Nikki Grahame

TV Appearances and Media Career 2008

Following Nikki Grahames success at the the National Television Awards in November 2006 winning Best TV Contender. Nikki went on to write a Big Brother Column for OK! Magazine during the 2007 Big Brother Series. She was very outspoken in her opinions and was often quoted by other news services. Following the success of her Big Brother 8 Column she was given her own Showbiz column in OK!'s Celebrity lift out magazine Hotstars as well as her Big Brother column for the 2008 series.

Nikki's TV and Media career has also florished and has enjoyed her roll of roving reporter on Big Brothers spin off show Big Brothers Little Brother. Nikki's highlights are on the red carpet interviewing international celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Dustin Hoffmamn, Michael Caine, Joan Rivers and many local celebrities. Other highlights include The Big Brother Audition Special and Nikki's two appearances on The Trisha Goddard show special Battle of the Sexes. Where Nikki along with Jeff Brazier give their views on men and women, giving advice to couples having relationship problems.


Big Brother 9 Auditions. Nikki Grahame does some reporting for Channel 4 for the Manchester Big Brother 9 auditions.

Date of transmission and exact name of programme unknown at present.

18 Jan: Big Brothers Little Brother, E4 . Nikki makes a guest appearance on BB's off shoot show commenting on the 4 Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack (BB:CH) HM's up for eviction that night.

20 Jan: Big Brothers Little Brother, E4 . Nikki makes her 2nd appearance on here in 2 days. She's on with fellow guests BB8's winner Brian and the 2 Big Brother :Celebrity Hijack evictees. She's great on this and makes some very funny comments.

The host, Dermot O'Leary, has always loved Nikki and it's obvious he still does - upon introducing Nikki he affectionately strokes her head, "oh you're so nice!" and calls Nikki and BB8 winner Brian "Big Brother icons!".

Later on in the show, Nikki, Brian and the 2 evictees form the panel in choosing from 3 of the public to be Big Brother for the day. Firstly they each ask the candidate questions and then Nikki only goes on to take part - as she is the Queen of Strops - in a mock DR session with each candidate where she acts out a DR strop to test how good they'd be as BB.

She then gives her views to Dermot on how she thought each fared. She's quite critical of each of them and Dermot comments at how seriously she takes it, "but it's important Dermot!", she not unreasonably informs Dermot.

It's very clear that Dermot very obviously appears to thoroughly enjoy Nikki's contribution.

26 Feb: Supersize vs Superskinny, C4. This 8 week series investigates people's increasingly dysfunctional relationship with food. In this week's show Nikki is interviewed about her long battle with anorexia. She gives an extremely moving - and quite shocking account - of the extremes she went to in order to not eat and to stay thin and how anorexia has left her with continued ongoing physical problems.

26 Feb: Supersize vs Superskinny, C4. This 8 week series investigates people's increasingly dysfunctional relationship with food. In this week's show Nikki is interviewed about her long battle with anorexia. She gives an extremely moving - and quite shocking account - of the extremes she went to in order to not eat and to stay thin and how anorexia has left her with continued ongoing physical problems.

20 Mar: Balls of Steel, C4. Presented by Mark Dolan with guest presenters Alex Zane and Olivia Lee. Comedy entertainment show featuring, among other things, hidden camera set ups and pranks to set up celebrities.

In this week's show Nikki is one of 3 celebs being set up in a prank by Olivia Lee and Mark Nelson whereby Mark sign languages to each celeb a rude question (and makes very unsubtle badly disguised rude hand gestures to illustrate each question) and Olivia purposely wrongly translates each question into something mundane and more "innocent". The celeb then answers the wrongly translated question with their innocent answers.

It's obvious from the way Nikki keeps looking at Mark Nelson that she's aware something's not quite right with the questions but she carries on along with it. Nikki's facial expressions are a picture at Mark's increasingly rude hand gestures - in particular her face with his last question!

1st April: Nuts TV - Nikki appears twice on here - firstly she's interviewed by the 2 presenters on the couch and then later on she's sitting in the bar being interviewed by the barman. In both parts it's a relaxed and casual interview, with Nikki having fun and talking about her life before BB and after.

5th May, Generation Sex, Fiver
Nikki makes several appearances on the opening show of this new series with celebs being asked about their sexual experiences. There will be more Nikki appearances in upcoming ones.

12th May, Generation Sex, Fiver
19th May, Generation Sex, Fiver
26th May, Generation Sex, Fiver

9th MAY, C5, THE TRISHA GODDARD SHOW. BATTLEOF THE SEXES PART 1 Nikki, along with Jeff Brazier, hosts a Battle of the Sexes special in this popular daily discussion show.

Nikki and Jeff give their views on men and women and they also give advice to couples having relationship problems.

The show starts off with Nikki being asked what she looks for in a man. Nikki says men should work to keep us happy, men should help look after the kids and do their fair share of housework and cooking and treat her like a princess. Men should look after finances like direct debits, etc, but she would do the holiday bookings to make sure they were done properly!

Her men should wine and dine her, come in on a Friday and say get ready we are going out - even if its just to the bingo! When asked who should be in charge in the bedroom Nikki hesitated and smiled and said it should be equal.

Nikki says friends are for life keeping - your friends are more important than dating them. Nikki has lots of male friends, she doesn't date friends.

Nikki was asked when is the time to walk in a relationship and she said when the bad outweighs the good then it's game over!

Jeff teasingly told Nikki, when asked about commitment, that she jumps in with both feet and frightens men off. Nikki shouted NO!

Trisha asks Jeff if he didn't mind girls who farted and burped and Jeff said that Nikki lets one go now and again, to which Nikki shouted "I have never farted in my life!!"

There were couples on here having relationship problems and both Nikki and Jeff were asked to give advice to each couple. Nikki gave some really good advice to one couple. She said they need to try to rebuild the friendship they used to have, to forget about having a relationship and go back to being friends, make it clear they both have their own lives.

Jeff was asked to give advice to the same couple and he said that Nikki put it very well in giving her advice.

Both Jeff and Nikki also talked about their own relationships. Nikki said she has never had anyone commit to her, she has never had a ring on her finger - she then holds up the wrong finger and laughs, "see I don't even know the right finger!"

Nikki says she also had an ex who dissed her friends and family - and she says looking back she can't believe how she ever let him to do that.

Nikki's appearance on here impressed Trisha enough for her to be offered to appear again every 6 weeks doing some presenting.

12th May, Generation Sex, Fiver
19th May, Generation Sex, Fiver
26th May, Generation Sex, Fiver

Nikki makes further appearances on the show.

1st June, 2008  E4, Big Brother Auditions Part 1.

bb audition pic Nikki, along with 8 other BB HMs from previous series meet some of this years auditionees/ hopefuls for BB9 on the first day of auditions in November 2007.

Each housemate reports from a different UK city and Nikki attends the Manchester auditions, looking very cute (if a bit cold) in her Princess pink ear muffs. Upon first seeing all the hopefuls Nikki remarks that it's amazing how everyone has to be different and unusual to be noticed and she says she doesn't know how she did it.

There is one notable auditionee Nikki meets - a professional "Frank Gallagher" (character from the UK hit series "Shameless") impersonator, who has been auditioning for BB for the past few years. Nikki meets him in the queue waiting to go in and, after he's done a bit of his Frank Gallagher act on her (and leaves some spittle on her face which she wipes off), he gives Nikki his card, which she disdainfully refuses to accept and gives back telling him, "I hate to say it but you're really irritating me!" and mutters something uncomplimentary about him as she walks away.

Nikki then had to go to a shopping centre where she had to try to find some suitable people to come to the auditions. She found a couple of ladies in the cafe and a fit bloke in a menswear shop. Nikki is then seen being interviewed live at a local Manchester radio station. "We had a Frank Gallagher impersonator at the auditions and was an absolute t**t!" she relays to the jokey horror of the radio presenters (the show was going out live!). Nikki was made to apologise for her little hiccup of the "t" word, which she did, although she had no idea exactly what she was apologising for! She then, immediately, says another naughty word and she's made to apologise again!

Later in the Auditions show Nikki is seen acting as a producer and she interviews some of the hopefuls. She takes her role of producer very seriously, so much so that she decides to remove her Princess ear muffs so that she looks more the part. One of the hopefuls she interviews is the Frank Gallagher impersonator. And Nikki, taking her producer role very seriously, begins to cross examine him and when "Frank Gallagher" says he will be himself in the house Nikki states, quite logically, that how can he claim to be himself when he's turned up at the auditions as someone else? There follows quite a serious exchange between Nikki and "Frank" with Nikki showing she wasn't taking any of this lightly or treating it like a gimmick. Nikki did a great job trying to find out who the real person was behind the "Frank Gallagher" facade. She gave him some good advice that he should be himself and not try to be someone else as they were looking for people who didn't come with stupid props and clothes etc. "Frank" didnt seem to want to take the advice so Nikki thanked him for taking an interest in going on BB and to wait outside.

But when "Frank" left the room Nikki looks very concerned and turns to the watching producers and asks if she was too hard on him, to which they told her no, it was perfect and you did very, very well. Nikki tells the producers that if he had turned up as himself he would've had a better of chance of going through. Needless to say "Frank Gallagher" didn't make it through to the next stage. Nikki sums up her day at the auditions by saying "I've seen some very interesting people but also some very boring people". Well we know which category Nikki falls in. She was fantastic on this show, she completely ran away with it and she had way more air time than the other reporting housemates. She was funny, playful and yet took it all very seriously and was extremely professional with the auditioness. Nikki's reporting here is another example of how natural she is in front of the camera and what natural ability she has doing this kind of thing.

bb audition pic 2

2nd June, 2008  E4, Big Brother Auditions. Part 2 of the Big Brother Auditions and this 2nd show follows the hopefuls onto the next stage of the auditioning process.

This show follows them filling in the very detailed application form (it takes 5 hours!), group assesement and being interviewed by Big Brother in a Diary Room. This 2nd show follows the more eccentric of the audtionees.

Nikki is on at the begining, still in Manchester. Two guys are sitting at a table filling their application form in, talking to the camera. They spot Nikki and call her over (who's very casual and relaxed having just made herself a brew) and ask to have their photo taken with her. Nikki happily agrees to this, saying those guys have been so nice to her all day. One of the guys asks if he can give her a kiss for the photo to which Nikki agrees although she can't resist a slight jokey grimace when the guy kisses her for the photo. Nikki tells the guy she only allowed him to kiss her "because you've been so lovely to me". She then tells him that he's lovely and is also fit but that he needs to have a personality in the house and can't rely just on his looks.

The guy tells Nikki that she was great in the house, really funny. It's a nice friendly, relaxed exchange between the two.

The rest of the programme focuses on the more eccentric auditionees and, apart from Nikki and Anthony from BB6 at the begining, none of yesterday's reporting housemates are featured.

5th June, Big Brother Launch Night Project, C4 . Tonight's the start of Big Brother 9 and to celebrate its launch there is a special BB Friday Night Project show hosted by Justin Lee Collins, Alan Carr and featuring Nikki and several other past HM's from the previous shows.

The HM's take it in turn to do sketches and guest host during the course of the show and instead of showing BB clips some of the most infamous moments are recreated in sketch form by JLC, AC and the HM's.

Unsurprisingly out of all the HM's it's Nikki that's featured the most prominently, appearing in 4 different segments of the show.

The show starts of as a take-off of The Muppet Show, with all the HM's (Ziggy, Carole, Charley & Chanelle BB8, Nadia BB5, Anthony & Kinga BB6, Brian BB2 and Lea, Pete & Ais BB7) standing in The Muppet Show window arches singing a BB song to the theme tune of The Muppet Show. Nikki and Ais are sitting in the balcony "being" Statler and Waldorf and the camera cuts to a (pretend) annoyed Nikki looking down at Charley shouting, "Who is she? why does she get to stand in one of those window things and I'm stuck up here?!", to which Ais throws a carton of popcorn over her, "know yourself girlfriend!" ending with Nikki pulling a mock furious face.

The next segment is straight after this with Nikki, Ziggy and Nadia sitting behind a desk being interviewed by JLC and AC. They start off talking about how the new BB9 HM's will be feeling and they're asked if there was ever a moment where you thought to yourself 'I've screwed up', and when Ziggy says the time to think that is when you're on your walk out of the house, a laughing Nikki chips in, "it was written all over your face!" getting a big laugh from the audience.

Throughtout the show, the show's official poll of the Top 3 Best BB Moments results are announced and Nikki's Diary Room rants/tantrums is voted 2nd Best BB Moment. Instead of showing clips of these, one of Nikki's DR rants is re-enacted by JLC dressed up as Nikki in the DR. He has on a bikini & coat and he's in the DR doing his Nikki impression of her being cold, imitating her wild arm movements and of course does the "who is she?!" rant, to which the real Nikki walks in dressed identically to JLC and shouts, "Who are you?!", "I'm Nikki!" JLC Nikki replies, "No, I'm Nikki!" shouts the real thing, "No I'm Nikki and he's Petey!" shouts the JLC Nikki pointing to Alan Carr who arrives dressed as Pete. "That's not Petey, this is Petey!" points Nikki to the real Pete walking on. The sketch ends with the two Pete's having an exchange and walking off together.

Nikki sketch

The final segment Nikki is in is the last part of the show, in the Big Brother Big Fun Gameshow hosted by JLC where a contestant can win prizes determined by where the arrow points on the spin of the wheel...and guess who's to be the arrow! Yep, the red curtain covering it lifts to reveal it's Nikki lying on the wheel in her arrow suit nervously waiting to be spun.

But her face is a picture! The wheel hasn't even spun yet and Nikki looks absolutely terrified! JLC: "Nik how you doing my love?", Nikki: "I'm dreading this!" she says sounding and looking like she really, really was dreading it. JLC: "You're in safe hands Nikki", Nikki: "Well you're not if I vomit!"

The wheel is then spun pretty fast - you feel dizzy watching it - and immediately Nikki lets out a groan. It's quite clear she's not going to do this quietly. When the wheel stops spinning JLC asks Nikki how she's feeling. Nikki needs no words in her reply, with her glaring daggers at JLC saying it all. If looks could kill. "Nikki, do you need a bucket?", Nikki, too unwell to speak, doesn't reply, "Nikki are you alive?", "I'm here, I'm fine!" she says looking and sounding anything but.

The contestant goes on to answer a question with some of the other HM's, he gets the answer wrong and it's time to spin the wheel again - except that Nikki has other ideas and she sits bolt upright looking like she wants to be anywhere but there. "Nikki are you alright my angel?" JLC asks, "No!" she says but she gamely lies back down to continue the game.

The wheel is spun again, this time for longer and faster it seems. As soon as the wheel stops Nikki sits upright looking like death warmed up. Without saying a word she immediately lies straight back down again and a concerned JLC hovers over her checking she's alright.

Then in order for the contestant to win a different and better prize JLC slowly moves the arrow around the wheel to stop on a better prize and this proves to be too much for Nikki, "Justin!!" she pleads looking really unhappy and unwell as the arrow stops at the prize position.

Nikki gets a short respite from all the spinning when some of the other HM's take part answering questions to help win some prizes. When this part of the game is over the contestant is offered a Double or Quits on his prizes so far won, "If you win you go home with the lot - good times" JLC tells him, "but if you lose you get nothing.." the camera then cuts to Nikki, "bad times" she says still lying on the wheel in her arrow suit. The little break from the spinning seems to have done Nikki good cos she had back her cheekiness when she said it.

The contestant decides to gamble and he has to answer either A or B to a question. He answers B, JLC calls out to a still lying down Nikki, "what's the answer love?" and a much more happy Nikki happily says "B!". The contestant wins and that's the end of the game and the show. A smiling Nikki is then seen standing on stage with the hosts and the HM's waving goodbye.

With so many HM's appearing you'd think that it would be hard for just one HM to stand out but Nikki stole the show here with most of the other HM's having cameo appearances. Nikki, along with Ziggy, were the 2 HM's most heavily featured, the highlight being (well not for Nikki probably!) Nikki as the arrow on the wheel. It was very, very funny, Nikki's hacked off expressions priceless.

You can watch the show here


Nikki Reports for BBLB 5th June, Big Brother's Big Mouth (BBBM), E4
Nikki makes a brief cameo appearance at the start of the new series of BBBM.

A prospective candidate was being interviewed in the Job Centre for the BBBM presenting job and the interviewer buzzed for the presenter's contract to be brought through and Nikki walks in with it. The contract is snatched from Nikki, telling her, "change of plan" and gives the contract to the new presenter. A disgruntled Nikki walks out.

6th June, Big Brother's Little Brother (BBLB), C4. Nikki reports from the BB9 launch night, watching the new HM's as they arrive to enter the house. She describes one female HM as having "corned beef legs" and upon hearing that one HM is called Rex she says "I used to have a dog called Rex". When 20 year old good looking Dale arrives you can tell Nikki likes him from all the screaming she's doing, "oh why couldn't we have had some fit guys when I was in there!".

9th June, Generation Sex, Fiver

Nikki makes another appearance on Generation sex on channel 5.

13th June BBLB, E4
As the BB9 housemates failed their task they have basic food rations this week and only have £1 each to spend on their shopping and in Nikki's BBLB report she went to a Pound Shop to see what she could buy the housemates for £1.

Nikki bought an afro comb for Mohamed, pink nail varnish for Steph, and a baby toy for Rebecca "cos she's quite babyish". Nikki also played with a football in the shop which bounced into the sweet counter and she was told off by the shopkeeper who told her no running in the shop.

It was another good and confident report from Nikki.

27th June BBLB, E4
Another cool report from Nikki for BBLB, this time at the London Leicester Square film premiere of Kung Fu Panda. Nikki aims to interview the film's stars to find out what they think about Big Brother - with mixed results!

Firstly she tries unsuccessfully to interview Jack Black. He walks past, she grabs his arm, but he tells her he's got to move on and he's helped along his way by a PR lady - much to the annoyance of Nikki, who is outraged that the PR lady moved Jack away from her. But that won't be the end of Nikki's encounter with Mr Black....

Nikki then tries to speak to Lucy Liu but again is beaten by a PR man who moved Lucy away, "he dragged her away!". Nikki is not impressed.

Nikki is then seen standing next to Jack Black. And this is probably the funniest part of the report. Jack is standing next to Nikki and being interviewed for another tv crew and Nikki, who is standing completely in Jack's eye and ear shot, complains loudly to the camera that she is not allowed to talk to him and that she's been told off. And to show what she thinks of that she starts to pull some very funny faces to camera. When most interviewers are reverential and serious with film stars this is a really cheeky little piece from Nikki and very funny. As Jack moves away he looks at Nikki before moving on, "he looked at me, he wanted to talk to me and she dragged him away!"

However, the best came last.

Nikki Grahame Interviews Dustin Hoffman for BBLBNikki interviewed Dustin Hoffman!! To her amazement she tells us she's been given permission to talk to him. The great actor approaches and Nikki asks him if he's heard of Big Brother. He replies, after initially mishearing, her, "yes of course!". She then asks him if he could say "Cookie Power!" to which he very good naturedly and happily agrees to do and he shouts "Cookie Power!" to the camera! Nikki thanks him and Dustin Hoffman, who's laughing, tells someone standing next to Nikki, "I don't have an ******* clue of what she just asked me to do there!". How many people would ask Dustin Hoffman to do that! He was a great sport and it was another great report from Nikki and it was up there with her previous film premiere report she did last year. What is it about Nikki and film premieres!

3rd July,BBLB,E4

Nikki appears in a sketch dressed as BB9 housemate Mario! Mario and Lisa are BB9's real life couple in the house and they have a propensity to very openly lick each other's tongues and so Nikki, as Mario, along with an unidentified male as Lisa, did a little mickey taking sketch of this.

The sketch starts with the back view of the male Lisa washing up at the kitchen sink, dressed in skimpy hotpants doing some kick leg movements. Nikki - dressed in short black curly wig, Hawaiian shirt, wearing padding for Mario's muscles and carrying a Health and Safety clip board (the real Mario is very big on Heath & Safety!) - peers from behind the kitchen door looking at Lisa, already salivating and licking her/his tongue and lips! As the camera pans in on Lisa's hotpants it is assumed that is the reason for all the lip licking - but, in actual fact Mario/Nikki are desperate for some custard creams (a favourite of the real Mario/Lisa) and that is the joke of the sketch.

Nikki, in her best manly butch walk, sneaks up to Lisa (all the while still licking her lips), opens a drawer and takes out a giant custard cream. She then says "I want to dunk my custard cream in your hot wet tea. Nikki then turns "Lisa" around, who is also furiously licking her lips, the two grab each other and both do some OTT and extravagant pretend licking of each other's tongues (but they don't really). Lisa then picks up Nikki/Mario who carries on furiously licking her lips all the while flexing her padded muscles! (Watch Nikki being BB9 Mario in the video section here)

July 7, BBLB, E4

A second BBLB report with Nikki impersonating one of the BB9 housemates. Last week it was Mario (that image is still with us!) and this week it's Nikki as Rebecca (Bex). This is a spoof day in the life with Nikki as Rebecca, narrating her day and it's filmed in Rebecca's house and at her nursery school where she works.

To look like Bex Nikki is dressed in black wig, knee length denim shorts, a I Heart Cov t shirt and donning a false pair of huge boobs.

7am: It starts of with Nikki as Bex, in Bex's bedroom lying on her bed. She's sucking her thumb dreaming of Hanson (Bex's fave group) and gets woken up by the 7am alarm. She goes for a wee, slaps on some make up and bounces on a space hopper in the bedroom, all the while enthusiastically singing along to Hansen - so enthusiastically that Nikki accidentally hits her hand against the bed's wooden frame, "ouch!".

8am: Nikki, wearing a pink cowboy hat and still manically singing along to Hansen, says goodbye to her "mum" (who is Bex's actual mum), after asking for pasta shapes in sauce for her dinner..she listens to her mp3 as she goes to catch the bus at 8am.

Nikki Grahame as BB9 Rebbecca in a sketch on BBLB11am: "get down with the kids!" - Nikki arrives at Bex's nursery school at 11am, where she plays with the children Bex works with, although some of the children don't seem too impressed with Nikki's attempt to be Bex, pointing out to her that that she doesn't look like Miss Shiner, although one little cutie seems to have taken a liking to Nikki, giving her a couple of kisses.

2pm: plays with some toys and some paintings.

6pm: An exhausted & fed up looking Nikki leaves the nursery and returns to Bex's home, "after a hard day at the nursery, well here's the fun part!" and rubs her hands together excitedly.

7pm: Nikki sitting on the sofa putting make up on. She says she has one hour to get ready before her friends come round. The friends turn up and Nikki jumps up and down being over excited (as per the real Bex) greeting her friends. They drink glasses of rose and sing karaoke.

10pm: by 10pm Nikki's had a gutful. The dodgy black Bex wig is looking decidedly unkempt, Nikki's looking tired and with an arm resting against the wall she tells us "I've had enough of Coventry, I don't know how Becky does it every day, I'm leaving them to it and getting the hell out of here" and she rips of her wig and walks off. (Watch Nikki in a day as BB9 Rebbecca here)



Nikki on the Battle of the Sexes Part 2 - Trisha Goddard ShowThe show starts with Nikki being asked who Wears the Trousers?
Nikki says she likes to be wined and dined and treated like a princess but not to the extent of being treated like royalty.She likes the small special things and touches, on a day to day basis.But she always pays her way on a first date. She says if a bloke pays, everything comes with a price. The audience agree with her. She would never put a bloke before her career."If its me or my job then they are on their bike".

On stage comes a young couple. The woman has spent some of their joint savings on getting a nose job without telling her boyfriend. He is upset that she had it done using money for their wedding. But even more upset she had it done in the first place. Nikki tells him he is insecure and should love his girlfriend no matter what she looks like.

Nikki is asked should men pay all the bills and take care of everything? Nikki says yes as she is hopeless at paying bills and her mum does it all for her..she just signs the cheques. She said a man should be responsible for getting the car's MOT done. Jeff said she was just a crank! Nikki asked what a crank was and the audience burst in to laughter. Eventually they both agreed that bills should be shared.

Nikki is asked if she likes her men to take care of themselves. Nikki doesn't like men who take it too far. She pointed out, much to Jeff's horror, that he had put make up on before the show. He quickly said he had removed it again. Then Nikki said she doesn't like men who use fake tan and pluck their eyebrows. She said Essex boys are the worst.

Next on stage was a Marilyn Monroe lookalike (who Nikki informed us later had been at the BB auditions in Manchester). She sat on Jeff's knee and had a bit of banter with him, saying girls liked to show off what they have and want to look glamorous all the time. She said to Nikki she looked lovely.

Next on stage came a male model called David. Nikki is asked how she judges her men. She said "If I see something I like I go out and get it!" Asked what she thought of David, Nikki said she didn't like men with facial hair but David was quick to reply he could shave it off.

After the break, Brian is introduced as the laziest man in Britain. He has been on a previous show. He sits in a chair all day watching telly while his wife does all the work. He is a big man though he informed Trisha he has lost weight after having a gastric band fitted. This sets Nikki off in to fits of laughter and the audience can't help but join in! Brian's wife comes on and tells how her husband is so lazy he doesn't even put out the bin or cut the grass. Brian seems to like Nikki and has a bit of banter with her. Nikki tells him he needs to sort himself out. She is horrified and has never seen anything like it before in her life!. Brian tells her to come and live with him for 6 weeks. At this point Nikki says she needs to take him round the back to sort him out and she is encouraged to by Trisha and the audience. He refuses to go unless Nikki holds his hand. Eventually she relents and he grabs her arm but she pulls away as they go towards the door with a look of disgust on her face.
She lets Brian go out first and as he does she holds her nose as if he is smelly.

After the break Brian and Nikki return to loud cheers, as Brian has had his hair and beard trimmed and is wearing a nice suit. He has a red rose for his wife and gives her a kiss. Nikki gives her a kiss as well. Trisha says well done Nikki! Then asks Nikki what advice she would give to Brian's wife. Nikki tells her to put her foot down. She can't believe she lets Brian get away with it. She should refuse to do any cooking and cleaning then he will have to do it himself. Brian asks Nikki what her ideal man is. Nikki says someone who pulls their weight round the house. At this point Trisha says she is sending someone round to Brian's house to sort him out and shows the audience and viewers a sergeant major. Brian asked "Are you sending round my friend Nikki?"

Once again Nikki was very professional and showed her aptitude at giving advice and handling her audience well. Watch the show here.