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June 10, 2008
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Nikki's new BB column in OK started this week - so that's 2 columns in OK Nikki has running in tandem.

It's a 2 page spread in OK and features a cool new photo of Nikki dressed Inspector Clouseu-like in mac and hat looking startled, reading her column. And - just like Nikki's BB column last year - she doesn't hold back in what she thinks of everyone! Here goes! This is a very brief summary of what Nikki thinks of each BB9 HM:

JENNIFER. Personality dead. Up herself. Doesn't like her.
DALE. The fittest guy. But deadly dull.
STEPHANIE. Stephanie loves herself. She's okay but has a chip on her shoulder about not getting into Girls Aloud.
KATHREYA. Nikki loves her. Thinks people will like her. Hope's she doesn't start to get boring. Could become irritating. But Nikki thinks she's funny.
DARNELL. A wanabee gangster. Wouldn't get on with him in the house. Could definitely beat him in a punch up!
ALEXANDRA. Launch night dress looked like her granny's curtains. Doubt she'll last long. Public and HM's will hate her.
LISA & MARIO. Likes Lisa. Seems a nice person. Might get jealous over Mario and his relationship with the other girls. Mario's a decent bloke. But he's trying to be young.
MIKEY. Can't believe he's a fave to win. May cause HM's to lose a lot of tasks if anything like an obstacle course.
REX. Not good looking. Needs to get over himself. Has a big ego.
LUKE. Really sweet. Irritating voice. He's got a nice way. May be a good house mediator.
MOHAMED. Seems fun. Not made much of an impact. Won't find romance in house - unless it's with Kathreya!
REBECCA. Quite fun. Won't win but good for some laughs.
SYLVIA. Will not tolerate Jennifer and Stephanie's ways. A bit like Charley Uchea. Catfights!
RACHEL. Loves Rachel. Pretty, intelligent but not full of herself. Would get on with her in the house. Hopes she makes it to the end. Wants to meet her.
DENNIS. Nikki's favourite. Wants him to win. Loves him and wants to be his friend. He spotted Nikki on launch night & screamed her name. Launch night outfit looked amazing. He's full on but a good fun guy.

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