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August 17, 2008  News Blog - I met Nikki

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Nice report here from someone who met Nikki at T4 on the Beach doing her reporting for BBLB. Its really nice and encouraging for Nikki to hear from people posting such nice comments. This blog from This is Big Brother - I met Nikki by Chrizzle, and thanks to Barracute (Rob) for bringing it to my attention.

Chrizzle writes:
I can't believe Im actually saying this but I met Nikki yesterday, and it was one of the highlights of my year. I've now met my two fave housemates of all time.

Anyone who was on TiBB during BB7 knows how much I love Nikki, and what lengths I went to support her, and I have finally met her.

At T4 on the Beach, I heard some people shouting 'WHO IS SHE' and 'IM SO COLD' so I ran over to see what was going on, and going into the VIP area, I saw a tiny little girl wearing a yellow t shirt and red sunglasses, and I screamed I LOVE YOU NIKKI which is when everyone was staring at me.

I didnt see anything for about 15 mins, when I was walking around with Lindz and saw her AGAIN on the phone, and she was in a PROPER stress, and it wasnt fake cos there was no cameras around. There was a crowd taking pics of her and I was the only one who had the guts to say Can I have a pic, and she gave me a hand gesure to say in a minute, and she was taken away, I followed her and she turned to me and went 'IM going to KILL HIM' and pointed to her body guard and she pretended to punch him. I said to her 'I feel your pain, I love you Nikki, your my fave housemate ever' and she smiled and went 'awwww!' and she promsied me a picture, but was taken away

I then saw her AGAIN at an ice cream van where they were filming a BBLB section (shown on Tuesday or Wednesday) where you had to order an ice cream which was a housemate. I was at the front and after she had done her hair, and blew her nose (LOL) she served us and the cams started rolling. I ordered a Bex on the Beach and after some very funny one liners she gave me a Bex ice cream, and I said 'Marry me Nikki' and she went 'AWWWW' and gave me an extra walnut whip. (This wont be shown because I am not 18, however I will be shown waiting in the line!)

I got no picture because she had SO many people wanting to meet her. She was very popular and I heard one nasty comment which wasnt very popular with the rest of the fans.

Sorry for running on. I did get a picture of her when she was stressed and I will put it up soon.


Nikki at T4 on the BeachMimsy wrote: Ohh bless! Glad you got your piccy.

Gazbo wrote: I met her about eight months ago in Trafalgar Square, she was lovely! One of my favs ever!

Indierock&roll wrote: i met nikki last year it was the best! i got her autograph lmao!, and we shouted her and she turned round and waved ! it was at soccer six she was so funny also met mikey and grace!

Rory wrote: Aww...wish I could've seen her! Sadly I don't think any BB stars will be making it over to my city in the US. Congrats though, I'm jealous!

Ash wrote: Wow, lucky! Nikki AND Grace! I remember how much you supported them during BB7. And it's even better that they were both nice.

Kitty-Kat wrote: Yes, this BB was one of my best.
Niki has really made her self known in the public eye for those non BB watchers. she does a weekly OK! magazine collomn and i have to admitt i love reading it her oppinions are the exact same to mine! which Im pleased to say. lol, keep doing what you do best Niki! x

Tooperfect wrote: I met Lea in Selfridges in Birmingham LOL But thats it. I want to meet Nikki!

Christina wrote: Aww i want to meet her lol x

Eamonn-BB wrote: Omg I hate you!! lol...My friend met Nikki like a week after the BB7 final and she was my fav housemate ever and i was so jealous of him so i told him i met imogen his favourite housemate lol.

Andybigbro wrote: Wow you are lucky!!!

Barracute wrote: Well done Chrizzle, i met Nikki at a PA, last year one of my best nights ever - Nikki gave me her bottle champs she was drinking from off her table !!!!!!!

Thanks Chrizzle that was a really nice story. If anyone meets Nikki out and about and would like to post a news blog, or send in pictures please write to me at I can't promise I will post everything that is sent to me, the best ones I will discuss with Nikki before posting it here.


August 15, 2008  Nikki on BBLB and gets to do the pre-eviction chat with Davina!

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Nikki is in the studio being interviewed by George and its no surprise that she is confronted by what she said about Dale in her OK! magazine column this week. Read what she said in her column here . Nikki was well spoken and did a fine job with the interview. Certainly wasn't unsettled with the audience not liking her choices of Darnell, Rex and Mikey to win. Nikki mentions going to Rex's restuarant and gives it a good wrap which leads into a piece about Rex.

Nikki also gets to do the pre-eviction chat with Davina in the dressing room. Davina seems to genuinely like Nikki and the dressing room discussion went smoothly, they joked together and Nikki puts this weeks viewers questions to Davina. Nikki was a breath of fresh air on the show tonight and was very entertaining. See Nikki on BBLB in the video below.

August 15, 2008  Nikki on BBLB tonight

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On Big Brother's Little Brother today George chats with Big Brother's first princess and ex-housemate Nikki Grahame. read more on the OS

Tonight Nikki will be doing the pre-eviction chat with Davina!! Nikki has been doing her reports this season for BBLB and has been very entertaining out in the field. Now she has an opportunity in the studio.

August 14, 2008  Nikki in Hot Stars this week in OK! Magazine

Our Columnist talks about Leon's latest venture, Lindsay's Wedding Plans and Sienna's Split....

It's really annoyed me that Rex's girlfriend Nicole has been sent into the Big Brother house. Something like 25,000 people try to get onto the show every year and, as far as I'm concerned, she has just got a free ticket....

I've heard that Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Robinson are planning to get married. They certainly seem very serious about each other... A lot of people are saying their relationship is a publicity stunt....

I was really pleases to hear that Leona Lewis is in talks with Topshop to have her own fashion range....

I read that Sienna Miller's new man, Balthazar Getty, has gone back to his wife. I think people are starting to laugh at Sienna, and she really isn't painting herself in a good light....

I'm Loving.... Posie Tint by Benefit. It's like nail varnish but you paint it on your cheeks....

I went to Pride in Brighton the other week with my best friend Megan and two of our gay friends and we had a ball! Last week I went to see the Mystery Jets at Field Day in Victoria Park - I'm a huge fan. This week we are taking my dad out for a surprise meal for his birthday. Happy Birthday, Dad! and then I'm going to see Supergrass at Get Loaded In The Park 2008. I'm really enjoying going to lots of summer festivals this year.

August 14, 2008  Nikki's best Big Bro Bits in OK! magazine this week.

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This week our BB Babe is on a mission - To find Dale and snog him!

Dale's finally out of the house and about time too, although Stuart is even duller in my book. Dale seems like a nice enough boy and he is really hot and gorgeous. He could easily making a living modelling snug undies like David Beckham, I reckon. Me and all my mates are going hunting for him this week to see if any of us can pull him. Well, you can't blame a girl for trying. He's definitely worth a snog. Let's just hope he hasn't read what I've said about him in my column!

After all the rumours about whether Luke has had sex before, it seems that maybe Darnell is the real house virgin after he admitted he'd never had a girlfriend before. I think him and Sara have a really close bond....

There've been so many rows between Rex and Nicole this week it's like a posh version of Eastenders. It's so unfair that she's been allowed to go in. Thousands of people try to get in that show. The audition process takes four months and there are endless stages, home videos, three-hour interviews, doctor's checks, psychological checks - lord knows how I managed to get in! Nicole is supposed to be supporting her boyfriend but she's just after a career in television. Now Rex has got to share the limelight with her. He's got every right to be annoyed. You don't try to steal your boyfriend's moment and make it your own.

In other sections theres Ho Ho Mo and Mikey's Minglings where Mikey reminded Nikki of a tortoise chewing on a leaf in the sprouts task last week.

August 7, 2008  Nikki on BBLB in the Walkabout Bar in London

Nikki is interviewing Aussies in the Walkabout Bar in London for Big Brothers Little Brother. Nikki is asking them what they think of Sara in the Big Brother house. Nikki does a great immitation of the Aussie accent. Being an Aussie myself I just loved her in this report, well done Nikki. read more

August 6, 2008  Nikki in NOW Magazine this week -

In NOW magazine there is a an interview with Nikki and her mum Sue. There is almost a full page pic of Nikki and her Mum, Nikki is stood up, her Mum sat down in front, Nikki resting her fingers in her Mums left shoulder.

Big Brother star Nikki Grahame, 26, isn't known as Princess Nikki for nothing. When her mum Sue became depressed after an accident at work. Nikki knew just how to wave her magic wand and cheer her up; she sent her off for a course of plastic surgery. Here, mum and daughter tell their bizarre story.

August 6, 2008  In Nikki's Hot Stars Column this week - OK! Magazine

Nikki talks about Amy's Hospital Dash, Madonna's 50th and Michelle's new man...

Big Brother finally gets tough!
I couldn't believe how horrible Rex was to Rachel and Maysoon after seeing their audition tapes - it's not like they'd done anything nasty....

New fears for Amy
I was really worried about Amy Winehouse after she was rushed to hospital last week. It's been said that her drink was spiked....

Madonna still looks fab!
Madonna may be looking a bit rough lately, with her thin arms and gaunt face, but to be honest, when your're approaching 50 and have done everything she has, I think your're entitled to an off day every now and then!....

Happy for Michelle
Michelle Heaton is my good friend, and I really miss her since she moved to Ireland. I hope we can catch up again soon. She's got a new man, Hugh Hanley, and I'm really happy for them both!

I'm loving...
My By Caprice Lingerie The clothes are really pretty and lacy ....

My Diary I went to the Cartier International Polo 2008 Tournament the other week with my mum. We partied with Simon Webb and Duncan James from Blue but didn't watch any of the Polo. Oops! I also took part in the British International Motor Show's driving challenge. My team lost, but it was all for a good cause - the Help For Heroes campaign. I'm going to Beach Blanket Babylon soon, Rex from BB's restaurant - I can't wait!

Nikki at the Motor Show
See Nikki Motor Show Picture Gallery here

August 6, 2008  Nikki's Best 'big Brother' Bits in OK! magazine this week

This week in OK! magazine our Big Brother Queen still likes Lisa and Rachael but wants to put the Kat out!

Luke needs Bex appeal
Bye, Bye, Luke, I am so glad he was kicked out, although at this moment in time I wouldn't have minded any of them going, to be honest. I am so bored with them all now....

Kat's your lot!
I've had enough of Kat! She contributes nothing and her accent is so strong I can't understand a word she's saying....If she'd been in the house when I was and came up to me while I was having a tantrum, singing 'Happy, Happy, Happy House!' I would have walloped her. Now that would be 'hirarious'!

Rachel's rotten run
Will someone please rescue Rachel! They're all bullying her. She's had the most terrible time and looks like she's on the verge of breaking down.... After they saw her video, Rex said 'You were just like Nikki' Well I don't mind if people want to cope me, you know, Rex - it's very flattering.

Sara's gives loopy Lisa a good licking
Loopy Lisa is very likeable, and it was funny watching Sara lick barbecue sauce off her boobs, but she does seem to be trying to be young and hip all the time. And what was she going on about accusing Rachel of 'mentally undressing' Mario?.... As if she'd fancy that fat meatball!

Fair Cop Rex!
How funny was the cops and robbers task? ....the best bit was when Luke and Lisa had to identify Rex's girlfriend in a line-up parade - but they rejected his real-life lover because Lisa thought she looked too 'common' to be his other half. That'll teach you to be so boastful, Rex!

Nikki also talks about Maysoon, Stuart and Dale.

July 29, 2008  Nikki's Hot Stars Column in OK! magazine this week

This week Nikki talks about....

Big Brother
The heaven and hell separation in Big Brother has been OK, but I think they should mingle the groups.... Rex is my favourite housemate - his strops make me laugh so much. He's got a massive ego but somehow it's strangely attractive!

Gabriella's miscarriage heartbreak
"Lembit must have been gutted.... I'm not sure if their relationship can be rekindled after Gabriella went to the papers"

Peaches Geldof
"I saw Peaches Geldof at The Dark Knight Premier, and she was looking as beautiful as ever - she even gave me a cuddle.... I was shocked to hear about her collapse the day before....."

Amy Winehouse
Doesn't need Blake... the longer he stays in prision the better.

I'm Loving....
My little Pony - it's their 25 year anniversary this year! If I were to design my own, it would have perfume in one end and bubble bath in the other!

My Diary....
Nikki talks about meeting Michael Caine at The Dark Knight Premier and chilling and relaxing this week - she wants to go shopping and take her dogs baby and Thumbelina for picnics!

July 29, 2008  NIKKI'S BEST 'BIG BROTHER' BITS in OK! mag this week

Our gorgeous girl says she loves Lisa and is going off cocky Dale.

I'm so glad that Bex was voted out. All that drama and snogging between Luke and her was such a ploy to help her stay in and i'm glad it didn't work....

Mohammed proved Sara wrong by giving her his place on the day trip to heaven. She nominated him this week for his greed and I bet she feels bad....

...Being head of house has gone to Dale's head. He's showing his true colours. He thinks he's boss of the world...

Rebecca said Rachel was really loud and argumentative when they met at the auditions, but I think it was just a big fat lie. Rex was provoking Rachel to see how she reacted to her accusations, he wasn't being nasty....

Lisa has gone bonkers since Mario got booted out and I think its great. She's gone up miles in my estimation. She's hilarious....

July 23, 2008  Nikki at the film premier of The Dark Knight for BBLB

Video of Nikki at the film premier of The Dark Knight - the hotly anticipated new Batman film. Nikki reporting for Big Brothers Little Brother asking the celebs their opinion on Heaven and Hell.

July 23, 2008  Nikki's BBLB Report at T4 on the Beach Video

This Video added of Nikki at T4 on the Beach for Big Brothers Little Brother. Nikki brings her Ice Cream Van to the beach to find out which housemate is flavour of the month.

July 22, 2008  Nikki's Hot Stars Column this week in OK! magazine

Our Columnist talks about...

I saw Jude Law and Lily Cole when they were at a Readhead gig. She looked fairly disinterested as though he had dragged her there.....

I can't believe Luke and Bex have been snogging in the Big Brother house! I still can't stand her - I think she's turning the place into one big food fight - but I'm warming to Luke....

Ronnie Wood is the latest celeb to have allegedly got hiimself a younger girlfriend. If it is true, going off with 20-year-old Ekaterina Ivanova suggests that he's having problems, and not just with his wife....

Brad and Angelina have now got six children - they could start their own acting school! I'm really pleased for then and they seem like such brilliant and loving parents....

I'm going to the Cartier Internation Polo day. I love it - there are always loads of fit men and its a really good atmosphere. It's a great opportunity to get dressed up and drunk too! On Wednesday I'm taking part in the Celebrity Driving Challenge in aid of Help For Heroes at the British International Motor Show in London. I'll be up against the likes of The Apprentice's Alex Wotherspoon and Danielle Lloyd!

In other sections of OK! magazine :-

They have a feature on failed BB romances a full page of pics of Nikki and Pete, one big one, and it is very nice against a haystack both in white, sat down, Nikki hugging a white blanket and he has got his arms around her, plus two small pics at the bottom, one from last week in the house of them kissing on the bed on the night of the reunion and another pic with the hay back drop, this time huddle together under a check blanket.

July 22, 2008  Nikki's Big Brother Best Bits this week in OK! magazine


Darnell used to be one of my favourites but he's gone right down in my estimation and has become a power-mad dictator since he became head of house. He picked all his mates to be in heaven with him and then he invited himself to Luke's birthday party which was really selfish....

I'm so glad Rex stayed in the house and I really want him to win now. But he's making me feel quite disturbed. I've never fancied ginger men before but I'm starting to get a real crush on him....

Bex - I hate her. I hate her, I hate her! I tried so hard this week to like the girl but I simply can't stand her. She's one of the most irritating housemates ever and she defines the word 'common'. She was so lazy in the cycling task - even Belinda did more....

They say that beautiful people are boring because they don't ever have to work on their personalities- and I think Dale and Maysoon are the perfect examples of this....

Also in Nikki's BB column - Its Hell more then Heaven!, time to go Mo, Oh Stu Loser!, and Bye Bye Belinda.

July 22, 2008  Nikki Reporting for Big Brothers Little Brother - on E4 Tonight and Wednesday

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_66351_Nikki_Grahame_09_122_3lo_2.jpg

Nikki was filming for BBLB at T4 on the Beach last sunday 20th July and this will be shown on tonights Big Brothers Little Brother and not monday night as previously thought.

Nikki was also at the film premier of The Dark Knight- the hotly anticipated new Batman film. Again reporting for BBLB this report will be shown on wednesday night 23rd July.

July 15, 2008  In Nilkki's OK! Magazine Hot Stars Column this week

Mamma Mia! fills me with dread - Nikki has no desire to see the movie.... The 70's were not her cup of tea.

BB gets girly - I think the new Big Brother housemates, expecially Sara, are brilliant....but if I had to put up with her snoring, I'd probably put a pillow over her head!.

Michelle and Andy's sad split - There have been a lot of stories circulating about Michelle Heaton and Andy Scott-Lee's marriage break-up and I just hope they can work things out amicably....

Charlotte and Gavin to Sitcom Stars! - Charlotte Church and Gavin Henson apparently want to star in Gavin & Stacey and I think they'd be brilliant!. I'd love to see them play a naughty teenage couple....

I'M LOVING..... Harrod's pets department. They've got some great outfits for my dogs, Baby and Thumbelina....

In Nikki's Diary - she talks about last weekend celebrating friend Michelle Heaton's birthday. And she has been filming her Big Brothers Little Brother updates. This week she is going to a joint birthday party for Liam and Brian. and thanks everyone who sponsored her in the Asics British 10K London Run.

July 15, 2008  In Nikki's Big Brother Magazine Column this week

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_1_img006_2.jpg

Our girl says Good Riddance to Mario and wants to Smother Belinda!
Super Sara! - What a night Sara had last week! She had too much to drink, was sick in a bucket, and confessed to fancying Stuart and passed out. To be honest, I think she'll have anyone.... even Mikey!....

Hands off Chanelle - Well I have to say that I fancy Dale so much! I though he was boring but he's actually got quite a good personality. I'm definitely going to make a play for him when he comes out....I might be going to his house soon for Little Brother, so I'll get in there with his parents. I might take a present and mark my territory.

Lukes got Real Bex Appeal! - Did you see Bex and Luke snogging the faces off each other! I think it was definitely Rebecca's bid to stay in the house. I've been slagging Luke of recently but I do think he's hilarious....

Kat's a bit of a Sex Kitten! - When Kat snogged Sara, I couldn't believe it, even though I heard them speculating that she's bisexual. I wonder if she's had past relationships? We don't actually know anything about her, she's very secretive....

Rex Rocks! - You know, i've decided I love Rex. I'm going to make good friends with him and then he can introduce me to one of his rich pals. He's becoming more and more appealing as the weeks go by. His big ego is very attractive - he goes on expensive holidays every year and I'm going to go with him. I want to be introduced to his family and then I want them to give me some shares in his restaurant.

Other HM topic in Nikki's column are:- Belinda will go so-fa, Mo booze for Darnell, Bye bye Monstrous Mario, Getting Jig-gy with it! - Irish dancing task.

July 15, 2008  Nikki will be at the British International Motor Show at Excel London on 23rd July.

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_headerphoto.jpg

The celebrities taking part will be GMTV's Michael Underwood, Former Big Brother contestant Nikki Grahame and Grace Adams, model Danielle Lloyd, Ex-Hollyoaks duo, Matt Littler and Darren Jeffries, The Apprentice runner-up Alex Wotherspoon, star of Shipwrecked 2008, Keris Hopkins and formed G4 frontman Jonathan Ansell and ITV Formula 1 presenter Louise Goodman.

The Celebrity Driving Challenge will be raising funds for charity,Help For Heroes, and will be supported by the British School Of Motoring and Westfield Sportscars.The event will kick off at 11am on Wednesday 23rd July. A VIP Preview Day ticket will grant access to the event - no extra ticket purchase is needed.

July 14, 2008  Nikki Reporting for BBLB at T4 On The Beach

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_t4_on_beach.jpg

Nikki will be at T4 On The Beach this sunday 20th July reporting for Big Brothers Little Brother which will be shown on E4 Monday 21st July.