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Battle of the Sexes Part 2 - Nikki on the Trisha Goddard Show Friday 11 July

July 14, 2008
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The show starts with Nikki being asked who Wears the Trousers?
Nikki says she likes to be wined and dined and treated like a princess but not to the extent of being treated like royalty.She likes the small special things and touches, on a day to day basis.But she always pays her way on a first date. She says if a bloke pays, everything comes with a price. The audience agree with her. She would never put a bloke before her career."If its me or my job then they are on their bike".

On stage comes a young couple. The woman has spent some of their joint savings on getting a nose job without telling her boyfriend. He is upset that she had it done using money for their wedding. But even more upset she had it done in the first place. Nikki tells him he is insecure and should love his girlfriend no matter what she looks like.

Nikki is asked should men pay all the bills and take care of everything? Nikki says yes as she is hopeless at paying bills and her mum does it all for her..she just signs the cheques. She said a man should be responsible for getting the car's MOT done. Jeff said she was just a crank! Nikki asked what a crank was and the audience burst in to laughter. Eventually they both agreed that bills should be shared.

Nikki is asked if she likes her men to take care of themselves. Nikki doesn't like men who take it too far. She pointed out, much to Jeff's horror, that he had put make up on before the show. He quickly said he had removed it again. Then Nikki said she doesn't like men who use fake tan and pluck their eyebrows. She said Essex boys are the worst.

Next on stage was a Marilyn Monroe lookalike (who Nikki informed us later had been at the BB auditions in Manchester). She sat on Jeff's knee and had a bit of banter with him, saying girls liked to show off what they have and want to look glamorous all the time. She said to Nikki she looked lovely.

Next on stage came a male model called David. Nikki is asked how she judges her men. She said "If I see something I like I go out and get it!" Asked what she thought of David, Nikki said she didn't like men with facial hair but David was quick to reply he could shave it off.

After the break, Brian is introduced as the laziest man in Britain. He has been on a previous show. He sits in a chair all day watching telly while his wife does all the work. He is a big man though he informed Trisha he has lost weight after having a gastric band fitted. This sets Nikki off in to fits of laughter and the audience can't help but join in! Brian's wife comes on and tells how her husband is so lazy he doesn't even put out the bin or cut the grass. Brian seems to like Nikki and has a bit of banter with her. Nikki tells him he needs to sort himself out. She is horrified and has never seen anything like it before in her life!. Brian tells her to come and live with him for 6 weeks. At this point Nikki says she needs to take him round the back to sort him out and she is encouraged to by Trisha and the audience. He refuses to go unless Nikki holds his hand. Eventually she relents and he grabs her arm but she pulls away as they go towards the door with a look of disgust on her face.
She lets Brian go out first and as he does she holds her nose as if he is smelly.

After the break Brian and Nikki return to loud cheers, as Brian has had his hair and beard trimmed and is wearing a nice suit. He has a red rose for his wife and gives her a kiss. Nikki gives her a kiss as well. Trisha says well done Nikki! Then asks Nikki what advice she would give to Brian's wife. Nikki tells her to put her foot down. She can't believe she lets Brian get away with it. She should refuse to do any cooking and cleaning then he will have to do it himself. Brian asks Nikki what her ideal man is. Nikki says someone who pulls their weight round the house. At this point Trisha says she is sending someone round to Brian's house to sort him out and shows the audience and viewers a sergeant major. Brian asked "Are you sending round my friend Nikki?"

Once again Nikki was very professional and showed her aptitude at giving advice and handling her audience well.

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