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Nikki's OK! magazine Hotstars Column this week

April 29, 2009

This week Nikki talks about Britain's got Talent, Cheryl's figure and Marco Vs Gordon in Hell's Kitchen....

I think it's great that Susan Boyle has become such a worldwide hit! She says she's happy with the way she looks, but I think she'll cave in and have a makeover soon. I reckon that would give her confidence a boost. Britain's Got Talent's other star Shaheen Jafargholi is brilliant, too. He's only 12 but I reckon Simon Cowell would look after him. I'm enjoying this series - I think it could be the best one yet!

I love Lily Allen and I'm a big fan of her music so it was sad to hear she once worried she was more famous for being a party animal than a musician. Everyone is allowed a life and she can't be expected to lock herself away and write songs for 24 hours a day. I think she should be taken seriously for her music because all her tunes are brilliant and catchy, and have lyrics that actually mean something.

I don't think the latest series of Hell's Kitchen has been anywhere near as good as last year's. I think the main problem is that Marco Pierre White seems to have turned into a bit of a softy! He was much stricter before which made the show a lot more interesting to watch. The contestants didn't seem very frightened of him and service seemed a lot more laid-back than usual. I'd like to see Gordon Ramsey return to the show next year!

I couldn't believe it when I read that Cheryl Cole says she's unhappy with her figure. I think she looks great but if she wants to change her shape, she is the only one who can do anything about it. She says she's too thin but that can easily be fixed with a steak and big portion of home-made chips. She's proved that she can have curves as she had a great figure before she lost all the weight.

20 Twenty Graphics. It printed all the invitations for my joint birthday party and book launch party at really short notice and did a fantastic job. It has lovely posters of artworkm too. Check out

This Tuesday was my 27th birthday! I spent the day at Stoke Park Club spa with my friend Carly. We had some lovely treatments and stayed at the hotel overnight. My friends and I have created "Funday Sunday" and every week we go out for a bar crawl and some lunch! Last weekend I went to the Camden Crawl where Kasabian and The Enemy were playing. And last Wednesday I went to a screening of Seth Rogen's film Observe and Report, which was really funny! I've also been busy doing photoshoots for my book, Dying To Be Thin - I can't wait for it to come out next month.

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