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July 14, 2008  Battle of the Sexes Part 2 - Nikki on the Trisha Goddard Show Friday 11 July

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The show starts with Nikki being asked who Wears the Trousers?
Nikki says she likes to be wined and dined and treated like a princess but not to the extent of being treated like royalty.She likes the small special things and touches, on a day to day basis.But she always pays her way on a first date. She says if a bloke pays, everything comes with a price. The audience agree with her. She would never put a bloke before her career."If its me or my job then they are on their bike".

On stage comes a young couple. The woman has spent some of their joint savings on getting a nose job without telling her boyfriend. He is upset that she had it done using money for their wedding. But even more upset she had it done in the first place. Nikki tells him he is insecure and should love his girlfriend no matter what she looks like.

Nikki is asked should men pay all the bills and take care of everything? Nikki says yes as she is hopeless at paying bills and her mum does it all for her..she just signs the cheques. She said a man should be responsible for getting the car's MOT done. Jeff said she was just a crank! Nikki asked what a crank was and the audience burst in to laughter. Eventually they both agreed that bills should be shared.

Nikki is asked if she likes her men to take care of themselves. Nikki doesn't like men who take it too far. She pointed out, much to Jeff's horror, that he had put make up on before the show. He quickly said he had removed it again. Then Nikki said she doesn't like men who use fake tan and pluck their eyebrows. She said Essex boys are the worst.

Next on stage was a Marilyn Monroe lookalike (who Nikki informed us later had been at the BB auditions in Manchester). She sat on Jeff's knee and had a bit of banter with him, saying girls liked to show off what they have and want to look glamorous all the time. She said to Nikki she looked lovely.

Next on stage came a male model called David. Nikki is asked how she judges her men. She said "If I see something I like I go out and get it!" Asked what she thought of David, Nikki said she didn't like men with facial hair but David was quick to reply he could shave it off.

After the break, Brian is introduced as the laziest man in Britain. He has been on a previous show. He sits in a chair all day watching telly while his wife does all the work. He is a big man though he informed Trisha he has lost weight after having a gastric band fitted. This sets Nikki off in to fits of laughter and the audience can't help but join in! Brian's wife comes on and tells how her husband is so lazy he doesn't even put out the bin or cut the grass. Brian seems to like Nikki and has a bit of banter with her. Nikki tells him he needs to sort himself out. She is horrified and has never seen anything like it before in her life!. Brian tells her to come and live with him for 6 weeks. At this point Nikki says she needs to take him round the back to sort him out and she is encouraged to by Trisha and the audience. He refuses to go unless Nikki holds his hand. Eventually she relents and he grabs her arm but she pulls away as they go towards the door with a look of disgust on her face.
She lets Brian go out first and as he does she holds her nose as if he is smelly.

After the break Brian and Nikki return to loud cheers, as Brian has had his hair and beard trimmed and is wearing a nice suit. He has a red rose for his wife and gives her a kiss. Nikki gives her a kiss as well. Trisha says well done Nikki! Then asks Nikki what advice she would give to Brian's wife. Nikki tells her to put her foot down. She can't believe she lets Brian get away with it. She should refuse to do any cooking and cleaning then he will have to do it himself. Brian asks Nikki what her ideal man is. Nikki says someone who pulls their weight round the house. At this point Trisha says she is sending someone round to Brian's house to sort him out and shows the audience and viewers a sergeant major. Brian asked "Are you sending round my friend Nikki?"

Once again Nikki was very professional and showed her aptitude at giving advice and handling her audience well.

July 13, 2008  Nikki on the Trisha Goddard Show Monday 14th July

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The first Battle of the Sexes Special will be repeated on the Trisha Goddard Show on Monday at 10:30 am on channel 5. See promo video here. So if you missed the first show you have another chance on monday.

A full writeup of Nikki's Battle of the Sexes Part 2 will be coming shortly. There will also be a 3rd Battle of The Sexes Special to look forward to.

July 10, 2008  Also in OK! Magazine this week

There is an Interview with Andy Scott-Lee about his marriage breakup, although she isn't mention in the text, Nikki is in three pics with Michelle, a soccer six team photo, stood between Michelle and Bianca Gascoigne on a nightout and there is another pic of Michelle and Ziggy, although Nikki isn't mentioned in the caption thats def her in the middle facing away from the camera, partly obscured!

July 10, 2008  Nikki's Hotstars Column in OK! Magazine

This week Nikki talks about:-

I'm really pleased that Cheryl and Ashley Cole's marriage seems to be working out....

I'm struggling to watch Big Brother without getting upset. Bex is turning nasty and she's always looking for an argument....

I was sad to see how upset Rhys Ifans has been since his split from Sienna Miller....

I was very sad to hear that Brooke Kinsella's 16-year-old brother, Ben, was stabbed to death. It must be absolutely awful for her and her family and I hope they are OK....

Famous by Sue Moxley Concealer. She's a make-up artist to the stars. I love the concealer because it makes my skin look fresh and flawless.

Last week I spent a couple of days at Champneys in Henlow for my mum's birthday. We had some lovey Spa treatments and I'd like to thank Lorraine for making it such a great celebration. I also took part in The Asics British 10K. London Run in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care, which was fun! At the weekend, I went to the O2 Wireless festival 2008 and the Men's finals at Wimbledon, so I've had a pretty busy week!

July 10, 2008  Nikki's Best BB Bits - OK! Magazine BB Column

This week in Nikki's OK! BB Column:

Rachel is not dull at all, she's just a caring lovely person....Thats what I need, a friend like her who will take care of me.

The zoo task was the best ever. Watching fishy water being thrown over Snobby Jen and loudmouth Rebecca couldn't have been any better...

Why do people hate Rex so much? I don't know what their problem is with him. Him and Mohammed are two of the nicest blokes you could wish to meet.... I want to get a free meal in his restaurant!

Dennis got in touch with me after he was kicked off and said he would love to be my friend....he was upset because he'd screwed up and couldn't be my pal.

Poor Kat got upset and big mouth Mario shouted: 'oh grow up, you big baby!' I hate him for that!I guarantee you, now Queen Bee Jen is out of the way, Mario is going to be the main stirrer alongside Luke....

Rebecca has lost the plot. Everyone is scared to open there mouths in front of her....She's going to be isolated now Jen has gone - but i think her and Luke will get even closer and even bitchier. Get them out!

Did you see what Lisa did to Kat's hair? I'd run a mile if Lisa tried to give me a makeover....What's she mean't to be a model for? Mitchelin?

I've got to say I'm hoping Stuart and Dale go straight for the new fit girls Maysoon and Sara. That will really serve Jen right....

July 8, 2008  Nikki in the life of BB housemate Rebbecca on BBLB

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See a full description of Nikki as Rebbecca for BBLB in the TV & Media Section here.

In this funny sketch for BBLB Nikki gets sent to Coventry to act out the life of housemate Rebbecca. Nikki starts out the day as Rebecca bopping to Hanson, kissing Becs mum goodbye and off to the Kindergarden, has fun with the kids, one child admits "she doesn't look like Miss Shiner". Off home Nikki aka Rebbeca goes out on the town with Becs friends. Each monday a different housemate will be featured on BBLB and hopefully it will be Nikki who gets the job to portray them in their lives before BB, fingers crossed.

Video added to video gallery here.


Nikki ran for Marie Curie Cancer Care in her first ever charity run. She set off with the rest of the 24,000 runners competing, and crossed the finishing line in the very fast time of 1 hour 14 minutes. Well done Nikki for running the race in such a fast time and for raising money for such a worthy cause.

July 7, 2008  Nikki on Trisha Goddard show - Battle of the Sexes Part 2

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Don't miss Nikki on the Trisha Goddard Show in part 2 of Battle of the Sexes on Friday 11th July on Channel 5 at 10:30am. Men of Britain - don't take women too seriously. Nikki with Jeff Brazier are special guests and are on hand to help. Click the link below to see the promo video on Trisha's website.

July 6, 2008  Nikki's OK! magzine Hotstars Column

I like new BB housemate Stuart, but I couldn't believe it when he said he hasn't trained for ages, He's all buff! I can't stand Mario, but he was right when he said that Stuart must have been working out. Even I went to the gym when I was in hiding for two weeks before going on the show!

I was really upset to hear that Matt Lucas and Kevin McGee have split up. I thought they made such a lovely couple...

It was good to see pictures of Cheryl and Ashley Cole on holiday together in Spain. Going away on their own is the best thing they could've done...

I'm really that pleased that Charlotte Church and Gavin Henson are having another baby. They are such a strong couple and she's really a good mum...

Spray tans! I've just had one done by my friend Abi, whose company, Beaubronz, do the most amazing tans...

I'm busy training for The Asics British 10K London Run in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care. It's on 6 July and you can sponsor me through my website. I've been going to the gym and working really hard, but I'll probably end up walking most of it!

July 6, 2008  Nikki's Big Brother Column this week

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Nikki speaks out on a rather explosive week in the BB house.
Summary below.


I'm so glad Dennis got removed for spitting at Mohammed. It is absolutely disgusting. I'd rather someone punched me than spit in my face. I would have to be hospitalized if somebody did that to me....


They should put Steph back in the house to cop off with Dale and knock snobby Jen off her pedestal. She was absolutely pathetic over that row about Rex and her silly picture, she used that to get everybody's attention She keeps harping on about how normal she is and how other people are after magazine deals...


How dare they all blame Mohammed for Dennis getting the boot! Nobody asks for that, no matter what they say, I'm really glad he stayed in the house. Everyone gives him such a hard time. I know he's a greedy guts but what's wrong with eating all the food? I used to do it...


Dear god, Mikey's comedy routine was absolutely disgusting. What he said about his guide dog and his girl friend! And washing his bits with the cup!. They should put him in a kennel...


I'd choose Dale over Stuart any day. I loved him in the task they did where they had to recreate the music video. He was by far the best one and he looked so hot in that cute indie outfit he had on. I don't fancy Stuart at all...


Darnell is annoying sometimes but his observations are spot on, especially of Luke. I don't like Luke one bit. He's a two-faced little creep. He loves stirring the pot and he's so rude to Becky. He's like a meddling old woman...


It's lovely these two have found each other, because let's face it no one else would have them. She actually managed to pick that great, big monster up this week. On her back! They belong in a circus - come and see the world's strongest man and woman...


Sylvia should have stayed in the house because she was the best stirrer. In the papers it said she's a spy who had a fling with Stuart but i believe Big Brother, they just met at the auditions. As much as I couldn't stand her and thought she was really sly and sneaky, she made brilliant TV. She made the show so good.

July 3, 2008  Closer Magazine this week

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Nikki is in this weeks issue of Closer Magazine, along with Charotte Mears and Imogen (BB7) she was testing (different) fake tans, Nikki said it took 15 mins to put hers on, she was worried that it would make her face orange, but she loved it and will def use it again.

Pictures from the same photo shoot but not used in the magazine can be viewed here.

June 30, 2008  Nikki's Sun Podcast

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Not one to hold back Nikki lets rip what she thinks of this years Housemates. The weekly SUN podcast has caught up with Nikki and Eugene this week. Nikki is on at 3 mins 55 secounds in.

Nikki Grahame chats to the us - listen to the Sun Podcast here.

June 27, 2008  Nikki Interviews Dustin Hoffman for BBLB

Nikki reporting for BBLB on the Red Carpet in Leicester Square for the film premier Kung Fu Panda. Nikki was at her best and tried to interview Jack Black who had been ushered around. Nikki was told she wasn't allowed to interview him, but Nikki made the most of the situation and created a funny moment making faces while he was being interviewed next to her. Nikki did get an interview with Dustin Hoffman who was far more approachable. And she asked him to shout "Cookie Power", Dustin not knowing the significance of it as he hasn't been watching this years Big Brother created a funny moment.

June 24, 2008  Nikki's BB OK Column this week

A brief summary of Nikki's thoughts on the HM's this week.


Alex ruined Mohamed's birthday by not leaving him alone over him dressing in women's clothes. Thinks Alex secretly fancied Mohamed, he's too nice a guy to be interested. Mikey is a strange person. He's blind, not a child. He's irritating. He plays up to it. But Mario is worse for constantly going on about Mikey's disability.

Thank goodness Alex is gone. She's scary, terrifying. She took things too far.

It would be good to see Luke and Becky get it together. Becky has gone up loads in Nikki's estimation. Was hilarious in karaoke task. They'd make a gorgeous couple.

Sylvia backed off from Alex last week but it's too late for her. She'd backed the wrong horse. Doesn't trust her, she's sneaky and bitchy. Dennis thinks he's going to be the next Brian Dowling. As if!. He was patethetic in karoake task, took it too seriously. But Nikki would go and see him in a West End show. Looks a good dancer.

Dale and Jen are so bland, the most boring couple in the history of reality TV. They look like extras out of Hollyoaks who have never been given a storyline. Dale is a boring man. Nikki would go out for a drink with him but would disappear to the toilet if he bored the back teeth of her.

Yuck! Makes Nikki feel sick thinking of Mario and Lisa getting fruity with each other. Behind the muscles Lisa's quite soppy and wet and Mario thinks he's fit.

It's great they've replaced Alex with someone so different. The girls and Dennis seemed happy with his arrival but the boys seemed less impressed. Nikki is hoping for this self confessed ladies man to cook up some mischief.

The Japan task was great but Nikki felt painting their faces white was politically incorrect. Nikki loved the outfits and the dresses - Nikki would have loved to have done something like that.

June 24, 2008  Nikki's OK column this week

In Nikki's OK column this week:

I'M LOVING THE BB TASKS. Nikki thinks the tasks in this year's BB are brilliant, although she thought the crisps task was disgusting and she would have refused to take part.

LOVING JOAN RIVERS. Nikki thought Joan Rivers was hilarious on Loose Women and it was wrong to throw Joan off aftewards.

AMY NEEDS A FEED. Nikki thinks it's really good that Amy Winehouse was taken to hospital last week after fainting as she'll be well looked after. Nikki says Amy should go to Champneys Spa as it's much better than rehab.

CONGRATULATIONS TO JAMELIA. Singer Jamelia recently married her footballer boyfriend Darren Byfield. They had a low key wedding and Nikki feels their relationship is probably more likely to last as there will be less pressure on them

I'M LOVING...Nikki loves The Nokia Green Room on T4, it's really funny.

NIKKI'S DIARY. Last week Nikki to an OK party to celebrate its ongoing worldwide success and she had a great time. She got caught trying to steal a bottle of vodka behind the bar but Nikki pretended she was looking for her friend! This week Nikki's really excited about going to see Radiohead, she's a massive fan. Nikki will also be going to Norwich to have a meeting with Beat, an eating disorder organisation, as Nikki's going to be working with them.

June 17, 2008  Nikki's OK Big Brother column

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A very short summary of what Nikki thinks of the housemates in her OK BB column this week:

EVIL ALEX TERRIFIES ME! Thinks Alex is terrifying and last year's Charley is a "walk in the park" compared to Alex. Alex is a bully and should've been removed for intimidating behaviour after the burned chips argument.

DENNIS IS A MENACE! After initially finding Dennis hilarious and wanting to be his friend, Nikki has now gone off Dennis. She's had her eyes opened to him. Nikki doesn't like him or Sylvia. A snake in the grass.

PUT THEM AWAY, BECKY! She shouldn't have got her boobs out and jumped in the pool, thinks she did it to be popular and win people over, but hopes she doesn't worry about it.

GET THE HELL OUT, KAT! Mikey is irritating, people are scared to criticise him cos he's blind, he's irritating and needs to be told. And Mario needs to stop treating him like a baby. Darnell is also irritating and Nikki could beat him in an arm wrestle. But Kat is the most irritating out the lot. She says "hirarious" but Nikki feels it's all an act, she's playing on it. Mikey and Kat are on Nikki's Get The Hell Out! list.

I FANCY DALE! Jennifer thinks she's so prim and proper and is old before her time. And Nikki fancies Dale!

MARIO THE MEATBALL. Thinks Mario is revolting. Made Nikki feel sick watching Mario and Lisa getting sexy in the Diary Room. Mario is immature and screaming to be young. He looks like a greasy big lump of meatball. It was sick the way he and Lisa slobbered on each other.

June 17, 2008  Nikki's OK column this week

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In Nikki's OK column this week:

Sad About Sharon! Nikki didn't want Sharon Osbourne to leave The X Factor ("she's like the mum of the show") but thinks it's great that Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Cole has replaced her. As she appeared on Popstars:The Rivals she's in a good position to give advice.

Loving Big Brother. Nikki thinks this year's BB is going to be a lot better than last year's.

Never Phone and Drive. Jordan was fined £200 for using her mobile whilst driving - something Nikki learned the hard way when she crashed her car while using her mobile, car literally turned upside down and Nikki had to go to hospital. Nikki always uses her phone on hands-free now

I Feel Sorry for Fern. Nikki feels sorry for This Morning host Fern Britton, who missed a few of the shows during the gastric band controversy and feels Fern is probably embarrassed about it. Nikki loves Fern!

Nikki's Loving...the new keyrings from Vodafone that have satellite navigation and plug into your phone. She bought one for her dad for Father's Day.

Nikki's Diary. Last week Nikki filmed a new BBC show called Scene Stealer with her friend Ebony. They appeared as judges with the presenter Geoff Leach. And this week Nikki's off to see the musical Wicked and to buy some new clothes as she's bored of her ones!

June 14, 2008  Nikki runing in this years British 10K run to support Marie Curie Cancer Care

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Nikki will be running in this years British 10K run to support Marie Curie Cancer Care. This year the run has attracted more celebrity support for their cause.

2008 ASICS BRITISH 10K LONDON RUN The date confirmed to be Sunday 6th July!
If anyone would like to sponsor Nikki they can at All your donations will be so appreciated and going to such a great cause.

About Marie Curie Cancer Care

Marie Curie Cancer Care provides high quality nursing totally free, to give terminally ill people the choice of dying at home supported by their families. Your local Marie Curie Hospice actively promotes quality of life for people with cancer and provides support for their families. The services are completely free to patients. World class scientists at the Marie Curie Research Institute are investigating how cancer develops to find better ways of treating the disease in the future.
Charity Registration No 207994 (England & Wales) and SCO 38731 (Scotland)

June 10, 2008  Nikki's new OK BB column

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Nikki's new BB column in OK started this week - so that's 2 columns in OK Nikki has running in tandem.

It's a 2 page spread in OK and features a cool new photo of Nikki dressed Inspector Clouseu-like in mac and hat looking startled, reading her column. And - just like Nikki's BB column last year - she doesn't hold back in what she thinks of everyone! Here goes! This is a very brief summary of what Nikki thinks of each BB9 HM:

JENNIFER. Personality dead. Up herself. Doesn't like her.
DALE. The fittest guy. But deadly dull.
STEPHANIE. Stephanie loves herself. She's okay but has a chip on her shoulder about not getting into Girls Aloud.
KATHREYA. Nikki loves her. Thinks people will like her. Hope's she doesn't start to get boring. Could become irritating. But Nikki thinks she's funny.
DARNELL. A wanabee gangster. Wouldn't get on with him in the house. Could definitely beat him in a punch up!
ALEXANDRA. Launch night dress looked like her granny's curtains. Doubt she'll last long. Public and HM's will hate her.
LISA & MARIO. Likes Lisa. Seems a nice person. Might get jealous over Mario and his relationship with the other girls. Mario's a decent bloke. But he's trying to be young.
MIKEY. Can't believe he's a fave to win. May cause HM's to lose a lot of tasks if anything like an obstacle course.
REX. Not good looking. Needs to get over himself. Has a big ego.
LUKE. Really sweet. Irritating voice. He's got a nice way. May be a good house mediator.
MOHAMED. Seems fun. Not made much of an impact. Won't find romance in house - unless it's with Kathreya!
REBECCA. Quite fun. Won't win but good for some laughs.
SYLVIA. Will not tolerate Jennifer and Stephanie's ways. A bit like Charley Uchea. Catfights!
RACHEL. Loves Rachel. Pretty, intelligent but not full of herself. Would get on with her in the house. Hopes she makes it to the end. Wants to meet her.
DENNIS. Nikki's favourite. Wants him to win. Loves him and wants to be his friend. He spotted Nikki on launch night & screamed her name. Launch night outfit looked amazing. He's full on but a good fun guy.

June 10, 2008  Nikki's OK column this week

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In Nikki's OK column this week Nikki talks about:

Lily's Shame. Nikki was shocked to see pics this week of a drunken Lily Allen being carried at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards. Nikki doesn't like Lily's pink hair and thinks Lily should stay the way she was when she first arrived into the limelight.

I can't wait to see Sex and the City! Nikki is looking forward to seeing the movie this weekend, although she wasn't an avid follower of the tv series.

Fern's let herself down. Nikki couldn't believe that Good Morning TV presenter Fern Britton's drastic weight loss was due to her secretly having had a gastric band fitted. Nikki feels it's nothing to be ashamed off but she owed it to her fans to come clean about it but Fern looks great and that's what counts.

Cheryl's looking skinny. Nikki says the Girls Aloud singer has lost too much weight since her marriage troubles, it's frightening and she needs to put some weight on soon.

Nikki's loving...Radiohead's Best Of album

Nikki's Diary. Nikki has been out with BB8's Sam and Amanda and has been glued to the telly watching the new BB9 series.This week Nikki's going to watch her sister Natalie's annual showcase at her Uni, she's doing an MA in writing for broadcast. Then Nikki will be taking her mum to Claridges and doing a ghost tour around London.