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February 18, 2009
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This week in Nikki's Hot Stars column she talks about Rhianna's shocking story, the latest celebs to join the skinny brigade and Madge's new chap...

I was very sad to read that Peaches Geldof's marriage to Max Drummey is over after just 186 days. She had a hard time last year so I hope this year will be kinder. She should enjoy being single now. She's young and pretty and should have fun and concentrate on her career. Hopefully, she will be in the UK much more now as she won't be spending time with Max in the US.

I was so shocked to hear that Rhianna was allegedly attacked by her boyfriend Chris Brown. If this is true, she needs to get out of that relationship, It's never right for a man to hit a woman. Although her fans will feel let down that she's pulled out of some of her concerts, I'm sure they will stick by her as she gets through this difficult period.

Madonna's boyfriend, model Jesus Luz, is 28 years her junior. Good for her, I say! She's always been one to shock and she can have pretty much any man she wants. I wouldn't be surprised if Jesus is just a flash in the pan, though. I think she's on the rebound and is just looking for a bit of fun after eight years of marriage to Guy Richie. Being linked to Madge will do wonders for Jesus's career, though!

I can't believe how skinny some celebrities are looking at the moment. It seems to be some kind of competition to see who can lose the most weight - it's awful. If you ask me. Lindsey Lohan and Samantha Ronson seem to be working on their campaign together. They must think it looks good, but it doesn't. They shouldn't deprive themselves - eating out is one of the fun things in life!

Paris Hilton's British Best Friend on ITV2. I'm hooked on it! I think Paris has done the show so the British fans can get to know her a bit better. I just love the way she walks around everywhere with her hands on her hips!

Happy 30th birthday to my friend Leon! My boyfriend Mark and I took him for dinner to celebrate last weekend. This week we're going to the BRITS and I'm really excited as I'm hoping Radiohead will win Best British Group. I love them. This weekend I'm having a family over to stay who I met in Dubai. They've got three sons so I'm going to have a full house!

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