Nikki Grahame

Nikki on BBLB in the Walkabout Bar in London

August 7, 2008

Nikki is interviewing Aussies in the Walkabout Bar in London for Big Brothers Little Brother. Nikki is asking them what they think of Sara in the Big Brother house. Nikki does a great immitation of the Aussie accent. Being an Aussie myself I just loved her in this report, well done Nikki. read more

Fragile by Nikki Grahame

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_120_nikki_grahame_fragile_bookcover.jpgThe true story of my life long battle with Anorexia.
Release date: 7th May 2012.
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August 6, 2008
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In NOW magazine there is a an interview with Nikki and her mum Sue. There is almost a full page pic of Nikki and her Mum, Nikki is stood up, her Mum sat down in front, Nikki resting her fingers in her Mums left shoulder. NIKKI GRAHAME PAID FOR HER MUM'S COSMETIC SUGERY TO CHEER HER UP Big Brother star Nikki Grahame, 26, isn't known as Princess Nikki for nothing. When her mum Sue became depressed after an accident at work. Nikki knew just how to wave her magic wand and cheer her up; she sent her…
August 6, 2008
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Nikki talks about Amy's Hospital Dash, Madonna's 50th and Michelle's new man... Big Brother finally gets tough! I couldn't believe how horrible Rex was to Rachel and Maysoon after seeing their audition tapes - it's not like they'd done anything nasty.... New fears for Amy I was really worried about Amy Winehouse after she was rushed to hospital last week. It's been said that her drink was spiked.... Madonna still looks fab! Madonna may be looking a bit rough lately, with her thin arms and gaunt…
August 6, 2008
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This week in OK! magazine our Big Brother Queen still likes Lisa and Rachael but wants to put the Kat out! Luke needs Bex appeal Bye, Bye, Luke, I am so glad he was kicked out, although at this moment in time I wouldn't have minded any of them going, to be honest. I am so bored with them all now.... Kat's your lot! I've had enough of Kat! She contributes nothing and her accent is so strong I can't understand a word she's saying....If she'd been in the house when I was and came up to me while I was…
July 29, 2008
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This week Nikki talks about.... Big Brother The heaven and hell separation in Big Brother has been OK, but I think they should mingle the groups.... Rex is my favourite housemate - his strops make me laugh so much. He's got a massive ego but somehow it's strangely attractive! Gabriella's miscarriage heartbreak "Lembit must have been gutted.... I'm not sure if their relationship can be rekindled after Gabriella went to the papers" Peaches Geldof "I saw Peaches Geldof at The Dark Knight Premier, and…
July 29, 2008
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Our gorgeous girl says she loves Lisa and is going off cocky Dale. BYE BYE BEX I'm so glad that Bex was voted out. All that drama and snogging between Luke and her was such a ploy to help her stay in and i'm glad it didn't work.... SARA'S IN HEAVEN Mohammed proved Sara wrong by giving her his place on the day trip to heaven. She nominated him this week for his greed and I bet she feels bad.... DALE GETS CLOCKY ...Being head of house has gone to Dale's head. He's showing his true colours. He thinks…