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February 10, 2009  This week in Nikki's Hotstars column in OK! Magazine

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Nikki talks about Posh's next career move, Britney's comeback tour and Jordan and Peter's American dream...

I couldn't believe it when I read that Victoria Beckham is in talks to replace Dannii Minogue on The X Factor. She'd be brilliant! Even though she wasn't the strongest singer in the Spice Girls and her solo career was panned, she still has years of experience in the music business....

I read that Britney Spears is struggling to prepare for her new tour, which starts next month, but I think it's definitely the right time for her to get back on the road. She's released some brilliant songs recently and is in great shape. She also has a huge team and an army of fans who will help her get through it. She's getting back to her best now and isn't the underdog any more. Good luck, Britney!

Jordan and Peter Andre have temporarily moved to America and I'm sure they're missing home. But I can see them settling in well as they're used to a glam lifestyle. The people in LA seem quite concerned with appearance, but Jordan is stunning so she'll have no problems....

Jennifer Aniston is 40 this week and she looks absolutely amazing. Some people say life begins at 40 and I really hope this is a new beginning for her, and that she finds true happiness with her on/off beau, John Mayer....

Lily Allen's No.1 single, The Fear. It's really catchy and I love her voice, it's so sweet. When I see Lily on TV, she always seems very grounded. I'm a big fan.

My visit to Champneys Henlow last week has done me the power of good so I've started a health kick, and aim to get to the gym every day from now on. At the weekend, I went to see a screening of Bolt, and my dogs, Baby and Thumbelina, got pampered while I was watching the film. I've also just done a photo shoot to get some new pictures for my column, so look out for those soon. My boyfriend, Mark, has brought me a lovely new dress and I'm saving it to wear on Valentine's Day. He's going to surprise me and I'm so excited!

February 3, 2009  This week in Nikki's Hot Stars column in OK! magazine

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In Nikki's column this week she talks about Jessica's new curves, jade and jack's reunion and Geri's marriage bombshell...

The photo's of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie walking their six children through a Japanese airport were so cute! They are obviously very good parents, although they must have a lot of help to enable them to carry on with their careers. Seeing them makes me think of when I might be able to adopt one day....

It was a shock to learn that Geri Halliwell has got engaged to her new boyfriend, Fabrizio Polti, after just two months but she is looking great and very happy. It does seem like a whirlwind engagement but I've read he is very good with her daughter, Bluebell, and he seems, like a nice, family man....

Jack Tweed's prison release is just the boost Jade Goodey needs. She must have felt quite down while he was away but, now he's out, hopefully he'll be able to support her through her cancer treatment....

Jessica Simpson has been pictured looking curvy after gaining weight, but I think she still looks stunning. She's really loved-up with her boyfriend. Tony Romo, and this is a sign she's happy and comfortable with her life....

Benefit's That Gal face primer. It smells of bubble gum and gives your face a lovely glow. It's also a great base for foundation.

Last week, my boyfriend Mark and I went to Champney's Henlow Grange, which was lovely and relaxing as always. I also met Terry Christian at the Celebrity Big Brother Wrap party at London nightclub Sway and he was lovely. It was a good party - I left at 2am! I've been doing some TV appearances recently to talk about my book, Dying To Be Thin. It's out in May but is available to pre-order now. Finally, I'd like to let Christine and Peter Rae know that I'm thinking of them - their beautiful daughter Alice died from anorexia last week.

January 30, 2009  Nikki on Richard and Judy - Video added

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Nikki appeared on the Richard & Judy Show tonight, the show is repeated on Watch (Sky Channel 109, Virgin TV 124) on Monday 2nd February at 2pm. Nikki appears on the show with David Van Day and Vanessa Feltz talking about Reality Shows.

Nikki is introduced by Richard as one of the most entertainingly eccentric housemates of all time. They show a montage of Nikki's diary room moments. Of cause they ask her the same old question were you acting in all that, and are you really like that. Nikki said no, and that her time in the house was the best time ever and goes on to explain what she has got out of appearing on Big Brother.

Nikki said that appearing on Big Brother she has conquered her demons, which was hilarious, as one of the guests is Russell Tovy, who is in "Being Human" which is a show about a Werewolf. And Richard said that was Russell's job to conquer demons. Funniest bit of the show.

Picture above, Nikki on Richard and Judy show 2006 after she first left the Big Brother house

Nikki on the Richard and Judy show talking about reality TV

January 27, 2009  Nikki's OK! Magazine Hot Stars Column this week

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This week Nikki talks about Kelly's Britain's got talent upset, Paris's new show and who she wants to win dancing on Ice...

I can't wait for new show Paris Hilton's British Best Friend to start on ITV2. I think people applying for the "role" must be infatuated with her lifestyle and would like a piece of it themselves. The winner would have to have a love of doggies and shopping! I really hope they do get to be her friend and that they don't get dumped as soon as the cameras stop rolling.

There was a really good mix of people on this year's Celebrity Big Brother. My highlights were the chilli task and Michelle Heaton singing Just A Little - she looked really hot in her catsuit. And there was my appearance for the "paparazzi", of course! I was sad Mutya Buena walked out but laughed a lot when Michelle said Tina Malone looked like the princess from Shrek! Next Year's show has got a lot to live up to.

I couldn't believe it when I heard Kelly Brook got dumped from the Britain's Got Talent judging panel. I feel really sorry for her....

I'm loving Dancing On Ice and would like to take part myself one day. Zoe Salmon is really good - I think she'll go quite far....

My new Hush Puppies pumps. They're cream and are really versatile - you can wear them with jeans or dress them up for going out.

I went to the Celebrity Big Brother wrap party on Monday, which was great fun - I think this has been the best series yet! And at the weekend by boyfriend Mark and I took mum and sister out for dinner at an Italian restaurant. I've been indulging in some retail therapy this week, too, and bought a gorgeous cream duffel coat in the French Connection sale and a couple of dresses from Betsey Johnson.

January 26, 2009  Nikki in Bassetts Video - Who is Bertie's new girl?

Bassetts have recruited The Red Consultancy for a mixture of PR, digital and event focussed activity to promote the iconic confectionery brand. They have started on youtube with a video of Nikki with a number of other celebs including Danielle Lloyd, Rachel Rice and Sam and Amanda from Big Brother. The story each of the celebs are telling in the video Who is Bertie's new girl? goes like this:-

"Sheffield's oldest bachelor has finally bagged himself a girlfriend - at the grand old age of 80! It is not yet known which lucky lady has picked the sweetest man in the world off the shelf, but in the words of his agent she is so sweet he could eat her for breakfast...."

Finally Nikki and the others ask "Who is She?" her famous catchcry. Viewers of the video are also encouraged to join the Facebook group "Who is She" where the story about Berties new girlfriend will unravel during the campaign.

Information about the Basset campaign from Brand Republic - Bassetts recruits Red

The Red Consultancy has won a six-figure account with Cadbury Trebor Bassett to work on a Bassetts Allsorts launch in 2009....

Jo Slatem, Red's director in consumer brands said: "Bertie Bassett is a national institution and a celebrity in his own right. 2009 sees a new era for him and we're looking forward to having some fun with the Bassetts brand and engaging audiences of all ages in an entertaining launch early next year."

Nikki's message to Bertie

January 21, 2009  Nikki's Hot stars Column in OK! magazine

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This week Nikki talks about Amy's holiday antics, Celebrity Big Brother and new Judge Kelly Brooke on Britains got talent....

Everyone said my friend Michelle Heaton fancies Ben Adams on Celebrity Big Brother but she's just a friendly girl who gets on with everyone. It was Big Brother who set them up by making them pretend to be a couple! I'm liking Verne Troyer as he seems like a genuinely nice guy and also Terry Christian as he's down to earth. La Toya Jackson comes across as a bit naive, though, and housemates don't pay much attention to her.

I couldn't believe it when I saw pictures of Amy Winehouse crawling around a holiday resort on her hands and knees. She looked like she may have had a lot to drink but I suppose it is better than being hooked on drugs. In general, I think she looks a lot healthier and clearly seems much happier since she split up with ther husband, Blake Fielder-Civil. She should be allowed to relax on holiday, though - people are always out to get her and should give her a break.

I was really pleased to hear that Simon Cowell has chosen Kelly Brook to be the fourth judge on Britain's Got Talent. She's opinionated and has experience of performing so I think she'll do a good job ...

Sienna Miller has quit her role in Ridley Scott's film, Nottingham. There have been lots of rumours flying around - some people claim she's had a disagreement with co-star Russell Crowe - but I don't think it's done any good for her reputation...

My new pink LG KS360 phone. It's easy to use and has a fab touch screen. It's very girly and so sleek and stylish - the perfect fashion accessory!

Last weekend, I went out in Notting Hill for a friend's birthday and managed to do some shopping on Portobello Road while I was there. And I saw the film Role Models, which is really funny. I also went around Ripley's Believe It Or Not! exhibition in London's Piccadilly Circus. It's brilliant and there's so much to see. They even have a museum full of strange things, like a goat with six legs! Next week, it's my sister Natalie's 29th birthday - happy birthday, Sis! I'm also going to see my friend's band, Me And The Beast.

January 14, 2009  Nikki's Hot Stars Column in OK! Magazine

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Our Columnist talks about Cheryl's next big move. The brand new Doctor and Lily's outburst...

Chery is set to crack America
I was so excited to hear Chery Cole may be going to the US - she is bound to give Victoria Beckham a run for her money! Chery is huge here and I think she will be massive in the states...

Celebrity Big Brother is off to a great start
I'm addicted to Celebrity Big Brother! I'm really glad my friend Michelle Heaton, as gone in, as people think she's just a party animal and she'll get to show the other side of herself. Terry Christian is my favourite out of the men as he's always smiling and made a good head of house. I can't bear Coolio, though - he's a real attention seeker and has to stand up everytime he wants to say something!

The new doctor has a lot to live up to
I don't really know much about Matt Smith, the new Doctor Who, but I hope he does well in the role. I think in some ways a newcomer like him has a better chance of avoiding criticism...

Lily should keep quiet
Lily Allen may be in trouble for saying people sensationalise the effects of cocaine, which is a really stupid thing to say. She has since released a statement stating she does not condone illegal drug use...

I'm Loving…
The smile studio in London. My mum got her teeth whitened there recently and they look so much better. It only takes one treatment and is quite affordable too.

My Diary
After an amazing holiday in Dubai, I'm settling back into normal life and going to the gym again. Last weekend I stayed at the Malmaison Hotel in London and visited its Veuue Champagne bar, which is incredible. Next week, I'm going sales shopping to try and bag some bargains - I'm looking for new trainers and a nice warm winter coat.

January 14, 2009  OK! Magazine Nikki Grahame interview and fashion photoshoot

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Nikki reveals her delight that her mate Michelle Heaton has joined the Celebrity Big Brother house and shares her views on this years housemates. Nikki talks about the spoof wedding feature with Andy Scott-Lee and her regret that it has upset Michelle. Nikki also talks about her return to the big brother house and the new man in her life.
The fashion shoot pictures with the article, are simply stunning and, she is positively glowing and the picture of health. An extract from the interview below.

"The BB Beauty on the housemates she loves and hates and how she hopes her pal Michelle will forgive her"

We heard Michelle was really angry that you Married Andy in a spoof photo-shoot....
"Well yes. She wasn't happy that I didn't warn her, but I was told not to say anything because the whole shoot was top secret. I didn't even know who I was marrying until the last minute. Then in walks my groom and I thought, s--t, I can't pull out now. I know it might sound bad, but the money did enable me to take my mum on holiday. It wasn't done in a nasty way. It was a light-hearted joke."

Youive been back in the Big Brother House and no one knew who you were...
"I know! How embarrassing! How dare they? They dropped me in the garden on a crane for the paparazzi task. I can't believe Lucy didn't recognise me, she sees me out clubbing all the time. Those lot are only interested in their own reflections!"

In your summer Big Brother column, you said you wanted to date one of Rex’s rich mates.
"I know and now I am! It all started very matey and then our feelings just grew. We get on so well and have such a laugh together. Mark's like a male version of me. We're both crazy and we both love doing things on the spur of the moment. He came out to Dubai for Christmas with me and my mum and it was the best Christmas ever!"

Pictures added to Nikki's Magazine Photo Album here.

January 8, 2009  Nikki drops in on the Paparazzi

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As part of this weeks shopping task on Celebrity Big brother, Nikki was raised above the garden wall, along with other celebrity guests Tony Blackburn and a Michael Jackson lookalike. Housemates Coolio, Lucy and Tina have become "paparazzi" and must stake out the garden and take pictures of any surprise guests that appear.

The first in the morning to appear was Nikki and its not surprising Coolio from the USA didn't know who she was. Nikki being such a small subject and high up in a cherrypicker Lucy and Tina couldn't recognise her either. But soon after Nikki disappearing behind the wall and examining the photo's Lucy and Tina did recognise her.

Following the kerfuffle that broke out the previous evening after Chesney Hawkes appeared over the roof of the House, the three paps were stirred into action a little before 8 o'clock in the morning.

"Oh oh oh oh oh oh," shouted Coolio as she appeared over the wall.

"Who is it? Where's me f****** camera?" asked Tina.

"What's your name? Are you not allowed to talk?" Coolio asked Nikki.

"Am I allowed?" replied Nikki, but the look on her face suggested she'd been told "no". And she was then lowered out of sight.

After she'd disappeared, Lucy finally recognised who she was: "You know who that looks like? It's that little thin girl. She's from Big Brother I'm sure."

"Oh, it's Nikki off Big Brother," Tina realised.

Its a shame none of the other Celebrities were in the garden and were fast asleep. Michelle Heaton who is friends with Nikki would have recognised her in a secound. Then again it was probably planned that way, having Nikki appear over the wall and someone saying Nikki's famous catch phrase "Who is she?" was an opportunity to good for the producers to pass up. So early in the morning while most are asleep and the 3 paparazzi housemates were all dead tired from an all night shift, Nikki appears over the wall. Watch the video on the C4 website

Video of Nikki's cameo on Celebrity Big Brother eviction show - Who is she! - Its Nikki!!!

Who is She! Its Nikki!!!! from bluegroper.

January 4, 2009  Nikki at the launch of CBB reporting for CBBLB

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Nikki was at the Celebrity Big Brother 6 Launch reporting for Big Brothers Little Brother. Nikki introduces the Housemates one at a time as they walk down the red carpet to the house. Nikki calls Michelle Heaton over and gives her a kiss and announces that she will be rooting for her, and announces that they are friends again. Michelle had something to say when Nikki did the wedding parody photoshoot with Andy Scott-Lee. But its great to see they are still friends and Nikki will be supporting her while she is in the house.

December 29, 2008  Nikki on the BBC 3 Most Annoying People 2008 show

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Nikki appears on the Most Annoying People 2008, in part 1 Nikki comments on Callum Best's TV show (89), asked how he could of best spent the time, Nikki's reply learn a sport like water skiing or ping pong. (84) Nikki on Fern Britton operation scandel says that people have already forgiven her and says she is so lovely and so cuddly. And finally (70) Nikki comments on Jodie Marsh's great big dopple gangers.

The Most Annoying People 2008 is a 2 part irreverent review which looks back over 2008 at everything and everybody that got under our skin and caused our collective hackles to rise. Part 1 was on saturday 27th December and Part 2 is on the BBC3 Monday 29th December 2008 at 21:00.

December 16, 2008  Merry Christmas and Nikki's Hotstars Column in OK! magazine

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_nikki_grahame_2210052.jpg

Nikki would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. In Nikki's Column this week she talks about Cheryl's latest venture, Diana and Eogan's budding relationship and Nicola versus Jordan.

When I heard Cheryl Cole is going to be on the cover of Vogue magazine, I thought: "Move over, Posh!" She really is turning into the next Victoria Beckham! Cheryl is huge at the moment but she's worked really hard to get where she is. She's come from a working-class family, and despite having had some hairy moments in her career, she's turned every negative, into a positive. In the future, I can see her designing her own fashion range.

I've really enjoyed this series of Strictly Come Dancing. It's had it's fair share of controversy - what with John Sergeant walking out - and there have been some good characters involved, like Jodie Kidd and Andrew Castle. I think the standard has been better than ever - some of them danced like professionals! Brendan Cole annoyed me, though, when he stormed off after disagreeing with the judges. It makes good TV, but I think he's far too arrogant for his own good!

I'm not surprised that there are rumours about The X Factor's Diana Vickers and Eoghan Quigg dating. They've been living together in a tense environment and they must have built up a genuine bond during that time. I think it's really unfair on Diana's ex-boyfriend, Chris Jones, though - to have to see them together so often must be really hard. I don't understand what she's thinking, because Chris is really good-looking, while I think Eoghan looks like a troll! I know who I'd choose....

Since I'm A Celebrity..... ended, there has been a feud between Nicola McLean and Jordan. But I have to say, I don't think Nicola stands a chance! Jordan has been around for much longer, while Nicola has just had a lucky break. I liked her in the jungle - she had balls - but there is only room for one Jordan, especially as the two of them are so similar. If Nicola had something different to offer, I think she'd probably stand out a bit more.

Jumbuck sheepskin boots. They're available from and are like Uggs, only much cheaper. I've got a black pair and they're super-snug. Treat yourself - you deserve it!

Last week, I took my mum and sister to Fortnum & Mason for afternoon tea for a christmas treat, and this week we'll be having a party at mum's house with close friends and family. Next week, Mum and I are off to Dubai - I can't wait! I'm going to relax and have a boat ride on the creek. At New Year I'll be going to Posh Funk at the Sheraton Park Lane Hotel with some friends. My book, Nikki Grahame: Dying To Be Thin is available to pre-order now and is out in May. I hope you all have a brilliant Christmas - see you in the New Year!

Nikki's book out on 4th May is now available for pre-order at these book outlets online:-


December 10, 2008  Nikki's Hotstars Column in OK! Magazine this week.

This week Nikki talks about Britney's comeback, Simon Quitting The X Factor and Posh's rather expensive new line of dresses...

Victoria Beckham has launched her new range of dresses, which is exciting as she is such a style icon. Although they look lovely, I can't help feeling she's missing her target market as they cost between £650 and £1900! A lot of her fans are young girls who simply won't be able to afford such expensive clothes. She's also revealed that she doesn't do the drawings for the designs, which is crazy as surely that's the best bit!

I read that Blake Fielder-Civil has gone back to prison and I think it's for the best as far as his wife, Amy Winehouse, is concerned. She seems much better having had a break from him recently....

Simon Cowell has said he may quit The X Factor's judging panel next year but it wouldn't be the same without him. If he and Dannii Minogue left, it would become the Cheryl Cole show....

Britney's making her comeback, but I've been disappointed by it all, to be honest. It was a shame she couldn't take the time to get involved with the contestants on The X Factor, like Take That and Mariah Carey did. She seems to have become a bit of a diva....

Champneys Spa Secrets For Body And Soul. This gorgeous book is full of exercises, recipes and tips on how to feel good throughout the four seasons. It's also got make-up ideas and advice on learning to love yourself.

I've done some of my Christmas shopping already but I'm saving most of it for my trip to Dubai - I can't wait! Last week I went to Harrods to get some decorations from their Christmas shop. I've been putting up my tree and hanging lights in the windows. I also got some cute outfits for my dogs, Baby and Thumbelina. This week I saw Supergrass for the fourth time this year! They're my favourite band in the world and were performing at London's Shepherds Bush Empire.

December 3, 2008  Nikki's Hot Stars Column in OK! Magazine

In Nikki's column this week she talks about Trisha's all clear from cancer, Joe on I'm a Celebrity get me out of here and Dannii's tears on the X Factor...

I was so happy to learn that Trisha Goddard has been given the all-clear from breast cancer. Cancer is such a horrible illness that affects so many people - my relatives included - so it's great to see a happy ending for a change. I worked with Trisha on the Battle Of The Sexes part of her show and she is absolutely lovely. Seeing her recover so publicity must be really encouraging for people going through a similar experience.

It's great to see that Gordon Ramsey and his wife, Tania, are still looking so secure despite recent events. I really hope they stay together, particularly as they have the children to think about...

I'm loving Joe Swash in the jungle! I'll be so happy if he wins.... As for the tasks, I hate the ones where they have to eat all the bugs, but being trapped underground with lots of creepy-crawlies would be my biggest fear.

I think everyone has been way to harsh on Dannii Minogue recently. She was The X Factor new girl last year but since Cheryl Cole arrived.....I think Dania Vickers or Eighan Quigg will win, but, to be honest I can't stand either of them.

Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Seasilk Hair Masque. I have the treatment done at a hob salon every month. It leaves your hair looking fabulous.

Last week I saw David Walliams in the play, No Man's Land and I though he was fantastic. I'd love to see him get more film roles as he has proved that he can do straight acting as well as comedy. I also had my bottom read by the Andrex rumpologist, Sam Amos! She was amazing as she was able to tell all sorts of things about both me and my family. At the weekend I went to see band Mystery Jets who are supporting The Kooks. I also saw my friends Carly's band, Me and The Beast. She has an incredible voice. Check out their website,

Me and the Beast Band

November 26, 2008  Nikki's Hot Stars Column in OK! magazine this week

This week Nikki talks about Lindsay Lohan's Night out in Essex, Kerry Katona's meltdown and reality TV....

I was at Faces nightclub in Essex last week where Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson were also guests, I was in the VIP section with Lindsay as she drank vodka and champagne with her entourage. She wasn't diva-like at all and looked really beautiful with gorgeous hair. Sam was a good DJ and played some of her brother Mark's songs....

Watching I'm A Celebrity.... last week almost me sick! Joe Swash had to eat a crocodile's willy. I could never do something like that.... I really like Carly Zucker. She intrigues me as she's not one of the more high profile WAGs.

Kerry Katona's MTV show has been axed and I think it's for the best. She's had chances to make a success of herself but now I think she's gone off the rails....

I love the X Factor but it's annoying me. I was happy when Daniel Evans left as had too long on the show, but I just can't understand why people like Eoghan Quigg and Diana Vickers so much....

My new Pineapple leg warmers. You can wear them over tights and they are perfect for the cold winter weather. I've got some shiny leggings that they go really well with.

Last week I went to Cafe De Paris in London for a party organised by Nick Ede in aid of The Stroke Association. It was amazing, especially as Laura White and Kelly Rowland performed! I also went to Champneys' Henlow Grange spa with my sister Natalie, where we had the Rasul mud treatment, which was so relaxing. Happy 25th birthday to my friend Patrick, too - we went to Nobu restaurant to celebrate!

November 25, 2008  Nikki's latest word on Wordia is Anorexia

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_anorexia.jpg

This is the 4th word Nikki has done for wordia the online visiual dictionary. And its her best yet, they certainly saved the best to last. Nikki's word Anorexia is the word of the day on thursday on wordia. Her first word Invention is the most viewed video on the wordia channel. Her other words are Scourge and Whinge. Nikki on Wordia

November 19, 2008  Nikki Grahame marries Andy Scott Lee!!! - in OK! magazine this week.

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_5217_1.jpg

Nikki Grahame ties the knot with Andy Scott Lee, I have been saving myself for our wedding night. When I first saw the cover of OK! Magazine this week with the Title Nikki Grahame marries Andy Scott-Lee I nearly fell over, a quick phone call to the UK I was re-assured that it was a Parody. And I cant wait for my copy of OK! Magazine to arrive down under. Thanks to barracute (Rob) for providing some details of this delightful feature on Nikki's fantasy wedding with Andy Scott Lee. See pictures here.

An extract of the feature includes:-

OK! treats our "Big Brother" bride to her perfect fantasy wedding day with a little help from a hunky groom.

It's supposed to be the best day of a girl's life so when unlucky-in-love Nikki Grahame told OK! her worries about never finding a man to share her fantasy wedding day, it was our chance to turn her dream into reality. However, there was just one problem - single Nikki was without a groom! But without letting a little thng like that stop us, we made a quick call to newly single Andy Scott-Lee.....

The intimate ceremony was Heldat Gaddesden Place, a beautiful stately home hidden deep in the Hertfordshire countryside, where a few of the couple's nearest and dearest gathered in a flurry of excitement. As Big Brother's Reverend Liam McGough stood at the alter, a nervous-looking Andy, clad in Gieves & Hawkes, had his best man Ziggy Lichman on hand to calm his nerves, Nerves soon turned to excitement the moment Nikki arrived, dressed in a stunning Julien MacDonald gown.....

A small extract of the wedding interview:-

Nikki, you look stunning in your dress - how are you feeling?

Nikki: This is exactly how I would like my dress when I get married for real. It's beautiful, I just love the pure white. Shouldn't it be ivory, though? I thought pure white was for virgins.

Andy: I thought you were a virgin - that's why I married you!

Nikki: Oh yeah, I am. I forgot!

Andy: I'm not happy about this, you told me you were!

Nikki: I am, I've been saving myself for our wedding night!

Andy: We've already got a bit steamy today

Nikki: I had him pinned to the ground because he tries to run away everytime I kiss him!.....

Were you nervous?

Nikki: No. I was more excited. I couldn't have picked a better man.

Andy: Aww, your're so cute.

Tell us about the proposal...

Nikki: It was in Tesco. We were looking at the fish counter and he just said:'Marry Me!'

Thats all I dare to include at the moment but you can catch the whole feature in this weeks OK! magazine. Rob describes some amazing pictures and I cant wait until the mag is available down here in Australia.

And finally Rob adds:-

Ok yes I did nearly faint when I saw OK today. But get this she is actually in FOUR times (5 counting the cover!) There is a lovely pic on the Dear Jordan page, someone wrote in about an eating disorder, Anorexia isn't mentioned and nor is Nikki (no pic caption) but she is in a summery red dress with Thumbelina in her left hand and her phone in the other, and she is wearing sunnies.

They must know she is so well known and linked with eating disorders no intro is necessary Her fourth and final appearance for this week is in the Embassy party pics, she hasn't got her coat on but looks very nice in her black dress.

Wow so what an issue that was, I'm still getting over the shock but what an absolutely delightful article she and Andy did, and what a wicked take off of OK's own celeb wedding coverage - the pics are stunning too, everyone involved clearly had an absolute ball and I think thanks are due to all at OK for a fantastic article.

November 19, 2008  Nikki's Hot Stars column in OK! Magazine this week

This week in Nikki's Column our columnist talks about Sienna's single status, Jen's pop at Angelina and the new series of I'm a celebrity get me out of here....

Jennifer Anniston has said that Angelina Jole was "uncool" for talking about how she fell in love with Brad Pitt, and I agree with her. I feel sorry for Jen....

I don't know what's going on with The X Factor at the moment, but the fact that Laura White was kicked out proves that anything can happen....

I was so excited for the start of I'm A Celeb.... The line-up is great! I would love to see Esther Rantzen get with Robert Kilroy-Silk, as they are the two oldies of the group. Simon Webbe is a friend of mine, so it'd be great if he does well, and glamour girl Nicola McLean will probably try to crack onto every man in there. Esther Rantzen is my earlier favourite - I think she'll be like a mother hen and look after everyone.

I'M LOVING......
Mt friend Nina's new jewellery website, It's got some amazing things- I've ordered a pendant with my initials engraved on it It's great for Christmas gift ideas.

Last week I went to Embassy nightclub's seventh birthday party. Thank you to the owner, Mark Fuller, who always puts on a good party. They're opening a new club in Dubai, which I'm visiting at Christmas and can't wait! This weekend I'm going to see a play called The Ghost Train with my family at the theatre, and next week I'll be visiting the patients at Phode's Farm - a clinic for children with eating disorders - to encourage them and give some support.

Elsewhere in the Magazine there is Nikki's Amazing feature - Nikki Grahame marries Andy Scott Lee.

November 12, 2008  Nikki's Hot Stars Column in OK! magazine

This week our columnist talks about Simon and Terri's split, the search for a new doctor and strictly come dancing....

I was gutted when Andrew Castle got voted off Strictly Come Dancing. He was my favourite but now I'm rooting for Rachel Stevens all the way. She's got both popularity and talent and I think she's good enough to win. As for S Club 7 reuniting with just Jo O'Meara, Paul Cattermole and Bradley McIntosh, I think its hilarious! I wish the three of them all the very best, though.

I'm not really surprised that Simon Cowell and Terri Seymour have split up. He's very busy with work projects and I haven't seen them pictured together for ages. Simon claims that nobody wants him but I'd love to set him up with my mum so he could be my stepdad!

I was sad to hear that David Tenant is leaving Doctor Who because he's done a brilliant job over the last three years. I think David Walliams would be perfect for the role. He's so eccentric and quirky and would be good at dealing with the aliens. Catherine Tate could return as his assistant - they'd make a great comedy duo!

I think it's great news that Mylene Klass is to replace Nicky Hambleton-Jones on 10 years younger. She's a good presenter and a very stylish mummy with a clean-cut image that people can look upto. She does seem to be on our TV screens a lotm though. I bet she didn't even take more than a half-hour break when he baby Ava was born!

Bourjois Delice de Poudre bronzing pounder. It looks and smells like chocolate and is perfect for giving you a warm winter glow. It's really affordable too!

I've had a bit of a cold this week so haven't been feeling well at all, but it didn't stop me doing a photo shoot for dog lover magazine K9. I'm on the cover of their Christmas issue with my Chihuahua, Thumbelina. My other dog, Baby, came too and they both got lots of new clothes and treats! Check out the photo's at Last week I went to Smash and Grab at PUNK nightclub in London and next week I'll be spending a few days in Dorset with my family.

Elsewhere in the magazine:-

The stars celebrated fright night at The Button Club's Bloodlust Ball in London. Guests including Princess Beatrice and Nikki Grahame were welcomed with a 'water of fire' shot, before dining on delicious food and dancing the night away as Rick Parfitt jnr took to the stage, followed by top DJ Dan Lynwood.

November 8, 2008  Nikki Grahame Front Cover K9 Magazine Issue 26

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_k9magazine-issue26-cover.jpg

Nikki is on the front cover of the November Issue of K9 magazine with her Chihuahua puppy Thumbelina (issue 26). And inside Nikki talks about Xmas and her book. Nikki thinks life is so precious, you never know when its going to end so you've got to make the most of it.

K9 Magazine is UK's leading lifestyle magazine for dog lovers. Ryan O'Meara Editor in Chief of K9 Magazine says "She wasn't originally going to be the cover, there was another (US based) celeb who was lined up but the fact is, Nikki's pictures were just so strong we had a simple choice to make - personally this is one of my favourite covers we've ever had, and I am not just saying that either".

K9 Magazine issue 26 featuring Big Brother favourite Nikki Grahame

click on image for larger pic

Extract from the magazine:-

Coming up to Christmas, what treats do Baby and Thumbelina have in store?
Well, we buy Baby an outfit at Christmas time, last year he had a little Christmas outfit which he loved. He loves Christmas because he's the centre of attention. This is Thumbelina's first Christmas, but she'll be getting much of the same – treats, presents and lots of fuss and attention!

What about you, what's your favourite thing about Christmas?
I really love everything about Christmas. I especially love to be outside and see all of the decorations and coloured lights. I love buying presents for people and seeing them open then, and of course opening presents myself!

1_k9.jpgMore info:-
The photographer's name is Beth Swift,the outfits Thumbelina and Baby were wearing for the photoshoot were supplied by Betty and Rosie's Pet Boutique, the hot pink dress for Thumbelina and an outfit for Baby. Barker and Barker supplied dog treats, which Nikki said they loved.

Waggie's Pet Boutique supplied a red coat for Baby and gorgeous jumper for Thumbelina. My Posh Dog www.myposhdog.beare supplying 2 t shirts from Belgium but unfortunately were going to arrive too late for the photoshoot.