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January 21, 2009
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This week Nikki talks about Amy's holiday antics, Celebrity Big Brother and new Judge Kelly Brooke on Britains got talent....

Everyone said my friend Michelle Heaton fancies Ben Adams on Celebrity Big Brother but she's just a friendly girl who gets on with everyone. It was Big Brother who set them up by making them pretend to be a couple! I'm liking Verne Troyer as he seems like a genuinely nice guy and also Terry Christian as he's down to earth. La Toya Jackson comes across as a bit naive, though, and housemates don't pay much attention to her.

I couldn't believe it when I saw pictures of Amy Winehouse crawling around a holiday resort on her hands and knees. She looked like she may have had a lot to drink but I suppose it is better than being hooked on drugs. In general, I think she looks a lot healthier and clearly seems much happier since she split up with ther husband, Blake Fielder-Civil. She should be allowed to relax on holiday, though - people are always out to get her and should give her a break.

I was really pleased to hear that Simon Cowell has chosen Kelly Brook to be the fourth judge on Britain's Got Talent. She's opinionated and has experience of performing so I think she'll do a good job ...

Sienna Miller has quit her role in Ridley Scott's film, Nottingham. There have been lots of rumours flying around - some people claim she's had a disagreement with co-star Russell Crowe - but I don't think it's done any good for her reputation...

My new pink LG KS360 phone. It's easy to use and has a fab touch screen. It's very girly and so sleek and stylish - the perfect fashion accessory!

Last weekend, I went out in Notting Hill for a friend's birthday and managed to do some shopping on Portobello Road while I was there. And I saw the film Role Models, which is really funny. I also went around Ripley's Believe It Or Not! exhibition in London's Piccadilly Circus. It's brilliant and there's so much to see. They even have a museum full of strange things, like a goat with six legs! Next week, it's my sister Natalie's 29th birthday - happy birthday, Sis! I'm also going to see my friend's band, Me And The Beast.

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