Nikki Grahame

Nikki Grahame on BBLB with Zig and Zag

July 25, 2010

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Nikki appeared on BBLB today being interviewed by Zig and Zag.

It was great fun - Zig and Zag introduced her as a "scream queen" - they asked her about her most recent tantrum (kicking her car when it wouldn't start apparently!), what she thinks of this years BB, her least favourite task when she was in the house (The PA task) and a whole lot more.

Watch it all below

Nikki with Zig and Zag BBLB 25-7-10 from The Bart on Vimeo.

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"What a mental week its been in that bb house! Caiomhe walking out, Keeley going to hospital, Andrew Stones guest appearance and 3 newbies." So says Nikki in this weeks blog. She's not impressed with Josie, the "bunny boiler" nor Corin who, despite being hilarious in the save and replace task, she thinks is "vile" and she didn't like the "cheesy" Glee task either, although she thought Corin and Andrew's duet was hilarious. She's looking forward to seeing how the new housemates get on in the house…
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Geek love! Nikki thinks Andrew is a loveable geek, Mario is a sweetie and Steve is acting like an immature schoolboy! She's feeling sorry for Josie and is glad Ife has been evicted. She's been loving the tasks this week, especially the superhero one, and is pleased that Ben is having a special Benday after the hard week he's had through lack of sleep, though she thinks he's been a bit over-dramatic about it! Read everything she has to say about all the housemates in her blog and watch her video…
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Nikki along with other Big Brother Housemates including Charley Uchea, Sam and Amanda Marchant, Brian Belo and Shabby Katchadourian give their opinion on who they want to leave the Big Brother house during fridays BBLB News presented by Emma Willis. Nikki would like Corin to go as she can't stand her voice any longer, Nikki does a very funny impression of Corin in her best screechy voice. See the video below. Nikki was at Nandos with the other HM's on thursday night for a fundraiser in aid of Barnado's…
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