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March 4, 2008  Nikki in the mags this week

In Nikki's OK column this week: Nikki talks about the end of the Spice Girls tour, Chantelle Houghton's new boyfriend, Big Brother 8's Charley being held at gunpoint and Paris Hilton's new boyfriend.

In Nikki's diary: Nikki's had a fun packed few days: firstly Nikki and her best friend Carly broke down on the M25 motorway and had to wait 4hrs to be rescued, Nikki took her mum to Champneys Spa as a Mothers Day treat and Nikki was in Faces nightclub after Tottenham Hotspurs won the Carling Cup Final - and she's most definitely not a fan of Spurs footballer Jonathan Woodgate, who Nikki says is the rudest man ever!

March 2, 2008  Nikki's Mothers Day Message

Nikki and Sue picI just wanted to wish Mums all over the world a very happy Mothers Day and hope you will all be spoiled rotten!

I am looking forward to spoiling my own wonderful special Mum as she deserves it so much and is always there for me. She is also my best friend ever!

May I also take time out to thank my many friends, fans and supporters for always being there as well.

And look after your mum as they are all so very special.

Love you all from Nikki xxx

February 26, 2008  Nikki in the mags this week

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_nikki_mum_closer2.jpg

CLOSER - There's a very touching interview in this week's Mother Day's Closer magazine issue with Nikki and her mum Sue. Sue on Nikki: "I think our bond is so strong because every day I realise how lucky I am to have Nikki. I nearly lost her three times, she was that close to death". Nikki tells how much she loves to spoil her mum, how reliant she is on her and how much she couldn't cope without her. It's clear Nikki's devoted to her mum: "She does so much for me, she's the best mum in the world. I honestly want to die before she does, I couldn't cope without her - I'd have a mental breakdown".

February 26, 2008  Nikki in the mags this week

OK - Nikki's column. In this week's column Nikki talks about: attending the baby shower of ex Atomic Kitten singer Kerry Katona, how she's not surprised at I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here Cerys Matthews and Marc Bannerman's split, ex Friends star Courtney Cox's dramatic weight loss and how much she loves Kate Moss' style.

In Nikki's Diary: Nikki attended a couple of the pre-Brits parties and she's going to see The Phantom of the Opera with her mum. And Nikki congratulates Keileigh Gough, from Liverpool, who won the gorgeous gold ring at the Variety Club's auction at - which, by the way, you can still make bids for some great prizes.

In other parts of OK Nikki is featured in a photo shoot for Kerry Katona's baby shower.

February 19, 2008  Nikki in the mags this week

Nikki's OK column this week: Nikki talks about how much she loves Amy Winehouse, was so pleased she won her Grammy's and hopes she's on the road to recovery. Nikki also loves Lily Allen's new BBC chat show and thought Lily did a really good job at presenting. Nikki's also looking forward to the Brit Awards in London this week and wants either Arctic Monkeys or Kaiser Chiefs to win Best British Band.

In Nikki's Diary: Nikki talks about how she met Denise van Outen at the Pretty Polly Awards and how lovely she is. Nikki also mentions the photo shoot she's doing with her mum this week. And, hopefully, Nikki will be at one of the after show Brits parties too.

February 19, 2008  Closer Magazine next Tuesday

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_christmas_mag_pic.jpg

Watch out for Nikki and her mum in a mothers day photoshoot in Closer Magazine next tuesday.

February 12, 2008  Nikki in the mags this week

OK - in Nikki's OK column this week she talks about: Jordan's boob and nose jobs, Britney's release from hospital, ex Atomic Kitten Kerry Katona's forthcoming MTV reality show and David & Victoria Beckham rumoured to be adopting a baby girl from Africa.

In Nikki's diary: Nikki has joined a cheerleading group called The Babettes, she's always wanted to do that and it's a great way of staying fit. Nikki went to Andy Scott Lee's single launch last week, she'll be spending Valentine's Day with her girlfriends and hopes to get some cards and flowers and Nikki's mum is back from Australia this Friday and Nikki can't wait to see her

February 5, 2008  Nikki in the mags this week

In Nikki's OK column this week, she discusses: how Chantelle is morphing into Jordan, footballer Ashley Cole's alleged cheating on his wife, Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Cole, Brad & Angelina rumoured to be expecting twins and is glad that John won BB Celebrity Hijaker.

In Nikki's Diary: she's attending Andy Scott Lee's single launch next week and is going to The Perfume Shop's Nose of the Year Award this Thursday. Oh, and Nikki auditioned for the role of Nancy in Oliver!

January 29, 2008  Nikki in the mags this week

OK - In Nikki's OK column this week she talks about Heath Ledger's tragic early death, Brian & Amanda's (from BB8) split, Amy Winehouse's continued drug problem and ex Atomic Kitten singer Kerry Katona expecting her baby boy.

In her Diary section she mentions her appearance on last week's Big Brother Little Brother and she's excited about the Variety Club's online auction which has some amazing prizes from celebs and designers, bidding starts from Friday - but Nikki wants the Jimmy Choos for her!

Love It - a 2 page interview with Nikki about her Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), "My fear of germs is ruling my Life", and she's also on the cover. It's a very moving interview in which Nikki goes into great detail about what impact her OCD has on her life. There is also a new photo to go with this - Nikki looking extremely lovely in shorts and vest top.

January 22, 2008  Nikki in the mags this week

Nikki's OK column this week: Nikki talks about Tom Cruise's Scientology speech, Britney Spears losing custody of her children , Jodie Marsh and the names of Nicole Richie and Christina Aguilera's new babies.

Nikki is also loving Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack and she's been out on the town with her mates. Nikki also mentions she's done a magazine photo shoot.

January 20, 2008  Nikki Speaks Out.

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_nikki_speaks_out.jpg

Nikki gives her opinion on the Big Brother Celebrity Hijackers in the latest E4 video's. You can watch the video on the E4 website site.

Nikki Speaks Out

January 16, 2008  Nikki in the mags this week

In Nikki's OK Column this week, Nikki talks about loving Big Brother Celebrity Hijack, Britney's breakdown, Jordan's surgery and Nicole Kidman's pregnancy.

Nikki also mentions she's been hitting the sales and she went to see the musical Hairspray which she thought was great.

January 14, 2008  Nikki's Website Launch

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_16.jpg

Nikki Grahame today celebrates the launch of her new website (changed to Sept 2010). The main purpose of the website is to present her TV Media experience and to take an active role in securing further work and seek new opportunities to further her career. Nikki is very optimistic about the website and while the site is targeted to TV and Media there will still be plenty for her supporters and fans to see on the site. Nikki loves her supporters and is on MySpace so why not go and be her friend.

Nikki looks forward to 2008 and what that may bring in the way of work and new opportunities and is very positive about her continued success.

January 8, 2008  Nikki in the mags this week

Nikki's OK Column, Nikki talks about Kylie's OBE, Britney, Paris and others, and the launch of her new website.

In other parts of the mag Nikki talks about her reading with Psychic Sally Morgan

January 3, 2008  In the mags this week

In OK! magazine our Columnist gives her very own round-up of the celebrity highs and lows from the past year.

New Magazine Nikki there is a picture of Nikki at Danielle Lloyds Birthday Party.

Closer magazine there are pictures of Nikki in the end of year round up.

December 24, 2007  NOW Magazine

In NOW a survey of various party girls rated out of 5, D lloyd 3/5, Msl 5/5 and Nikki Grahame 5/5.

December 18, 2007  OK! Magazine Iss. 601

Nikki's Celebrity Column in OK Hot Stars, in other sections of the mag Nikki featured in the Big Brother Office Christmas Party.

December 13, 2007  Nikki at the OK! Magazine Christmas Party,

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_elf2.jpg

Nikki looks adorable in her green Elf Costume at the OK! Magazine Christmas Party. Nikki really gets into the spirit of the event with her outfit. The party was held on December 13, 2007 at The Surya Centre Health Spa in London, England.