Nikki Grahame

TV Appearances and Media Career 2009

This year 2009 started out well for Nikki with her introducing the Celebrity Big Brother housemates in the style only Nikki can do. This was a follow on from last years Big Brother 9 launch when she introduced the Housemates for Big Brothers Little Brother.

Nikki Grahame Dying to be Thin

Nikki Grahame's Book "Dying to be Thin" which was released on May 7th 2009 and is available through book outlets and online worldwide. The book is an autobiography of Nikki's ordeal with Anorexia which has affected her life at such a young age of 8 and she had it all through her childhood, recovering at 18, the full story is on her background and growing up page.

During Big Brother 7 the stories of her anorexia surfaced. But not until after she came out of the house was the full impact of what she went through known. As Nikki quite candidately spoke freely of her years suffering from Anorexia to the press, magazines and on many TV interviews.

Since her time on Big brother Nikki had wanted to tell her unique story and wanted full control of what is written about her. Almost 3 years on from her appearance on Big Brother her book is now a reality, she has worked very hard on making it happen, having to re-live this awful period in her life wasn't easy for her. During these years Nikki did come very close to dying and has done permanent damage to herself, she cannot have children, something Nikki would dearly love. Nikki wants to get the awareness out there that young girls and even children still suffer from this terrible illness.

Nikki is well known from Big Brother for her no nonsense tell it like it is approach on life, yes tantrums but also she was very endearing, she was also very funny and entertaining leaving countless memorable moments including her famous catch cry "Who is she". The book is her lifes story and will be a fasinating read from this girl who suffered terribly during her childhood, recovering and fullfilling her dream for the better by going on Big Brother.

Nikki is now living a very healthy lifestyle, regularly attends the gym and loves going out and on holidays. She cares very much for her mum and sister who lived through her battle with anorexia and is determined to make it up to them in some way and has treated them to holidays, spa's and outings on red carpet events in which she is regularly invited. Today she supports many charities including BEAT, enjoys writing her OK! magazine column and has presented on the Big Brother spin off show BBLB.


26th September 2008 This Morning ITV1

Nikki and her mum, Sue were invited on to This Morning, to talk about Nikki's experience with being an anorexia sufferer, from the age of 8 till 18, and how it affected their lives. It is a very sad and touching story, and the reason Nikki went on the show was to raise awareness, and to try to help viewers, as the number of people with anorexia is on the increase, and it is affecting even very young children.

Nikki was very open about how anorexia affected herself and her family, and hopefully her story has helped at least one viewer to take action by seeking medical for themselves or a family member. Nikki was also representing BEAT. Watch video of the show here

Celebrity Juice, 8th October, ITV2
The show is presented by Keith Lemon and every week a celebrity panel have to answer questions, including ones about themselves. A surprise celeb has to wear an Amy Winehouse wig with questions attached. This week it was Nikki. Though she didn't get to say much, Nikki smiled throughout and did a great Amy impression ,while trying to keep the wig in place, which was nearly as big as she was! Watch video here

Nikki Grahame on CelebairCelebAir, 9th October, ITV2
This is a reality show, featuring celebs training to be airport and flight crew.

Nikki appeared as a passenger, travelling with her life coach, on a flight to Alicante. Nikki was very attracted to Dan (one the celeb trainee flight crew) and tried unsuccessfully to chat him up for a date - though she came back later for a second try!

Nikki kept the air crew very busy trying to find her a comfy seat and they managed to find an aisle seat for her next to a planespotter, who seemed to be delighted Nikki was taking such an interest in his hobby. Nikki was a bit concerned he seemed to be without a girlfriend, and apologised to him when he seemed uncomfortable at having been asked. But he seemed quite taken with Nikki, and said he had never met anyone like her before.
Nikki enjoyed the trip and gave them all top marks. See video here

The Podge and Rodge Show, 22nd October, RTI2
Nikki flew to Dublin to appear on the Podge and Dodge show which is a popular tv show in Ireland. The presenters are puppets who like to grill and embarrass their guests.

Luckily Nikki was pre-warned what to expect, and was prepared for anything thrown at her. Nikki was very funny and gave as good as she got, and she looked very elegant as well. See video here

October 25TH-November 27TH 2008 All New Generation Sex Fiver
Nikki appeared in this new series after appearing in the first series as well.
Again she was asked to comment on modern day sex issues amongst young people,which she did in her own special amusing way.

December 27TH 2008 Most Annoying People BBC3
Nikki appears on these shows regularly, as she always has her own amusing comments to make.
On this particular episode she commented on Calum Best's tv show, suggesting he spend his time learning a new sport,like water skiing or ping pong. I can just see Calum playing ping pong with one of his lady friends!Wonder who would be doing the pinging and who would be doing the ponging!

Nikki Grahame on Most Annoying People 2008 BBC3 Next Nikki was asked her thoughts on Fern Britton and her gastric its not the name of a new Indie band!! They are talking about how Fern had a special band fitted in her stomach to help her lose weight.She didn't tell anyone, and let people think she had lost the weight just by dieting alone.
Nikki has met Fern before on This Morning, and found her to be really nice and cuddly, so Nikki said that people do worse things that they have been forgiven for.

Then Nikki came out with a "Nikki special" when asked what she thought of Jodie Marsh's boobs. Nikki said she thought it was disgusting the way she flaunted her great big dopple gangers in public.

Nikki makes this show with her witty replies, as the other celebs tend to be more serious and boring with their answers. Watch video here

4th January 2009 CBBLB E4
Nikki was at the launch of Celebrity Big Brother reporting on the housemates for CBBLB. Nikki was her usual bubbly self, and had nice comments to make about all the new housemates, as one by one they arrived in their cars.

Nikki Grahame on Celebrity Big Brother 6 launch

Tina wasn't as scary as she was expecting, Terry had a nice smile, Ulrika was amazing for her age, Ben was hot stuff, Lucy was beautiful with great pins, she wondered if Coolio would make the house a Gangster's Paradise, Tommy is apparently a famous politician in Scotland, Mutya looked amazing, and was too good for the Sugababes, Verne got the aahh factor (as opposed to the x factor) and Nikki was very excited that a movie star was going in the BB house.

Nikki wondered if Michael would be paying the house a visit to see Latoya (now we know where BB got the idea for the fake Michael!) And lastly Nikki was happy to see Michelle and wished her good luck and told her she would be rooting for her.

As usual, Nikki introduced the housemates like the professional she is.
Move over Davina! Watch video here

8th January 2009 Celebrity Big Brother Channel 4
Nikki returns to the house...AGAIN!!
Nikki was a very early riser, in more ways than one, when she was lifted by a cherry picker at 7.30 am over the CBB garden to take part in a task. Tina, Coolio and Lucy were pretend paparazzi, who had to spot celebs who appeared in the cherrypicker, and take their photograph.

As it was so early, it was still quite dark, and as Nikki is very tiny at the best of times, she was hard to spot, they needed to have me in there!! Coolio kept asking her who she was, and to shout her name, which of course she wasn't allowed to do. Nikki was very frustrated not being able to shout to them.

Lucy recognised her but couldn't remember her name, just that she had been on Big Brother. Tina came to the rescue in the end though and recognised her once she saw the photo. Nikki's Who is She? backfired on her bigtime, as all the press picked up on it. Big Brother producers had obviously planned the whole thing, knowing Coolio wouldn't know her, and the others, who would have known her, tucked up in bed asleep. Add that together with the dark morning, it was a funny scenario just waiting to happen.

No one else, but Nikki, could cause so much hilarity and headlines. It was a great moment in the history of Big Brother. Watch video here

30th January 2009 Richard And Judy WATCH
Nikki was invited to take part in this show, to talk about life after reality tv. Other guests included David Van Day and Vanessa Feltz. Nikki got a great introduction, as one of the most entertainingly eccentric housemates of all time. A montage was shown of her best diary room moments.Then she was asked if she was really like that..and we all know the answer!!

Nikki told them she had her best time ever in the house, and had been able to buy a flat, and 2 chihuahas, and take her family on lots of holidays. And she caused a lot of laughter, when she added she had conquered all her demons in the house. Nikki came across very confident and she looked really pretty. Watch video here

8th February 2009 Celebrity Agency MTV ONE
Nikki made a cameo appearance in this new show, about celebrity agents and their clients. Nikki got caught up in the filming, as she happened to be at the same pa, as the featured agent's clients. Nikki was sharing a lovely rented cottage in Ireland, with Bianca Gasgoine and Michelle Heaton.

They were all there to judge the Miss Spin beauty contest. Nikki was filmed eating her cornflakes, while saying how much she hates Chanelle, after being told about Chanelle's nasty comment at the Nuts awards, towards some other friends of hers. Next Nikki is seen at the venue, holding everyone up so she can apply her lipgloss (a girl has to look her best).

Nikki is then seen sitting on some steps enjoying her vodka and coke, when Michelle tells her she is needed in the voting room. Nikki is reluctant to go as she said they had already voted. But after a little persuasion, she tips her second drink in to her glass and takes it with her.

Nikki Grahame in the Soccer6 2008 Nikki is then seen backstage, talking to Steven Nailer, while the result is being read out, and shows her distain at who was chosen. Nikki said the winner shouldn't have won as she was too arrogant. Steven said that she voted for her, Nikki said she didn't get a chance to give her opinion, and she only won because Keith Duffy fancied her! Nikki then appeared to be judging the club bouncers, much to their amusement ...and ours.

February 22nd 2009 Celebrity Agency MTV ONE

Nikki made a short appearance (her's being pink) in this episode filmed at the Soccer Sixes charity football tournament. Nikki is picked up by Steven Nailer and swung round. Then Nikki and Michelle Heaton give a short interview (both in pink ones) as they are in the same team. Michelle says that Nikki is a good player, and she herself would be in goals, but she had forgot to bring her gloves, and they were looking forward to playing....and Nikki pipes up "and looking for men!"


7th May Richard and Judy Show Watch TV.

Nikki appeared on the Richard and Judy Show, to discuss her book Dying To Be Thin,on their book spot. They started off by showing a montage of Nikki's best bits from Big Brother. Nikki had previously mentioned she was writing a book, on an earlier show. Richard seemed very surprised, and delighted, that she had gone and done it, just like she said! Richard was very impressed, and Nikki was surprised that they had really read it.

They discussed the book at length, and Nikki explained she wrote it to help others, and that proceeds from the book, would go to opening a drop in centre for anorexics, to get support and advice, on a one to one basis, from people, who had gone through what they had, and come out the other end. And that included herself. show more

Nikki showed great concern how much she had cost the NHS! Other guests on the show were comedian Russ Abbott and presenter Mark Durden-Smith. In the second half of the show, Richard and Judy had a surprise for Nikki. They showed a clip from Princess Nikki, from when she worked on the farm, the clip where the cow farted "in her face"! They then introduced farmer Andrew, who was Nikki's boss on that day. He explained he knew they were in for trouble right away, when Nikki arrived, wearing shorts, high heels and carrying a white designer handbag.He had picked Nikki up in a dirty tractor,and her bag got ruined. But he brought Nikki a peace offering...a glove, like the one she had used to examine the cow! Not sure what Nikki will do with it though!! The farmer decided there would be no full time job for Nikki on his farm!

A game was played next, in which baby pics were shown of celebs,and the guests had to guess who they were. There was a lovely smiley cute pic of Nikki as a baby. Overall it was a great interview ,and Nikki got her points across that she wanted to make. Richard and Judy also seemed to think she did very well writing her book,and showed some surprise that it was so good. show less

Watch Video Here



25th May 2009 Living 2 Three Mediums.

Derek Acorah gave Nikki's mum, Sue, a private reading,unaware she is Nikki's mum. It was very emotional,as Nikki's grandfather came to talk to her. Nikki's grandfather smoked a pipe.He loves Sue to bits,he is his girl.
Sue says they used to call him Popeye Derek keeps telling her he is a good man,and he now believes there is life after death. Read more and watch video here