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September 3, 2008

Our Columnist talks about the latest on Kerry's finances, advice for Jade and Reality TV.

Darnell used to be my favourite Big Brother housemate but I've completely gone off him. He was so nasty to Sara - really out of order....

I'm still addicted to the X-factor! Shirley Hough, who sang to Louis, was hilarious, but it was unfair that the judges put her through when there are plenty of people with genuinely good voices that don't get so far. And what's with all the sob stories? The show used to be about talent - now it's more like a cross between jim'll Fix it and Trisha Goddard!

I was shocked to her that Kerry Katona was declared bankrupt. Surely she could have just sold her Lamborghini and paid the tax bill off when she saw her finances were getting into a mess? Despite the severity of it all, she doesn't seem to be bothered about the whole thing - perhaps she thinks she is a special case. Well, Kerry, everyone has to pay their tax bill on time - including me!

After her cancer diagnosis, Jade Goodey must be having a terrible time and I feel so sorry for her. She must be worried sick for her two sons and the news that she needs a hysterectomy must be heartbreaking, especially as she's always wanted a little girl. I don't understand why she's been giving interviews, though, it could be causing her unnecessary stress when she should be focusing on getting better.

Avon's new Beauty Lip Restoring Colour Balm....

Last weekend I went to Get Loaded In The Park 2008 in London to see Supergrass, my favourite band. They were fantastic - so good, in fact, that I went to see them the next day at The Last Days Of Summer Festival at Stowe House in Buckinghamshire. I'm filming 8 out of 10 cats this week, which will be shown on Friday. I'm also going to the Big Brother final and I can't wait!

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