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Nikki Grahame Fragile book coverNikki's life story as first told in her book Dying to be Thin, now fascinatingly retold in Fragile. This compelling book tells the story of an incredible journey and has been revised to include what she has been up to since. Nothing is diminished by the retelling of Nikki's story as she adds with unique insight how her life has progressed.

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Nikki Grahame has been one of the most interesting figures of reality TV in the last decade since appearing on Big Brother 7 in 2006. Since then she has been a regular fixture in the media, both as a columnist and as the star of her own show Princess Nikki. However, what many of the public do not know is that, all of that time, she has been struggling with the potentially fatal disease of anorexia.

In fact, Nikki's childhood was spent in and out - unfortunately mostly in - of hospitals as she struggled from an early age to overcome her disease. Not only was this an obvious struggle for her, but also on her family, as her parents and sister cracked under the strain of supporting her with nearly tragic consequences.

In her new book, Fragile, Nikki talks candidly of her childhood, rise to fame and the pressures that brought with it. And while her personal struggle is still ongoing, Nikki has been trying to raise awareness for this disease, both in her column and in this book, in the hope that she can help fellow sufferers.


Say the name Nikki Grahame and most people will remember the bubbly, highly strung and hugely entertaining Big Brother 7 contestant, famous for her diary room outbursts. Since leaving the Big Brother house, she has forged a successful career for herself in writing and presenting. Yet Nikki isn't just another reality television contestant and her life story is not like any other you will ever read. From the age of eight until nineteen, Nikki battled anorexia nervosa but only a few cases have been quite as extreme as hers. What she has been through while suffering from this illness might surprise you . it will definitely shock you!

At just seven years old, Nikki started to feel she was overweight. A remark about her "being fat" from a fellow pupil at a gymnastics class, along with insecurity brought because of her parents' separation and her beloved grandfather's death, were the catalysts for Nikki's long-term eating disorder. Only a year later and weighing less then three stone, she was diagnosed as anorexic. For the next eight years, Nikki was in and out of institutions - seven in total - during which time she attempted to commit suicide twice and had to be sedated throughout the day to be able to be force-fed. At one point, she was under medication for two weeks while doctors sewed a tube into her stomach, through which she was fed in order to get her weight out of the critical range.

This is the heart-rending and powerful story of a girl who lost her childhood but was brave enough to finally admit that she wanted to live again. With searing honesty, Nikki recounts her long and painful road to recovery: coming to terms with the long-term ramifications of her illness, coping with being in the Big Brother house and applying her new-found fame to promote awareness of eating disorders and to help those who are still suffering from these problems. This compelling book tells the story of an incredible journey and has been revised to include Nikki’s on-going struggle with anorexia.

Fragile: Published by John Blake Publishing,
ISBN 978-1857826616, Paperback RRP £7.99,
Publication date: 7th May 2012.

Nikki Grahame - Dodelijk dun - published in Holland

Nikki Grahame Dodelijk dunNikki's book "Dying to be Thin" has been published in The Netherlands by "The House of Books" and has been released as a paperback. The title is "Dodelijk dun" (Fatal thin) with a new cover picture. The book is now available to purchase from book stores and online in The Netherlands and in Belgium.

Published by The House of Books,
ISBN 9789044325287, Paperback RRP € 17.50,
Publication date: November 2009.

To purchase Dodelijk dun follow the link to The House of Books and select one of the recommended retailers.



Nikki Grahame and ThumbelinaNikki Grahame was born in Watford in 1982. Her parents separated when she was a child and she cites both this and the death of her beloved grandfather as catalysts for the start of her severe eating disorder. Between eight and nineteen years old, Nikki was in and out of hospitals and institutions as she battled with anorexia nervosa. At one point, her weight was so dangerously low that she went into a coma; one of the doctors treating her said that hers was the worst case of anorexia he had seen in 32 years. Although she will never be 'cured' of the illness, Nikki made the decision that she wanted to live her life again and has not looked back since. Her time as a contestant in Big Brother 7 made her a household name and, since leaving the house, Nikki has established a career in the media. She has written columns for OK!, the Sun and More magazine and has been a presenter on Big Brother spin-off BBLB. Nikki devotes a lot of her spare time to increasing awareness of eating disorders and hopes that by sharing her life story, she will help others who fall victim.