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Nikki's Hot Stars Column in OK! magazine this week

March 17, 2009

This week Nikki talks about highs and lows for the Spice Girls, The state of Cheryl's marriage, Amy's return to the UK and her holiday in Thailand...

It's such a shame that Geri Halliwell has split from her fiance, Fabrizio Politi - she was always my favourite Spice Girl. I think it would be nice if her daughter, Bluebell, had a father figure in her life. It must be hard when Geri sees all her former bandmates happy with their partners but Mr Right will come along she least expects it. Her story shows that money really can't buy love.

Mel C looks so happy with her baby daughter, Scarlet. I'm really pleased for her. She was always the underdog in the Spice Girls so it's great to see her looking so happy. All the girls' children could start up their own Junior Spice band - there's enough of them! The girls could sing while the boys would be their managers and make up their entourages!

Things must be really tough for Cheryl Cole at the moment. While she was climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief, her husband Ashley was arrested for being drunk and disorderly. She must feel like she can't leave him on his own for five minutes and that everyone is watching their every move. Being married to Ashley seems like one big headache for Cheryl and I wonder if it's worth the hassle. She must really love him to stand by him!

Amy Winehouse has finally come back from her holiday in St Lucia and I think now's the time for her to concentrate on moving away from her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil. She's said she'd give up her career for him, but why? She has such an amazing talent, I can't understand why she'd throw it all away. If Blake really loves Amy, he should let her go. She'd be back at square one if she took him back.

The Indigo Pearl. This really is the most amazing hotel I've ever stayed in. I'd like to thank David for looking after us so well. Our room has two floors and several bathrooms and the hotel has very modern decor. I'll definitely be back!

I'm having the most incredible time in Phuket with my boyfriend Mark - it's like paradise here! As well as relaxing by the pool, I've done lots of shopping - the clothes are so much cheaper than back home. I've brought two pairs of Levi's jeans, some pretty dresses and some souvenirs from the market stalls. The food is lovely and the people are really friendly. There was a buffet at our hotel last night, which was unreal, and I've treated myself to a Thai massage!

Nikki has now left Phuket for beautiful Krabi Island on her last leg of her holiday in Thailand.

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