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September 1, 2008
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By Jane Mckessock long time supporter and friend of Nikki Grahame.

While in Scotland, doing a report for BBLB, Nikki visited Radio Insight, where Mikey works. The presenters are all blind or partially sighted. Nikki's Who Is She? rant was played first and Nikki was asked about her time during and after BB. Nikki mentioned doing 40 PA's and this was her 3rd time in Glasgow. She also mentioned doing Princess Nikki, her Dominos pizza ad, and winning her NTA.

She also speaks about her OK column and her book she is writing. She mentions looking after her dogs and how they are more work than children. She says you can plonk a child down and they will stay put, but dogs go under the bed and in the bins. The presenter tells her how well behaved her own guide dog is ,and will introduce her to him later. Nikki went on to say how much BB had changed her and her family's life, and she had a ball in the house and since she came out. She had to describe how it felt leaving the house to first of all cheers, then boos. Nikki realised that she was booed because of how she behaved the second time in the house, and it was terrifying to come out to.

Nikki finds Kat's voice irritating, and wants her and Mo out on Tuesday. She is surprised Mo hasn't eaten all the furniture and the other housemates!! And the bogey eating was disgusting! Mikey has grown on her because he stood up to Rex and he is very opinionated and bossy but very funny especially when he was HOH. But she still has a soft spot for Rex. Nikki spoke to a couple of people who phoned in and she praised her loyal fans and supporters and mentioned a few things she had been given!

Nikki was told she was the best housemate ever and was needed back in the house and that she was loved so much because she was unusual, which she seemed to like being told. Nikki then spoke to Mario, who came on the phone and she tried to get an invite to the wedding, trying to get him to have it in Dubai! Nikki told him she was going to the final on Friday. She also spoke to Aled Jones from the Chris Moyles show.

Nikki was very excited when Marcus Bentley phoned in. She had never spoken to him before. She asked him to meet her at the final on Friday. Marcus loved Nikki when she was on BB! Nikki was surprised how normal he is. Marcus said when he first heard Nikki having a tantrum over bottled water, he wondered who this freaky lady was. But he then said Nikki was an original and a legend of BB !! Up there with Jade. Nikki was shocked he had to get a train to work, and wasn't supplied with a car to pick him up! Nikki does a great impression of Marcus, and he does one of Nikki.

Nikki has a break to eat a banana, while her I'm soo coold rant is played. Nikki was asked if she was warm enough and Nikki said when she went to the toilet she had already adjusted the air con as it was too high! Nikki then interviewed Lisa. She asked her about her time in the house, and about her relationship with Mikey. She hinted that Mikey might be best man at their wedding. Nikki told her she had met her daughter at the BB launch.

Nicole was supposed to be interviewed as well, but either time ran out , or she didn't phone in. Nikki said she had enjoyed her afternoon and was just beginning to make herself at home. She said she had just made a wee (Scottish for little!) bin for herself. Nikki said she had had a whale of a time in Scotland, and it was like having a mini holiday.

Nikki sounded very natural on the radio and handled the interviews very well. Her interviewing skills were very impressive. It was a very enjoyable 2 hours.

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