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July 6, 2008
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Nikki speaks out on a rather explosive week in the BB house.
Summary below.


I'm so glad Dennis got removed for spitting at Mohammed. It is absolutely disgusting. I'd rather someone punched me than spit in my face. I would have to be hospitalized if somebody did that to me....


They should put Steph back in the house to cop off with Dale and knock snobby Jen off her pedestal. She was absolutely pathetic over that row about Rex and her silly picture, she used that to get everybody's attention She keeps harping on about how normal she is and how other people are after magazine deals...


How dare they all blame Mohammed for Dennis getting the boot! Nobody asks for that, no matter what they say, I'm really glad he stayed in the house. Everyone gives him such a hard time. I know he's a greedy guts but what's wrong with eating all the food? I used to do it...


Dear god, Mikey's comedy routine was absolutely disgusting. What he said about his guide dog and his girl friend! And washing his bits with the cup!. They should put him in a kennel...


I'd choose Dale over Stuart any day. I loved him in the task they did where they had to recreate the music video. He was by far the best one and he looked so hot in that cute indie outfit he had on. I don't fancy Stuart at all...


Darnell is annoying sometimes but his observations are spot on, especially of Luke. I don't like Luke one bit. He's a two-faced little creep. He loves stirring the pot and he's so rude to Becky. He's like a meddling old woman...


It's lovely these two have found each other, because let's face it no one else would have them. She actually managed to pick that great, big monster up this week. On her back! They belong in a circus - come and see the world's strongest man and woman...


Sylvia should have stayed in the house because she was the best stirrer. In the papers it said she's a spy who had a fling with Stuart but i believe Big Brother, they just met at the auditions. As much as I couldn't stand her and thought she was really sly and sneaky, she made brilliant TV. She made the show so good.

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