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Nikki's OK column this week

June 24, 2008

In Nikki's OK column this week:

I'M LOVING THE BB TASKS. Nikki thinks the tasks in this year's BB are brilliant, although she thought the crisps task was disgusting and she would have refused to take part.

LOVING JOAN RIVERS. Nikki thought Joan Rivers was hilarious on Loose Women and it was wrong to throw Joan off aftewards.

AMY NEEDS A FEED. Nikki thinks it's really good that Amy Winehouse was taken to hospital last week after fainting as she'll be well looked after. Nikki says Amy should go to Champneys Spa as it's much better than rehab.

CONGRATULATIONS TO JAMELIA. Singer Jamelia recently married her footballer boyfriend Darren Byfield. They had a low key wedding and Nikki feels their relationship is probably more likely to last as there will be less pressure on them

I'M LOVING...Nikki loves The Nokia Green Room on T4, it's really funny.

NIKKI'S DIARY. Last week Nikki to an OK party to celebrate its ongoing worldwide success and she had a great time. She got caught trying to steal a bottle of vodka behind the bar but Nikki pretended she was looking for her friend! This week Nikki's really excited about going to see Radiohead, she's a massive fan. Nikki will also be going to Norwich to have a meeting with Beat, an eating disorder organisation, as Nikki's going to be working with them.

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