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September 17, 2008  Nikki's Hot Star Column in OK! Magazine

Our Columnist talks about Posh's new do, "Greedy" Heather Mills and Russell's behaviour at the VMAS.

Russell Brand caused a stir when he hosted the MTV Video Music Awards last week, but I really think he's trying to hard to be controversial. He thinks he can get away with anything, but slagging off the US president is a step to far! The ladies love him and he is totally charming, so he can be successful without having to bitch about people.

People were shocked that Rachel won Big Brother but I think she deserved it, She never bitched about anyone, although watching paint dry might have been more interesting! ....

Heather Mills is unbelievable! First she failed to donate most of her divorce money to charity like she said she would, and now she's trying to flog a book about Paul McCartney - thinly disguised as a fictitious novel - for £1 million! She's so greedy....

Victoria Beckham may have been getting lots of attention with her new haircut - dubbed the Posh crop, or 'pop' - but I'm afraid I don't like it. I think it makes her look much older abd hard-faced....

The Oliver Bonas website, They have loads of quirky, unique items and recently sent me a specially made dress.....

I've been really excited this week as I'm in talks to record a pilot radio show! I've loved bands like Supergrass and Oasis since I was 12 and I think people would be surprised by my knowledge of music. It's my friend Kelly's 28th Birthday on Saturday, so happy birthday to her! Last week I went to the Prima High Street Fashion Awards and the Nickleodeon Choice Awards. My social life is great - now I just have to sort out my love life out!

September 11, 2008  NIkki's Hot Stars Column this week in OK! magazine

Our Columnist talks about the sexy new strictly. Jade's new heartbreak and Lindsay's latest drama.

I'm already missing Big Brother. I think this series has been brilliant. My personal highlights were the Thriller task, the wedding task and the electric-shock task,.I've been gripped - and I've watched it for two to three hours some days - and can't wait until next year's show!

I was shocked ro read about Lindsay Lohan's dad slamming her relationship with Samantha Ronson. I'm really surprised he was so critical about it....

I was so excited to hear about the new line-up for Strictly Come Dancing. The girl's list is great - I think Rachel Stevens and Lisa Snowdon will be brillinant. Lisa - who is teaming up with Brendan Cole - used to be a dancer, so I'm sure she'll have a head start.

I couldn't believe it when I heard that Jack Tweed has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for assualt. Poor Jade - I feel so sorry for her. It's disgusting that he beat someone up so badly, And he is now facing the consequences when Jade needs him most. Jade's proved that she's strong, but hopefully this will be a chance for Jack to grow up a bit and learn a lesson.

The new Trident Chocolate Mint gum....

Last week, I spent some time writing a new book about my experiences with anorexia. It's been getting me down a bit and I kept putting it off. It really depresses me thinking about that time in my life. At the weekend I went to Bestival on the Isle of Wight, and it was great. It really cheered me up! This week I'm planning to book a holiday in Las Vegas. I've been dying to go there for ages.

September 11, 2008  Nikki's Big Brother Column this week in OK! magazine

Our girl pick's her winner - and say's she's missing the show already!

Rachel deserved to win, just for her dancing - she was a really good mover. That Thriller dance was amazing, I was at home with my mates jumping up and down - it was great. I was going so mental. My friends were all looking at me like I was a complete nutcase!

Mikey's my personal winner, hands down. I went to his home town and met his mum and dad, went on his local radio show and went to his local pub. After seeing what he does I think he would have been the most deserving winner. I know he's got an annoying voice, but I think he's done fantastically. He's won the public over and not because he's blind - he was the only one that stood up to Rex. I've been gripped - it's been the best show ever, I'm really going to miss it now it's gone. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself!

The Jen and Dale romance was nice but I've heard that they have split up and that there might be something going on with him and Chantelle. But it sounds a bit fishy to me...

Rex and Nicole are so similar and I think so in love with each other. People gave Nicole a hard time, just because she was called in late and didn't have to audtiion. It must have been hard for her - the housemates didn't like the fact she got a free ticket into the house, but she made a good housemate in the end.

When Mo wore the high heels and socks he was so funny. And when Mo whacked Mickey over the head and they got him in the Diary Room and said: 'This is a very serious offence' He really thought he gonna be thrown out, I loved it when Jen and Rebecca dressed up as seals and stood on the podium and Mario threw fishy water over them!

Mario and Lisa make a great couple. I'd like to go to their wedding. They're perfect for each other. I mean, who else would have them?! I did a show with them and I had to keep saying sorry about everything I've said about them. I like Lisa, but I still think Mario is a horrid slimeball! He was boasting about the contracts that he's got coming up.

September 11, 2008  Nikki on Most Annoying Couples Part2

Nikki Grahame picture - _10__0001.jpg

September 6th, 10th BBC3. Nikki features in this show about the 100 most annoying couples. This is the 2nd show in the series and countdown commences at 50.

Nikki features in the countdown at:-
No.20 Abigail Clancey and Peter Crouch,
No.18 Ashley and Cheryl Cole,
No.15 Danielle Lloyd,
No.11 Posh and Becks,
No.10 Chiggy.

Aisleyne and Ziggy also feature in the show.

September 7, 2008  8 Out of 10 Cats Big Brother Special - Friday 5th Sept.

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_nikki_8_10_cats.jpg

8 Out of 10 Cats is a show of opinion polls and statistics hosted by Jimmy Carr, in the panel are BB9 housmates Luke, Mario and Lisa. The extra special guests tonight are Nikki, Ziggy, Bex, Belinda, Brian and Charlie. During the show Nikki has her diary room moments during the silent dancing task, Jimmy asks Nikki what she feared the most coming out of the Big Brother House and she answered "I was worried it would be Cold". Watch the show here.

Read more in Nikki's TV and Media page.

Playlist of 5 video's

September 4, 2008  BBLB - Nikki hits the streets to find out who the public want to win BB

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_nikki_joan1.jpg

Nikki's TV and Media page update

It's the day before the BB9 final and Nikki's report for BBLB takes her to London's Carnaby Street where she asks passers by who they think is going to win.

The first person she speaks to gives 3 names, Rachel, Darnell or Mikey - "but you've got to choose one!" a slightly irked Nikki tells her.

The second person she asks - a tall good looking guy - impresses Nikki much more. When he finishes telling Nikki he wants Sara to win Nikki cuddles up to him with a big smile, "oh he's so good looking!".

Nikki's reaction to the next passer by is the best - she tells him off! The man is sitting outside and it starts off with him telling Nikki "tell me the names and I'll pick one" to which an irritated Nikki snaps at him, "I've just said to you, are you watching Big Brother, you said yes, now you said 'who's in it, anyone' ". She then reels the 5 names off to him and he picks Darnell.

Nikki is seen asking a few more passers by but the two most notable ones she speaks to are (separately) Gok Wan and Joan Rivers. "Oh my God, Joan Rivers!" as Nikki spots her across the street. They have a nice friendly exchange. Joan wants Mikey to win.

"Who do you want to win", Joan asks Nikki.
"Sara" replies our intrepid reporter
"Well I hope Sara wins and marries Mikey" says the legendary comedienne.
"Perfect!" says Nikki

"Gok Wan and Joan Rivers - good work Nikki!" says BBLB host George Lamb.

September 3, 2008  Nikki's Hot Stars Column this week in OK! magazine

Our Columnist talks about the latest on Kerry's finances, advice for Jade and Reality TV.

Darnell used to be my favourite Big Brother housemate but I've completely gone off him. He was so nasty to Sara - really out of order....

I'm still addicted to the X-factor! Shirley Hough, who sang to Louis, was hilarious, but it was unfair that the judges put her through when there are plenty of people with genuinely good voices that don't get so far. And what's with all the sob stories? The show used to be about talent - now it's more like a cross between jim'll Fix it and Trisha Goddard!

I was shocked to her that Kerry Katona was declared bankrupt. Surely she could have just sold her Lamborghini and paid the tax bill off when she saw her finances were getting into a mess? Despite the severity of it all, she doesn't seem to be bothered about the whole thing - perhaps she thinks she is a special case. Well, Kerry, everyone has to pay their tax bill on time - including me!

After her cancer diagnosis, Jade Goodey must be having a terrible time and I feel so sorry for her. She must be worried sick for her two sons and the news that she needs a hysterectomy must be heartbreaking, especially as she's always wanted a little girl. I don't understand why she's been giving interviews, though, it could be causing her unnecessary stress when she should be focusing on getting better.

Avon's new Beauty Lip Restoring Colour Balm....

Last weekend I went to Get Loaded In The Park 2008 in London to see Supergrass, my favourite band. They were fantastic - so good, in fact, that I went to see them the next day at The Last Days Of Summer Festival at Stowe House in Buckinghamshire. I'm filming 8 out of 10 cats this week, which will be shown on Friday. I'm also going to the Big Brother final and I can't wait!

September 3, 2008  Nikki's best Big Brother Bits - this week in OK! magazine

Our Gorgeous Little Lady has picked her winner - and its Sara.

I was so sad to see Lisa go. She's made me laugh, she's never got involved in arguments. She takes everything in her stride - and as she told us herself the other night, she's got a heart of gold. She's got the muscles of a circus strongman, but she seems really soft and gooey inside.

Urgh! I can't stand Darnell. He was my favourite but he's gone and done it now after the way he treated Sara. How dare he call her a slut and an ugly bitch? Him and his nasty bully pals Rex and Mo would've been slung out on their bums if those comments had been racist or homophobic....

Well, they don't call him greedy Mo for nothing. Did you see him in the diary room saying he deserved to win the £25000 and not Sara? I can't bear him anymore! When I see him on finale night he's going to get a mouthful from me.

A few weeks ago it would have been a tough choice - I loved Rex's sarky humour (and was beginning to find my first ginger man sexy), I thought Darnell was a kind-hearted soul and Rachel seemed like the nicest person ever in the Big Brother house. But after Sara-gate, there can only be one winner and that's Sara. I sobbed out loud when she and Lisa shared the £25000 because they were definitely the most genuine people in there. Sara was so brave when she was getting bullied. She's had a hard life but she doesn't go on and on about it like a certain American I could mention. She handled herself with dignity and I'm definitely going to become her friend when I meet her.

As the series comes to an end, at last we're beginning to see the real Kat and I like her more than I did....

September 1, 2008  News Blog - Nikki on Radio Insight, Glasgow.

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_pp1.jpg

By Jane Mckessock long time supporter and friend of Nikki Grahame.

While in Scotland, doing a report for BBLB, Nikki visited Radio Insight, where Mikey works. The presenters are all blind or partially sighted. Nikki's Who Is She? rant was played first and Nikki was asked about her time during and after BB. Nikki mentioned doing 40 PA's and this was her 3rd time in Glasgow. She also mentioned doing Princess Nikki, her Dominos pizza ad, and winning her NTA.

She also speaks about her OK column and her book she is writing. She mentions looking after her dogs and how they are more work than children. She says you can plonk a child down and they will stay put, but dogs go under the bed and in the bins. The presenter tells her how well behaved her own guide dog is ,and will introduce her to him later. Nikki went on to say how much BB had changed her and her family's life, and she had a ball in the house and since she came out. She had to describe how it felt leaving the house to first of all cheers, then boos. Nikki realised that she was booed because of how she behaved the second time in the house, and it was terrifying to come out to.

Nikki finds Kat's voice irritating, and wants her and Mo out on Tuesday. She is surprised Mo hasn't eaten all the furniture and the other housemates!! And the bogey eating was disgusting! Mikey has grown on her because he stood up to Rex and he is very opinionated and bossy but very funny especially when he was HOH. But she still has a soft spot for Rex. Nikki spoke to a couple of people who phoned in and she praised her loyal fans and supporters and mentioned a few things she had been given!

Nikki was told she was the best housemate ever and was needed back in the house and that she was loved so much because she was unusual, which she seemed to like being told. Nikki then spoke to Mario, who came on the phone and she tried to get an invite to the wedding, trying to get him to have it in Dubai! Nikki told him she was going to the final on Friday. She also spoke to Aled Jones from the Chris Moyles show.

Nikki was very excited when Marcus Bentley phoned in. She had never spoken to him before. She asked him to meet her at the final on Friday. Marcus loved Nikki when she was on BB! Nikki was surprised how normal he is. Marcus said when he first heard Nikki having a tantrum over bottled water, he wondered who this freaky lady was. But he then said Nikki was an original and a legend of BB !! Up there with Jade. Nikki was shocked he had to get a train to work, and wasn't supplied with a car to pick him up! Nikki does a great impression of Marcus, and he does one of Nikki.

Nikki has a break to eat a banana, while her I'm soo coold rant is played. Nikki was asked if she was warm enough and Nikki said when she went to the toilet she had already adjusted the air con as it was too high! Nikki then interviewed Lisa. She asked her about her time in the house, and about her relationship with Mikey. She hinted that Mikey might be best man at their wedding. Nikki told her she had met her daughter at the BB launch.

Nicole was supposed to be interviewed as well, but either time ran out , or she didn't phone in. Nikki said she had enjoyed her afternoon and was just beginning to make herself at home. She said she had just made a wee (Scottish for little!) bin for herself. Nikki said she had had a whale of a time in Scotland, and it was like having a mini holiday.

Nikki sounded very natural on the radio and handled the interviews very well. Her interviewing skills were very impressive. It was a very enjoyable 2 hours.

September 1, 2008  Watch out for Nikki on BBLB this week

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_bblb9_72_4.jpg

Nikki is in Scotland filming for Big Brothers Little Brother. On sunday Nikki was filming in Kilwinning in Ayrshire and met Mikey's parents. Today she was in Glasgow where she was on Mikey's radio station insight radio. A radio station for a blind or partially sighted audience offering everything from your daily newspapers, movie reviews, TV, events and job guides and more. Nikki talked about what its like to be in the house, what its like to be evicted and also talked about and thanked her many supporters. Michael Hughes of BB9 is a DJ at the station and you can listen to Mikey's best bits here.

Also catch Nikki on the 8 out of 10 Cats Big Brother Special this week.

August 31, 2008  Nikki on The Most Annoying Couples we love to hate BBC3

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_nikki_bbc3_1.jpg

30 August BBC3 Nikki appears on the BBC Show The Most Annoying Couples We Love To Hate. Nikki comments on the couples while nursing Thumbelina her little Chihuahua.

The show is next broadcast on 3rd September 21:10 BBC3 or for UK residents you can see the show on the BBC website at

The show counts down the celebrity couples that most get our collective goat, from Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil to Liza Minnelli and David Gest, from Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow to Lembit Opik and his Cheeky Girl.

Nikki's appearances during the countdown, reported by Rob.

74) Paris & Nicole (1hr 17mins 40secs)
Announcer says the only people who like them are people like this - cue Nikki she loves em!

62) Mario & Lisa (1hr 54mins 4secs)
She isn't talking about them as their entry spins off into a discussion about other couples on reality shows, Nikki admits if she'd met Pete outside of Big Brother she wouldn't of been interested (the look on her face here is quite telling).

57) Kyle & Jason (2hrs 5mins 56secs)
Nikki watched the Neighbours wedding episode 6 times and was so upset when they broke up!

56) Prince William & Kate Middleton (2hrs 10mins 8secs)
Nikki would like to marry a prince but not William.. because he's ginger!

Nikki will be on in part 2! as in the preview of part 2 right at the end there is a clip of her saying "I thought we'd seen the last of them two - hell had we!" but in the annoying where they do it - we'll have to wait for part 2 to see who she was on about.

Episode 2 Next on: 06 Sep 2008 21:00 BBC Three.

Nikki on the Most Annoying Couples we love to hate part 1.

August 30, 2008  Nikki on BBC NEWS E24 - The Week in Entertainment

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_nikki_bbc_news1.jpg

Life after Big Brother
Nikki was interviewed in her flat for the BBC "The Week in Entertainment", about life after Big Brother. She shows the interviewer all her souvenirs from her P.A.'s and supporters. Nikki speaks about the money she has made from her time in Big Brother. She talks about the impact the aftermath has had on her family and friends, and mentions her OK columns and book deal.

Watch the show in context on the BBC E24 site, Life after Big Brother segment starts at 6min 40 sec in.
Watch E24: The week in entertainment.

Watch Nikki's part here.

August 28, 2008  BBC2 Scene Stealers 6th September

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_nikki_screen_cap_bblb.jpg

Nikki will be appearing on the new BBC Switch TV show, called Scene Stealers, which starts on BBC2 on Saturday 6th September. It will be aired between the hours of 12pm and 2pm, and is presented by Jeff Leach. Nikki will be on a panel of experts who have to expose who is genuine, and who is the scene stealer, between two teenagers who have to pretend to belong to another teen tribe.

Each teen will be paired with a mentor who shows them how to pass themselves off in their new persona. Both will have to perform a series of tasks to complete the transformation. Finally they are grilled by a panel of experts who will select the one they think is genuine and expose the scene stealer.

In Nikki's show, a goth has to pretend to be a plastic and this is the show to look out for. The series runs for 6 weeks, and it looks as though Nikki will be on the second one on 13th but this hasn't been confirmed yet.

August 27, 2008  Nikki's Hot Stars Column this week in OK! Magazine

Our Columnist talks about Jades shocking news, the latest boyband reunion and the BB final.

I'm so excited that New Kids On The Block have reformed. They're performing in London on 8 September and I am so going! Jordan Knight was my favourite, I had their posters all over my wall. They seem to have matured into good-looking men and I hope all the old fans will stick by them....

The Big Brother final is this week and I'd really love to see Darnell win. He's been consistent from the start and is the most genuine housemate. He isn't afraid to say what he thinks and always stands his corner....

I was shocked to hear that Jade Goodey has cervical cancer. It must be really awful for her and I hope she has the support of her close family and friends. I'm sure she will get the best care available - she just needs to keep her head down and concentrate on getting better - although it can't be easy when the whole country is watching you. Get well soon, Jade.

I'm still loving the X Factor and was amazed by Rachel Hylton's rendition of Amy Winehouse's You Know I'm No Good....

National Dog Adoption Month. There are thousands if dogs in the UK that need a new home. I adore my two Chihuahuas, Baby and Thumbelina, and this is a really great cause. Visit for information about adoption.

Last week I went to the V Festival in Chelmsford for the weekend and had a great time with my friends. The Stereophonics were my favourites there - they're the most amazing band I've ever seen live - and I loved The Kooks, too. It was also my friend Alana's 24th birthday and my other friend Sarah gave me a makeover for the party - I'd been looking forward to it for ages!

August 27, 2008  Nikki's Best BB Bits in OK! Magazine this week

Our girl says good riddance to Nicole and Reckons Rex is next.

His girlfriend may have gone but I think Nicole's little visit has left Rex's chance of winning Big Brother in tatters...Venting your frustrations over your annoying girlfriend on the other housemates has cost you dearly, Rex.

OMG? Why won't the boys shut up about Sara's supposed 'bedhopping'? They need to grow up and learn how to handle rejection. Dozy Mo is still deluding himself that she fancies him and Darnell is still going on about the night she got into bed with Stu. Now they know she's not interested, they've all spat their dummies out of the pram. She's a flirty girl but what's wrong with that?

Mario is going to propose to Lisa live on air apparently! She's managed so well without him, come out of her shell and seems to have gone back to being a teenager...

Mikey's really turned things around and I'm loving him more and more. If he does win, he ought to send a bottle of champagne to Rex and Nicole. They were so horrible to him during the Thriller task but he really stuck to his guns.... if Mikey wins it's because people love him - not because of his disability.

It's hardly a surprise that spoiled princess Nicole has been booted out....The only reason was to get her own face in front of the cameras, so she could break into TV.

August 22, 2008  Nikki on BBLB, Nikki is sent to 3 magazines to find out which HM has the most appeal.

Nikki visits the editors of Reveal, Nuts and Attitude magazines to find out which of the remaining female housemates has the most appeal for their readers. Nikki gave each editor 10 gold coins and asked them to put the coins into the piggy banks of Sarah, Nicole and Lisa.

August 21, 2008  Nikk's Hot Stars Column this week in OK! Magazine

This week Nikki talks about Posh's weight gain, Peache's shock wedding and the X-Factor.

I'm loving the new series of The X Factor. The audition stage is always my favourite part of the show. I think Cheryl Cole was the perfect replacement for Sharon Osborne...

I really don't understand the love affair between Big Brother's Dale and Jen - they're both supposed to have been spending time with their exes! Jen needs to remember that she's still married, so not to rush into anything. I did photo shoots with Pete Bennett when we came out of the house, but back then I was genuinely in love with him. I'll be interested to see what happens with these two in a few weeks time...

Now that Victoria Beckham has put some weight on, she looks so much better. In my opinion, she was skin and bones before and was under a lot of pressure to be a style Icon...

I think it's great news that Peaches Geldof got married in Las Vegas - it could be just what she needs. She's had a rough time lately, but she's a lovely girl and I hope it works out for her and Max Drummey...

Freederm Gel. I've tried loads of spot creams and this one is the best...

Last week I went to a meeting for the eating disorders charity, Beat. I chatted wth girls suffering from anorexia and am trying to raise awareness that its an important issue that needs funding. This weekend I'm going to my friends' wedding party and I can't wait. I'm also planning on getting a new hairstyle as I'm really bored of this one after three years!

August 21, 2008  Nikki's Best Big Brother Bits - this week in OK! Magazine

Our gorgeous girl's not on as Stu hunt but she is loving Mikey.

We've now had our first tragic housemate death when goldfish Heaven expired last week - but I'm not convinced his death was as innocent as the housemates say. Reckon it's more likely the poor fish committed suicide by drowning itself because it couldn't stand listening to Mikey's voice or watching Rachel's Mother Theresa act any longer. Either that or Rachel killed it by cleaning it out every five minutes. Murdered with love, how sad.

Once they're evicted, I give Rex and Nicole a month before they split up. He clearly doesn't want her there and has every right to be annoyed....

This week I've been loving Mikey. I never thought I'd say that. H, Kae's really come into his own as head of house, pouring water on Mo and telling Rex exactly what he thinks of him. But the funniest was when he squirted Kat with the rubber duck and she nearly showed her true colours.

Oops! It looks like the game is up for Aussie flirt machine Sara as Darnell, Mikey, Kat and Mo turned on her in a late nght bitch-fest. I thought her bond with Darnell was quite strong but she's been bed-hopping from Darnel to Stuart all week. What's she playing at?...

Boring, Big-bodied beefcake Stuart finally got his wish and got booted out of the Big Brother house. He's single but I don't think I'm going to try to date him. He's even moanier than me so it would never work....

August 20, 2008  Nikki on BBLB tommorrow

Nikki will be filming for Big Brothers Little Brother tommorrow at ZOO Magazine. Tune into BBLB tommorrow night at 6pm on E4.

August 19, 2008  Nikki gives her opinion on the BB9 HM's

Nikki gives her opinion on this years Big Brother 9 housemates

"This year has been one of my favourite Big Brothers so the moment my favourite housemate is Darnell and I really want him to win I think he is the most genuine.....he is the only one my mum wants to meet"

Also Nikki finds Mikey the most irritating but would like hin to come 3rd and Rex 2nd. This is a very good interview from Nikki just before her appearance on BBLB where she did an excellent job with the Davina pre-eviction show chat.