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May 14, 2009
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This week Nikki talks about Amy Whinehouse's trouble in paradise, Kerry Katona's new MTV show and Cameron Diaz's break-up....

Amy Whinehouse's dad Mitch has reportedly sent one of his daughter's friends back to the UK from St Lucia. I can totally understand why Mitch is concerned. After what his daughter's been through, he must worry every time it looks like she might be going off the rails again. I think Amy should stop sitting about, get her head down and focus on finishing her new album.

Jamie Pugh, who sang Bring Him Home on Britain's Got Talent, is absolutely amazing! I've seen Las Miserables six times and my mum and I cry everytime we hear that song! Amanda Holden's face was a picture when he opened his mouth. People have said he was dishonest about being nervous as he's sung in the West End before, but singing in the theatre is completely different to singing in front of millions of people on TV.

Kerry Katona has launched her new MTV show, Kerry Katona What's the problem? which has courted some controversy. I don't know if the programme will have much of an audience as I think most people are a bit fed up with her antics. She's hit out at Philip Schofield over the This Morning interview too, saying he's been rude, but the nation saw exactly what happened.

I was sad to hear that Cameron Diaz has reportedly split from Paul Sculfor. The Essex boy's profile will have gone through the roof after dating the actress. Cam is stunning and there'll be a queue of men lining up to go out with her! In my opinion, George Clooney would be a good match for her - he's an older man and I think he'd look after her well.

Collection 2000 make-up! I had some of the brand's products in the goody bag for my party and they went down a treat. It's really affordable and is as good as some of the dearer brands.

Last week I had my joint book launch and birthday party at Embassy in London - it was quite a night! I had ten radio interviews to do the following morning, though - talk about timing! I'm really happy with my book, Dying To Be Thin, but I'm glad it's finished now as it was often tough bringing up the past. Then Dorito's invited me to a promotion where I had to play Dodgeball. It was great fun - just like in the film of the same name. Last weekend I performed another monologue for Body Gossip at The Hub in King's Cross. Some of the money raised goes to the eating disorder charity Beat, which I'm really happy to help.

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Nikki has been known for her tantrums and OTT nature since she stepped into the Big Brother house in 2006. But behind the bravado lies memories of a youth devastated by anorexia. This agonisingly honest account details Nikki’s struggle, her early years and her family life. It’s a startling read that will have you hooked. ★★★★★

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