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October 1, 2008

Our Columnist talks about Posh's four mile runs, the X-factor categories cat fights on strictly!

I was shocked to find out Victoria Beckham runs four miles a day, seven days a week. I thinks it's far too much. You need to give your body a rest between sessions. She's so thin as well these days - I think she needs to have more meat on her bones. If she is doing that much exercise.

I'm loving the X-Factor right now. It makes sense that Dannii has the over-25's as that's probably the naffest group. I don't think she really serves a purpose -she only ever makes negative comments. It's practically the SImon and Cheryl show....

Kate Moss as apparently split up with oon/off boyfriend Jamie Hince, and it;s thought to be over for good this time. I think Kate needs to move away from these rock-star types....

I couldn't believe it when i read that Jessie Wallace has been bitching about the other Strictly Come Dancing contestants, and apparently calling Jodie Kidd "a horse". She's probably just jealous of the fact that Jodie is more elegant and a better dancer than her, if anyone's a horse, it's her! Especially with those teeth! I want Andrew Castle to win - he's really funny. I've met his family and they would be so proud if he won.

Last week I went on a sunbed and burnt all over. All I could wear was cotton pyjama's. I'm never going on a sunbed again! Thank goodness for Banana Boat Aloe Vera Gel - it was really soothing.

Last week I went on This Morning with my mum to talk about my anorexia. I really enjoyed the experience. At the weekend I went on CelebAir to Tenerife with Danielle Lloyd and my friend Guy. It was great fun! This week I'm going on another ITV2 show - Celebrity Juice with Fearne Cotton and Keith Lemon. I have to dress up as Amy Whinehouse!

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