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September 15, 2010   Nikki's Hotstars Column in OK! Magazine - issue 743

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_150_HotStarsUBB1-743.jpg

This weeks column is a look back over Nikki's time in Ultimate Big Brother.

I'm sure you're all aware that I have been in the Ultimate Big Brother House! By the time you read this it will all be over and the BB house will have closed its doors forever. It's certainly been memorable.

I'm sad my Big Brother experience is over. This time round on UBB and when I entered the BB house for the first time in 2006 it has brought so many happy times. I've been a huge fan of the show and feel truly honoured to have been part of it. I will keep the wonderful memories it has left with me for ever.

The only thing I found hard in the house again was having to sleep in the bedroom with 3 very loud snorers! Victor was the loudest and unfortunately he was sleeping right next to me. I'm afraid that earplugs just didn't work!

I loved the retrospective task where some of my favourite housemates from past years came back into the house, such as Pete, Glyn and the beautiful Samanda twins. It brought back so many fond, happy memories and it was so lovely to see Pete again. I'm so happy we are friends now as we really did share a very special magical experience together.

NIKKI'S CHOSEN BEST BITS were, the typewriter that made her cry, Nikki becoming a PA, scary Mr Snuggles, being a guest on the Vanessa show, and choreographing the majorettes task.

STAR magazine also featured Big Brother with an account of the UBB final and a feature on BB's most memorable moments: these included Nikki's diary room rant "Who Is She which they say "unintentionally sparked a nationwide catchphrase."

Nikki's aircon rant was their number 1 in their top 5 moments in BB7

September 13, 2010  Nikki Grahame on Live from Studio Five today

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Nikki was interviewed by Kate Walsh and Jayne Middlemiss about her time on Ultimate Big Brother on "Live from Studio Five", - Channel Five 6.25pm-7.00pm.

Introduced as "adorable, fiery and feisty," and looking as lovely as ever, Nikki said she was honoured to be on UBB and was shocked to be asked, given the big names that were going to be in there, but that as soon as she was asked she didn't hesitate as it was such a special thing to be in the last BB ever. She said she felt at home in the house and it was like a holiday but she missed her BB7 housemates and was so happy when Glyn, and then Pete, came into the house. She was asked about her relationship with Pete and said that they were good friends now.

They also asked her about her friendship with Vanessa and Nikki explained how overjoyed she was to see Vanessa come in because it was like having a friend from home come into the house. They'd met a couple of years ago on a TV show and had kept in touch and Vanessa had been to her book launch. In the house she saw Vanessa as a sort of mother figure and it was because Vanessa knew her history, and was a genuinely caring person, that it was easy to open up to her about her anorexia.

They also mentioned Nikki being close to Nick, and Nikki said how much she was looking forward to meeting him, Victor and Vanessa at the wrap party tonight. Watch out for photos!!

The interviewers also commented on how Nikki had changed since BB7 having witnessed far fewer tantrums. Nikki explained that she'd watched footage of herself in BB7 and been embarrassed and decided that she really needed to "keep a lid" on things this time round and, even though she admitted she'd had to bite her tongue a few times, she said she felt pretty proud of how she'd behaved.
And so she should be.

September 12, 2010  Nikki Grahame's final BB blog for NOTW

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"It's BBye BBye from Nikki Grahame!"
Nikki says "As I sit here on the sofa writing my final column for the News of the World on the last day ever in the BB house I reflect on my time in here, the highs and lows, the memorable tasks, the friendships I have formed and the times I've had to bite my tongue!"

This is the final blog that Nikki wrote while she was in the house. It sums up what being on the show has meant to her and little did she know she'd come second! She also gives her thanks to all the production team and finally asks the question everyone wants to know "Who IS She???"

Nikki has been a great part of the NOTW BB team and we've enjoyed her blogs and video diaries so much throughout BB11 and UBB - it's a shame its the last one but all good things must come to an end.

Read Nikki's last ever NOTW blog here

September 12, 2010  Nikki Grahame presents My Super Sweet 16 tantrum marathon

Nikki Grahame picture - 3_200_Sweet16.jpg

"Nikki's Biggest Super Sweet 16 Tantrums"

In a thoroughly OTT setting, wearing a tiara and holding her 2 adorable dogs, Baby and Thumbelina, Nikki presented this show which was aired on MTV and Viva TV.

If you thought Nikki was a tantrum queen you should have seen the round-up of the best bits of this popular reality TV show - there were tears, hissy fits, OTT frocks, extravagant gifts and plenty of feet stamping and Nikki did an excellent job guiding us through it.

Nikki recorded this in March and we have been patiently waiting for it to air. Hopefully Nikki will be back again on our screens soon.

September 11, 2010  Nikki Grahame - the Queen of Ultimate Big Brother

Nikki Grahame picture - 3_200_final4.jpg

Last night Nikki was voted the second best housemate of all time, losing out only to Brian Dowling. Speaking about her time in BB, during her interview with Davina, Nikki said "I've got these amazing memories!" And so have we. Who will ever forget her hilarious moments in the diary room in BB7, her rants about aircon and, of course, the State of Susie.

And there are great memories from UBB too. It's been a fantastic show - some of the best housemates of all time have taken part and its been so much fun. Every one of the housemates was entertaining and quite clearly determined to enjoy being in the house for one last time.

It was wonderful to see Nikki back in the BB house and she was amazing, reminding everyone of how funny and entertaining she can be and what a sweet person she is. She can be very proud of herself.

It was always going to be tough to beat Brian but Nikki was genuinely pleased that he won - and she fully deserved her second place. If Brian is the King of UBB then Nikki is definitely the Queen.

Well done Nikki and everyone who voted for her.

So that's the end of Big Brother but definitely NOT the end of Nikki Grahame
Here's to a great future for Nikki.

Nikki Grahame comes 2nd on UBB - Nikki's interview from bluegroper on Vimeo.

September 10, 2010  Ultimate Big Brother - The Final Curtain

Nikki Grahame picture - 3_200_the end.jpg

Yesterday saw housemates enacting the funeral of Big Brother. The show has been the highlight of TV viewing in the summer for 10 years.

We've seen so many housemates come and go. Many really nice people have got through to the final of their series and some have even won. But that isn't what Big Brother was about - it was about the funny, entertaining and controversial housemates that everyone talked about whether they liked them or not.

It's a game show!!

Nikki has always been a marmite character but that's what Big Brother wanted and needed to make the shows interesting and that's why she deserves to win

Please vote for Nikki as your Ultimate Big Brother winner

call 09011 323 028 now

Nikki's Eulogy to Big Brother UBB day 17 from bluegroper on Vimeo.

September 10, 2010  What Big Brother means to Nikki Grahame

Nikki Grahame picture - 3_200_letters from home.jpg

When the housemates got their letters from home Nikki was delighted but reading the messages, and Davina's visit to the house, made her think about the end of Big Brother and what it had meant to her. She spoke very emotionally in the Diary Room about her sadness that BB is ending. and about how much Big Brother has helped her turn her life around. When she was in the house last time she had nothing; she'd lost her childhood through anorexia, she'd had very little schooling and had no qualifications and Nikki said how grateful she will always be for the opportunities that Big Brother has given her. She also said that this time in the house she has put on weight for the first time ever without being in hospital and that although she finds that difficult, she is immensely proud of herself. And so she should be.

Nikki Grahame in the diaryroom day17 UBB from bluegroper on Vimeo.

This was not about wanting to win - this was about Nikki's sadness at BB ending and her gratitude to BB for helping her turn her life around.

Throughout the years lots of housemates have gone on a "journey" - from Nadia seeking acceptance as a transsexual to Glyn learning to cook an egg "for the very first time" but Nikki's journey has been one of the best. She's said in the house that she feels honoured to be there - she's not expecting to win but she CAN with your help.

Please pick up the phone now and call 09011 323 028 to vote for Nikki

September 9, 2010  Why you should vote for Nikki Grahame to win Ultimate Big Brother

Nikki Grahame picture - 3_200_entrance3.jpg

Whenever you think of Big Brother you think of all the big characters who have entertained us over the years - the ones who've made us laugh, who've made us cry, and sometimes even the ones that made us want to hurl something at out TV screens. Who better personifies that than Nikki Grahame. Love her or hate her she has always been entertaining and will always be remembered as one of the people who made Big Brother the show it was.

Nikki will never be "the girl next door" - she'll always be a quirky, slightly eccentric character with a heart of gold. That's why so many people have been supporting her to win Ultimate Big Brother.

So if you want the title of Ultimate Big Brother housemate to go to someone who has been a big character in BB, and who has always watched and supported the show - then vote Nikki to win.

This time round we've seen a different Nikki - still very funny and entertaining, but a more mature Nikki. Nikki has always said that she is so grateful to Big Brother for helping her overcome a lot of her demons - and what a lot of demons she's had in her life!

Big Brother gave her a chance to make a new life for herself and, as a result of her media profile, she's been able to do a lot of work with organisations such as Beat, helping to raise the profile of anorexia sufferers, has raised money for anorexia charities and is now working with Body Gossip.

Nikki has always been lucky to have the support of her wonderful family and friends - as you can see in the clip below

Nikki Grahame getting her letters from home UBB from bluegroper on Vimeo.

But now she need YOUR support - to vote for Nikki to be crowned Ultimate Big Brother winner please ring 09011 323 028 - Calls cost 50p from landlines - that's less than a cup of coffee!

So please pick up the phone NOW

September 8, 2010  Ultimate Big Brother - Nikki Grahame news

Nikki Grahame picture - 3_200_nominations - ulrika.jpg

Its been an eventful few days in the UBB house since the double eviction last Friday when Nikki was delighted to see Vanessa enter the house as a new housemate.

Sunday was nominations day and the HM's had to nominate while miming, gargling, drawing or rapping - as you can see from the picture, Nikki mimed an excellent imitation of Ulrika!

We've had some great tasks but we've also had some nice moments that didn't make the highlights - like Nikki having fun making up games to play with Vanessa, Victor and Preston - these included making a slide in the garden - BB soon put a stop to that though - spoilsport!!

We also heard Natalie Cassidy on BBLB giving her heartfelt support for Nikki.

So its eviction day again - and thank goodness Nikki isn't up - from tomorrow it'll be a vote to save - so don't forget to pick up the phone for Nikki.

Nominations and Reveal

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Ultimate Big Brother - Nikki for the win

September 7, 2010  Ultimate Big Brother - Nikki Grahame auditions for the dance crew Flawless

Nikki Grahame picture - _200_flawless.jpg

Today's task involved the housemates auditioning to become part of the dance crew Flawless.

Nikki drew on her gymnastics background for inspiration for her short but sweet routine - she did a cartwheel and backwards crab before deciding that was all she had to offer.

The group said after Nikki's performance: "Your personality is quite interesting. You have a very strong character. In terms of skill, I was very impressed - that was good! From the dancing aspect, I would have liked to have seen more and it's all to do with confidence.
We have come to our decision and ... it could be you". A coy Nikki smiled at her fellow housemates when she heard the news.

However, it was not to be and Vanessa Feltz was selected as lead dancer. It was great fun to watch and the group passed their task!

Nikki auditions and performs in Flawless dance routine.

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Ultimate Big Brother - Nikki for the win

September 7, 2010  Nikki Grahame and Vanessa Feltz talk in the Garden on UBB, a very moving conversation

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_200_nikki_grahame_vanessa_interview.jpg

Yesterday Nikki talked to Vanessa Feltz in the garden briefly about when she came out of BB7, Princess Nikki and how she was received. Then, opening up to Vanessa about her eating disorder, Nikki talked about when she re-entered society after suffering anorexia to start getting her life back in order. And how she was so strong and came through all of that and writing her book.

Nikki said about Big Brother: "for me by coming on big brother with millions of people watching my every move was such a positive thing for me to do. Because you know, it made me overcome so many things that I probably never would have overcome."

Nikki also explained that writing her book last year had dug up a lot of old habits. Then Nikki had a tearful moment when she said that when she woke up this morning she could no longer fit into her jeans. But, after a hug from Vanessa, she went on to say that anorexia does live with you for the rest of your life but that she can live a normal happy life and can overcome it. Vanessa also told Nikki about her struggle to lose weight and how horrible the tabloids have been to her putting on weight.

Towards the end Nikki tells Vanessa about her involvement with Body Gossip a group of actors performing real stories sent in by people about body images and performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival last year.

Watch the video below of the conversation between Nikki and Vanessa. I found it really moving and I just wanted to give Nikki a hug. Thankfully Vanessa was there to give her a cuddle. It is a really moving conversation.

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Ultimate Big Brother - Nikki for the win

September 6, 2010  Ultimate Big Brother - the silent task

Nikki Grahame picture - 3_200_fish task.jpg

The Highlights show last night featured the task where HM's had to remain completely silent while doing various tasks while being annoyed and irritated by former HM Rex Newmark posing as the devil.

Nikki had to move fish from one bowl to another while her hands were encased in ice. As expected she got very annoyed and it was very funny to see her chasing Rex around the room, threatening him with a dead fish but. against all the odds, she passed and helped win the HM's a party

Nikki in the silent task, Rex is the devil, very funny

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Ultimate Big Brother - Nikki for the win

September 6, 2010  Ultimate Big Brother - Alan Carr had forgotten how funny Nikki was

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_200_davina_jimmy_carr.jpg

On his chat show last night Alan Carr was interviewing Davina McCall and said that his favourite bit so far was Nikki being shocked in the diary - he said he's forgotten just how funny she is.

Nikki has, of course, appeared on Alan's show "The Friday Night Project" so he should have remembered!

This is why Nikki so deserved to be in the UBB house. She is very funny - often unintentionally - but always entertaining and its always uncontrived. She is the ultimate housemate.

Nikki for the win!!

Alan Carr likes Nikki's shocking nominations

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Ultimate Big Brother - Nikki for the win

September 5, 2010  Nikki Grahame is in the Ultimate Big Brother Final

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_200_UBBNikkimakesfinal-2.jpg

The names of the nominated housemates for next Wednesday's eviction have now been announced and NIKKI IS SAFE.

She was delighted to know that she's into the final so - start saving your money - it'll be a vote to win next time. Nikki to win!!

As a reward for completing todays task "The Felz Show" housemates were given a cocktail party. At the end of the party housemates were gathered on the sofa and given a cocktail each with an olive that had a hidden message. The message revealed whether the housemate was nominated or not.

Nikki finding out she is in the final

Nikki was very happy and relieved that she was not up for eviction on Wednesday and is in the final. Up for eviction are Vanessa Feltz, Michelle Bass and Nick Bateman.

Nikki be interviewed by Vanessa Feltz

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Ultimate Big Brother - Nikki for the win

September 5, 2010  McFly supporting Nikki Grahame to win Ultimate Big Brother

Nikki Grahame picture - 3_200_PA with Pete.jpg

McFly were on todays BBLB playing their new song and 3 of them said they were supporting Nikki to win UBB! Nikki will be delighted as she's a great fan of the band and has seen them several times in concert

Evicted HM Makosi was also on the programme and wants Nikki to win because she liked the fact that Nikki was just being "herself."

Last nights highlights programme showed Nikki's PA task, where she met up with Pete, watch he video below, see more video's of Nikki in the UBB house on the video page here

It was announced that housemates will be nominating today so fingers crossed Nikki won't be up.

Nikki's PA task where she is working for Pete

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Ultimate Big Brother - Nikki for the win

September 4, 2010  Nikki Grahame's NOTW from the UBB house

Nikki Grahame picture - 3_200_PA 1.jpg

"So far I have had an absolute ball. I'm actually still having to pinch myself that I'm back in here."

So says Nikki in her latest blog which she wrote as part of the PA task. Nikki was great - she started typing it until the typewriter ran out of ink and she had to finish it longhand - but she did it! Despite some minor criticisms from her "boss," Pete, about her pencil sharpening skills he hired her on the basis of her blog which he said was "magical" and she therefore passed her task.

You can read Nikki's thoughts on the past week, video clips of "snoring-gate," and the majorettes task, and see the original that Nikki typed and wrote in Nikki's latest insider blog here

"But on Tuesday we got my favourite task from BB7.. the majorette task. I got a bit upset at the start of the task because I wanted to be at the front but I soon got on with it and took the role of choreographer."

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Ultimate Big Brother - Nikki for the win

September 4, 2010  Ultimate Big Brother - Nikki Grahame survives eviction

Nikki Grahame picture - 3_200_glynn dancing task.jpg

What a night!
In the end a very nervous looking Nikki survived and Nadia and Makosi were evicted. Sadly, both evictees were booed but Nikki got a lot of cheers when her name was read out by Davina. In a surprise turn of events Vanessa Feltz entered the house as a new housemate. Vanessa is a good friend of Nikki's so Nikki was very pleased to see her.

Earlier in the day we saw Nikki's friend Carly supporting her on BBLB and in the highlights we saw Brian's dancing task where Nikki got to see, not only Sam and Amanda, but also Glyn. She was overjoyed to see him and gave him a huge hug. What with that, and seeing Pete in her PA task, she had a really good day.

Nikki is missing her BB7 housemates, and is pleased to see Glyn enter for a task

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Ultimate Big Brother - Nikki for the win

September 3, 2010  Ultimate Big Brother eviction night

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_gallery_nikki_grahame_UbbPA-1.jpg

Its eviction night and 2 people have to go.
Nikki's family and friends will be on BBLB tonight to give their support to her - but she needs everyone to help as well - so get voting to evict someone else from the UBB house!!

We were reminded today of what a great housemate Nikki is when she was asked to recreate her PA task from BB7. This time the "boss" was Pete Bennett and Nikki was delighted to see him again. One of her tasks was to write her blog for the NOTW so check back on Sunday to see what she had to say.

September 1, 2010  Nikki in Closer Magazine this week

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_150_nikki_grahame_closer_1_seprember_2010.jpg

This week in Closer magazine is a moving story by Sue Grahame, Nikki's mum. Sue reveals that she would carry a child for Nikki who, because anorexia has made her infertile, can't fall pregnant.

Sue Grahame: "I have told Nikki that I would have a baby for her, Nikki would love to have a baby, she is surrounded by them at the moment. Her sister Natalie had a baby boy called Sunny five weeks ago. Her friend Danielle Lloyd has had one and now her friend Natalie Cassidy is about to give birth. Nikki dotes on her nephew and cant walk past a shop without stopping to buy baby clothes"

It really IS a nice story.

In OK! magazine - Housemates Secrets
OK! have used their picture of Nikki recreating the role of Kathy Bates in "Misery" for a feature about the UBB housemates, describing her as their "absolute favourite housemate" and there is another picture of Nikki in Ultimate Big Brother in their TV Guide, "The Perfect Night In".

Star magazine
Star are running a feature: This years ultimate housemates have one thing in common - they have all struggled with body issues.

September 1, 2010  Keep Nikki Grahame in Ultimate Big Brother

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_200_nikki_grahame_big_head_task.jpg

It's now the end of Nikki's first full week in Ultimate Big Brother and what an eventful week it's been.

Nikki had the first shopping task - "Who Is She" where she had to guess who 5 former housemates were by touch - and then another out of a line-up. She won £650 for the shopping budget!
She also featured in another task where she had to interview the housemates for her NOTW blog - Nikki was great asking questions like a "proper" reporter and wasn't even fazed when John McCririck refused to answer! Despite a few tears of exasperation when she had to use a broken typewriter and was running out of time, Nikki did excellently and the resulting blog was great. As Makosi said in the DR - it was beginning to look like the Nikki show!

Nikki has also been excellent in the group tasks. In the "Big Head" task it was so funny to see her with her tiny frame holding up such a big head. The housemates had to guess when an hour was up before lifting the head and Nikki almost won with 56 mins, being beaten only by Preston with 1hour 1 min. She was also involved with the "Build a "Shed task when Craig from BB1 entered the house to see if he could build a shed faster than the HM's. Nikki did well - what is not shown on the highlights was that she was lifted up to put the last screw in the roof.

The latest task was a re-run of the BB7 majorettes task. Nikki loved this task first time round and has said in the past that it was her favourite task of all times. There was some confusion who should lead and who should choreograph but in the end she was chosen as the choreographer and put a lot of effort into the task, showing the others how it should be done. There was a very funny moment when Nikki was showing the others how to twirl the baton and hit herself on the nose!

Nikki has shown this week how much she has matured since BB7: a few tears and moans maybe but no major tantrums - just Nikki being Nikki and very entertaining. And this is what Ultimate Big Brother should be all about. The people who - love them or hate them - have entertained us the most in the house over the past 11 years.

So - please keep Nikki in the house. Don't be complacent - remember that votes to evict with multiple housemates can be a complete disaster with the most controversial and entertaining housemates evicted and the boring ones staying.

GET VOTING NOW - to evict one of the other housemates and KEEP NIKKI IN THE HOUSE.