appearing are Charley Uchea, Nasty Nick, Derek Laud, Makosi Musambasa, Nadia Almada and Brian Belo. Nikki teams up with Jack Whithall

May 20, 2009  Nikki in OK Magazine this week, Issue 675

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_hs10.jpg

This week Nikki talks about Holly's great baby news, Rhianna's naked pictures and Katie and Peter's shocking break-up.

I'm so pleased for Holly Willoughby and her husband Dan Baldwin on the birth of their son, Harry. Holly is a great role model and I hope she replaces Fern Britton on This Morning as she is a great TV presenter and works well with Philip Schofield - although she deserves time off to bond with Harry. I'm sure Dan will support her as much as he can in juggling motherhood and her TV career. Good luck, guys!

I didn't believe Jordan and Peter Andre had split up at first, but now it all seems so serious and I'm devastated. They were such a brilliant couple. I think Jordan must have pushed Peter too far in the end, as nobody deserves to be treated like he was when she reportedly told him she is the one who earns the money. I hope after they've spent some time apart, they will realise how much they miss each and need each other in their lives.

I love Britain's Got Talent and think it's great the public are getting to vote this week. I think it's been the best series so far. My highlight was Anthony Ghosh - or DJ Talent! He was so different and his song was really catchy. After the series ends, I think Susan Boyle will have a great career and ten-year-old singing ballerina Hollie Steel would be great in a musical. Jamie Pugh could land a role on the stage in Les Miserables, too - he's fantastic!

When the nude pictures of Rihanna were leaked, it must have come as a shock to her fans and parents. She's done the right thing in getting away to Hawaii but I think the longer she hides away, the harder it will be to come back. She should get back out there and face the world as she hasn't done anything wrong. After the terrible year she's had, she could still come back bigger than ever - look at Britney Spears!

My new Vivienne Westwood shoes. They're made of rubber, pale blue and have a red heart on the toe. I wore them to my joint birthday party and book launch and they were so comfy all night. They're really quirky with their 1950's style!

I've been out tent shopping this week for all the festivals I plan to go to this year! The first was The Great Escape in Brighton last weekend when I saw The Charlatans and Kasbian - it was fab! Last week I was on the Justin Lee Collins show, I introduced Justin! He is so lovely and gave me a big cuddle. McFly were on too, and it was great to be able to catch up with them.

Other stuff in the mag this week...

Nikki GrahameIT'S SO SAD - THE STARS GIVE THEIR REACTION - Nikki's Reaction

I'm absolutely devastated. It's such a shame. If they're thinking about divorce, they should really think about marriage counselling because they're the best couple, and Pete's the best boyfriend that Kate's ever had. She and Pete are a package. I don't think Kate would leave him because he's so much together. He's helped her with Harvey and he's taken her on. With so many children involved, it's going to be so damaging. They were just perfect together and I'm sure that they can work through it. Maybe they just need a break. All this filming must have taken its toll. I did feel sorry for Pete because he does get a bashing from her. On their TV show, she said to him: "No one knows who you are, you're an old ----ing singer!" and "I'm the one making the money, Pete!" If someone said that to me, I'd be so upset. He's obviously just thought, I don't need it any more. If they don't sort things out, it's going to take Pete a while to get over her.

NIKKI GRAHAME - Despite irritating the hell out of BB viewers, she's had her own TV show and a slot on BBLB, and has just written a book about her battle with Anorexia.

In Heat Magazine this week
Nikki Grahame and Natalie Cassidy as part of the Body Gossip Troupe. Both girls perfomed a monologue alongside other body conscious celebrities to raise money for B-EAT the eating disorder's organisation. Body Gossip is a performance about real people's stories about their real bodies and aims to battle against unrealistic shapes, performed by celebrities to raise money for B-EAT.

May 15, 2009  Body Gossip - A celebration of realistic beauty.

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_100_3999.JPG

On May 10th Nikki and the rest of the original cast, played to another packed house in the second Body Gossip show, performed to raise money for Beat, the Eating Disorders Association. (

The show was performed in the round with the audience in the middle and the actors at different places around the venue. The play consisted of a series of monologues; 14 real-life stories written from the heart and brilliantly performed by the cast of celebrity actors, presenters, comedians and musicians.

Nikki sat on the Body Gossip sofa and read a powerful story very similar to her own, written by Sarah Wallace.

Watching the play was an emotional experience but it had its funny moments too. Most notably Charlie Whitworth's account of his impending circumcision acted enthusiastically by Chris Russell and Abigail Graham's blackly humourous guide to the attainment of celebrity beauty; "The Perfection Plan" performed by Paris Jefferson.

The performance ended with a powerful reading by Natalie Cassidy, which was dedicated to the memory of Kate Godfrey, who passed away in March 2008 following an 8 year battle with anorexia and bulimia.

After the show everyone had a chance to speak to the actors, admire the excellent art exhibition by Alex Roberts and there was an excellent performance from singer and songwriter Mis-Dee.

The event was organised by the actor Ruth Rogers whose brainchild this was Body Gossip and was attended by a representative from B-eat.

The cast were: Natalie Cassidy, Paris Jefferson, Nikki Grahame, Shobna Gulati, Chloe Marshall, Zaraah Abrahams, Donna-Leigh Bailey, Cerrie Burnell, Anne Diamond, Mikyla Dodd, Ewen Macintosh and Chris Russell

The stories were written by Athena Stevens - Sarah Wallace - Lisa Parry - Emily Holdsworth - Sophie McKenzie - Abigail Graham - Susan Hemming - Stephen Wall - Charlie Whitworth - Tracey Hammett - Megan Ford - Laura Nation - Aisling Bea - Delyse Phillips.

View Picture Gallery

May 14, 2009  Nikki Grahame's Hotstars Column in OK! Magazine

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_hotstars9.jpg

This week Nikki talks about Amy Whinehouse's trouble in paradise, Kerry Katona's new MTV show and Cameron Diaz's break-up....

Amy Whinehouse's dad Mitch has reportedly sent one of his daughter's friends back to the UK from St Lucia. I can totally understand why Mitch is concerned. After what his daughter's been through, he must worry every time it looks like she might be going off the rails again. I think Amy should stop sitting about, get her head down and focus on finishing her new album.

Jamie Pugh, who sang Bring Him Home on Britain's Got Talent, is absolutely amazing! I've seen Las Miserables six times and my mum and I cry everytime we hear that song! Amanda Holden's face was a picture when he opened his mouth. People have said he was dishonest about being nervous as he's sung in the West End before, but singing in the theatre is completely different to singing in front of millions of people on TV.

Kerry Katona has launched her new MTV show, Kerry Katona What's the problem? which has courted some controversy. I don't know if the programme will have much of an audience as I think most people are a bit fed up with her antics. She's hit out at Philip Schofield over the This Morning interview too, saying he's been rude, but the nation saw exactly what happened.

I was sad to hear that Cameron Diaz has reportedly split from Paul Sculfor. The Essex boy's profile will have gone through the roof after dating the actress. Cam is stunning and there'll be a queue of men lining up to go out with her! In my opinion, George Clooney would be a good match for her - he's an older man and I think he'd look after her well.

Collection 2000 make-up! I had some of the brand's products in the goody bag for my party and they went down a treat. It's really affordable and is as good as some of the dearer brands.

Last week I had my joint book launch and birthday party at Embassy in London - it was quite a night! I had ten radio interviews to do the following morning, though - talk about timing! I'm really happy with my book, Dying To Be Thin, but I'm glad it's finished now as it was often tough bringing up the past. Then Dorito's invited me to a promotion where I had to play Dodgeball. It was great fun - just like in the film of the same name. Last weekend I performed another monologue for Body Gossip at The Hub in King's Cross. Some of the money raised goes to the eating disorder charity Beat, which I'm really happy to help.

Also in the magazine:-

Book Review OK! HotStars
"DYING TO BE THIN - NIKKI GRAHAME (£16.99, John Blake)
Nikki has been known for her tantrums and OTT nature since she stepped into the Big Brother house in 2006. But behind the bravado lies memories of a youth devasted by anorexia. This agonisingly honest account details Nikki's struggle, her early years and her family life. It's a startling read that will have you hooked." ★★★★★

Book Review Star Magazine
Nikki has been known for her tantrums and OTT nature since she stepped into the Big Brother house in 2006. But behind the bravado lies memories of a youth devastated by anorexia. This agonisingly honest account details Nikki’s struggle, her early years and her family life. It’s a startling read that will have you hooked. ★★★★★

May 10, 2009  Nikki's Book Launch and Birthday Party

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_100_3976.JPG

Nikki celebrated her birthday with the Launch of her new book Dying to be Thin on thursday night at the Embassy Club Mayfair London. Among the celebrity guests there were a number of special guests that are very special to Nikki, they are the Doctors and Carers who had looked after her... read more and view the pictures here.

May 9, 2009  Nikki Grahame on Richard Judy 7th May

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_nikki_on_r_j.jpg

Nikki appeared on the Richard and Judy show (Watch TV 7th May) and she talks about her book release Dying to be Thin. Richard and Judy gave high phrase to Nikki for writing the book as they talk about its contents. Nikki also talks about the Anorexia Dropin Centre whch she wants to open in London from the proceeds of the book. The show had an Aussie theme at the bar. And Nikki and the other guests Mark Derdan-Smith and Russ Abbott participate in an Aussie quiz, they guess who each of celebrities are from baby photo's, there is also a photo of Nikki as a baby.

There is also a surprise visitor the farmer from Princess Nikki who presents Nikki with a long glove which is used in a special kind of examination.

Watch the video here, This playlist is 2 video with total around 15 minutes.

May 7, 2009  Nikki in the magazines this week

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_100_3924_small.jpg

Nikki's OK! magazine Hotstars column

This week Nikki talks about Blue's big Comeback, SJP, Matthew's baby news, Cheryl's solo recording plans and in her diary Nikki will be appearing on Richard and Judy on watch tonight and her Book Launch and birthday party...

I've seen pictures of Lindsay Lohen and thought she looked awful. It's so upsetting I'm a really big fan of hers and, like other girls, really look up to her. She appears emaciated and in my opinion, she may find it harder to find film work while she looks so thin. I think she's setting herself up for a breakdown like Britney Spears and should get help now before it's too late.

I'm so excited that Blue are re-forming for the 95.8 Capital FM Summertime Ball. I love them and have all their albums! I even used to have a mug with Duncan James on it and went to Butlins to see them. I'm good friends with Anthony Costa so hopefully after this gig, they'll be back performing full time!

I read that Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are expecting twins with a surrogate. I can empathise with them as I can't get pregnant and think it's a lovely thing to do. I think adopting a child in need, like Angelina Jolie and Madonna, is a more constructive way of becoming a parent but I can understand that this route isn't for everyone.

Cheryl's apparently recording a solo single and I think she'll be brilliant. She has a great voice and she's a stunning girl, so I'm sure she'll sell millions of copies. Girls Aloud look fab in their Out Of Control tour pictures. I think Nicola Roberts is really coming into her own. I can see her taking the front seat for a while - it would be a good opportunity for her to take some of the credit she deserves!

The new Sanctum Soho Hotel on Warwick Street in London. I'm staying there next Thursday after my launch party. It's just gorgeous and I'm really excited!

Last week I celebrated my 27th birthday by going for a lovely spa day with my mum - we had such a great time! I've also been doing a load of publicity for my new book, Dying To Be Thin, which is out this week. I signed 500 copies last week in Sussex and have done some radio interviews too. I'm on Richard and Judy's New Position on Watch this Thursday, so tune in. I'm also having a joint birthday and book launch - I can't wait!

 Nikki Grahame in OK! magazineNikki Grahame magazine feature in OK! magazine

The Big Brother Star opens up about her decade-long battle with Anorexia - and reveals her tragic secret.

Looking Back , my eating disorder started when I was 8 years old...

Nikki finally happy with her body , after years of battling with anorexia as a child and teenager. In this weeks OK! magazine Nikki has a 4 page feature, pictures will be added to the gallery.

Other magazines
Also In Star and New magazine this week Nikki is interviewed about her anorexia, her book and about her life.

Richard and Judy tonight on Watch TV 6pm
An execellent interview where Richard and Judy talk to Nikki and asks questions about her book Dying to be Thin. Nikki also explains what she wants to achieve out of the book and her plans for a drop in centre where Anorexia suffers can go and talk to other anorexia suffers who have learned to manage their anorexia and live normal healthier lives.