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January 30, 2009
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Nikki appeared on the Richard & Judy Show tonight, the show is repeated on Watch (Sky Channel 109, Virgin TV 124) on Monday 2nd February at 2pm. Nikki appears on the show with David Van Day and Vanessa Feltz talking about Reality Shows.

Nikki is introduced by Richard as one of the most entertainingly eccentric housemates of all time. They show a montage of Nikki's diary room moments. Of cause they ask her the same old question were you acting in all that, and are you really like that. Nikki said no, and that her time in the house was the best time ever and goes on to explain what she has got out of appearing on Big Brother.

Nikki said that appearing on Big Brother she has conquered her demons, which was hilarious, as one of the guests is Russell Tovy, who is in "Being Human" which is a show about a Werewolf. And Richard said that was Russell's job to conquer demons. Funniest bit of the show.

Picture above, Nikki on Richard and Judy show 2006 after she first left the Big Brother house

Nikki on the Richard and Judy show talking about reality TV

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