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Nikki's Best 'big Brother' Bits in OK! magazine this week

August 6, 2008

This week in OK! magazine our Big Brother Queen still likes Lisa and Rachael but wants to put the Kat out!

Luke needs Bex appeal
Bye, Bye, Luke, I am so glad he was kicked out, although at this moment in time I wouldn't have minded any of them going, to be honest. I am so bored with them all now....

Kat's your lot!
I've had enough of Kat! She contributes nothing and her accent is so strong I can't understand a word she's saying....If she'd been in the house when I was and came up to me while I was having a tantrum, singing 'Happy, Happy, Happy House!' I would have walloped her. Now that would be 'hirarious'!

Rachel's rotten run
Will someone please rescue Rachel! They're all bullying her. She's had the most terrible time and looks like she's on the verge of breaking down.... After they saw her video, Rex said 'You were just like Nikki' Well I don't mind if people want to cope me, you know, Rex - it's very flattering.

Sara's gives loopy Lisa a good licking
Loopy Lisa is very likeable, and it was funny watching Sara lick barbecue sauce off her boobs, but she does seem to be trying to be young and hip all the time. And what was she going on about accusing Rachel of 'mentally undressing' Mario?.... As if she'd fancy that fat meatball!

Fair Cop Rex!
How funny was the cops and robbers task? ....the best bit was when Luke and Lisa had to identify Rex's girlfriend in a line-up parade - but they rejected his real-life lover because Lisa thought she looked too 'common' to be his other half. That'll teach you to be so boastful, Rex!

Nikki also talks about Maysoon, Stuart and Dale.

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