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April 29, 2009  Nikki's OK! magazine Hotstars Column this week

This week Nikki talks about Britain's got Talent, Cheryl's figure and Marco Vs Gordon in Hell's Kitchen....

I think it's great that Susan Boyle has become such a worldwide hit! She says she's happy with the way she looks, but I think she'll cave in and have a makeover soon. I reckon that would give her confidence a boost. Britain's Got Talent's other star Shaheen Jafargholi is brilliant, too. He's only 12 but I reckon Simon Cowell would look after him. I'm enjoying this series - I think it could be the best one yet!

I love Lily Allen and I'm a big fan of her music so it was sad to hear she once worried she was more famous for being a party animal than a musician. Everyone is allowed a life and she can't be expected to lock herself away and write songs for 24 hours a day. I think she should be taken seriously for her music because all her tunes are brilliant and catchy, and have lyrics that actually mean something.

I don't think the latest series of Hell's Kitchen has been anywhere near as good as last year's. I think the main problem is that Marco Pierre White seems to have turned into a bit of a softy! He was much stricter before which made the show a lot more interesting to watch. The contestants didn't seem very frightened of him and service seemed a lot more laid-back than usual. I'd like to see Gordon Ramsey return to the show next year!

I couldn't believe it when I read that Cheryl Cole says she's unhappy with her figure. I think she looks great but if she wants to change her shape, she is the only one who can do anything about it. She says she's too thin but that can easily be fixed with a steak and big portion of home-made chips. She's proved that she can have curves as she had a great figure before she lost all the weight.

20 Twenty Graphics. It printed all the invitations for my joint birthday party and book launch party at really short notice and did a fantastic job. It has lovely posters of artworkm too. Check out

This Tuesday was my 27th birthday! I spent the day at Stoke Park Club spa with my friend Carly. We had some lovely treatments and stayed at the hotel overnight. My friends and I have created "Funday Sunday" and every week we go out for a bar crawl and some lunch! Last weekend I went to the Camden Crawl where Kasabian and The Enemy were playing. And last Wednesday I went to a screening of Seth Rogen's film Observe and Report, which was really funny! I've also been busy doing photoshoots for my book, Dying To Be Thin - I can't wait for it to come out next month.

April 28, 2009  Happy Birthday Nikki Grahame

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_observe_and_report3.jpg

Today is Nikki's birthday and today she turns 27, looking back over the past year since her 26th Birthday and Website Launch she has certainly achieved a lot. Theres her OK! Magazine Hotstars and Big Brother Columns, she has completed her book Dying to be thin which is out on the 7th May and her entertaining reports on Big Brothers Little Brother. This year as Big brother 10 aproaches what better way of celebrating then adding her 2008 BBLB Reports to the main gallery.

Coming up for Nikki in May is her Book Launch on May 7th and the 2nd Body Gossip show at the hub on May 10th. Nikki is also in a show with ,The Three Mediums, recorded on their live show on april 18th will be shown on Living 2 on May 24th.

In the picture Nikki at the VIP screening of "Observe and Report" at The Vue, London on April 22.

April 22, 2009  Nikki's OK! Magazine Hotstars column this week

This week Nikki talks about Blake's Baby Rumours, Britains got Talent, Jack's Controversial Prison sentence and also in her diary Nikki and her mum have taken part in a Show called Three Mediums to be shown on Living 2, May 24th.

I read that Blake Fielder-Civil is believed to have got a girl pregnant in rehab, which is absolutely disgusting! Amy Winehouse is acting like she doesn't care but her mum Janis says she's been crying and still loves him. Since Amy's been away from Blake she has done really well and is looking much healthier. She should act like she's not bothered because Blake can't have missed her that much to get someone else pregnant.

I'm really enjoying Britain's Got Talent. The dance group Flawless are incredible, I'd love to see them in the final as they have clearly worked so hard and are dedicated to what they do. Singer Susan Boyle is the perfect example that you can never judge a book by its cover! She says she's never been kissed but I reckon she'll have her pick of the bunch now!

Hell's Kitchen is hotting up and there are a good mix of people vying for Marco Pierre White's attention this year. I think he fancies Danielle Bus and Anthea Turner! Danielle's sandwich in the first show was just cheese on toast gone cold but she got away with it. I think Anthea and her husband Grant Bovey have an unfair advantage as they have each other to lean on - although it could be embarrasing for Anthea "perfect housewife" Turner if Grant beats her!

I think it's ridiculous that Jack Tweed has only been sentenced to 12 weeks in prison - he should have got at least two years! He appears to have been let off lightly due to his circumstances. The taxi driver he assaulted said he could have killed four people by pulling on the handbrake while they were travelling at 50mph. He's told Jade's boys he going to Madagascar but one day when they are older they will find out where he's been....

SPC skincare products. They're available from the Stoke Park Club Luxury spa and are great for sensitive skin. The White Chocolate Body Cream is especially gorgeous!

Last week I saw a brilliant band called The Rogues, they're all very fit! I've also done a bit of shopping and got some lovely black dresses and leggings from Miss Selfridge. This weekend Mum and I are taking part in a Living TV Show called Three Mediums. They'll be talking to celebrities and their mums and trying to guess who is whose mums! I'm also looking forward to going to the premiere of Seth Roger's new film, Observe and Report, which looks hilarious.

April 15, 2009  Nikki's Hotstars column in OK! Magazine this week

This week Nikki talks about Posh's venture into Children's TV, Lindsay and Sam's split, Cheryl's Geordie accent and in her diary what she did over easter....

I think it's great that Victoria Beckham is recording a voiceover for SpongeBob SquarePants - it might put a smile back on her face! She maybe trying to show people she has a fun side to her and is up for a laugh as she always looks so straight-laced. Her youngest son, Cruz, loves the show so he'll love seeing his mum playing an English princess on it.

I think Samantha Ronson and her family are out of order if they are trying to get a restraining-order against Lindsay Lohan. Apparently, Lindsay went mad when Samantha refused her entry to a party - but I would have done, too! I think Samantha must be getting far too big for her boots. If it wasn't for Lindsay's fame or her brother Mark's International success as a music producer, I'm sure there would hardly be any interest in her.

Jade Goody has finally been laid to rest and although I can understand that her family are concerned about her grave being turned into some sort of shrine, I do think it's only natural that her fans want to pay their respects by leaving flowers and gifts. Jade's tragic death has left a huge void for many who loved her and it must be very hard for poor Jack and her mum, Jackiey. There must be constant reminders of her everywhere they look.

I couldn't believe it when I read that Simon Cowell has advised Chery Cole to get elocution lessons so she can be better understood in America! I know that Simon believes Cheryl can make it big Stateside but the Geordie accent is my favourite and Cheryl sounds great the way she is. You should never try to change someone, I'm sure Americans would easily get used to Cheryl's voice, it's part of her character.

Eucalyptus clothing. I got a "Mandy" dress from its new collection recently - it's gorgeous. There are some lovely retro dresses and evening wear - all a bit different really, and reasonably priced, too! See for yourself at

I watched Michael McIntyre's Live & Laughing DVD recently and it's the funniest thing I've seen in my life! Over Easter weekend I managed to catch up with my girlfriends for a few drinks and on Easter Sunday my mum cooked a big meal - she always makes the best roast lamb dinners! I'm going to the hairdressers this week to get my roots done and may go back to The Enterprise in Camden, as last time I went to the bar I had a really good time.

April 10, 2009  Richard Bacon late night chat win Nikki Grahame on BBC5

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_body_gossip2.jpg

Nikki Grahame talks with Richard Bacon on his Late Night Chat Show which was on BBC5 thursday 9th April. The subject was Eating Disorders and some disturbing PRO-ANNA websites that promote Anorexia. Nikki was introduced before the news and Richard asked her if she brought her dogs but she said they were tired and went to bed at 10.30pm and they wear her out too!

In the main discussion they talked about Pro Anorexia Websites (which is what Ferne Cotton's documentary was about) and Richard mentioned Nikki's book Dying to be Thin which will be out next month! She talked about her experiences in hospital, and the children's psychiatric units (she was in the latter for 6mths aged 8), her two attempted OD's. The pro-anorexia websites weren't around when Nikki was ill so she wasn't affected by them.

Nikki talked about the BEAT website and their blogs, they offer good advice but she said these pro-anorexia websites are damaging. She believes girls use these pro-ana sites because they share common ground and experience with other sufferers - its all about self-destruction and self-abuse, she says its a life sentence - not all cases are the same, she will live with it for the rest of her life but has it at bay, its just a small part of her mind.

When asked what else she was up to Nikki mentioned her Hot Stars column every week in OK! magazine- Richard said he'll check it out.

You can listen to the full interview with Nikki on the Richard Bacon Late Night Chat Show on the BBC5 website here. For Nikkis bits you can fast forward to 1hr 34mins in, where she is first introduced and the main discussion is at 1hr 48 mins in. read more

Body Gossip
Nikki will again appear in Body Gossip supporting BEAT on Sunday 10th May 2009 at The Hub, with the same cast and the same scripts. This is the 2nd show where celebrities read the stories about real people and their real bodies. Nikki reads a story similar to her own experience with Anorexia, full details can be found on the Body Gossip Website.

April 8, 2009  Nikki's OK! Magazine Hot Stars Column

This week Nikki talks about the Rooney's baby news, Kerry's slurring phone call and how Jack is doing without Jade...

Coleen and Wayne Rooney are said to be expecting their first baby, which is great news! I think they are very young to be taking on such a big responsibility, although the baby will certainly not want for anything. They are both very busy people and they'll have to put their careers on hold. I hope the new arrival won't put a strain on their relationship, as babies sometimes do.

The video of Kerry Katona - shot for a new MTV show, Kerry Katona: what's the problem? - which shows her slurring her way through a phone interview doesn't look good. Her career is going down the pan fast, and she needs to save it. I think Mark Croft is bad news for her, but she won't take any of the advice she's being given. I think she's trying to convince herself everything is OK, when it clearly isn't.

There has been a lot of criticism surrounding Madonna's attempt to adopt a Malawian girl named Chifundo 'Mercy' James. Mercy has extended family who could look after her, so I don't understand why Madonna isn't helping a child in more need. She'll have four children soon, perhaps she's trying to show Guy Ritchie that she doesn't need him. I don't see how she'll be able to look after all her kids with her busy schedule, without an army of nannies to help out.

It must be hard for Jack Tweed to deal with things after Jade Goody's death. He also faces the prospect of going back to prison so things are pretty uncertain for him right now. Jade has made memory boxes for Bobby and Freddy, and I'm glad she got the chance to do that as they will be able to remember her for years to come. It will be tough for the children, but I know their dad, Jeff Brazier, is looking after them and keeping them busy.

Aldi's flower-delivery service. Aldi has some gorgeous bouquets that will brighten up any room, without breaking the bank! See

I'm taking my mum to hospital for an x-ray this week, so I'm really hoping she's ok. At the same time, I'm having my back checked as I fell down the stairs recently and have been in a lot of pain. The Body Gossip event I attended last week was very emotional and I struggled to read my story, as it had been written by a girl whose experience of anorexia was very similar to mine. I met Natalie Cassidy there, too, who is lovely. Last Friday I went to my friend Christian Guiltenane's birthday party in London. He's the entertainment news editor for OK!

April 1, 2009  Nikki's OK Magazine Hotstars column

This week Nikki talks about life without Jade, newly single Rihanna and Fern's decision to quit This Morning. Also Nikki is happy to be back from her Holiday in Thailand and also talks about her involvement with Body Gossip to raise awareness about anorexia...

I was so sad to hear Jade Goody had died. She had become a national treasure and I really feel for her sons, Freddy and Bobby. But they'll grow up knowing she did everything she could for them. It must be horrific for her husband Jack and mum Jackiey, but the support they've had from the public must be some comfort. Something like this puts everything into perspective and reminds you to live for the moment.

Rihanna is said to be moving on from Chris Brown by dating Wilmer Valderrama - good for her, I say. This is her chance to show she's strong and independent from her ex, Chris Brown. She has an amazing career and should focus on that. If Chris is guilty of assaulting her, then he'll just have to live with the consequences. I'm sure he'll be trying to win her back but I hope she keeps her distance - by the sounds of things, they both need a break.

Jonathan Ross has been nominated for best Entertainment Performance at the BAFTA's, despite setting such a bad example in the phone scandal involving Andrew Sachs. What he and Russell Brand did was really unprofessional and he was only off air for three months. I think it's too soon to be nominating him for awards and I predict public resentment if he wins.

I'm really sad that Fern Britton is leaving This Morning after ten years. She's the first person you think of when anyone mentions the show. I've met her and she's so lovely - she's like everyone's mum! I don't believe the rumours that she's fallen out with Phillip Schofield, and she's publically denied them. They seem genuinely close on screen and I've never seen or felt bad vibes between them. I think Ruth Langsford would be a good replacement, although Fern seems irreplaceable.

Armani Diamonds perfume. It's very girlie and smells a bit like vanilla. It's also a great fragrance to wear in the evening.

I had a wonderful holiday in Thailand but now I'm happy to be back as I really missed everyone and my home comforts. Last week I went to the launch of a new bar called Potion in Ilford, and I also acted out a monologue for Body Gossip, to raise awareness of anorexia. Find out more at My friend gave me a gift voucher to make my own perfume so I'll be doing that with my mum next week.

March 25, 2009  Nikki's OK Magazine Column this week

This week Nikki talks about Kerry's decision to take back Mark, Jen's single status and Madge's growing brood. Also Nikki updates us on her holiday in Thailand Krabi Island, hiring a a boat, Island hopping and swimming in Blue Lagoon...

I can't believe that Kerry Katona is back with her husband Mark Croft. I just hope she's made the right decision. There's definitely been something funny going on - she's "lost" millions of pounds, and she really needs to get to the root of the problem. According to reports, she's become dependent on him so feels like she has to have him in her life. I just hope this isn't the case and wish her all the best!

When I heard news that Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer had split up again, I felt really sorry for her. The nine-year age gap could be a factor - she's probably ready to settle down while he just wants to go out and party. To be honest, I'm not surprised they haven't lasted. Perhaps Jen should go for someone closer to her own age next time - maybe then she'd find happiness.

Madonna is said to be considering adopting another child from Malawi but I think she's got enough on her plate. She's a single mum with three kids and it must be hard for her to split her time between them. Taking on a child is a huge responsibility - I have enough trouble with my two chihuahuas! Also, toy boy, Jesus Luiz, has apparently been seen canoodling with a model, If Madge has sense she will walk away.

Cheryl Cole is a beautiful girl with the world at her feet but she seems to be surrounded by unreliable men. I couldn't believe it when I read that her brother, Andrew Tweedy, is facing prison after admitting to attacking someone with pepper spray. Cheryl came back from her Comic Relief trek up Mount Kilimanjaro to find that her husband had been arrested and her brother could be going to jail. I really feel for her - she's having a rough time right now.

Snow fish. It's a white fish they have in Thailand and it tastes fantastic - it melts in the mouth. It has a really creamy taste and contains no fat at all!

This week my boyfriend Mark and I have been in Krabi in Thailand and we hired a boat and went island hopping. We went to Phi Phi island, which is where they filmed The Beach, but there were crabs everywhere and I was terrified! We also swam in a blue lagoon. The water is so clear and you can see fluorescent fish. The beaches here are really white, too. It's breathtaking - like a different world!

March 17, 2009  Nikki's Hot Stars Column in OK! magazine this week

This week Nikki talks about highs and lows for the Spice Girls, The state of Cheryl's marriage, Amy's return to the UK and her holiday in Thailand...

It's such a shame that Geri Halliwell has split from her fiance, Fabrizio Politi - she was always my favourite Spice Girl. I think it would be nice if her daughter, Bluebell, had a father figure in her life. It must be hard when Geri sees all her former bandmates happy with their partners but Mr Right will come along she least expects it. Her story shows that money really can't buy love.

Mel C looks so happy with her baby daughter, Scarlet. I'm really pleased for her. She was always the underdog in the Spice Girls so it's great to see her looking so happy. All the girls' children could start up their own Junior Spice band - there's enough of them! The girls could sing while the boys would be their managers and make up their entourages!

Things must be really tough for Cheryl Cole at the moment. While she was climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief, her husband Ashley was arrested for being drunk and disorderly. She must feel like she can't leave him on his own for five minutes and that everyone is watching their every move. Being married to Ashley seems like one big headache for Cheryl and I wonder if it's worth the hassle. She must really love him to stand by him!

Amy Winehouse has finally come back from her holiday in St Lucia and I think now's the time for her to concentrate on moving away from her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil. She's said she'd give up her career for him, but why? She has such an amazing talent, I can't understand why she'd throw it all away. If Blake really loves Amy, he should let her go. She'd be back at square one if she took him back.

The Indigo Pearl. This really is the most amazing hotel I've ever stayed in. I'd like to thank David for looking after us so well. Our room has two floors and several bathrooms and the hotel has very modern decor. I'll definitely be back!

I'm having the most incredible time in Phuket with my boyfriend Mark - it's like paradise here! As well as relaxing by the pool, I've done lots of shopping - the clothes are so much cheaper than back home. I've brought two pairs of Levi's jeans, some pretty dresses and some souvenirs from the market stalls. The food is lovely and the people are really friendly. There was a buffet at our hotel last night, which was unreal, and I've treated myself to a Thai massage!

Nikki has now left Phuket for beautiful Krabi Island on her last leg of her holiday in Thailand.

March 10, 2009  Nikki's OK Magazine Hotstars column this week

This week Nikki talks about Rihanna's forgiveness, the king of the ice and comic relief...

I have so much respect for the celebs who climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief. The girls - like Cheryl Cole and Alesha Dixon - will have had to give up their usual makeovers and hair styling, so they must have really wanted to do it! I'll be away for this year's show but I'm sure it'll be fab. It's always a good laugh and a great cause.

Katie Holmes says her home life is really normal, and it was refreshing to hear her say that. She claims to watch DVD's with Suri and play board games with her hubby, Tom Cruise, Suri's been born into a high-profile family so I think it's good of Katie and Tom to try and give her a grounded upbringing. Just because they have lots of money, it doesn't mean that they have to waste it on doing expensive things all the time!

I can't believe that Rihanna has gone back to Chris Brown if its true that he beat her up. I would find it very difficult to forgive someone. She had to cancel shows and let her fans down because of what happened and I think people will be surprised that she has taken him back. To be honest, I think that she should have walked away, but they do say that love is blind.

I can't believe how good Ray Quinn is on Dancing On Ice - what is going on there? He's as good as some of the professionals! The show has never had anyone has good as him before. He has to win, nobody else even comes close, although I think he knows he's the star of the show. If he wins, it could be just what he needs to get back into the spotlight again.

G Baldwin & Co. I've been taking its Hair, Skin & Nails Multi Food Supplements tablets and my nails are much stronger. They also do massage oils and a herbal range. Go to

I was really sad to hear of Wendy Richard's death. We worked together on The Big Finish, Graham Norton's New Year's Eve show once, and she was such a lovely lady - she will be greatly missed. My boyfriend Mark and I had a night in at the weekend and it was the first time I let anyone cook me Spaghetti Bolognese. I've had a phobia of mince for years but I think I may be over it! We're in Thailand for a couple of weeks now, spending two days in Bangkok and ten nights in Phuket. We'll be going to a full moon party where you take a boat to an island and party the night and the next day away!

March 10, 2009  Nikki is in Phuket and having the time of her life at the Indigo Pearl Resort

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_thailand_hotel.jpg

Hi everyone I am having the best time ever in Thailand. I am staying at this hotel called the Indigo Pearl Resort. I would just like to say what an amazing time I'm having here and how this is the best hotel I have ever stayed in, in my life! The rooms are out of this world with a different theme to each one. I am staying in the "Captains Ship" which has two levels, a double bed and 2 singles, its own sauna, jaccuzi, movie room 2 baths and 4 showers!!!!!!!!!!!! unimaginable!!!

Nikki Grahame

About the Indigo Pearl Resort
Inspired by Phuket’s tin mining past, Indigo Pearl’s architecture and décor evokes a Thai factory of a century ago. The landscaping overflows with surprises: the postmodern transformation of a mature plantation spiced with modern sculpture and found industrial art. Simply awe-inspiring, creating a unique setting for a special event or a fantastic holiday.

March 7, 2009  Nikki on Teeth Grinder and her night out at the

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_scunter-nikki.jpg

Nikki Grahame's appearance on Teeth Grinder BBC3 on Friday. Nikki was Scrunter's special guest this week. But thats not all as Nikki gave an amazing interview with ITN on her night out at the Snickers No Nuts! No Entry! Event and meets Mr T.

Nikki on Teeth Grinder

This was a very funny interview with DJ Scrunter, a puppet who Nikki compared to Chuckie the doll from the Movie Childs Play lol. Its Nikki's 2nd time in Northern Ireland, the first time was for 2 PA's in Newry.

Nikki mentions her OK! column, her book, her time on Big Brother and her worst ever date. She also talked about her OCD and complained about the dirty desk and cups. Then she was offered a bottle of cheap wine by the DJ which Nikki smelled, and frowning in disgust said it made her feel sick and its what some tramp on the bus would be drinking. Very funny interview watch it here.

Snickers No Nuts No Entry event, welcoming Mr T to London

For ITN Nikki talks about her car accident, her anorexia, time on big brother, about Jade and her love life in 3 videos. The video's number 4, 5 and 6 can be viewed on the ITN website along with Mr T's videos.

Nikki's video's are number 4, 5 and 6, Nikki really opened up and is deffo her best interview to date about her book, her anorexia, big brother and whats happening in her life.

Nikki mentions her car accident where she cracked her head open but has healed nicely. Nikki talks about how she spent all of last year writing her book Dying To be thin and includes how she spent 8 years in hospital and about her struggle with anorexia.

Nikki said "I want to help young girls who are struggling with anorexia and if my book can save 1 life it would have been worth it".

Nikki talks about how hard its been to put her past on paper. But since starting the book which has taken her 15 months has been great therapy for her.

Nikki said "Its the best thing I have ever done, I have missed my childhood, I have done irreparable damage to my body, like I cant have kids, I have got acute osteoporosis in my spine, never had a period in my life, I missed my pubity, I missed all my schooling, have no qualifications. And so if I can pull a positive out of it by hopefully preventing other young girls falling victim to it, at least I have got something out of the illness".

Nikki goes on to tell of her experiences in Rhodes Farm and how she came home for 3 days and saw her old friends that had saturday jobs and a life. Then there was her that was so institutionalised and didn't know anything from anything and knew nothing but hospital and decided she just wanted to experience life. Nikki: "There is so much life out there and I just have to go and get it", that was the turning point for Nikki and to her recovery.

Nikki: "By going on Big brother is the best thing I have ever done in my life, its helped me conquer so many demons and I haven't looked back".

March 3, 2009  Nikki's OK! Magazine Hotstars column this week

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_hotstars7.jpg

This week Nikki talks about Jen and Brad's oscar reunion, Jade's big day, Rihanna's next step and The X-Factor needs new blood...

I felt sorry for Jennifer Aniston when she had to present an award in front of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at the Oscars. But she had John Mayer with her and was proud to show them she's moved on - good for her! Their affection might even have made Brad jealous! I'm really happy for Kate Winslett on her Oscar win, she seems like such a down-to-earth woman. Congrats!

I'm gutted over the whole Rihanna sage. She's such a beautiful girl and doesn't deserve what's allegedly happened to her - no woman does. I was a fan of Chris Brown before, but if he has beaten her up, that's absolutely disgusting behavior and he should go to prison. Some people are saying she wants to go back to him and it must be hard if she really loves him. But if he is guilty, she has to walk away.

Jade Goodey looked so happy when she married Jack Tweed last week. The wedding pictures were lovely and she looked beautiful in her dress. Her boys also looked very cute in their suits! She seems so busy but I hope she's getting help with things so she can enjoy being married. I hope Jack is coping, too, as he's acquired a lot of extra responsibility becoming a husband and father figure.

Simon Cowell has revealed that Danni Minogue will be staying on The X Factor but I really think its time for a fresh face - I'd love to see Lily Allen replace her. But even if judging line-up is the same, the next series will have its controversies and keep us hooked. The new series doesn't start until summer, and everyone's talking about it already. It just shows how popular it really is.

Leroux-Mineau Grand Cru Champagne. It's affordable and totally delicious!...

Last weekend Mark and I went to Gordon Ramsay's The Warrington restaurant in Maida Vale with his uncle. I had a Sunday roast, which was really nice. Some of my friends came down to visit, too - it was great to catch up. Last week I went to the NME Awards 2009 at the O2 Academy Brixton where I got to enjoy some of my favourite music. The next day I went to a Snickers party hosted by Mr T from The A Team, which was fun!

February 27, 2009  Nikki is praying for Jade recovery

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_nikki_26_2_2009.jpg

Nikki gave this interview to the Press Association in support of Jade Goody when she attended the No Nuts! No Entry! party last night.

Nikki Grahame says she is still hopeful that Jade Goody will recover from cervical cancer.

Nikki spoke out in support of the reality TV star at an event welcoming A Team legend Mr T to London.

She said: "She's a very, very genuine girl and I just wish her all the best and I hope she has a miraculous recovery - miracles happen. Who knows, she could be alright this time in a couple of months."

"I think she will be, I think she's a fighter, she's a trooper, she'll get through this," she continued.

Nikki - who also found fame as a contestant on Big Brother - said Jade's plight has put "everything into perspective" and that she was pleased to see her happy on her wedding day.

"It's absolutely awful - it really puts everything into perspective. I just wish there was something I could do, I feel so helpless and I feel for her little boys watching their mum go through that, it must be awful," she said.

"If it was me I probably would've put a wig on and not faced up to it but she has gone out there and she is like 'yeah this is how it is' and just showed the world that that's what she's going through."

Lucy Pinder - who was in Celebrity Big Brother this year - said the publicity is making more women have smear tests.

"It can only be a good thing that it's making women out there kind of think about going and having their smear tests," she said.

Nikki also spoke of Jade's wedding in her OK! Column this week and said that it will have been just the boost she needs. She's going through a horrible time and hopefully she was able to take her mind off things for a few hours.

February 26, 2009  Nikki's Hots Stars Column in OK! Magazine this week

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_hotstars6.jpg

This week Nikki talks about the Brit award winners, Peaches new fella and Jade and Jacks big day....

I thought the BRIT awards were brilliant. Unfortunately, I missed the show because of my accident, but I saw it on TV. I'm really pleased for Duffy and Girls Aloud - their awards were well deserved. I'm really upset that Elbow beat Radiohead for best British Group, though. My favourite performance was Estelle and The Ting Tings but I'm a bit bored of Take That now. Kylie Minogue, Matthew Horne and James Corden did a great job of presenting - they made a good team!

Jade Goody married Jack Tweed on Sunday and it will have been just the boost she needs. She's going through a horrible time and hopefully she was able to take her mind off things for a few hours. I'm sure Jack will stand by her and be a good husband - he should have learn't his lesson from being in prison. I don't know how much her sons know about her illness but they'll have had a fun day caught up in all the excitement.

I couldn't believe it when I read that Peaches Geldof has been seen out with another man, Bunny Kinneg, just days after her split from husband Max Drummey. It makes me think she's on the rebound. Breaking up is hard and she might have wanted a distraction. She seems to date a lot of men who nobody's ever heard of but she's not stupid and I think she can spot a fame digger from a mile away.

Victoria Beckham unveiled her latest clothes collection at New York Fashion week and I can't believe how much she is charging for them! The dresses start at £900 and while I can understand she's trying to be taken seriously as a designer, most of her fans won't be able to afford them. It will be interesting to see how well they sell - I don't think they'll be as popular as Kate Moss at Topshop.

My gorgeous new Marc Jacobs handbag. It's navy blue with a crocodile print and has a fab multi-coloured lining. I've had lots of compliments about it already!

You may have heard I was involved in a car accident last week. I've had to have stitches in my head and was covered in blood, but I'm a tough cookie and will be fine. I'd like to thank everyone for their kind messages. This weekend my friend Sarah is having a birthday party and my Mum and I are going to treat ourselves to Aveda Spa treatments

Elsewhere in the magazine
OK! magazine have a piece on our tough cookies car accident on the celeb news round up page. There is a headshot of Nikki taken from the Vodaphone Music Awards in 2007. Other pictures of that event with Nikki in the red dress are featured throughout this website.

Nikki is now well enough to be out and about and attended last nights Shockwaves NME awards at the Brixton Academy, as she said in her column she is a tough cookie and is doing fine.

February 19, 2009  When Nikki Grahame met Supergrass

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_nikki_supergrass_0001.jpg

Supergrass is Nikki's favourite band and she last attended one of their gigs at the O2 Shepherds Bush Empire in London on 10th December 2008. In the video is Nikki, her friend Leon and Supergrass Danny and Gaz. And she gives them all penny sweets! And says one of the band was so quiet last time, he just sat in the corner very shy and quiet eating his sweets...Nikki says she must have scared the shit out of him!!

The video is very entertaining, with Nikki having fun, doing some presenting and belts out a good rendition of one of their songs, as good as the band if not better.

Nikki is recovering from a car accident from the weekend and would like to thank everyone for all the get well messages. Thanks go to Leon for putting the video together, I am sure it will help cheer Nikki up.

Nikki: "Thanks so much for all the get well messages, I'm feeling a bit better, but still in a bit of pain though".

February 19, 2009  Nikki Grahame to star in BODY GOSSIP in support of BEAT

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_karaoki3.jpg

Nikki will be part of the celebrity cast in Body Gossip at The Hub, King's Cross, London on Sunday 29th March 2009 at 7pm. Body Gossip has been organised to support BEAT and is the brainchild of presenter and actress Ruth Rogers, who is hosting the event. Nikki will be joined by Donnaleigh Bailey, Anne Diamond, Mikyla Dodd, Shobna Gulati, Jen Hunter, Chloe Marshall as part of the celebrity cast to act out real stories.

Two years ago a National Writing Competition was launched, inviting everyone in the UK to write their story about their body.

Hundreds of stories were received, and 15 have been chosen to be performed for one night only - real stories about real bodies, written by real people and performed by a cast of well-known stars to celebrate realistic beauty and raise money for Beat, the eating disorders association.

And if that's not enough, after the performance you will enjoy:
Live music from Indie Award Winners The Lightyears,
Live art and performance from The Art Tart,
A charity auction of the Famous Body Gossip Sofas (YOUR chance to own a sofa covered in real people's thoughts about their bodies, and signed by our celebrity cast!) and a bar where you can mingle with the stars.

In the picture is Nikki doing Karaoki in 2007, she performed the marching song from the Majorettes task in BB7

February 18, 2009  This week in Nikki's OK! Magazine Column

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_hotstars5.jpg

This week in Nikki's Hot Stars column she talks about Rhianna's shocking story, the latest celebs to join the skinny brigade and Madge's new chap...

I was very sad to read that Peaches Geldof's marriage to Max Drummey is over after just 186 days. She had a hard time last year so I hope this year will be kinder. She should enjoy being single now. She's young and pretty and should have fun and concentrate on her career. Hopefully, she will be in the UK much more now as she won't be spending time with Max in the US.

I was so shocked to hear that Rhianna was allegedly attacked by her boyfriend Chris Brown. If this is true, she needs to get out of that relationship, It's never right for a man to hit a woman. Although her fans will feel let down that she's pulled out of some of her concerts, I'm sure they will stick by her as she gets through this difficult period.

Madonna's boyfriend, model Jesus Luz, is 28 years her junior. Good for her, I say! She's always been one to shock and she can have pretty much any man she wants. I wouldn't be surprised if Jesus is just a flash in the pan, though. I think she's on the rebound and is just looking for a bit of fun after eight years of marriage to Guy Richie. Being linked to Madge will do wonders for Jesus's career, though!

I can't believe how skinny some celebrities are looking at the moment. It seems to be some kind of competition to see who can lose the most weight - it's awful. If you ask me. Lindsey Lohan and Samantha Ronson seem to be working on their campaign together. They must think it looks good, but it doesn't. They shouldn't deprive themselves - eating out is one of the fun things in life!

Paris Hilton's British Best Friend on ITV2. I'm hooked on it! I think Paris has done the show so the British fans can get to know her a bit better. I just love the way she walks around everywhere with her hands on her hips!

Happy 30th birthday to my friend Leon! My boyfriend Mark and I took him for dinner to celebrate last weekend. This week we're going to the BRITS and I'm really excited as I'm hoping Radiohead will win Best British Group. I love them. This weekend I'm having a family over to stay who I met in Dubai. They've got three sons so I'm going to have a full house!

February 16, 2009  Nikki recovering from a car accident over the weekend

Nikki was in the backseat of the car when the driver braked suddenly, she hit her head on the front seat rest. Nikki suffered a head injury which required three stitches but it could have been a lot worse if it had been near her eye. She spent overnight in hospital and is now home being looked after by her mum. Nikki is physically shaken and upset by the incident but she is in the best of care.

Nikki you have my warmest wishes for a speedy recovery, take care and get well soon, Des

February 14, 2009  Bertie Bassett ties the knot

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_bert_betty.jpg

Following up on the Bertie Bassett Story and the Who is Berties new girl video featuring Nikki. Bertie finally tied the knot with Betty on 12th February...

Bertie Bassett celebrates his 80th birthday by getting married!
Thursday 12th February... National icon and renowned ladies man, Bertie Bassett, today tied the knot at the Bassett's Factory in Sheffield. His bride, Betty, has sprung onto the celebrity scene in a matter of days after being identified as his new sweetheart.

The wedding coincides with Bertie's 80th birthday and Betty being chosen as the new face of Bassett's Red Liquorice Allsorts, the first character to be introduced in those 80 years.

Over 60 factory workers from the Bassett's line were given time off work to celebrate with the happy couple and some even got to play a role on the day. Factory manager, Shaun Wagstaff was Bertie's best man, having worked on the line for over eight years. He was joined by Craig Hitchen and David Golland as ushers. Emma and Kayla Owen, the daughters of factory worker Tyana Owen were Betty's gorgeous bridesmaids.

Bassett's Marketing Director, Cadbury UK, Martin Driver added, "Betty has already won a place in Bertie's heart but we're expecting her to be a big hit with the public too. We're confident that Bertie fans will approve of his new bride and wish them both the very best."

Best man, Shaun Wagstaff, said, "Bertie's been a big hit since he stepped into our lives back in 1929 swinging that liquorice cane and charming the ladies. I've only known him for eight of those years, but it's good to see old Bertie finally settle down – he certainly looked extra sweet for his big day."

Nikki Grahame - Who is She?

The new Bassett's Red Liquorice Allsorts contain red liquorice and will replace Bassett's Fruit Allsorts. The new packaging is red to reflect the contents inside and create instant differentiation from Liquorice Allsorts packaging. For those with a sweeter tooth look out for the "Betty" jelly sweet contained in all Red Liquorice Allsorts when enjoying a handful.

For updates on the happy couple, please check Betty’s Facebook page at Also the Bassett's Who Is She facebook page. And on youtube check the Bertie's New Girl channel.

Prior to the wedding, some celebrity fans were suspicious of the new lady in his life and started a campaign to find out more. You can see their campaign video here:

Who is Berties new girl

Key moments in Bertie’s sweet life so far:

· 1842 The first Bassett’s sweets are made when George Bassett founded his confectionary company in Sheffield, the oldest confectionary heritage in the UK

· 1899 Liquorice Allsorts are discovered by accident when salesman Charlie Thompson tripped up mixing all the different sweets he was carrying, creating the weird and wonderful mix of sweets that we know and love today as Bassett’s Liquorice Allsorts

· 1929 Bertie Bassett is born

· 1932 Liquorice Allsorts are exported to other North European countries

· 1987 A unique Bertie only sweet is created

· 1989 Bassett’s is acquired by Cadbury Schweppes

· 2004 Allsorts went beyond liquorice with the launch of Bassett’s Fruit Allsorts

· 2007 Allsorts packaging dramatically redesigned

· 2007 Allsorts ingredients only made with natural colours and flavours

· 2009 Red Liquorice Allsorts are introduced with character Betty on pack – the first new character for 80 years

· Today Bassett’s produce 14 million Allsorts a day and the sweets are sold all over the world