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Nikki's Hot Stars Column in OK! Magazine

December 3, 2008

In Nikki's column this week she talks about Trisha's all clear from cancer, Joe on I'm a Celebrity get me out of here and Dannii's tears on the X Factor...

I was so happy to learn that Trisha Goddard has been given the all-clear from breast cancer. Cancer is such a horrible illness that affects so many people - my relatives included - so it's great to see a happy ending for a change. I worked with Trisha on the Battle Of The Sexes part of her show and she is absolutely lovely. Seeing her recover so publicity must be really encouraging for people going through a similar experience.

It's great to see that Gordon Ramsey and his wife, Tania, are still looking so secure despite recent events. I really hope they stay together, particularly as they have the children to think about...

I'm loving Joe Swash in the jungle! I'll be so happy if he wins.... As for the tasks, I hate the ones where they have to eat all the bugs, but being trapped underground with lots of creepy-crawlies would be my biggest fear.

I think everyone has been way to harsh on Dannii Minogue recently. She was The X Factor new girl last year but since Cheryl Cole arrived.....I think Dania Vickers or Eighan Quigg will win, but, to be honest I can't stand either of them.

Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Seasilk Hair Masque. I have the treatment done at a hob salon every month. It leaves your hair looking fabulous.

Last week I saw David Walliams in the play, No Man's Land and I though he was fantastic. I'd love to see him get more film roles as he has proved that he can do straight acting as well as comedy. I also had my bottom read by the Andrex rumpologist, Sam Amos! She was amazing as she was able to tell all sorts of things about both me and my family. At the weekend I went to see band Mystery Jets who are supporting The Kooks. I also saw my friends Carly's band, Me and The Beast. She has an incredible voice. Check out their website,

Me and the Beast Band

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