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October 30, 2008
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Nikki was on the Podge and Rodge show on tuesday night 21st October 2008, a show where the O'Leprosy Brothers (puppets or muppets) interview a mix of celebrities and try to take the almighty piss out of them. But a confident Nikki surprised them and was well up to the challenge, see slideshow below.

The show this week was guest hosted by Michelle Heaton who introduces Nikki, "Two years ago she kept us all glued to the box wondering if our volume control buttons were broken. But she was Big brother 7 on the scheme on its own, she has got working lungs in Show Business. Please welcome sexy screamer Nikki Grahame".

The boys welcome Nikki as the tantrum queen, the boys also complement her as being easy on the eye. Lets have a look at the happier times in the house, of cause the clips were ment to show her moaning and whinging but we do see the famous 'I feel the venom pouring out of me as I breath...who is she who is she' rant, and the state of Suzy task where she lets out a mighty roaring scream in the garden upon being woken up 3 times.

The boys tell Nikki that Spiral has been on the show and Nikki asks them if he did his song 'I would do anything to you, oh you so sexy oh you so sexy' in a amazing spiral voice. The boys complement Nikki saying she was better at the song then Spiral himself.

The attention turns to Nikki and Pete after leaving the house did she try and bag the money with all the magazine deals with him. Nikki's reply was she did have a funny 5 minutes where she genuinely fell in love with the boy, but came to her senses.

Nikki on the Podge and Rodge Show Tuesday 21st October 2008

The boys ask Nikki has she kept busy writing her column for Oak magazine. Nikki 'OAK'?, yes they reply and who writes it for you? Nikki replys I write it. They press Nikki several times during the conversation who writes it for you trying to wind Nikki up but she wasn't having any of that, and with confidence just tells them she writes her own column.

The converation turns to her time on princess Nikki where she describes how the jobs got progressively worse and when she thought it couldn't get any worse, was taken to the Chelmsford Sewerage treatment plant. Each time Nikki is explaining her jobs the boys repeat 'Oh my god' clearly trying to wind her up. But Nikki hits back 'stop saying OMG its not me, I dont say it OK! Its you that say that.

Nikki is asked what she has planned next. And Nikki explains her book is coming out next spring and before they could get a word in Nikki cheekily throws it back at them. 'I know what you are going to ask me next and yes I have written it myself'. The boys 'scrub that question then', The interview ends with the boys saying 'Nikki its been crack neat meeting you, Princess Nikki Grahame everyone'.

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Whinge, Nikki explains this perfectly when she says she walks down the street and someone will come up to her and say are you still whinging? Nikki's reply is "it just makes me want to whinge". And rightfully so as there is much more to Nikki and how many of us have been in that situation? Well done Nikki the best is yet to come, this is the 2nd video in the series Nikki has done for Here is the video on wordia.