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Nikki's Hotstars column in OK! Magazine this week

April 15, 2009

This week Nikki talks about Posh's venture into Children's TV, Lindsay and Sam's split, Cheryl's Geordie accent and in her diary what she did over easter....

I think it's great that Victoria Beckham is recording a voiceover for SpongeBob SquarePants - it might put a smile back on her face! She maybe trying to show people she has a fun side to her and is up for a laugh as she always looks so straight-laced. Her youngest son, Cruz, loves the show so he'll love seeing his mum playing an English princess on it.

I think Samantha Ronson and her family are out of order if they are trying to get a restraining-order against Lindsay Lohan. Apparently, Lindsay went mad when Samantha refused her entry to a party - but I would have done, too! I think Samantha must be getting far too big for her boots. If it wasn't for Lindsay's fame or her brother Mark's International success as a music producer, I'm sure there would hardly be any interest in her.

Jade Goody has finally been laid to rest and although I can understand that her family are concerned about her grave being turned into some sort of shrine, I do think it's only natural that her fans want to pay their respects by leaving flowers and gifts. Jade's tragic death has left a huge void for many who loved her and it must be very hard for poor Jack and her mum, Jackiey. There must be constant reminders of her everywhere they look.

I couldn't believe it when I read that Simon Cowell has advised Chery Cole to get elocution lessons so she can be better understood in America! I know that Simon believes Cheryl can make it big Stateside but the Geordie accent is my favourite and Cheryl sounds great the way she is. You should never try to change someone, I'm sure Americans would easily get used to Cheryl's voice, it's part of her character.

Eucalyptus clothing. I got a "Mandy" dress from its new collection recently - it's gorgeous. There are some lovely retro dresses and evening wear - all a bit different really, and reasonably priced, too! See for yourself at

I watched Michael McIntyre's Live & Laughing DVD recently and it's the funniest thing I've seen in my life! Over Easter weekend I managed to catch up with my girlfriends for a few drinks and on Easter Sunday my mum cooked a big meal - she always makes the best roast lamb dinners! I'm going to the hairdressers this week to get my roots done and may go back to The Enterprise in Camden, as last time I went to the bar I had a really good time.

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