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August 27, 2008

Our Columnist talks about Jades shocking news, the latest boyband reunion and the BB final.

I'm so excited that New Kids On The Block have reformed. They're performing in London on 8 September and I am so going! Jordan Knight was my favourite, I had their posters all over my wall. They seem to have matured into good-looking men and I hope all the old fans will stick by them....

The Big Brother final is this week and I'd really love to see Darnell win. He's been consistent from the start and is the most genuine housemate. He isn't afraid to say what he thinks and always stands his corner....

I was shocked to hear that Jade Goodey has cervical cancer. It must be really awful for her and I hope she has the support of her close family and friends. I'm sure she will get the best care available - she just needs to keep her head down and concentrate on getting better - although it can't be easy when the whole country is watching you. Get well soon, Jade.

I'm still loving the X Factor and was amazed by Rachel Hylton's rendition of Amy Winehouse's You Know I'm No Good....

National Dog Adoption Month. There are thousands if dogs in the UK that need a new home. I adore my two Chihuahuas, Baby and Thumbelina, and this is a really great cause. Visit for information about adoption.

Last week I went to the V Festival in Chelmsford for the weekend and had a great time with my friends. The Stereophonics were my favourites there - they're the most amazing band I've ever seen live - and I loved The Kooks, too. It was also my friend Alana's 24th birthday and my other friend Sarah gave me a makeover for the party - I'd been looking forward to it for ages!

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