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August 29, 2010  Nikki Grahame's NOTW blog from INSIDE the BB house!!

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"So here I am in the Big Brother house, feeling totally honoured and privileged just to be here" says Nikki.
For the first time ever a housemate is interviewing HM's and writing a blog from inside the house - Exciting!!

Nikki says that as she wasn't a series winner she "felt totally humble and a bit inadequate and totally excited almost like I don't deserve to be here,"

She soon settled in, however, and on Friday Big Brother gave her a notebook, pen and typewriter and sent her off to find some scoops about the people she's living with.

Sadly time ran out for Nikki in the task but she managed to talk to 6 housemates - Brian, Preston, Nadia, Chantelle and John.

See what everyone said to her in Nikki's blog, which includes a video clip from her interview with Nadia

August 28, 2010  Nikki Grahame - Writes for NOTW while in the UBB house

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Yesterday Nikki while inside the Ultimate Big Brother house interviewed the housemates for her weekly blog for News of the World. The task will be screened on the highlights show tomorrow, and Nikki's blog will appear here on the NOTW website on sunday.

Nikki had 3 hours to interview the housemates and type her blog on an antique typewriter, probably to try and wind her up. Nikki completed the task and interviewed the majority of housemates to get the inside scoop.

Nikki wasn't expecting to write her column while she was inside the house thinking her last column was last sunday. Nikki made the most of it and wrote her column and handed it to Big Brother. Watch the video below to see Nikki interviewing Brian, Preston, Makosi, Nadia, Ulrika and Nick before battling with the typewriter given to her which Nikki said was worse then the typerwriter for the PA task in BB7.

14 minutes 57 secounds

August 26, 2010  Nikki Grahame - Ultimate Big Brother 'who is she' task.

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Nikki has won the housemates £650 for this weeks shopping task. The task was designed around Nikki's famous diaryroom rant "Who is she".

For the first part of the task Nikki was blindfolded for the challenge, and with Preston guiding her, had to feel the faces of five female ex-housemates. Preston and the past contestants were not allowed to give her clues. Meanwhile, the other housemates watched the task on the TV screen in the living room.

Nikki incorrectly named Chanelle Haynes as the ex-hm in box 1, but later disputed that she didn't understand the directions fully that Big Brother gave her. Big brother later gave her a 2nd chance in which Nikki correctly guessed it to be Caroline O'Shea from the very first big brother.

For the 2nd box Nikki correctly guessed it to be Kathreya from Big Brother 9 over twins Sam and Amanda Marchant.

However, Nikki incorrectly guessed the third box, Kinga from Big Brother 6 over Amma from Big Brother 2.

The fourth box contained Grace Adams-Short in which Nikki instantly guessed it to be Grace. Nikki said: "It's Grace! Stay in the house, I need Big Brother 7 people here, I miss you all!" Her choices were Grace, Carole from Big Brother 8 and Michelle Bass. Nikki joked: "The boobs steered me off Michelle."

The final box contained Anna Nolan, the runner-up of series one. Nikki's choices were Anna, Helen Adams from Big Brother 2 and Big Brother 3 winner Kate Lawler. Nikki incorrectly guessed Kate, saying: "I know it's not Anna." Anna cheekily whispered: "Hi, Nikki." Nikki asked: "who was whispering", Anna joked: "I can't tell you, but you got it wrong." Nikki said: "Oh no, it's Anna."

For the first part of the task Nikki won the housemates £150 towards this weeks shopping task. See video below.

Part 1 Nikki correctly identifies 3 out of 5 housemates (16m 29s)

For the 2nd part of the shopping task £500 was up for grabs. Nikki was given the task of picking the correct housemate from a lineup, all of whom said that they were Lisa Jeynes from Big Brother 4.

Straight away, Nikki announced that the first lady in the lineup was the correct Lisa, as they each repeated her famous phrase: "Hi, I'm Lisa Jeynes, and I can kill you with these two fingers."

Big Brother later announced that Nikki had won £650 for the next shopping budget. See video below.

Nikki instantly picks that the first lady in the lineup is Lisa Jeynes from BB4 (6m 01s)

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August 25, 2010  Nikki Grahame enters the Ultimate BB House

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It wouldn't be Ultimate Big Brother without Nikki and so she is the 10th housemate to enter the UBB house last night to loud cheering. Nikki was the most popular UBB Housemate aside from BB11 Winner Josie with the crowd.

Everyone loved her and Davina had to go and get her before asking Nikki "in that film you said that you have grown up a lot..., I know you have grown up a lot but are you still chucking tantrums?", Nikki: "I have never had a tantrum since", Davina: "I don't believe that for one moment". But Nikki has come a long way since BB7, she acknowledges in her VT that 4 years later she has calmed down so much.

Nikki will be pleased that Brian Dowling is in the house and has already shared some very funny moments with him. This series is shaping up to be a very good end to Big Brother.

Ultimate housemates include Nikki, Josie Gibson (BB11 winner), Brian Dowling, Nadia Almada, Nick Bateman, Makosi Musambasi, Ulrika Jonsson, Coolio, John McCririck, Samuel Preston and Chantelle Houghton. Two more UBB housemates will go in on friday.

Watch the video below as Nikki enters the Ultimate Big Brother House.

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August 22, 2010  Nikki Grahame's eleventh NOTW blog

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Nikki has enjoyed all the dramas this week - "taco hell, the big flood, and Bob Righter's prediction task where the ex housemates went back into the house", but she was "disgusted" with John James's behaviour towards Rachel and "bored" with his demanding to leave the house yet again!!

So .... 4 housemates eliminated this week and we now know who'll be in the final. Nikki was upset to see Sam evicted, shocked that Corin and Steve went - and is "bursting with excitement" to see who will win - and thinks it'll be Josie. Read Nikki's blog here

Listen to Nikki's last video blog here. Recorded at the V festival.

And remember ..... whoever wins will be staying in the house for Ultimate Big Brother - will Nikki be joining them? - we'll just have to wait and see!

August 18, 2010  Nikki's Hotstars Column in OK! Magazine - issue 739

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Nikki's column is back and this week she talks about Cheryl's friend, Kerry Katona and Abbey Clancey's dilemma.

Hi everyone! I've been on top of the world as my sister Natalie gave birth to a baby boy recently - Sunny. He's growing really fast and is absolutely gorgeous! It was also my best friend Carly's birthday last weekend, so I'd like to send "Happy Birthday" wishes to her! I went to the Big Chill festival where I met Thom Yorke from Radiohead - it was magical, and I'm still smiling about it now. I've been to Natalie Cassidy's baby shower in London and am looking forward to watching The Kooks at V Festival.

I'm really glad Cheryl Cole is feeling much better now. As for her relationship with Derek Hough, I think he's more of a companion than a boyfriend. That's how it looks, anyway. I think that's what she needs right now - a close friend, rather than a serious relationship. She's probably still getting over Ashley. I hope she's been having a good time in America, and managed to get some relaxation time.

I don't want this series of Big Brother to end! I think it was a great idea to add Sam Pepper to the house, he was just what it needed. I am completely over the John James and Josie show now, though. I can't wait to see who will be going into the Ultimate Big Brother house. It's going to be the perfect way for the show to go out with a bang!

Kerry Katona may have split up from Adam Waldron, but there's no way she'll get back with Mark Croft. She's looking really good at the moment, much better than when she was with him. Mark is said to be planning to write a book about his time with Kerry, so he'd definitely be putting an end to any reconciliation if he did that. I don't think Kerry should rush into another relationship and should just enjoy being single for a while.

It's such a shame that Peter Crouch is said to have cheated on Abbey Clancey - what was he thinking? She's so beautiful, he should think himself lucky to have got a girlfriend like that. Abbey will need some time to calm down and come to terms with what's happened. It must be a horrible feeling when your life is examined so publicly and I wish her all the best.

Rodeo King. I went to a party where they had a rodeo bull, and it was so much fun! Although its not a good idea if you've had a few drinks! Visit

August 15, 2010  Nikki Grahame's tenth NOTW blog and video diary

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"things are really hotting up in the big brother house now.. this week has been full of exciting events!"

Nikki loved the pantomime task horse task - tony the most curvilicious, bootilicious, horse in whole of big brother being her favourite!!

She's starting to think Corin may have a game plan after her nomination of Jo and was "broken-hearted" to see Sam in tears after his row with John James - she thinks John James, JJ2 and Dave are "bullies" and thinks they will lose popularity.

She's very excited to see what happens in the last 9 days before the final. To see what else she has to say read Nikki's latest blog here

And - to see why Nikki hates Dave, who she thinks is a male version of her and her opinion of Jo, who she met after the show on BBBM - check out her video diary here

August 14, 2010  Nikki Grahame on BBBM

Nikki appeared at the end of Big Brother's Big Mouth to sing some more of her BB song.

The guests and audience had to guess who Nikki was singing about - Josie, Andrew and Sam.
Very funny and original part of the programme and you can see her dancing at the end too!

Nikki Grahame on BBBM. 13-8-10 from The Bart on Vimeo.

August 13, 2010  Nikki pictured doing a bit of Karaoke in NOW magazine this week

NOW magazine caught up with Nikki doing a bit of Karaoke at the Sticky Rib Pot Noodle Launch Party at Soho Arts Club, London 4th August.


August 8, 2010  Nikki Grahame's ninth NOTW blog and video diary - Nikki also chats to the SUN

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Sam to Win!!
This week Nikki says "I love Sam Pepper!! Isn't he just fabulous?! "

She's loving the fact that he winds up all the other housemates especially Josie.

She liked the task this week, is interested in the blossoming romance between Corin and JJ, and was happy Rachel was evicted as her voice was starting to get on her nerves.

Read what she has to say about Dave, Steve, John James and all the rest of the housemates in this week's blog

Watch Nikki give her take on this weeks events in the Big Brother house in Nikki's video blog, recorded at the Big Chill Festival.

August 10, 2010 Nikki chats to the SUN
The Sun also caught up with Nikki at the Pot Noodle Launch to get her opinions on BB11 - watch the video here. Nikki doesn't like Josie and likens her to a Vicki Pollard, loves Sam and doesn't mind if he wins. Nikki is as forthright as ever, watch when they ask her if BB11 is as good as BB7!

August 1, 2010   Nikki Grahame's eighth NOTW blog and video diary

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_200_nikki_grahame_notw_blog_8.jpg

This week Nikki says she was sad but "NOT surprised that Ben left this week, his bitchiness cost him badly" and wanted Jedward to stay in the house for a week!

She loved the task this week and is looking forward to Sam being in the house as she thinks he will be confrontational; she likes Jo and thinks Andrew would be a worthy winner.

She is NOT, however, impressed with Josie and JJ and still dislikes Steve but says Corin has gone up in her estimation.

Read everything she has to say about this week's action in the house and hear her impression of "bitchy Josie", as well as all as all her views on the other housemates in her blog and video diary here

July 28, 2010  Nikki in OK! and Heat magazine this week.

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_150_nikki_grahame_ok_magazine_27072010.jpg

There is no Hotstars magazine in OK! this week so Nikki doesn't have her column in. But there is an article on her showcase she hosted at her Birthday Party way back in May.

Nikki sporting a blue polka dot number was the life and soul of the party with guests being treated to candy floss and popcorn!

In Heat Magazine this week - "BB Stars Finally Find Calling", the article was about former BB stars staffing Nandos. When Nikki Grahame, Brian Belo, Alex Sibly, Charley Uchea and Stuart Hoskins were among former housemates who turned out to raise money for Barnados.


July 27, 2010  Nikki Grahame DJ set at the Hit The Floor Magazine Club Night Launch

Nikki Grahame picture - 3_200_hit the floor 2.jpg

Nikki will be doing a DJ set at the "Hit The Floor Magazine" Club Night launch at the Rude Bar, Torquay this Friday.

+ guest DJ's
Mr Spike (Hit The Floor DJ)
Live Music
Drinks Promotions and much more!!

Venue: Rude Bar, 3 Victoria Parade, Torquay TQ1
Venue Tel: 01803200659
Promoter Contact:
Doors:10pm Tickets: £4 On The Door £3

Should be a good night - more details on facebook

Nikki is available for DJ bookings please contact her agent, Amanda, at Exclusive Press & Publicity details are on the contact page.

July 25, 2010  Nikki Grahame on BBLB with Zig and Zag

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Nikki appeared on BBLB today being interviewed by Zig and Zag.

It was great fun - Zig and Zag introduced her as a "scream queen" - they asked her about her most recent tantrum (kicking her car when it wouldn't start apparently!), what she thinks of this years BB, her least favourite task when she was in the house (The PA task) and a whole lot more.

Watch it all below

Nikki with Zig and Zag BBLB 25-7-10 from The Bart on Vimeo.

July 24, 2010  Nikki Grahame's seventh NOTW blog

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"What a mental week its been in that bb house!
Caiomhe walking out, Keeley going to hospital, Andrew Stones guest appearance and 3 newbies."

So says Nikki in this weeks blog.
She's not impressed with Josie, the "bunny boiler" nor Corin who, despite being hilarious in the save and replace task, she thinks is "vile" and she didn't like the "cheesy" Glee task either, although she thought Corin and Andrew's duet was hilarious.

She's looking forward to seeing how the new housemates get on in the house and wants to see Josie, Corin and Dave up for eviction this week.

To read and hear what she thinks about Caoimhe leaving, JJ's relationship with Josie and all the rest of this weeks action from the BB house, click here for her blog and video diary.

If you cant see the video on Nikki's blog page watch it here as NOTW have an error on their page.

July 18, 2010  Nikki Grahame's sixth NOTW blog and video diary

Nikki Grahame picture - 3_200_essex polo.jpg

Geek love!

Nikki thinks Andrew is a loveable geek, Mario is a sweetie and Steve is acting like an immature schoolboy! She's feeling sorry for Josie and is glad Ife has been evicted.

She's been loving the tasks this week, especially the superhero one, and is pleased that Ben is having a special Benday after the hard week he's had through lack of sleep, though she thinks he's been a bit over-dramatic about it!

Read everything she has to say about all the housemates in her blog and watch her video diary, direct from the Duke of Essex polo event at Gaynes Park here

And come back every week to read Nikki's views on the action in Britain's most-watched address. You never know, she might be back in there soon..

July 17, 2010  Nikki Grahame on BBLB News at Nandos

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_200_nikki_nandos_bblb__0001.jpg

Nikki along with other Big Brother Housemates including Charley Uchea, Sam and Amanda Marchant, Brian Belo and Shabby Katchadourian give their opinion on who they want to leave the Big Brother house during fridays BBLB News presented by Emma Willis.

Nikki would like Corin to go as she can't stand her voice any longer, Nikki does a very funny impression of Corin in her best screechy voice. See the video below.

Nikki was at Nandos with the other HM's on thursday night for a fundraiser in aid of Barnado's Homes which was organised by Brian Belo.

A report from the Sun of the event can be seen here

July 13, 2010  Nikki Grahame's HotStars column in OK! magazine - issue 734

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_150_nikki_grahame_hotstars_734_2.jpg

This week Nikki talks about Cheryl's illness, Jordan's wedding and Lindsay's sentence.

Hey everyone! I'm so glad to be back with my column and have missed you all. I hope you've been enjoying the sunshine! I've been busy as usual - last week I was on Ireland AM talking about my book, Dying To Be Thin, and I took part in some filming for body-image campaign Body Gossip. This week I enjoyed a picnic in London with some friends and also did some filming with Zig and Zag for Big Brother's Little Brother. But the best news is my sister Natalie is about to have a baby son any day - I can't wait to be an aunty!

I couldn't believe it when I heard Cheryl Cole had caught malaria - that must be so scary. She is said to have been working 18-hour days up to that point, so I hope when she has recovered she will take it easy and look after herself properly. If someone has to stand in for her on X Factor, I think her Girls Aloud bandmate Sarah Harding would be a good choice. I'm wishing Cheryl a speedy recovery.

I'm loving the final series and particularly Ben - he's my favourite to win. He always says the wrong thing and everyone else is horrible to him but I just feel sorry for him and want to make friends! I love the relationship between John James and Josie, too, although I can't really see them as a couple. I've been told recent house walker Shabby thinks I'm hot and would like to meet me - bring it on, I say!

Jordan and Alex have celebrated their wedding blessing and I hope they can move on from the commotion of the paparazzi allegedly brawling with guests - and enjoy their honeymoon.

I'm gutted Lindsay Lohan has been sentenced to 90 days in Jail due to breaking her probation. I think she deserved a fresh start. She must be totally devastated - especially as I've read that she's recently been enjoying the company of rugby player Danny Cipriani - he's hot! Maybe when she is released from jail she can settle down with someone like clean-cut Danny and put the dark days behind her.

I recently went to a party where they provided candy floss for all the guests - it was great and just like being a kid again! Visit their website for more information -

July 11, 2010  Nikki Grahame's fifth NOTW blog and video diary

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_nikki_grahame_notw_blog_5.jpg

"This week has dragged.. BIG TIME!"

Nikki has been finding it hard to be enthusiastic about BB since Shabby left. She thinks Caoimhe has turned into the house bitch, is finding Corin annoying, says Mario has driven her mad this week with his psycho behaviour towards Ben and didn't like the robot task at all as it was far too loud!

She's glad Nathan was evicted though and is looking forward to seeing how the new housemates get on in the house. predicts Caoimhe and Keeley (who she thinks, unlike her, suffers from small woman syndrome!!) will clash big-time.

See what she has to say about all the events in the house this week and her opinions on the housemates here in her blog and video diary

July 7, 2010  Nikki in OK! magazine - Jeans for Genes Campaign

Nikki Grahame picture - 3_jeans for genes big pic.jpg

This weeks OK! magazine had a photo montage of the people who were supporting the Jeans for Genes Campaign.

The event, to promote the launch of their new limited-edition T shirt, was supported by a host of celebrities.

Nikki was photographed with the legendary Bill Wyman.

Support the campaign and get your Jeans for Genes T-shirt here