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Nikki's June 2009 Forthcoming Events.

June 2, 2009
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June 4th sees the start of this years Big Brother and Nikki is looking forward to participating in the spin-off shows (subject to the vagaries of TV scheduling) and to giving her opinion of this years housemates in the press.

June 10th Nikki Grahame Takes Over the channel 4 Big Brother website. To celebrate a decade of Big Brother, they are inviting ex-housemates from yesteryear to take over the website every week, first up is Nikki.

This year there is an ex-HM factor competition so make sure you vote for Nikki in the poll on the website for Nikki as the ex-HM Factor here.

In OK! Magazine this week a preview of Big Brother. "Of course, we'll have old BB favourite Nikki Grahame guiding you through this year's series with a new look column"

Promotion of her book "Dying To Be Thin" will also continue.

For further news - watch this space!

Fragile by Nikki Grahame

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Release date: 7th May 2012.
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