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July 7, 2010  Nikki Grahame on 98FM, Spin1038, and the TV show Ireland AM in Dublin today

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Nikki has been in Dublin today promoting awareness of Eating Disorders, along with Prof. James Lock from Stanford University. Nikki has been talking about her own experiences of anorexia and Prof. Lock about how to spot anorexia and bulimia, the reasons why people develop the illness and current methods of treatment.

Nikki and Prof. Lock were on 98FM Dublin on "The Inbox with Joan & Paul" an evening show hosted by Paul Connolly and Joan Lea.

Listen to Nikki's interview along with Professor James Lock below.

Earlier in the day Nikki and Prof. Lock were also interviewed by Jonathan McCree and Clare McKenna on "THE SPIN" Spin1038's morning show.

And on the TV3 show "Ireland AM"

Nikki on "Ireland AM"

Professor Lock will hold a workshop on 8th July for health care professionals at the Lois Bridges ED treatment centre

July 4, 2010  Nikki Grahame's fourth NOTW blog

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Nikki's favourite this week is Ben and she wants him to win - she thought his task was "legend" and loved the tree of temptation calling him a "quiff head" and a "posh git" She still likes Shabby though she thinks her tantrum about the hat was OTT (and admits that's rich coming from her!!), thinks JJ might be the next Calum Best when he comes out of the house, says Caiomhe is "vile" and is bored with Nathan and Steve. She wants them out to make way for some more hot boys in there to "Give John James a run for his money!!!.

Read what she says about "Flirts, gits and attention seekers" in her blog and what she has to say in her video diary here

Nikki filmed her video diary from the Hop Farm Festival in Kent this weekend and was taking part in the Celebrity football event. As you can see in the photo, her footballing skills are as good as ever!

July 1, 2010  Nikki Grahame on Live From Studio Five

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Nikki appeared on Live From Studio Five as a guest in a discussion about the media obsession with skinny models. Ex-BB 11 contestant Rachel White talked about her own experiences and talked to schoolchildren about diets and the effect of size zero models on their own self esteem. She then interviewed Nikki who spoke about the results that anorexia had had on her body and about the fact that the media industry was partly to blame for the recent increase in people who have developed eating disorders. She also criticised the industry for their constant comments on celebs. weight and appearance.

In the studio afterwards everyone agreed that they were shocked by Nikki's revelations about the impact of anorexia on her own body and concluded that it was really important for people to be comfortable in their own bodies.

June 29, 2010  Nikki Grahame on BBLB

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Introduced as the queen of tears and tantrums, Nikki appeared on BBLB today with her very own puppet which has curly blonde hair and bunny ears!

Nikki was asked to comment on and rate 4 housemates on her very own moanometer. She still likes Shabby but isn't keen on Sunshine - because she moans too much!!

She also sang the show out with a new version of her BB song with lyrics about some of the housemates as well as the BBLB presenters, Emma and George.

June 24, 2010  Nikki Grahame supports the Jeans for Genes Campaign

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On 22nd June Nikki attended a celebrity party for the Jeans for Genes Campaign.

The campaign was launched by Nick Ede from EdenCancan who said: "We launched the new Jeans for Genes campaign yesterday at Mark Fullers Sanctum Hotel rooftop. The event was celebrity packed and as a patron for the event I introduced the lovely Zoe Tyler who sang so well. Lots of people attended including Danielle Lloyd, Zoe Salmon, Jenny Frost and Liz McLarnon. Nikki Graham was on form and she was excited about going back into the Big Brother house as she has been voted the No1 housemate - I love her mum Sue shes so kind."

For more info. about the charity which campaigns to help children with genetic disorders click here

2 new pictures of this event have been added to the Celebrity Events Photo Album

June 20, 2010  Nikki Grahame's second NOTW blog

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"ok im officially hooked to bb11! i know i say this every year but this is the best one so far!!!"

That's what Nikki thinks of BB - and if you want to know what she thinks of the housemates, including her controversial opinion of Steve, the love triangle between Mario, Ben and Dave and her growing girlie-crush on Shabby!!
then read it all here in her blog

And then watch Nikki's video diary which includes a great impression of Josie.

June 19, 2010  Nikki Grahame is Digital Spy's Ultimate Big Brother housemate

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In the Digital Spy Big Brother 'Ultimate' Housemate poll - Nikki Grahame is the Big Brother contestant DS readers most want to see back on the show at the end of the summer. Nikki stormed in with 16.2% of the vote beating Brian Dowling 2nd with 13.6%. Nikki's BB7 rival Aisleyne Horgan Wallace, Big Brother 5's Nadia Almada and Big Brother 6's Makosi Musambasi also racked up significant support in the poll, which DS says it's readers voted in their thousands. Nikki has indicated that she would be willing to go back into the house if she is selected for the 2 week allstars series.

Digital Spy also caught up with Nikki to see how she feels about winning their Ultimate Housemate poll. From the interview:

How does it feel to have won the DS Ultimate housemate poll?
"Really, I won?! Wow! Who was in the running? Brian Dowling was second! What about Brian Belo? What about Nadia? What about Pete? He was tenth... well it looks like I'm going back in the house then! I've had such brilliant support since leaving the show and my fans have been brilliant. So I'd really like to thank them all for taking the time to vote for me, because I really do appreciate it."

Why do you think people loved you so much as a housemate?
"I think people still like me because I was just myself. I just had fun and enjoyed my experience in there. Well, most of it! I think some people try and act a certain way on the show, to win popularity, but it doesn't work when they come out because they were not being true to themselves."....

For the full interview head over to Digital Spy here.

June 15, 2010  Nikki Grahame in OK! Magazine - BB Farewell

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There is no Hotstars section again in this weeks OK! magazine as it's a Big Brother farewell special. But Nikki does feature in 'Rogues Gallery' as one of Henry 8th's wives looking a bit mischievous and also a picture from the Psycho photoshoot. Pictures from the psycho photoshoot can be found in Nikki's Magazine photo's in the picture gallery.

Behave 'BB' beauty queens - or it's off with your heads!

June 13, 2010  Nikki Grahame's first NOTW blog

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Nikki has written and filmed her first blog for the News Of The World. She loved Launch Night and likes the whole freaky circus feel to the house, even though the music has given her nightmares!

So far she's keeping a "fairly" open mind on the contestants but says
" I really like Mario, especially as he bought the BB7 diary room chair!!"

You can read her views on all the housemates here

And here she is saying a bit about some of the housemates in her own inimitable way

June 12, 2010  Nikki Grahame plays Supergrass at The Monarch, Camden

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Yesterday Nikki played a set of Supergrass covers at Back To The Future club night at The Monarch, Camden, in tribute to the band who'd played their last ever gig the night before. The songs here are 'Mansize Rooster' and 'Caught By The Fuzz'.

Footage shot at The Monarch, Camden
Thanks to Darren James for the photo.

At the end of the set she took to the guitar and played her own song about Big Brother.

What a musical week its been!!

June 12, 2010  Nikki Grahame at Supergrass's final gig

Supergrass have long been one of Nikki's favourite bands and here she is being interviewed before their last British concert at the O2 academy in Brixton.

WinkBall reporters Ruth and Christian were there to ask fans their feelings over the last ever Supergrass gig

June 10, 2010  Nikki Grahame performs her Big Brother Song live on BBBM

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Accompanying herself on her guitar, Nikki gave a wonderful performance on BBBM (hosted by Davina McCall) of her song which was specially written for Big Brother.

Make sure you listen - this was a first!!

June 9, 2010  Nikki Grahame in Heat Magazine this week - BB couples

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This week Heat magazine is all about couples, it's always been about the couples. Nikki & Pete feature as the couple from BB7.

From Nikki and Pete's interview:

"Then: He had Tourette's. She had Tantrums. Separated after Nikki's shock eviction Pete's face was priceless when she re-entered the house..."

Nikki, your tantrums were infamous, why did you only listen to Pete?
Nikki: "Because I loved him""

Was it hard when Nikki got evicted Pete?
Pete: "Yeah."
Nikki: "I remember when Davina was calling out my name, Pete was grabbing my arm."
Pete: "It was a shock because I was closest to Nikki."
Nikki: "I thought you were closest to Lea. I was like, why does he open up to Lea? I understand better!

Did you miss her?
Pete: "Yeah I missed her constant singing.
Nikki: (laughs) I have serious expressions when I sing and you use to laugh at me."
Pete: "Yeah I missed that."

Nikki what was it like when you went back in?
Nikki: "He picked me up, spun me around then kissed me on the lips, I was so happy."

Were you ever worried it was just a holiday romance?
Pete: "It was really exciting, but I was scared as well, especially when we got the best kiss award and you went mad and cried in the diary room."
Nikki: "Why?"
Pete: "Because you didn't get an award for yourself!"
Nikki: "I was so different back then. I'm happy with my life right now and I know your married, Pete, but no one broke my heart like you did."

Do either of you have regrets?
Nikki: "I've got no regrets at all."
Pete: I think it could've ended nicer but, no, I have no regrets."

Most people loved BB7 because of your relationship...
Pete: "We kind of killed Big Brother..."
Nikki: "It was never as good after that!"

June 9, 2010  Nikki Grahame's live acoustic set at The Monarch

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_nikki_and_sue3.jpg

On Friday, 11 June 2010 at 19:30 Nikki is a special guest at The Monarch and is doing a live acoustic set alongside Darren Gallagher!

APPLES + Sophie-Rose + Darren+ Nikki Grahame (Big Brother)acoustic set

June 6, 2010  Nikki Grahame NOTW Online Video Diary Show

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_nikki_grahame_notw_video_diary.jpg

This year Nikki will be doing an online video diary show for News Of The World .

In the first Video Diary Nikki gives us a tour of her flat and takes pride in showing us around and also her DJ decks, and wall pics.

Nikki will also join Peter Briffa and Leslie Brain as a NOTW BB blog writer. She is introduced: "Nikki Grahame was the undisputed star, although not winner, of BB7. She has since written for a host of magazines. She has strong opinions on everything, especially bottled water."

Tune in to the NOTW BB Blog every week to read Nikki's views on the action inside the house, and watch her reactions to the new housemates through her Video Diary. They will be blogging LIVE from 8pm on launch night.

June 4, 2010  Nikki Grahame interviewed on BBC Ouch! Talk Show

Nikki Grahame picture - 3_nikki_graham radio.jpg

Ouch!, the BBC's disability talk show podcast, is presented by Mat Fraser and Liz Carr and Nikki joined them in the studio for a very thought-provoking conversation about living with anorexia.

She talked about the early development of the illness, her treatment in various institutions, how she managed to turn her life around before entering the Big Brother house and on what made her apply to be on the show.

The second part of the interview concentrated on her time in BB, Princess Nikki, writing her book and what life is like today living with anorexia.

It was a very interesting and intelligent discussion largely because of the interviewers focus on disability and treatment and Nikki spoke very well.

Ouch!, is a website from the BBC that reflects the lives and experiences of disabled people.
For more information click here

June 3, 2010  Nikki Grahame in OK! Magazine - Lost Inspired Photoshoot

Nikki Grahame picture - nikki_grahame_ok_lost_without_bb.jpg

Nikki is in this weeks OK! magazine. As the magazine prepares for the end of an era 8 former housemates are gathered for a LOST inspired photo shoot. Titled "LOST WITHOUT BIG BROTHER", "Will our favourite housemates be stranded in oblivion when the reality show ends?"

The cast for this brilliantly done LOST themed photo shoot are Nikki Grahame, Spencer Smith, Michelle Bass, Brian Bello, Sam and Amanda Marchant, Kinga Karolczak and Stuart Pilkington. Jade Goody is also there represented by her portrait.

From the magazine article:
When OK! spent the day in a London studio with eight former housemates for our Lost-inspired shoot, it felt like being stuck in the big brother house. There was plenty of bitching: "Billi Bhati is an absolute K**b!" exclaims Brian Belo, adding: "He's been saying that he's been going out with Dian Vickers and Katie Price, as if either of them would want him!" There was a lot of girlie chat - BB8 twins Sam and Amanda Marchant and Nikki Grahame were comparing notes on the best blags, with Nikki revealing she loves spa trips to Champneys, while Samanda can't get enough free clothes from photo shoots....

In the article Michelle has no regrets for having sex under the table with her chicken Stu while Kinga does regret the incident with the bottle. Samanda say their lives have changed for the better, "we didn't know anything about the world, we thought London was a foreign country". For Stuart BB has all been a positive experience and for Brian its been Brilliant. Spencer thought it funny when he got evicted - remembering Jade being so livid about him being evicted and hugged him. And what would Nikki do if Big Brother comes to an end? "When the day comes when I have to get a proper job, I'll embrace it. I love flowers - I'd love to do floristry.

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June 2, 2010  Nikki Grahame in Celebrity Soccer 6

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_nikki_grahame_soccer6_2009.jpg

Nikki again took part in Soccer 6 on Bank Holiday Monday, May 31st, at Charlton Athletics ground in SE London, to raise money for The Samaritans.

The organisers had promised that this years event was going to be even better than before. And it was - around a dozen teams took part in the competition at The Valley, and attracted a very young and enthusiastic crowd of around 4,000 supporters.

As well as Nikki there were many well-known names competing in the female tournament including girl groups Phacebook and Fenix, N-Dubz and a team from The X Factor featuring Lucie Jones and Stacey Solomon.

Despite their best efforts Nikki's team didn't win, that honour going to N-Dubz, who included former Mis-teeq singer Su-Elise Nash, Hollyoaks actress Sasha Emmanuel and TV presenter Liv Boeree.

The winning team in the men's event included Jeff Brazier, contestants Danyl Johnson, Jamie 'Afro' Archer and former Blue singer Lee Ryan.

May 30, 2010  Nikki Grahame on Big Brother Exposed

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Nikki featured in Big Brother Exposed - The Inside Story which aired on E4 on Friday 28th May. This is the 2nd of two documentaries recorded in April.

Big Brother Exposed is a documentary charting the highs and lows of the reality TV show as former housemates and producers reveal the stories behind the headlines, and Davina McCall and Dermot O'Leary present their personal take on the programme.

Nikki said when she first went into Big Brother she was going through this weird phase of her life, and also said understands why some people who voted her out, might have been upset to see her go back in. See video below.