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August 17, 2008
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Nice report here from someone who met Nikki at T4 on the Beach doing her reporting for BBLB. Its really nice and encouraging for Nikki to hear from people posting such nice comments. This blog from This is Big Brother - I met Nikki by Chrizzle, and thanks to Barracute (Rob) for bringing it to my attention.

Chrizzle writes:
I can't believe Im actually saying this but I met Nikki yesterday, and it was one of the highlights of my year. I've now met my two fave housemates of all time.

Anyone who was on TiBB during BB7 knows how much I love Nikki, and what lengths I went to support her, and I have finally met her.

At T4 on the Beach, I heard some people shouting 'WHO IS SHE' and 'IM SO COLD' so I ran over to see what was going on, and going into the VIP area, I saw a tiny little girl wearing a yellow t shirt and red sunglasses, and I screamed I LOVE YOU NIKKI which is when everyone was staring at me.

I didnt see anything for about 15 mins, when I was walking around with Lindz and saw her AGAIN on the phone, and she was in a PROPER stress, and it wasnt fake cos there was no cameras around. There was a crowd taking pics of her and I was the only one who had the guts to say Can I have a pic, and she gave me a hand gesure to say in a minute, and she was taken away, I followed her and she turned to me and went 'IM going to KILL HIM' and pointed to her body guard and she pretended to punch him. I said to her 'I feel your pain, I love you Nikki, your my fave housemate ever' and she smiled and went 'awwww!' and she promsied me a picture, but was taken away

I then saw her AGAIN at an ice cream van where they were filming a BBLB section (shown on Tuesday or Wednesday) where you had to order an ice cream which was a housemate. I was at the front and after she had done her hair, and blew her nose (LOL) she served us and the cams started rolling. I ordered a Bex on the Beach and after some very funny one liners she gave me a Bex ice cream, and I said 'Marry me Nikki' and she went 'AWWWW' and gave me an extra walnut whip. (This wont be shown because I am not 18, however I will be shown waiting in the line!)

I got no picture because she had SO many people wanting to meet her. She was very popular and I heard one nasty comment which wasnt very popular with the rest of the fans.

Sorry for running on. I did get a picture of her when she was stressed and I will put it up soon.


Nikki at T4 on the BeachMimsy wrote: Ohh bless! Glad you got your piccy.

Gazbo wrote: I met her about eight months ago in Trafalgar Square, she was lovely! One of my favs ever!

Indierock&roll wrote: i met nikki last year it was the best! i got her autograph lmao!, and we shouted her and she turned round and waved ! it was at soccer six she was so funny also met mikey and grace!

Rory wrote: Aww...wish I could've seen her! Sadly I don't think any BB stars will be making it over to my city in the US. Congrats though, I'm jealous!

Ash wrote: Wow, lucky! Nikki AND Grace! I remember how much you supported them during BB7. And it's even better that they were both nice.

Kitty-Kat wrote: Yes, this BB was one of my best.
Niki has really made her self known in the public eye for those non BB watchers. she does a weekly OK! magazine collomn and i have to admitt i love reading it her oppinions are the exact same to mine! which Im pleased to say. lol, keep doing what you do best Niki! x

Tooperfect wrote: I met Lea in Selfridges in Birmingham LOL But thats it. I want to meet Nikki!

Christina wrote: Aww i want to meet her lol x

Eamonn-BB wrote: Omg I hate you!! lol...My friend met Nikki like a week after the BB7 final and she was my fav housemate ever and i was so jealous of him so i told him i met imogen his favourite housemate lol.

Andybigbro wrote: Wow you are lucky!!!

Barracute wrote: Well done Chrizzle, i met Nikki at a PA, last year one of my best nights ever - Nikki gave me her bottle champs she was drinking from off her table !!!!!!!

Thanks Chrizzle that was a really nice story. If anyone meets Nikki out and about and would like to post a news blog, or send in pictures please write to me at I can't promise I will post everything that is sent to me, the best ones I will discuss with Nikki before posting it here.


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