Nikki Grahame

Special Occasions and Events

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_gallery_100_1102.jpgPictures of Nikki's special occasions and events, her Website Launch Party in 2008, Book Launch in 2009, and her involvement with Body Gossip. A show where you send in your story and have it read by the celebrity cast, to raise money for B-eat the eating disorders association.

On 23rd April 2008 Nikki celebrated her 26th Birthday and the Launch of her Official Website at the Embassy Club, see these pictures in the Website Launch Album.

Nikki kept herself busy during 2008 writing her book Dying to Be Thin and Celebrated her Book Launch and her 27th Birthday on 7th May 2009 also at the Embassy Club. View these pictures in her Book Launch Album.

In March and May 2009 Nikki performs "This is me" by Sarah Wallace in Body Gossip a powerful story so similar to Nikki's own struggle with anorexia. See the pictures in the Body Gossip Albums.

On 17th August Nikki performed in Body Gossip at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. There are future shows planned and for information about Body Gossip go to their website

December 4th 2009 saw Nikki turning on the Christmas Lights at Biggleswade. The weather wasn't too cold, Nikki being well rugged up in fur coat and ugg boots.

December 10th - 26th Nikki played Princess Balroubador in the Panto Aladdin with David Van Day, Sue Moxley, Frazer Hines, Josh Dubouvie, Daniel Fox and Rodney Ward. (see album 7)

Nikki's Birthday and Website Launch Party

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_gallery_100_1102.jpgNikki celebrates her birthday and the launch of this website in style. The party was held at the Embassy Club London 23rd April 2008. In attendance were Ziggy Lichman, Sue Moxley, Michelle Scott-Lee, Liam McGough, Brian Bello and Jeff Brazier, Nikki's family - her mum Sue and sister Natalie, friends including myself and others.

Pictured here and Looking lovely are Nikki, her mum Sue and sister Natalie.

Nikki in Body Gossip - The Hub 29th March 2009

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_gallery_body_gossip2.jpg Body Gossip is an inspirational and powerful campaign about body image. Brain child of Ruth Rogers who is speaking out against unattainable perfection of the human body in magazines and through out the fashion world. Frustrated at how little is being done to celebrate HEALTHY, REALISTIC beauty. So she thought of doing performances about real people's stories about their real bodies and have them performed by celebrities to raise money for BEAT, the Eating Disorders Association.

In this gallery is photo's of Nikki's performance in Body Gossip at the Hub 29th March 2009. Nikki read a powerful story so similar to her own, called "This is me" which was written by Sarah Wallace.

The next Body Gossip show (same cast, same scripts) is taking place on Sunday 10th May at 7pm at The Hub.

The photo's of Nikki performing in Body Gossip were taken by Elizabeth Rogers.

Nikki Grahame in Body Gossip

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_gallery_100_3999.JPGNikki Grahame gallery of pictures from Body Gossip 10th May at the Hub Kings Cross. Nikki reads This is Me a powerful monilogue written by Sarah Wallace, a story so similar to her own.

From Nikki's reading of Sarah Wallace's story:-

....So my question to you is: why, in this day, are men and women everywhere, still trying to obtain perfection? Why are media giving out the message that thin is perfection and perfection equals beauty? Why are children as young as 12 starving themselves? It is a problem. It is a hugh problem and we need to face it.
We need to accept our bodies for what they are and focus on celebrating the individuals that make the world. Everyone is special. Everyone is unique. Everyone has a natural beauty and deserves to be happy with who they are. Afterall. It is what is in our hearts that makes us who we are, not what is in our reflections. To me, loving yourself is the most beautiful thing of all. This is my message this is my story. This is me.

Nikki's Book Launch and Birthday Party

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_gallery_100_3927.JPGNikki celebrates her birthday with the Launch of her new book Dying to be Thin. Among the celebrity guests there were a number of special guests that are very special to Nikki, they are the Doctors and Carers who had looked after her. In attendance were Paul Byrne (Collingham Garderns), Sam Swinglehurst (Great Ormand St), Sarah Haring (Nikki's GP) and Dr Dee Dawson the medical director at Rhodes Farm who also writes a Foreward in the book. Also present are two of endemol workers Abby and Dan they were responsible for Nikki during the audition process and the time leading up to Big Brother.

Other Celebrities present are the BB8 twins Sam and Amanda Marchant, Natalie Cassidy, David Van Day, Lizzie Cundy, Sue Moxley, Anthony Costa and Vanessa Feltz.

Nikki gives her speech thanking everyone and presenting flowers to the Doctors and Carers who cared for Nikki during the years at the various institutions. Nikki looked amazing and and very confident delivering the speech which was from the heart not looking much at the prepared speech in her hand.

Nikki is not expecting to make much money from the book that will depend on how well its accepted and sales. But during her speech she explains that she wants to start a drop in centre in London for Anorexia suffers. Somewhere for them to go and talk to volunteers who know what its like, who have beaten or have their anorexia under control, Nikki herself will also be at the centre to talk and help. All the profits made from the book will go towards this worthwhile project.

Nikki Grahame in Body Gossip - Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_gallery_bg_IMGP0121.JPGNikki Grahame Gallery of Pictures from Body Gossip at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Held at the Assembly Hall on 17th August 2009. In the the cast were Nikki Grahame, Natalie Cassidy, Anne Diamond, Shobna Gulati, Mike McShane and Lizzie Roper.

Body Gossip is a charity event, raising money for B-EAT the eating disorders association. It is a theatre event performed by celebrities who donate their time and talent to raise awareness of eating disorders. And to challenge the media perception of the ideal body, exposing the painful truth behind striving to conform to unattainable "perfection". Encouraging people to accept their own healthy natural bodies.

In the gallery below are pictures that were taken without flash both during the performance and at the end during question time.

Nikki Grahame turning on the Biggleswade Christmas Lights.

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_gallery_Nikki_Xmas_Lights_15.jpgOn Friday 4th December Nikki was on hand to turn on the Christmas Lights in Biggleswade. The weather was fine, not too cold and Nikki being well bundled up in her fur coat and ugg boots. The night also featured songs from Biggleswade Amateur Theatrical Society's panto, a balloon launch and visit from Father Christmas. Nikki was also interviewed for Biggles FM radio and the local paper the Biggleswade Chronicle also covered the event.

The Christmas Lights are organised by the Biggleswade Christmas Lights Organisation and this year they have spent �3,000 on improvements.

The pictures in the Biggleswade Christmas Lights gallery are by Keith Mayhew.

Nikki as Princess Balroubador in Aladdin

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_gallery_nikki_grahame_panto_1.jpgNikki playing Princess Balroubador in the panto Aladdin playing at the Lighthouse theatre between 10th and 26th December. Details of dates and times can be found here.

This is Nikki's first pantomine and does really well playing the princess with Josh Dubovie (UK Eurovision star) playing Aladdin, Daniel Fox (ex factor), David Van Day as Abanazar, Sue Moxley as the genie and also season veteran Frazer Hines in his 29th panto.

Totally Wired Beach Party

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_gallery_nikki_grahame_totally_wired_beachparty1a.jpgNikki was spinning the decks at Totally Wired Margate 3rd Annual Beach Party on friday 5th August 2011 and a great night was had by all. See pictures of Nikki below from the night.

For more information about Totally Wired Margate and their friday events go to their facebook page

Nikki has performed a lot of DJ sets at various pubs and bars and the music Nikki likes to play is Indie Rock such as - The Libertines, The Strokes, Mystery Jets, Kasabian, Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead and Supergrass.

Nikki is available for DJ bookings please contact her through her agent or via her email, details on the contact page.