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Nikki Grahame marries Andy Scott Lee!!! - in OK! magazine this week.

November 19, 2008
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Nikki Grahame ties the knot with Andy Scott Lee, I have been saving myself for our wedding night. When I first saw the cover of OK! Magazine this week with the Title Nikki Grahame marries Andy Scott-Lee I nearly fell over, a quick phone call to the UK I was re-assured that it was a Parody. And I cant wait for my copy of OK! Magazine to arrive down under. Thanks to barracute (Rob) for providing some details of this delightful feature on Nikki's fantasy wedding with Andy Scott Lee. See pictures here.

An extract of the feature includes:-

OK! treats our "Big Brother" bride to her perfect fantasy wedding day with a little help from a hunky groom.

It's supposed to be the best day of a girl's life so when unlucky-in-love Nikki Grahame told OK! her worries about never finding a man to share her fantasy wedding day, it was our chance to turn her dream into reality. However, there was just one problem - single Nikki was without a groom! But without letting a little thng like that stop us, we made a quick call to newly single Andy Scott-Lee.....

The intimate ceremony was Heldat Gaddesden Place, a beautiful stately home hidden deep in the Hertfordshire countryside, where a few of the couple's nearest and dearest gathered in a flurry of excitement. As Big Brother's Reverend Liam McGough stood at the alter, a nervous-looking Andy, clad in Gieves & Hawkes, had his best man Ziggy Lichman on hand to calm his nerves, Nerves soon turned to excitement the moment Nikki arrived, dressed in a stunning Julien MacDonald gown.....

A small extract of the wedding interview:-

Nikki, you look stunning in your dress - how are you feeling?

Nikki: This is exactly how I would like my dress when I get married for real. It's beautiful, I just love the pure white. Shouldn't it be ivory, though? I thought pure white was for virgins.

Andy: I thought you were a virgin - that's why I married you!

Nikki: Oh yeah, I am. I forgot!

Andy: I'm not happy about this, you told me you were!

Nikki: I am, I've been saving myself for our wedding night!

Andy: We've already got a bit steamy today

Nikki: I had him pinned to the ground because he tries to run away everytime I kiss him!.....

Were you nervous?

Nikki: No. I was more excited. I couldn't have picked a better man.

Andy: Aww, your're so cute.

Tell us about the proposal...

Nikki: It was in Tesco. We were looking at the fish counter and he just said:'Marry Me!'

Thats all I dare to include at the moment but you can catch the whole feature in this weeks OK! magazine. Rob describes some amazing pictures and I cant wait until the mag is available down here in Australia.

And finally Rob adds:-

Ok yes I did nearly faint when I saw OK today. But get this she is actually in FOUR times (5 counting the cover!) There is a lovely pic on the Dear Jordan page, someone wrote in about an eating disorder, Anorexia isn't mentioned and nor is Nikki (no pic caption) but she is in a summery red dress with Thumbelina in her left hand and her phone in the other, and she is wearing sunnies.

They must know she is so well known and linked with eating disorders no intro is necessary Her fourth and final appearance for this week is in the Embassy party pics, she hasn't got her coat on but looks very nice in her black dress.

Wow so what an issue that was, I'm still getting over the shock but what an absolutely delightful article she and Andy did, and what a wicked take off of OK's own celeb wedding coverage - the pics are stunning too, everyone involved clearly had an absolute ball and I think thanks are due to all at OK for a fantastic article.

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