Nikki Grahame

TV Appearances and Media Career 2006-2007

Since leaving Big Brother (both times) Nikki Grahame's media and tv career has flourished. She is by far the most successful of all the Big Brother 7 HM's.

When she left the house first time around Endemol signed up Nikki for her own tv series for E4, called Princess Nikki. This show was completely centred around Nikki and the premise of it was to see if Nikki could do a different regular day job each week and not get sacked.

In addition to Princess Nikki, Nikki has made endless tv appearances, of which a chronological list follows. Apologies in advance if any have been missed out - but there's just too damn many to remember!!

Before appearing on Big Brother Nikki had already had a taste of appearing on tv as an extra in Eastenders the UK's biggest soap opera, was an extra in Sky One's football drama, Dream Team. Appeared in Sky One's "Sex On The Beach". And was a contestant in ITV's hugely successful and long running entertainment dating show Blind Date.

TV aside Nikki also has an NVQ in Beauty Therapy and is a trained skin therapist.


July 19-23: Big Brother's Little Brother (BBLB), E4 . Big Brother's off shoot show hosted by Dermot O'Leary. Week long appearance on BBLB after 1st eviction. On Nikki's first appearance Dermot wears a black armband with Nikki's photo on it - he makes it crystal clear he is gutted she's out and is officially in mourning!

July: The Mint, ITV

July: Big Brother's Big Mouth (BBBM), E4 . Another Big Brother offshoot show, hosted by comedian Russell Brand.

July 18: The Richard & Judy Show, Channel 4 (C4) . One of the UK 's biggest chat & magazine shows presented by this popular husband and wife team. Nikki interviewed and talks about her anorexia. This is one of Nikki's very first and big major interviews on a high profile show and she is completely at ease when interviewed.

July 21: Friday Night Project, C4 . Offbeat comedy show with mixture of sketches and quizzes, presented by comedians Justin Lee Collins and Alan Carr, that features a celeb co-host each week. Nikki presents their Celebrity Spotting section, where she very funnily and very manically acosts unsuspecting members of the public who bear a passing resemblance to a celebrity.

July 27: ITN News - interviews Nikki Grahame as she attends Miami Vice film premiere

Aug 4: Friday Night Project, C4 . Nikki's 2nd appearance on FNP and this time she's on co-host's Justin Lee Collins team for the Coat of Cash quiz, that week guest hosted by Jade Goody. JLC makes it obvious of his like for Nikki, telling her "she should still be in that effing house!" to the cheers of the audience. Nikki even answered one of the questions right!

Aug: BBLB, E4. Nikki and the other evicted HM's make an appearance to persuade the viewers to vote them into the house next door.

Aug: BBLB, E4 . Big Brother is finished and all the HM's gather together. Nikki is interviewed.

Aug: Big Brother - What They Did Next, C4 . Following all the HM's in the week after each were evicted. Nikki Grahame is filmed and interviewed doing a PA in Brighton .

Sept 2: Celebrity Soup, E4 . Nikki Grahame co-hosts her 1st episode (of 3) of this entertainment gossip show with comedian Iain Lee. Nikki does surprisingly well at her first attempt at presenting.

Sept 6: Princess Nikki (PN), E4 (repeated on C4 later in the year). The Fisherman. 1st episode of 6 shows. Nikki spends a day - most of it being sick - working on a fish trawler in the English Channel, catching and gutting fish, before going onto work behind the counter of a chip shop frying her catch. This first episode is a promising start to Nikki's new tv series and it shows Nikki is charismatic and entertaining enough to carry a whole show on her own.

Sept: The Red Bull Air Show, C4. A brief interview with Nikki and Pete. Nikki takes the lead in this interview and comes across mature and very confident.

Sept 8: The Jonathan Ross Show, BBC1 . Nikki and Pete are interviewed (the other guests this night are Julie Walters and Ricky Gervais). This is the UK 's biggest chat show and it's quite a coup for Nikki and Pete to be on this show as, apart from Chantelle Houghton & Preston, Jonathan Ross does not allow reality stars to appear. Nikki does most of the talking and dominates the interview. Jonathan Ross appears very taken with the couple and JR is his usual cheeky and irreverent self taking the mickey out of Nikki but it's all done with affection. It's a very big deal to appear on this show and Nikki was neither overawed or fazed by this big occasion and shows - once again - how entirely comfortable she is in front of the camera.

Sept 9: Celebrity Soup, E4 . Nikki Grahame co-presents her 2nd show.

Sept 10: T4, C4 . Nikki Grahame interviewed to promote Princess Nikki. A very relaxed interview.

Sept 13: Princess Nikki, E4 . The Farmer . 2nd episode. Nikki experiences life in the countryside when she works as a farmer's help in Gloucestershire. Nikki makes an inauspicious start when she arrives dressed in high heels and hot pants! Once properly attired she drives a tractor, mucks out the pigs, reluctantly puts her hand up a cow's bum who then breaks wind in her face! and visits a local abattoir. Country life most definitely isn't for Nikki.

Sept 16: TMI, BBC2 . A new children's Saturday morning show and Nikki Grahame appears on the very first episode. She's interviewed about Princess Nikki and also takes part in a game where she's dressed in a Velcro suit, has balls thrown at her and she has to get as much stuck to her suit as possible.

Sept 20: Princess Nikki, E4. Waste Management. 3rd episode. This is Nikki's most foulest and disgusting job of the series - Nikki spends 2 days in waste management. After first working on a bin round (where the bin men are quite unpleasant to her) Nikki then goes to work in a sewage treatment plant. It's absolutely disgusting and all credit to Nikki for lasting the two days.

Sept 27: Princess Nikki, E4. The Zoo Keeper. 4th episode. This whole episode is working with animals and, inevitably, it involves her handling more poop. Nikki first cleans out dog kennels, then goes to Bristol Zoo to clean out the animals enclosure and then into the rat house. The highlight of this poop filled episode is when Nikki is told to dress up in a penguin suit to attract the crowds! Not surprisingly, the kids love it!

Oct 4: This Morning, ITV1. Daily morning magazine programme. Nikki Grahame is this week's guest designer for their "Beat The Stylist" fashion spot. The outfit Nikki has put together beats that of TM's resident fashion expert and she wins a trophy! She's also interviewed about Princess Nikki and her recent split with Pete. She is introduced as, "the undoubted star of Big Brother". Nikki gives a very mature, well considered and gracious interview.

Oct 4: Princess Nikki, E4. The Mountain Rescuer. 5th episode. Nikki has to help a mountain rescue team and undergoes a survival course. This was Nikki's favourite episode of Princess Nikki and she said she would like to do that as a job.

Oct 11: Princess Nikki, E4. Rugby Player. 6th & final episode. Nikki joins a ladies rugby team and is put through rigorous training. The ladies are harsh on Nikki and offer no sympathy or consideration to her whatsoever culminating in them throwing her in a barrel full of freezing cold ice and water - deliberately ignoring her pleas for them not to - and stand around laughing as Nikki is stuck in the barrel crying. Very hard to watch.

Oct: 8/10 Cats, C4. 1st of 2 appearances on this quiz show, presented by comedian Jimmy Carr. Nikki Grahame is on regular panellist Sean Locke's team. She's just great on this. She's not intimidated at all by the comedians and holds her own extremely well and is featured very heavily throughout the show. Upon answering a question about funerals Nikki deadpans, "I went to a funeral once, I didn't get invited back!", much to the delight of the audience and panellists. Boy George, also a guest, tells Nikki that she's "more fabulous than Madonna!"

Nikki Grahame ins a National Television AwardOct 31: NIKKI WINS HER NTA AWARD!!!!!

Nikki Grahame attends the NTA (National Television Awards), the UK 's biggest tv awards ceremony, at the Royal Albert Hall, London, with Davina McCall, Dermot O'Leary and Pete. Nikki and Pete are nominated individually in the same category - Most Popular TV Contender - (along with Chantelle Houghton, Carol Thatcher and Richard Fleeshman). Nikki is also the only nominee from her category who didn't win their particular reality tv show.

This award is voted for by the public.

Nikki's face is a picture when she wins, she's completely and utterly stunned and the audience cheer loudly when her name is called as the winner. Michael Barrymore presents Nikki with her award and Nikki, despite being in a state of shock, gives the most fantastic, gracious, humble & spontaneous speech of the night.

Nov 1: The NTA Awards, ITV1. The award ceremony, as detailed above, is shown on tv.

Nov 13 & 14: Celebrity Scissorhands, BBC3 & BBC1. A 3 week show which is to help raise money for the BBC's Children in Need charity, whereby celebs are trained to be hairdressers and the clients are a mixture of celebs and members of the public. Nikki Grahame appeared twice on this show - first in the live feed on BBC3 and then the next evening where her appearance was featured in the edited highlights on BBC1.

Nikki was booked in for a hot stone massage with Darren Day but the salon boss, Lee Stafford, decided to play a trick on Nikki and told her she had to have her long hair cut by ex Visage lead singer Steve Strange - to her utter dismay! They kept reiterating it was for charity and by not doing it she was letting the children down, to which a tearful Nikki replied she would gladly make a donation from her own money but she was not having her hair cut. When Steve Strange tried to persuade her Nikki told him, "I love Visage and I love the 80's but you're not cutting my hair!". They eventually told her it had all been a wind up and, as she usually does, she took the joke well.

Nov 20: ITN News, ITV1. Clip of the Closer Magazine Young Heroes Award. Nikki Grahame presents an award and a clip is show ITV News.

Dec 16: The Xtra Factor, ITV2. Whilst attending the X-Factor Finals Nikki Grahame is asked (off camera) if she would present an award on their off shoot show, The Xtra Factor, for best catchphrase to one of the failed auditionees. Nikki, ever a good sport, does a reprise of her "who is she?" catchphrase when asked to by the presenter.

Dec 20: I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here...Coming Home, ITV2. Nikki Grahame makes a brief appearance as she's seen sitting on the top table of the Capital Radio Rocks party which is attended by one of the I'm A Celeb contestants.

Dec: Princess Nikki repeated on C4 .

Dec 28: Most Annoying People of 2006, BBC3. Nikki Grahame was featured in the countdown of the Most Annoying People of 2006. She comes 2nd.

Dec 29: TMI, BBC2. Nikki's 2nd appearance on this kids show. She answers quick fire questions and participates in "Guess the Song" game. Nikki said her best moments of 2006 were filming Princess Nikki, winning her NTA and being on TMI!

Dec 30: 2006 Fame Review, C4. Countdown of the 50 most written about celebs of 2006. Nikki & Pete are in at number 12. Nikki's interviewed for this and she says she would love to be a tv presenter, perhaps one like Jonathan Ross, or a job commenting on current affairs.

Dec 31: The Big Finish with Graham Norton, BBC1. End of year quiz show presented by Graham Norton. Quiz featured several celeb teams such as the Soap Team, the Comedy Team, etc, and Nikki Grahame was on the Showbiz Team along with Myleene Klaas and Bill Oddie. Each celeb was playing for charity. Nikki was fabulous on this. She was very funny and she shone. And everyone - Graham Norton especially - seemed to love her. As has become the norm now, Nikki was extremely relaxed and confident throughout, coming across as a natural on tv and most certainly was not overshadowed by the other more tv experienced celebs.

She was chosen (and volunteered) to represent her team to answer questions for the final at the end of the show against an opposing team member which was ex Eastenders actress Wendy Richard. Unfortuntely things didn't go well for Nikki initially as she failed to answer correctly her first few questions much to the amusement of the audience and Graham Norton in particular. But as always Nikki took this in great humour, laughing at herself as much as everyone else did.

And when Nikki finally answered a question correct she got a huge cheer from the audience. She then went on to answer a few more correctly but not enough to beat Wendy Richard.

Nikki may have lost out in the quick fire questions to Wendy Richard but Nikki completely put Wendy in the shade in this quiz with her big funny personality, with Nikki effortlessly stealing this part of the show. She was a joy to watch and when the show finished Graham Norton can be seen running to Nikki and giving her a big hug.


TV and Media 2007

Jan 1: Most Shocking Celeb Moments of 2006, Channel 5. Nikki Grahame and other Big Brother 7 HM's were featured in this show. They make number 32 in the list and Nikki was interviewed and she continued to make several appearances throughout the show making funny comments about Paula Abdul, George Galloway, Danni Minogue, David Hasselhoff and Paris Hilton ("what does she think it is, Noah's Ark?!" when told Paris tried to insist her dog travels with her on a plane).

Feb 18: Domino's "Meteor" pizza ad premiered.

Dominos Pizza chose Nikki Grahame to advertise and be the face of their new "Meteor" pizza range. The ad was shown for 4 weeks in February nationally on tv on ITV1, ITV2, C4, E4, Sky One, VH-1 to name just a few.

Nikki is really great in this, sending herself and her tantrum persona up. The ad starts with Nikki sitting on the sofa with the 2 regular Domino pizza guys, watching tv and moaning incessantly to their utter annoyance. So they phone for a "Meteor" pizza, and it arrives by flying towards their house ("why is the room shaking!?" a concerned Nikki screams) crashing through the front room knocking Nikki out, to the relief of the guys who stay seated eating their pizza next to a semi conscious Nikki on the couch.

Nikki is very comical in this, delivers her lines impeccably and she's a really funny sight sitting there, stunned by the knock out, her dazed eyes darting from side to side.

Dominos reported an increase in sales after this ad was shown.

March 24: The Weakest Link, BBC1 (repeated on BBC2 later in the year ). This is a Goodies vs Baddies and Nikki Grahame is a Baddie! She's excellent on this show - Anne Robinson is kind to her and seems to like her. She asks Nikki to do her "who is she?" catchphrase. Nikki is cute and engaging and comes across very confidently.

And in one of the rounds Nikki is the strongest link!

She's eventually voted off, as a result of some game playing by the other contestants, and comes a very respectable 5th

As Nikki said in her post walk off interview, "I should have won! I banked the most money!". You tell 'em Nikki!

May 30: Sky News. Nikki Grahame is in their studio being interviewed about Big Brother as tonight is the start of Big Brother 8. In the wake of the racism controversy in Celebrity Big Brother earlier in the year the interviewer seems to have an agenda and tries to get Nikki to criticise Big Brother and the producers but Nikki is having none of it. Nikki has always spoken of her gratitude to Big Brother for all they have given her and she refuses to be drawn in any such criticism of Big Brother or the producers.

May - August. BBLB, E4. The B Team Reporter. Nikki Grahame, along with Big Brother 7 HM's Glyn, Shabazz and Spiral form The B Team who during Big Brother 8's run will be BBLB's resident reporters, travelling around the country visiting places and interviewing the public and people associated with the Big Brother 8 HM's.

This is Nikki at her absolute best. Every one of her reports are smashing and they outshine those of the other B Teamers by miles. Nikki has found her niche here. Presenting and interviewing come very naturally to her - she's fabulous at it. She's confident, articulate and funny and her quirkiness makes her that little bit different from the run of the mill, ordinary and sometimes dull interviewers. And all those she interviewed responded very favourably and warmly towards Nikki. It's not hard to see she was liked by everyone she interviewed.

In all Nikki did 12 reports and they are, in order:

The Women's Institute, The Premier, Alton Towers, Seany the Clown, Basildon & Essex FM support for Brian, Durham Tree Surgeon, Hampshire Chilli Gardens, Longleat, Report for Oxford Uni & visits Suzie Dent, Blists Hill Victorian Town, Museum of Childhood, The Yoghurt Tops record deal.

From her very first report to her final one each one of them are an absolute joy to watch. Nikki is funny, engaging and very professional in every one of them. There's just so many great moments from each of them it's impossible to single one or two out.

May - August: BBBM, E4 . During Big Brother 8 Nikki Grahame makes 2 appearances on BBBM.

July 22: T4 On The Beach, C4.

Aug: 8/10 Cats Big Brother Special, C4. Nikki Grahame made a 2nd appearance on this show. This time she wasn't on the panel but was sat separately with ex HM's from previous series for this Big Brother special. Out of all the HM's Nikki was featured the most prominently. Nikki's diary was the one - by the viewers polled - who said they'd be the most interested in reading.

And Nikki was voted the Most Entertaining Housemate Ever!!

Aug 19: The Xtra Factor, ITV2 . Offshoot show to The X-Factor. Nikki Grahame appears with some other celebs in a fake comedy audition to be a presenter/judge.

Sept 8: Hells Kitchen, ITV1 . Nikki Grahame was a guest celeb diner in this reality restaurant show, whose chef this series was Marco Pierre White.

Nikki was interviewed at her table and she chose to eat from the girls team menu. She asked the Maitre D what ragout was, pronouncing it as "ragoot", is told it's a fish soup, "oh I don't like fish!" she tells the Maitre D dismissively.

Sept: The Most Annoying TV We Hate To Love, BBC3. As the title suggests, Nikki Grahame interviewed talking about her tv bugbears: QVC ("I've never watched more than 3 seconds of it, it just takes all the enjoyment out of shopping"). Other tv's Nikki hates: Dirty Sanchez, Jade's PA, Songs of Praise, Country File, TV Detox and Snooker.

This programme also features the debut tv appearance of Nikki's (very well behaved) Chihuahua , Baby!

Sept: What The Housemates Did Next, E4 . A review of how all the Big Brother HM's have fared since leaving their respective houses and obviously Nikki Grahame is featured, but due to the programme not being long enough to cover the HM's properly, only a very small amount of Nikki's success is mentioned.

Nov: Another Evening with Al Murray, ITV1. Al Murray's comedy pub landlord character has a one man show live in front of a celeb audience, which includes Nikki Grahame. She gets singled out by Al Murray for some teasing.

Dec 15: Outtake TV, BBC1. A clip of Nikki's appearance in the final of The Big Finish is shown. Anne Robinson commented that Wendy Richard was left in the shadows by Nikki and was dying to jump out and hit her!