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April 21, 2012  Nikki Grahame, about her new book Fragile

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Hi everyone,

For all of those anticipating the re launch of 'Fragile' it will be on the shelves in WHSmiths on the 10th May which is very exciting! It is also available now online at Amazon.

Just to let you know 'Fragile' is an extension of 'Dying to be Thin' so it has been updated to include what I've been up to since the last launch.

I have also removed sections that I was not happy with and that are no longer relevant. I felt it was important that I did this as so much has happened over these last few years. And I wanted to share it with you all and continue to be honest and open about my ongoing battle with anorexia and personal life.

Anyway I hope you all enjoy, catch you soon.

x nikki x

April 10, 2012  Nikki Grahame is in HEAT magazine this week

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Nikki talks exclusively to HEAT magazine this week about her anorexia relapse. Having to work out 2 times a day and only taking in 1200 calories. Nikki was on the road to recovery after attending regular body awareness sessions at a clinic. However she has now confessed that she is once again obsessively exercising and dieting.

Nikki has also admitted that her low weight makes her miserable, and that she fears she'll struggle with her body issues for the rest of her life.

"When I allow myself to get below 40kg (6st 4lb), I'll always be unhappy because my brain is starved. I've just got to stay above that weight." Continues Nikki, "It's something I will battle all of my life, but I want more than anything to get it under control." Read more at HEATWORLD.

Nikki came to Australia with her mother on Australia Day and stayed through February. She enjoyed her stay with visits to Taronga Park Zoo (see picture), Bondi Beach, Manly, Sydney Aquarium and around Darling Harbour. The weather wasn't that kind to her in Sydney which was being affected by the La Nina event (Pacific Oscillation) bringing a lot of rain. But she stayed on in Melbourne for another two weeks and enjoyed the sunshine there, visiting the Neighbors TV set and travelling The Great Ocean Road. Nikki seemed happy enough but she struggled with diet and the need for exercise and made regular visits to the gym even on holiday.

Nikki I am glad you are seeking help to overcome your issues with dieting and exercise. I just want you to know I am right behind and support you 100%. You also have lots of fans who love you, and you continue to inspire many suffers that read your book. You can overcome this Nikki as you have done before, just want you to be happy. Look forward to next time you and you mum come back to Australia.

Des xx

February 4, 2012  Nikki Grahame with Body Gossip on Goks Teens: The Naked Truth

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Nikki will appear as part of Body Gossip in Gok's Teen's: The Naked Truth a 3 part series which airs on C4 at 8pm on 7th February. Gok Wan offers advice on problems faced by teenagers. This edition focus's on body dysmorphia, a preoccupation with physical appearance and also features Body Gossip a body confidence organisational Nikki supports.

For Brianna's story in full, as shown on Channel 4 in Gok Wan's 'Gok's Teens: The Naked Truth'. Visit the Body Gossip Youtube Channel here.

Body Gossip segment on Gok's Teens: The Naked Truth

February 4, 2012  Nikki Grahame on Celebrity Coach Trip

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Nikki was on Celebrity Coach Trip which aired on C4, Monday 16th January to 18th January 2012. Nikki teamed up with fellow BB7 housemate Aisleyne Horgan Wallace and competed in Frisbee, football, judo, dressing up as clowns and cake making.

Nikki and Aislyene started with a lot of enthusiasm but never really clicked with the older contestants. In particular the team of Paul Burill and so called etiquette expert Jean Broke-Smith. Who were very snobbish towards the girls especially about putting on their making on the coach. Since they were getting up at 6am each morning to save time the girls applied their makeup first thing on the coach each morning which is quite normal if you have a hectic schedule.

Nikki was interviewed by Heat World (see full interview here) and when asked - What was your favourite destination that you visited on the coach?

Nikki: "Oh Croatia was a beautiful little place", but that was the day I quit. We were going to make a cake and I was really enjoying making this cake, but the snob Jeannie [TV etiquette expert Jean Broke-Smith' class='pinkheading_small'> was rolling her eyes because we were taking too long and they were all moaning that we'd gone first and were taking too long – that's when I snapped, and I went, "I'm sorry, is there a problem?!" And I just turned round and confronted the entire lot of them and I said "I have had enough of you lot, the past three days turning your noses up at us, who do you think you are?!" They all just started back at me and I just lost it and went mental.

Nikki and Aislyene in Celebrity Coach Trip

(Highlight video's episode 2 not up yet but will be in the next few days, come back soon).

January 13, 2012  Nikki Grahame to appear on Celebrity Coach Trip

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_200_nikk_aisleyne_celebrity_coach_trip1.jpg

Nikki will be on Celebrity Coach Trip on C4, Monday 16th January 2012 at 5pm. Nikki teams up with fellow BB7 housemate Aisleyne to compete in Frisbee, survival skills, mini golf, judo and chariot racing competitions. So why not tune in on monday to see how Nikki and Aisleyne get on in the Celebrity series of this popular reality show.

Don't forget to catch Nikki tonight on Celebrity Coach Trip Wednesday 18th January C4 at 5pm.

November 14, 2011  Nikki Grahame at the Big Brother Final

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Nikki was at the Big Brother's Bit on the Side after-party in a large tent along with family and friends of the housemates and the programme's regular guests and presenters. She looked great with her 40's hairstyle and was clearly having a good time.

The winner and housemates were still in the BBBOTS studio but able to be questioned - Nikki asked Aaron if he had more tantrums than his son - Aaron said he probably did!! Only Nikki could have asked that question!!

So that's Big Brother over for another year. Nikki's regular slot on the show as the BB "psychologist" has been one of the highlights. Let's hope we get to see her next year.

The clip with Nikki is pretty short but if you want to watch it you can do so on Demand 5 at 31.56 here

November 10, 2011  Nikki Grahame on Big Brother's Bit on the Side 9th November

Nikki Grahame picture - 3_200_bbbots 911.jpg

This week's programme came from inside the garden. Nikki, well wrapped up against the cold, was on the panel along with Alice Levine, Jamie East and Kate Walsh. The housemates were still inside the house but were able to listen to, and talk to, the audience and the panel.

When the panellists had to ask a question of one of the housemates, Nikki asked Tom who was the better kisser, Alex or Aaron!!

She was asked which couple she preferred (it was Tom and Alex), who she'd like to see back in the house (Tashie) and how this years show compared to her years - she thought they'd had an easy time of it with too many treats. Nikki was great, it was a good show, and something a bit different.

If you missed the show you can see it here on demand channel 5

November 10, 2011  Nikki Grahame to appear as the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella

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Nikki will be appearing as the Fairy Godmother at Theatr Stiwt's production of Cinderella in Rhos, Nr Wrexham.

In an article for "Welsh Icons" Rebecca Griffiths, the manager of the Stiwt, says she is "delighted" that Nikki is joining the cast and the panto will have "that extra wow factor with rich costumes, wonderful choreography and a few added little twists to the tale".

Nikki was supposed to be going on holiday to Australia on Christmas Day but postponed the trip when she was invited to take part in the panto saying "How could I turn down the chance to play the Fairy Godmother? No girl would possibly say no to wearing a beautiful gown and waving a magic wand! I love panto and can't wait to get started with rehearsals ..... A good pantomime really makes Christmas special and Cinderella is definitely the best story of them all. I am so excited about being involved."

Read the complete article here

The show starts on December 13th until January 2nd.
For ticket information call the Box Office on 01978 841300 or visit the theatre website

November 10, 2011  Nikki Grahame on RTE Ireland's The Daily Show

Nikki Grahame picture - 3_200_3_Ireland FM.jpg

Nikki was once again in Ireland and appeared on the panel for RTE's The Daily Show discussing various issues and then, along with her mother, was interviewed about her life long struggle with anorexia. As usual, Nikki was very honest and open about her problems and said, once again, how she hoped that her openess would help fellow sufferers.

October 27, 2011  Nikki Grahame on Big Brother Bit on the Side 26th October

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_200_nikki_grahame_bbbots_26_oct_11.jpg

Nikki was once again appearing on BBBOTS in her role as BB psychologist; this time with Emma, interviewing Jem who had just left the house. Nikki and Jem discussed how you feel when you leave the BB house and then Jem was shown an ink blot picture which was clearly a picture of Aaron - Jem saw this immediately but Nikki, with a very innocent face, said she saw a butterfly!

Nikki admitted that she had warmed to Jem the longer she was in the house as she saw the caring side of her towards her sister and she liked it when Jem was being fun.

After a little more discussion about Jem's time in the house the segment ended with a comment about Jem's professional wrestling name - Inferno. Nikki said this showed the fiery side of her nature - she said her name would be mischief. Her expression as she said this was priceless - Nikki at her most mischievous!!

Nikki Grahame Big Brother Psychologist 26th October 2011

October 26, 2011  Nikki Grahame Interview in HEAT magazine

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_350_nikki_grahame_heat_mag_26_10_11.jpg

Nikki recorded this interview with HEAT magazine about her continued battle with anorexia. She has had a relapse but is seeking the right help.

Nikki's Interview with HEAT:-

After ten year, it breaks our hearts to report that Nikki Grahame'a anorexia has returned. After her first day back at an eating disorder clinic, heat sat down with Nikki for a frank and, at times, extremely difficult chat...

Nikki, we're so sorry. We thought these days were behind you.

They were. But I had a bunion removed in January and because I couldn't exercise for three months I started to panic that I'd get fat. So I cut my food down by half. Then as soon as I could, I started exercising to a ridiculous degree - but without increasing the food. I have this phobia of having more then 400 calories at any one time. I can't allow myself to sleep if I don't feel I've done enough exercise. I don't sit down for two hours after I've eaten.

Do you feel like you've lost control?

(looks very sad.) I feel like a bit of a failure. I've written my book and said thet I've beaten this illness, but now it's completely controlling me. I have to know where and when I'll be eating, at least two day's in advance, so I can gear myself up mentally. It just completely controls everything.

Your life doesn't sound happy...

I'm tormented. All I think about is this regimented schedule.

Is that why you've checked yourself into a clinic?

Yes, I go ro a clinic every day, from 10am till 4pm.

What happense in the clinic?

You have groups, like a self-esteem group, a relapse-prevention group, an art group, a body-awareness group...

And you have to eat what they tell you when you're there?

Yes, Yesterday I had to eat macaroni cheese. They supervise you so you can't throw up, and it scares the shit out of me. I'm going to stay there for a couple of weeks, then go back to my therapy once a week.

You've mentioned that you hear a voice in your head. Can you describe that voice?

It's just guilt. It's constantly reminding you that you don't deserve to be there. You're insignificant to everyone else. Unbelieveable self-loathing. I did have thoughts of harming myself when I heard a friend slag me off recently, because that just justifies how I feel about myself.

Why have you spoken about this today?

Talking about it is part of my counselling. I want to continue to be honest, because I've been an inspiration to people suffering out there and I've been inundated with e-mails.

What would be your advice to someone who is feeling the same way as you?

It's OK to ask for help. You deserve it as much as anyone else. There is a life out there and there's no point in wasting any more time on that voice inside your head. I'll get there. I just need to be steered in the right direction.


Nikki your not a failure and many people have drawn inspiration from your book. No one has done more to get the awareness of anorexia out to the public, you have worked so hard. Please don't feel bad about yourself, you have done the right thing getting help. We all love you and know you will bounce back.


For information or to seek help with anorexia then visit BEAT at

October 24, 2011  Nikki Grahame in HEAT magazine this week, and upcoming events

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_200_nikki_grahame_bbbots_28_9_11.jpg

Nikki will be in HEAT magazine this week, Nikki once again is battling her anorexia but has checked herself into an anorexia day clinic where she is getting help, you can read her story in HEAT magazine, or Heatworld online here.

Nikki will also be on Big Brothers Little Brother on 5* Wednesday night at 11pm. Nikki is on every Wednesday as the resident amatuer pyschologist analysing the Big Brother housemates and giving her take on the show.

Nikki in Panto this Christmas
Once again Nikki is doing Panto this time in Wrexham's Theatr Stiwt with Andy Scott Lee and Alison Crawford as Cinderella, dates and times here. Nikki will be playing the Fairy Godmother and she is looking forward to it. Will post all the dates and times of the performances when they are announced.

Nikki PA at new Hena Salon
Nikki will open the new Hena Saloon at Mill Hill on Tuesday 1st December, check their website for more details when posted. If you would like to meet Nikki why not go along. Nikki will also be giving a talk at this event.

October 20, 2011  Nikki Grahame on Big Brother Bit on the Side 19th October

Nikki Grahame picture - 3_200_BBOTS 1910.jpg

Nikki was once again in her white coat in the studio talking about all the latest goings-on in the house. She was asked about the film premiere of Paranormal Activity which was held outside the house. Nikki enjoyed the film, going into the house for the 5th time (!!) and meeting the housemates who were there. She said Tom was her favourite housemate because he was so sweet.

Emma asked her about how she thought the housemates were feeling in the house: how they coped with having the cameras on them all the time, their feelings of paranoia, how they would all feel when the "ghosts" returned to the house etc.

This inevitably brought back some comparisons and reminiscences about BB7: Nikki said she hadn't been worried about the cameras because she'd been too concerned about the aircon and she also talked a little about how she'd felt when Aisleyne returned to the house.

The audience were great this week: there were shouts of "Who is She" when she was introduced and a lot of laughter.

It was a great episode so if you didn't catch it - do so here.

Nikki Grahame Big Brother Psychologist 19th October 2011

Exclusive red carpet and the world premiere of Paranormal Activity 3 talking to Nikki and other the celebs - video available on the C5 BB website here.

October 18, 2011  Nikki Grahame is on the panel on Big Brothers Bit on the side 18th October

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_200_nikki_grahame_bbbots_panel_18_oct_2011.jpg

Nikki is on the panel with evictee Maisy James and celebrity James Holmes and Holy Moly reporter Jamie East. Nikki being introduced and entering by the staircase as the special guest.

Nikki doesn't like Aaron and refers to Anton as a poor man's Victor. Comparing Anton as a villan to Victor Ebuwa from BB5, who Nikki got on very well and became friends with on Ultimate Big Brother.

Nikki also tells us about when she was on BB7 everyone could hear the housemates in the secret house and nothing much would of changed for the latest twist with Anton and Jay entering a secret house as grim reapers. What is this new twist? I guess we will have to wait and see.

Watch the video below for Nikki on Big Brothers bit on the side.

Nikki Grahame on Big Brother Bit on the side 18th October 2011

October 13, 2011  Nikki Grahame on Big Bother Bit on the side 12th October

Nikki Grahame picture - 3_200_BBOTS 1210.jpg

A psychological tutorial on body language by Nikki.

Nikki once again donned her white coat to offer Jamie some insights into human behaviour - though she was a bit surprised to see him in a nappy!! In a very funny VT Nikki explained to Jamie how people make their first impressions, how men and women act when they're flirting and how to spot when someone is lying.

Good to see all Nikki's psychology studying is being put to good use!!

Nikki Grahame Big Brother Psychologist 12th October 2011

October 6, 2011  Nikki Grahame on Big Brother Bit on the side 5th October 2011

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_200_nikki_grahame_bbbots_5_10_11.jpg

Nikki as Big Brother's Psychologist was called upon to give her analysis on Mark who walked from the Big Brother house earlier in the day. A difficult challenge as Mark wasn't being all that co-operative.

Nikki and Mark sat at either end of the table and after Emma did the introduction's with Mastermind music, Mark asked "is this a game show"? Nikki quickly reminded him that the game show ended for him when walked earlier that morning.

Nikki used ink blot techniques on Mark and her analysis on it was that he needs to be sectioned. Another funny moment occurred when Mark talked about his penis being small - Nikki asked him to get it out as she couldn't give an opinion without seeing it lol. Watch the video below.

Nikki Grahame Big Brother Psychologist 5th October 2011

Nikki was also on the Big Brother Special Celebrity Impossible - Voodoo Dolls on C5 at the same time. Brian Dowling and Josie Gibson take on Philip Escoffey in sticking pins in three voodoo dolls with the heads of Nikki, Rex and Kinga. On the other side of a curtain sit the real ex-housemates, who place pins in their own doll drawings.

Nikki Grahame in Celebrity Impossible - Voodoo Dolls 5th October 2011

September 29, 2011  Nikki Grahame on Big Brothers Bit on the Side 28th September

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_200_nikki_grahame_bbbots_28_9_11.jpg

Nikki appeared on Big Brothers Bit on the Side last night in her roll as the shows resident amateur psychologist. Nikki has a new book from the library on Gorilla Psychology, about how primates relate to humans. Nikki quotes from the book to explain how the housemates are displaying Gorilla behaviour.

Watch the video below for Nikki's weekly comical psychologist view on the BB house and how they are relating to Gorilla's. And listen to Nikki's views on the show and the housemates.

Nikki Grahame Big Brother Psychologist 28th September 2011

September 27, 2011  Nikki's Website Blog

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_200_nikki_grahame_blog_pic.jpg

Hi guys hope you are all enjoying the new big brother? I'm addicted as always and really loving my new role as the "In House Psychologist"!

As you are all probably aware I am involved in "Body Gossip" and earlier this year we filmed with Gok Wan for his new TV show which will be on very soon, I will give you all the details when I know!

Also the "Body Gossip" book is due to come out which is very exciting.

I also filmed Celebrity Coach Trip in July which I have to be honest was not a very pleasant experience but I can't say too much about it! You will see it all I'm sure ;-) I will let you know when it will be on, but it should be end of this year or beginning of next year.

And lastly I have just booked a lovely holiday to Austrailia with my mum, and cannot wait!! I will take lots of pictures for you all.

Anyway thanks for all your continual support and speak very soon.

x nikki x

September 22, 2011  Nikki Grahame on Big Brother's Bit on the Side

Nikki Grahame picture - _200_BBBOTS213.jpg

Nikki was once again the "psychologist of sorts" on BBBOTS. This time she had with her, not only her books, but a microscope, complete with brain sample - apparently!!

Nikki was asked to comment on the 2 nominated housemates; Heaven and Rebeckah. Last week Nikki said she liked Rebeckah but this week she's definitely changed her mind and "can't stand her". She does like Heaven (who describes herself as a holistic healer) however, and would be happy to be in the house with her so that she could be "healed", although she admitted Heaven would have her work cut out! There were further opinions about other female housemates and, as ever, they were typically Nikki and very entertaining.

Nikki Grahame Big Brother Psychologist 21st September 2011

September 14, 2011  Nikki Grahame on Big Brothers Bit on the Side

Nikki Grahame picture - _200_BBOTS 4.jpg

Nikki was once again the BB "House Psychologist of Sorts" resplendent in white coat, stethoscope and carrying heavy medical and psychological tomes!!

She was asked for her opinion on the housemates and, not surprisingly, she wasn't afraid to be honest. She spoke about what its like to nominate and which housemates are annoying her at the moment. Apparently these are the ones who kept saying they were "normal". In Nikki's opinion no-one who goes on Big Brother is "normal" although - as she pointed out - now she's become a "psycholgist" she's managed to turn her life around!! It was an excellent part of the show and Nikki was her usual entertaining and funny self.

Nikki Grahame Big Brother Psychologist 14th September 2011