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September 11, 2008

Our girl pick's her winner - and say's she's missing the show already!

Rachel deserved to win, just for her dancing - she was a really good mover. That Thriller dance was amazing, I was at home with my mates jumping up and down - it was great. I was going so mental. My friends were all looking at me like I was a complete nutcase!

Mikey's my personal winner, hands down. I went to his home town and met his mum and dad, went on his local radio show and went to his local pub. After seeing what he does I think he would have been the most deserving winner. I know he's got an annoying voice, but I think he's done fantastically. He's won the public over and not because he's blind - he was the only one that stood up to Rex. I've been gripped - it's been the best show ever, I'm really going to miss it now it's gone. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself!

The Jen and Dale romance was nice but I've heard that they have split up and that there might be something going on with him and Chantelle. But it sounds a bit fishy to me...

Rex and Nicole are so similar and I think so in love with each other. People gave Nicole a hard time, just because she was called in late and didn't have to audtiion. It must have been hard for her - the housemates didn't like the fact she got a free ticket into the house, but she made a good housemate in the end.

When Mo wore the high heels and socks he was so funny. And when Mo whacked Mickey over the head and they got him in the Diary Room and said: 'This is a very serious offence' He really thought he gonna be thrown out, I loved it when Jen and Rebecca dressed up as seals and stood on the podium and Mario threw fishy water over them!

Mario and Lisa make a great couple. I'd like to go to their wedding. They're perfect for each other. I mean, who else would have them?! I did a show with them and I had to keep saying sorry about everything I've said about them. I like Lisa, but I still think Mario is a horrid slimeball! He was boasting about the contracts that he's got coming up.

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