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July 15, 2008
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Our girl says Good Riddance to Mario and wants to Smother Belinda!
Super Sara! - What a night Sara had last week! She had too much to drink, was sick in a bucket, and confessed to fancying Stuart and passed out. To be honest, I think she'll have anyone.... even Mikey!....

Hands off Chanelle - Well I have to say that I fancy Dale so much! I though he was boring but he's actually got quite a good personality. I'm definitely going to make a play for him when he comes out....I might be going to his house soon for Little Brother, so I'll get in there with his parents. I might take a present and mark my territory.

Lukes got Real Bex Appeal! - Did you see Bex and Luke snogging the faces off each other! I think it was definitely Rebecca's bid to stay in the house. I've been slagging Luke of recently but I do think he's hilarious....

Kat's a bit of a Sex Kitten! - When Kat snogged Sara, I couldn't believe it, even though I heard them speculating that she's bisexual. I wonder if she's had past relationships? We don't actually know anything about her, she's very secretive....

Rex Rocks! - You know, i've decided I love Rex. I'm going to make good friends with him and then he can introduce me to one of his rich pals. He's becoming more and more appealing as the weeks go by. His big ego is very attractive - he goes on expensive holidays every year and I'm going to go with him. I want to be introduced to his family and then I want them to give me some shares in his restaurant.

Other HM topic in Nikki's column are:- Belinda will go so-fa, Mo booze for Darnell, Bye bye Monstrous Mario, Getting Jig-gy with it! - Irish dancing task.

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