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Nikki's OK! Magazine Hotstars column this week

April 22, 2009

This week Nikki talks about Blake's Baby Rumours, Britains got Talent, Jack's Controversial Prison sentence and also in her diary Nikki and her mum have taken part in a Show called Three Mediums to be shown on Living 2, May 24th.

I read that Blake Fielder-Civil is believed to have got a girl pregnant in rehab, which is absolutely disgusting! Amy Winehouse is acting like she doesn't care but her mum Janis says she's been crying and still loves him. Since Amy's been away from Blake she has done really well and is looking much healthier. She should act like she's not bothered because Blake can't have missed her that much to get someone else pregnant.

I'm really enjoying Britain's Got Talent. The dance group Flawless are incredible, I'd love to see them in the final as they have clearly worked so hard and are dedicated to what they do. Singer Susan Boyle is the perfect example that you can never judge a book by its cover! She says she's never been kissed but I reckon she'll have her pick of the bunch now!

Hell's Kitchen is hotting up and there are a good mix of people vying for Marco Pierre White's attention this year. I think he fancies Danielle Bus and Anthea Turner! Danielle's sandwich in the first show was just cheese on toast gone cold but she got away with it. I think Anthea and her husband Grant Bovey have an unfair advantage as they have each other to lean on - although it could be embarrasing for Anthea "perfect housewife" Turner if Grant beats her!

I think it's ridiculous that Jack Tweed has only been sentenced to 12 weeks in prison - he should have got at least two years! He appears to have been let off lightly due to his circumstances. The taxi driver he assaulted said he could have killed four people by pulling on the handbrake while they were travelling at 50mph. He's told Jade's boys he going to Madagascar but one day when they are older they will find out where he's been....

SPC skincare products. They're available from the Stoke Park Club Luxury spa and are great for sensitive skin. The White Chocolate Body Cream is especially gorgeous!

Last week I saw a brilliant band called The Rogues, they're all very fit! I've also done a bit of shopping and got some lovely black dresses and leggings from Miss Selfridge. This weekend Mum and I are taking part in a Living TV Show called Three Mediums. They'll be talking to celebrities and their mums and trying to guess who is whose mums! I'm also looking forward to going to the premiere of Seth Roger's new film, Observe and Report, which looks hilarious.

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