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Nikki's Hot Stars Column in OK! Magazine - Issue 678

June 9, 2009
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This week Nikki talks about Jordan's night out, Mel B's muscly new body and the upcoming hilarious X-Factor
auditions and in her diary Nikki talks about her cruise.

Last week I came back from my cruise around Europe, which was amazing! I spent time in Cannes, Tuscany and Rome and the ship was the biggest one I've ever seen with four nightclubs, a Jacuzzi and gym. This weekend I'm off to another of my beloved festivals, this time on the Isle Of Wight. I'll also be catching up with all my friends and doing an interview with Kerrang! Radio to promote my book, Dying To Be Thin on Wednesday 10 June at 6pm.

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Jordan has been seen out partying with men but I don't think she is looking for a new boyfriend, just some company. She would be an utter fool to get involved with anyone so soon after splitting from Peter Andre. She's probably just trying to take her mind off things by having fun - why should she have to hide? I think it's clear they're not getting back together now, so they're right to get the divorce over with quickly rather than drag it out.

The X Factor auditions have already started and I can't wait until they're on TV as that's my favourite part of the show! I always love it when they get all the funny singers back on at then end to do a medly. I'm really glad Dannii Minogue has signed up for this series as she, Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole and Louis Walsh made a good judging foursome. Last year's winner Alexandre Burke is great but has been quiet for a while - I'm looking forward to hearing her new music.

I'm not too surprised Susan Boyle has been treated for exhaustion as she's been under so much pressure lately. She's only human after all and may have snapped under the strain of what she's been through. She's right to rest as she'll need to be ready for her new career. Also, the Britain's Got Talent live tour wouldn't be the same if she wasn't on it.

Mel B has certainly got an impressive new body but, to be honest, I don't like it when girls are muscly like that. I think it's unattractive and not very feminine at all! Perhaps she's going through a phase where she wants to get bulked-up, although I hope she gets her old body back soon, as she's always had a fantastic figure.

The Transform Clinic in London. Mum went there to have Botox recently and it was completely painless and she didn't even get one bruise. The people there are really friendly and helpful, too.

In other sections of the mag Nikki's BB column, I will add a topic about that soon. Come back and find out what she thinks of this years housemates.

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