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July 10, 2008

This week Nikki talks about:-

I'm really pleased that Cheryl and Ashley Cole's marriage seems to be working out....

I'm struggling to watch Big Brother without getting upset. Bex is turning nasty and she's always looking for an argument....

I was sad to see how upset Rhys Ifans has been since his split from Sienna Miller....

I was very sad to hear that Brooke Kinsella's 16-year-old brother, Ben, was stabbed to death. It must be absolutely awful for her and her family and I hope they are OK....

Famous by Sue Moxley Concealer. She's a make-up artist to the stars. I love the concealer because it makes my skin look fresh and flawless.

Last week I spent a couple of days at Champneys in Henlow for my mum's birthday. We had some lovey Spa treatments and I'd like to thank Lorraine for making it such a great celebration. I also took part in The Asics British 10K. London Run in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care, which was fun! At the weekend, I went to the O2 Wireless festival 2008 and the Men's finals at Wimbledon, so I've had a pretty busy week!

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