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July 22, 2008

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I saw Jude Law and Lily Cole when they were at a Readhead gig. She looked fairly disinterested as though he had dragged her there.....

I can't believe Luke and Bex have been snogging in the Big Brother house! I still can't stand her - I think she's turning the place into one big food fight - but I'm warming to Luke....

Ronnie Wood is the latest celeb to have allegedly got hiimself a younger girlfriend. If it is true, going off with 20-year-old Ekaterina Ivanova suggests that he's having problems, and not just with his wife....

Brad and Angelina have now got six children - they could start their own acting school! I'm really pleased for then and they seem like such brilliant and loving parents....

I'm going to the Cartier Internation Polo day. I love it - there are always loads of fit men and its a really good atmosphere. It's a great opportunity to get dressed up and drunk too! On Wednesday I'm taking part in the Celebrity Driving Challenge in aid of Help For Heroes at the British International Motor Show in London. I'll be up against the likes of The Apprentice's Alex Wotherspoon and Danielle Lloyd!

In other sections of OK! magazine :-

They have a feature on failed BB romances a full page of pics of Nikki and Pete, one big one, and it is very nice against a haystack both in white, sat down, Nikki hugging a white blanket and he has got his arms around her, plus two small pics at the bottom, one from last week in the house of them kissing on the bed on the night of the reunion and another pic with the hay back drop, this time huddle together under a check blanket.

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