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April 1, 2009

This week Nikki talks about life without Jade, newly single Rihanna and Fern's decision to quit This Morning. Also Nikki is happy to be back from her Holiday in Thailand and also talks about her involvement with Body Gossip to raise awareness about anorexia...

I was so sad to hear Jade Goody had died. She had become a national treasure and I really feel for her sons, Freddy and Bobby. But they'll grow up knowing she did everything she could for them. It must be horrific for her husband Jack and mum Jackiey, but the support they've had from the public must be some comfort. Something like this puts everything into perspective and reminds you to live for the moment.

Rihanna is said to be moving on from Chris Brown by dating Wilmer Valderrama - good for her, I say. This is her chance to show she's strong and independent from her ex, Chris Brown. She has an amazing career and should focus on that. If Chris is guilty of assaulting her, then he'll just have to live with the consequences. I'm sure he'll be trying to win her back but I hope she keeps her distance - by the sounds of things, they both need a break.

Jonathan Ross has been nominated for best Entertainment Performance at the BAFTA's, despite setting such a bad example in the phone scandal involving Andrew Sachs. What he and Russell Brand did was really unprofessional and he was only off air for three months. I think it's too soon to be nominating him for awards and I predict public resentment if he wins.

I'm really sad that Fern Britton is leaving This Morning after ten years. She's the first person you think of when anyone mentions the show. I've met her and she's so lovely - she's like everyone's mum! I don't believe the rumours that she's fallen out with Phillip Schofield, and she's publically denied them. They seem genuinely close on screen and I've never seen or felt bad vibes between them. I think Ruth Langsford would be a good replacement, although Fern seems irreplaceable.

Armani Diamonds perfume. It's very girlie and smells a bit like vanilla. It's also a great fragrance to wear in the evening.

I had a wonderful holiday in Thailand but now I'm happy to be back as I really missed everyone and my home comforts. Last week I went to the launch of a new bar called Potion in Ilford, and I also acted out a monologue for Body Gossip, to raise awareness of anorexia. Find out more at My friend gave me a gift voucher to make my own perfume so I'll be doing that with my mum next week.

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